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I was planning on punching the both of you! 'cause I'm not too smart, you know? (2人ともブン殴るつもりだったんだよ。俺頭ワリイからよ〜〜〜〜。Futari tomo bun naguru tsumori dattan da yo. Ore atama warii kara yo 〜〜〜〜.)
—Okuyasu Nijimura, Chapter 314: Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 8

Okuyasu Nijimura (虹村 億泰 Nijimura Okuyasu) is a primary ally featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable.

Introduced as an antagonist, Okuyasu soon becomes Josuke Higashikata's best friend. They stay close friends and tackle malevolent Stand users together. He is Keicho Nijimura's younger brother and a Stand user wielding the space erasing The Hand.


Okuyasu render.png

Okuyasu is a young man of above-average height and medium to athletic build.

Two fine lines cross his face in semicircles passing the inner corners of his eyes. He sports a small, dark pompadour with the sides lighter in color and two spiked rattails in the back. In his initial appearance, his hair's temporal points have pin-like objects in them and the back has notably more spikes.

He wears a dark, modified Japanese school uniform, featuring a double-breasted jacket, which he decorates with metallic, golden emblems, including a yen (¥) sign on the right of his collar and a dollar ($) sign on his left (more accurately, a cifrão; with two vertical lines). He also has a larger dollar sign on the middle of his chest. His right shoulder has "億" ("Oku", the kanji for 100,000,000) printed in large, light letters between his shoulder and elbow, mirroring the word "BILLION" on his left. In the animated adaptation, his jacket has white piping.

He wears two slim, sagging belts at the top of wide-legged pants.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Hair(Black, white on the sides)
Eyes(Light Purple)
(Purple uniform with gold accessories, dark magenta undershirt, green belts and dark green shoes.)
Skin(Slightly Tan)
Hair(Black, white on the sides)
(Indigo uniform with gold accessories, magenta undershirt, dark green belts and vermilion shoes.)
Skin(Slightly Tan)
Hair(Black, gray on the sides)
Eyes(Pale Brown)
(Indigo uniform with gold accessories, mauve undershirt, green-gray belts and orange shoes.)
Skin(Slightly Tan)
Hair(Black, gray on the sides)
(Blue uniform with light gray piping and white lettering, gold accessories, purple undershirt, lime green belts and dark green shoes.)
Hair(Black, gray on the sides)
Eyes(Dark Brown)
(Bluish-black uniform with gold accessories. Black shoes.)


I'm just dying to erase your goddamn existence, motherfucker!
—Okuyasu with Red Hot Chili Pepper at his mercy, Chapter 309: Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 3

Okuyasu Nijimura is an impulsive and violent teenager with a nonetheless good heart.

Amazed at how delicious Tonio's food is

The word that describes Okuyasu the best could be "childish", as he possesses several traits hinting to a certain immaturity. Okuyasu is a very extroverted and impulsive man, acting by his own words "with his heart". He consistently shows his emotions, which are more extreme than for the average individual, being ecstatic when he is happy, in tears when he is sad, and enraged when angry. Okuyasu frequently acts out of impulses and rarely takes the time to observe or reflect in a fruitful manner.

Okuyasu has been known to be "not good at making decisions" and being generally dimwitted, although he has moments of genuine ingenuity. Constant reliance on his big brother Keicho Nijimura and belittling from him made Okuyasu unable to make decisions that do not come out of instinct and is self-conscious about this limitation.[5] This results in him repeatedly and openly stating his lack of intelligence. His inability to think was exploited on three occasions, and during all this, he was easily psyched out by his opponent. However, Okuyasu eventually grows out of it: at the end of the part, when Okuyasu was hanging between life and death, he took the decision to live and save Josuke.[6]

Okuyasu is a very curious person, showing deep interest in any new sight, which has led him toward Tonio Trussardi's restaurant[7] and a crop circle where Mikitaka Hazekura rested.[8] This curiosity extends to having an habit to try to learn the bottom line of anything, notably asking Josuke persistently why he helped heal his wounds when Keicho shot them both and why he couldn't heal his own wounds,[9] which is one of the reasons why he has such difficulties at making decisions when opponents try to manipulate him.

Okuyasu is prone to punching people whom he dislikes

Okuyasu also possesses a confrontational and violent side, possibly due to his abusive childhood. On top of being foul-mouthed, he regularly issues threats to those that anger him and has on several occasions hit people out of pure anger, notably Tamami Kobayashi[10] and Shigekiyo Yangu.[11] In battle, Okuyasu is very aggressive and has little qualm using The Hand to lethal goals, although he seldom succeeds in hurting anyone but himself. After Akira Otoishi and Yoshikage Kira murder his brother Keicho and friend Shigekiyo, respectively, Okuyasu shows a desire for vengeance. In fact, Okuyasu is noticeably more serious and cold during these moments of rage, a fact which makes him frightening to those around him.[12] When he first meets Mikitaka, he quickly gets annoyed with him and keeps asking Josuke if he should punch him or kick his ass, with Josuke frequently telling him to calm down.

However, Okuyasu possesses a truly kind and honorable personality, first visible after Josuke healed his wounds; he then helped Josuke save Koichi[9] and tried to reason with his brother over no longer using the Bow and Arrow.[13] He regularly shows great care for his friends and family, caring for his father and tried to end his misery. Though when he learned his father had some humanity left in him, Okuyasu tried to convince his brother to find a way to at least restore their father's memories and personality rather than try to end him. Later on, Okuyasu is never shown hesitating to help a friend in need, notably saving Koichi from many tight spots and helping Josuke throughout his many battles. In addition, despite his confrontational personality, he has been shown to have a good understanding of morality. Okuyasu knew full well his older brother Keicho did a number of awful crimes and despite loving him, he understood that he would be killed by someone someday and deserved to die because his crimes would catch up with him.

Okuyasu is easily charmed by pretty girls

Okuyasu regularly laments that he doesn't have a girlfriend, being disappointed not to have lived 15 years ago so he would know Reimi Sugimoto,[14] and being mildly jealous of Koichi's relationship with Yukako Yamagishi.[15]

He is also mildly stingy, refusing to share his food with Josuke[16] and quietly planning to refuse to lend Josuke money after hearing about how his mother froze his account.[8] In addition, it is implied he is conservative with his money as he tells Josuke after they excitedly win the lottery that he is putting it in savings.[17] He currently only has five to six years of savings which he is living off of.

On a side note, he likes Italian design and hates spicy food, preferring curry with honey and apples.[7][18] He also likes choco strawberry cone flavored ice cream. In addition, he cooks at home for his father and himself.[7]



Main article: The Hand

Okuyasu's Stand, The Hand, "cuts" out or "scrapes away" space and replaces it with redistributed neighboring space, or simply eradicates it. Its ability can also be limited to physical substance removal without outright eliminating the affected space, as seen in a few occasions, functioning identically to Cream's void.

The Hand (ザ・ハンド(手))Link to this section


Although The Hand is a highly powerful Stand, Okuyasu's slow wits make it so its potential is left unfulfilled. Case in point his first fight has him knock himself out by mistakenly teleporting flower pots into his face.

Nonetheless, Okuyasu then shows that he is proficient at wielding his Stand. Okuyasu usually doesn't hesitate to use lethal force by trying to swipe The Hand through an enemy. Moreover, he exploits well the unique properties of his erasure power to teleport in the middle of a battle, surprising Red Hot Chili Pepper that way, and tactically erase space to teleport key objects toward himself and seize them. This illustrates that The Hand can not only erase space that it touches, but it also can dictate how the neighboring space is joined together.



A young Okuyasu and his family

Okuyasu was born in 1983 as the younger brother of Keicho. He lived in Tokyo in the economic bubble era. At one point, their mother passed away and their father's business failed, forcing him to take out heavy loans. The father often beat up Keicho and Okuyasu in frustration. However, he then suddenly received money and even jewels, turning the family's economic situation around.

Suddenly in 1989, their father began to mutate into a monster. DIO had planted a flesh bud in his head that went out of control the moment he died. In one year, their normal father transformed into an abomination. Later, the two would learn that he had been working for DIO in exchange for money. Okuyasu would assist his brother in looking for a way to kill their father and put him out of his misery. The Nijimura brothers use the Bow and Arrow to give themselves Stands, before they begin to use it in order to find a user capable of killing their father. They also move to Morioh.

Diamond is Unbreakable

Battle Against Josuke Higashikata

Okuyasu appears

One day, Josuke Higashikata and Koichi Hirose stumble upon their house. Curious, Koichi looks through the gate only for Okuyasu to violently slam it shut on the trespasser's neck, angering Josuke. At the same time, Keicho shoots Koichi with the Arrow. To stop Josuke from approaching Koichi, Okuyasu reveals his Stand, The Hand. Nonetheless, Crazy Diamond hits him easily. Chastised by Keicho not his stupidity, Okuyasu is distracted and lets Josuke approach Koichi. He rushes to attack, The Hand's palm ready; however, Josuke senses danger coming from the palm and avoids its swipe. The house gate is partially erased, making Josuke understand The Hand's power. Okuyasu decides to teleport Josuke in range, but Josuke ducks, revealing that The Hand also brought flower pots with Josuke. The pots hit Okuyasu in the face, stunning him. When he regains his senses, he runs to the house' entrance, eager to fight, and tries to call of Keicho's Bad Company's attack. Instead, all he does is warn Josuke and get in the way of Bad Company's attack; he is shot in the face multiple times. Josuke is temporarily driven off the house and takes Okuyasu with him.

When Josuke interrogates him about Keicho's Stand, Okuyasu refuses to divulge anything. Surprisingly, Josuke heals him and lets him be on the condition that he doesn't try to attack him again. Astonished, Okuyasu follows Josuke and ask him why he doesn't heal his hand, to which Josuke answers that he can only heal others. Touched somehow, Okuyasu helps him retrieve Koichi, leaving when Josuke is about to fight Keicho.

Okuyasu wants Keicho to stop

When the battle settles, and Josuke and Koichi come across their father, Okuyasu attempts to persuade his older brother to stop using the Bow and Arrow to make Stand users. After explaining their story, Keicho is suddenly killed by the Stand Red Hot Chili Pepper, who steals the Bow and Arrow. Okuyasu is saved by Keicho who shoves him out of the way. Seeing his brother's corpse on the power lines, Okuyasu states that he certainly had it coming, but still mourns his sibling who showed he truly cared for Okuyasu. He later befriends Josuke and Koichi, enrolling in their high school, Budogaoka, and ending up in the same class as Yukako Yamagishi.

Koichi Hirose (Echoes)

Okuyasu attacked by The Lock

One day, Okuyasu and Josuke see Koichi being bamboozled by Tamami Kobayashi, a hustler accusing Koichi of having killed his cat and demanding 500,000 yen in compensation. Tamami's Stand, The Lock, automatically sticks itself of a person feeling guilt and multiplies the effect of the guilt. Angry, Okuyasu punches Tamami, who falls face first on the pavement and breaks a tooth. Tamami wails, making Okuyasu feel guilty. The Lock appears on him and Tamami threatens to make him pay for his front tooth. Thankfully, Josuke heals Tamami and reveals that the cat was merely a toy. Shocked by Josuke's power, Tamami flees but takes Koichi's money with him.

Later, Okuyasu and Josuke are shocked to see that Tamami has shrunk and somehow has become Koichi's lackey.

Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love

One day, Okuyasu and Josuke surprise Koichi having a date with a girl in a café. This girl is Yukako Yamagishi, one of Okuyasu's classmates. The two naturally decide to spy on them, and Okuyasu feels jealous and sympathetic for Koichi's apparent luck. However, Yukako then reveals that she's subject to violent mood swing and Okuyasu doesn't feel that Koichi is lucky anymore.

Later, Okuyasu surprises Koichi's class representative in danger. Her hair has been set on fire and she's been blinded and tongue-tied by hair. Thankfully, The Hand scrapes away the burning hair, saving the girl. It does mean that the representative's head is now shaved.

Okuyasu & Josuke slander Koichi to save him from Yukako

Later, Okuyasu, Josuke and Koichi try to discuss what to do about Yukako. Koichi's so disturbed he completely failed an English test, even worse than Okuyasu. Josuke proposes that Koichi appears undesirable from this moment and Okuyasu even advises Koichi not to wash his teeth, wear the same underwear every day, breed lices in his hair, fart all the time, drool and sneeze and wear smelly socks. However, Koichi refuses to go to such lengths. They settle on merely slandering him within earshot of Yukako. Okuyasu and Josuke proceed to accuse Koichi of shoplifting when Yukako passes by. Although she doesn't react, they can feel her murderous aura. Unfortunately, their plan backfires when Yukako kidnaps Koichi the same evening.

The next morning, Okuyasu and Josuke try to look for Koichi. Josuke finally receives a call from a payphone that tips them off on the general location of Yukako's hideout. By the time they arrive, Koichi has neutralized Yukako by himself, however.

Trouble in Tonio's Restaurant

Okuyasu loves Tonio's every dish

One day, on the way home, Okuyasu and Josuke see a sign showing that a new Italian restaurant has happened. Eager to eat something more refined than his cooking, Okuyasu tells Josuke to come with him eat at this restaurant, managed by the Italian chef Tonio Trussardi. Trussardi's restaurant is particular as he diagnozes Okuyasu with fatigue, two cavities, a stiff left shoulder, diarrhea, and athlete's foot. Moreover, Trussardi doesn't have a set menu but decides of what he will serve depending on the client.

Okuyasu tastes the mineral water and is delighted by its taste. This brings him to tears, in fact he cries worrying quantities of water to the point his eyes shrunk. But then Okuyasu feels cured of his sleepiness. Trussardi then brings the appetizers, tomato and mozzarella slices. Okuyasu is unimpressed by the taste of the cheese but when he eats the mozzarella with the tomato as Trussardi advises, he realizes the harmony between the two ingredients and sees how delicious the dish is. Okuyasu is so charmed he refuses to share with Josuke. Okuyasu's shoulder suddenly itches and when he takes off his jacket, he sees that it is releasing an enormous quantity of dirt. Freaked out, Okuyasu then realizes that his stiff shoulder is cured. Okuyasu is completely taken by Trussardi's cuisine.

The meal finishes with a delicious pudding

When the chef brings a plate of spicy spaghetti alla puttanesca, Okuyasu is reluctant to try the dish because he cannot bear spiciness. However, he eventually tries and swallows the whole plate. His jaws then shoot out two bad teeth, only to replace them with a pristine dentition. Suddenly, Okuyasu feels a terrible stomachache. After Josuke goes to the kitchen, Okuyasu follows him and stumbles on the main dish, lamb with applesauce. Eating the dish despite his pain, his guts explode. However, it merely rejects afflicted intestines and cures Okuyasu's diarrhea. The misunderstand is cleared and Trussardi is revealed to be merely a benevolent chef, although with a strange cooking. Okuyasu finishes his dinner with a pudding, which he finds similarly delicious and which cures him of his athlete's foot.

Battle Against Akira Otoishi

One day, Jotaro summons Josuke, Okuyasu and Koichi to an empty field. Okuyasu comes with his motorbike. Asking what is the matter, Okuyasu is told by Josuke that Red Hot Chili Pepper has visited him last night, which gets on Okuyasu's nerves as he reminded of his brother's killer. Jotaro comes and explains that Joseph Joestar will be coming to Morioh and help find the user of Red Hot Chili Pepper. However, Red Hot Chili Pepper appears from Okuyasu's motorbike and has heard everything. It starts the motorbike and proceeds to drive away.

Okuyasu fights Red Hot Chili Pepper

However, Okuyasu summons The Hand and teleports to his motorbike. The Hand swipes, but Red Hot Chili Pepper easily evades the attack, stating that the movement is too slow to catch him. However, Okuyasu was aiming at his own motorbike. The bike crashes, leaving Red Hot Chili Pepper on the ground and isolated from all power sources. Okuyasu tries to interrogate the Stand about its user but quickly reveals that he wishes Red Hot Chili Pepper to shut up so that he has an excuse to kill him. Okuyasu attacks and though Red Hot Chili Pepper's speed allows it to land solid punches, the teleportation properties of The Hand's powers take it by surprise and Okuyasu is able to violently stomp it into the ground. Red Hot Chili Pepper's energy reserve deplete as the rest of the heroes approach. Red Hot Chili Pepper thus psyches Okuyasu out, leaving open the possibility that he may be faking weakness. Unsure, Okuyasu attacks. The Hands swipes half of Red Hot Chili Pepper's body into oblivion but also erases the ground and reveals an underground cable. Red Hot Chili Pepper's manipulation has succeeded; it cuts Okuyasu's arm and drags him with it inside of the cable, but Josuke thankfully restores him back to his hand. Okuyasu recognizes his defeat and acknowledges his need to surpass his brother.

Okuyasu defeats Akira Otoishi

Later, Okuyasu and Jotaro leave the port to meet with Joseph while Josuke and Koichi stand guard at the port. In the boat, Okuyasu meets the elderly Joseph. When Josuke defeats the user, Akira Otoishi, on the docks, Otoishi successfully escapes to the boat, disguising himself as one of the Speedwagon Foundation employees on-board. Otoishi manages to infiltrate Joseph's room and when another sailor comes, Otoishi accuses him first of being the enemy. Okuyasu is left with the decision of figuring out who the Stand user of RHCP is between the two men, while the Stand attempts to kill Joseph. Lamenting that his brother was not there to choose for him, Okuyasu spontaneously punches Otoishi in the face, before revealing that he planned on punching the both of them, and is successful in getting his brother's killer arrested.

Okuyasu then gets to see Joseph reunite with his estranged son. Joseph's cane was broken during the fight and Okuyasu proposes that Josuke fixes it but Koichi shuts him up, happy to see father and son holding hands instead.

Trouble With Rohan Kishibe

Okuyasu defeated by Rohan Kishibe

One day, Okuyasu and Josuke see Koichi entering a house instead of going to school. Knowing his tendency to get himself into trouble, they ring at the door to check on him. Koichi opens and greets his friends. He explains that he's merely visiting the manga artist Rohan Kishibe. Reassured, Josuke and Okuyasu seem to leave and Koichi even tells them good bye. However, they notice that Koichi has wounded his hand and decide to sneak inside the house. Okuyasu goes to the second story and surprises Rohan with Koichi. Okuyasu orders him to stand down or be beaten up but Rohan then brings out his insecurities about making a decision. Unnerved, Okuyasu attacks but Rohan is faster and shows him his latest chapter. Okuyasu is turned into a book by Rohan's Stand, Heaven's Door. Neutralized, Okuyasu is ordered to burn himself if Josuke ever leaves, preventing Josuke from retreating. Despite his skepticism, he grabs a lighter despite himself. Luckily, Josuke comes to the rescue and ends up being immune to Rohan's art when he's blinded by rage. He and Koichi bear witness as Josuke goes on a rampage, showing a side of him that neither have seen before and Okuyasu learns about Josuke's backstory. Though Rohan would later return as an ally, Okuyasu is left holding him in slight contempt.

A Killer in Town

After Rohan and Koichi meet Reimi Sugimoto, Okuyasu is warned about a killer lurking in town. He seldom cares about the news, more busy with admiring Reimi's photo and lamenting he wasn't born fifteen years earlier. Okuyasu is incidentally among the first to bump into Yoshikage Kira himself.

Conflict With Shigekiyo Yangu

An invincible trio is born

One day, Okuyasu buys a drink but he is startled by the appearance of a short bug-like Stand. Spilling his drink on his pants, Okuyasu is furious and pursues the Stand. He eventually joins with Josuke who also has encountered the Stand; the two then see that they are dealing with a whole swarm of the same tiny Stands that gather in a park. They discover that the Stand is used by middle-schooler named Shigekiyo Yangu, or "Shigechi" for short, to gather money. Happy to make new friends with the same powers, Shigechi offers them half of his money. Okuyasu is happy to take it but Josuke declines. On the other hand, he devises a more lucrative plan. He tells Shigechi to gather all the store coupons and other stamps Harvest can find. Soon enough, the invincible trio gather enough coupons for Josuke to collect 61,000 yen. Okuyasu is overjoyed but gets angry when Shigechi claims most of the money and only hands him 10,000 yen, claiming that Harvest did all the work and thus that he deserves it. However, Josuke calms him down.

Josuke tosses the discarded lottery tickets in the trash bin, but Okuyasu stops him and says that one of the tickets could be a winning one. Josuke and Shigechi are amused at Okuyasu's optimism and Shigechi even promises that Okuyasu and Josuke truly get half of anything they win. Soon enough, Okuyasu finds a lottery ticket with a prize of 5,000,000 yen. He is overjoyed. When the trio tries to validate the ticket at a bank, the banker stubbornly tries to prove their didn't buy it but Josuke manages to overcome this. The banker must give them a money order that they can use in three days. Shigechi's greed takes over again and he claims the whole paycheck, handing 10,000 yen as a "token of friendship". This is too much for Okuyasu who punches Shigechi, insults him, and takes the order.

Shigechi's greed causes problem

However, Shigechi gets angry. He sends Harvest to snatch the order and attacks Okuyasu by having Harvest cut his legs, piece by piece. Shigechi leaves, threatening to kill Okuyasu and Josuke if they pursue him. Josuke heals Okuyasu and they start to pursue Shigechi. Although Shigechi is fat, he uses Harvest as a tread to get carried across the streets and even scale a building, impressing Okuyasu. The two cooperate to have their Stand lift each other to scale the building. Despite Shigechi's action, the duo corners him on a roof. Suddenly, Okuyasu and Josuke feel dizzy and Shigechi reveals that Harvest injected alcohol directly in their bloodstream. Weakened, Okuyasu and Josuke are swarmed by Harvest. Okuyasu then gets an idea. Taking out the 10,000 yen Shigechi gave them earlier, he begs Shigechi for forgiveness and pretends to hand the money as a payment. Shigechi is lured close enough for The Hand to teleport the money order into Okuyasu's hands. Josuke proceeds to tear it apart and Shigechi sends Harvest away to gather the pieces. This gives Josuke and Okuyasu the opportunity to punch him and talk sense into him and they agree to split the prize into thirds.

Pursuing the Killer

A seemingly ordinary lunch

One day at lunch time, Okuyasu and Josuke leave school in search of a decent meal. They meet Shigechi and ask him to lend them 1,000 yen which he does, reluctantly. At first they try to go to St. Gentleman's to buy their famous sandwiches but arrive too late and there are no more sandwiches. They cross path with Shigechi again. Although they could go to the store Hokaben to buy bentos, a bento plus a drink each would go over their budget. Shigechi proposes that they come with him to a storage room at school to help themselves with a teacher's coffee and tea stash but they initially refuse and part ways with Shigechi. But, they do change their minds and join Shigechi in his storage room. Shigechi welcomes them but continuously forbids them to even approach his lunch. Shigechi then notices that his sandwich bag has suddenly disappeared and he accuses Okuyasu and Josuke, annoyed by this. Shigechi's search is interrupted when a teacher barges into the room, forcing the trio to flee. Okuyasu and Josuke return to class and chit-chat, only to be interrupted. A lone Harvest hands them a button before it disintegrates.

Later, Okuyasu brings his father and meets the ghost of Reimi Sugimoto in person, along with the rest of those the protagonists had met up until then. Reimi confirms that Shigechi was killed, murdered by the same man who had killed her 15 years prior. Learning this, Okuyasu is left conflicted; Knowing that he had hated Shigechi at one point, he does not know whether to feel sad or angry. Among the whole gathering, he was the first to disperse.

The Killer Makes Himself Known

Kira is almost cornered

Okuyasu is informed by Josuke that Koichi and Jotaro were in trouble at the shop Centipede Shoes, engaged in battle with the 'Stand' of the murder who killed Reimi and Shigechi. When they both hurry over, they find Centipede Shoes in ruins, with Koichi, Jotaro, and another man severely injured, bloody, and unconscious in the street. Okuyasu tends to Koichi and finds that he's still alive, but not breathing, urging Josuke to heal him first. The two notice the third person crawling away, and promptly stop him. Josuke fools the man into revealing himself as the serial killer, before they watch as he has his Stand cut off his own hand and escape. As the four of them give chase using the severed hand, Koichi reveals the murderer's identity as Yoshikage Kira, an office worker of 33. They are led to Salon Cinderella and find Aya Tsuji having been killed, but not before being forced to change Kira's face and fingerprints.

Battle With Yoshihiro Kira

In their search for Kira's whereabouts, the group goes to his house and encounters his late father Yoshihiro Kira in the form of his own Stand, Atom Heart Father. However, Okuyasu and Koichi were unable to help Josuke and Jotaro because they were outside of Atom Heart Father's depicted area when the fight ensued. Although Jotaro neutralized Yoshihiro and tacked him to a column, the ghost tricked Okuyasu and Koichi into believing he's left through the wood cracks. Panicking, Okuyasu opens the photo, allowing Yoshihiro to escape, with the Arrow.

I'm an Alien

Okuyasu meets an alien?

One day, Okuyasu discovers a crop circle in a field. He and Josuke find a man inside of the crop circle, an eccentric individual claiming to be an alien. Okuyasu and Josuke initially laugh it off until the "alien", Mikitaka Hazekura, eats a box of tissues. Unnerved, Okuyasu wonders if he's an enemy and if he should beat him up, but Josuke dissuades him and they leave to the ice cream shop. The shop is closed, which breaks Okuyasu's heart, but the alien offers them still cold ice cream cones coming from his bag. Okuyasu still refuses to believe the man is an alien. Their dispute is interrupted when they hear fire trucks passing and the alien reacts badly to the sirens. The alien turns into a pair of sneakers and stick to Josuke's shoes; Josuke is forced to jump away, leaving Okuyasu behind.

Battle Against Toyohiro Kanedaichi

Okuyasu and Josuke find a pair of binoculars one day. The binocular is revealed to be Mikitaka. Mikitaka then informs them of the existence of a transmission tower on which lives Toyohiro Kanedaichi, a hermit with a self-sustaining lifestyle. Curious, they approach to better see but Josuke is lured inside of the tower and imprisoned. Kanedaichi's tower is a Stand, Super Fly. Unfazed, Josuke and Okuyasu try to destroy the tower's leg but Super Fly reflects the energy back at them. Okuyasu is wounded and taken out of the fight. Okuyasu then witnesses the end of the battle as Josuke and Mikitaka eventually make Kanedaichi yield.

Battle Against Yoshikage Kira

Okuyasu is killed?

Eventually, Rohan Kishibe notices in his files the strange behaviour of Hayato Kawajiri, son of Kosaku Kawajiri. The heroes agree to meet the next day to interrogate Hayato about his father but unbeknownst to them, Kira has developed a new power. When anyone asks Hayato about Kira, Killer Queen enters the eyes and detonates their head before looping time to one hour ago. In one such loop, Okuyasu is killed with Josuke, Jotaro and Koichi.

Okuyasu returns to save the day

However, Hayato manages to overcome this and calls Josuke early so that he and Okuyasu can come at the right moment to hear Kira reveal himself. Kira is forced to cancel Killer Queen Bites the Dust to defend himself. When Kira tries an unknown attack, Okuyasu displaces Kira in his direction, only for an invisible air bomb to detonate on his side. Okuyasu is mortally wounded and though Josuke heals him, he doesn't immediately wake up. In a dream, he once again meets with his brother Keicho, who asks Okuyasu where he wants to go. After a brief moment, he answers that he wants "to go back to Morioh", which results in him waking up, recovered from near-death with the assistance of Crazy Diamond. Okuyasu is surprised to see Josuke bloody and crying and continues assisting him in the battle with Kira, before Jotaro, Koichi, and Rohan come upon them. All five of them use their Stands to cripple Kira. As Kira desperately attempted to use his Stand with his broken hand, Okuyasu and others witness an ambulance accidentally crush his head, petrified by the sight.

Farewell to the Golden Heart

Okuyasu sees Reimi off

Okuyasu appears at the end to say goodbye to Reimi as she departs for the afterlife, claiming that he will personally be lonely without her (just like Rohan).

The information below derives from the Diamond is Unbreakable TV anime which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

He is seen eating at Tonio's with Stray Cat and his father, in another attempt to cure his father of his condition. While the attempt fails, Mr. Nijimura feels better, which makes him feel okay. He is later seen telling Koichi and Josuke about a rumor he heard about Rohan getting caught shoplifting at a Kameyu shop.

The Book: 4th Another Day

The information below derives from 4th Another Day which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

Okuyasu helps in the investigation of Hanae Orikasa's death. He eventually comes across the killer Takuma Hasumi and chases him to the library, where they engage in battle. Okuyasu's experience and instincts turn out to be useful against the inexperienced Stand user, dealing serious injuries to him, but ends up being defeated regardless. Nonetheless, Okuyasu contributes to Josuke's victory by telling him how the killer fights.

Rohan au Louvre

Okuyasu makes a brief appearance, hearing Rohan's story about Nanase Kishibe along with Koichi and Josuke. Okuyasu tells Rohan he always reminded him of Mona Lisa and asked for him to imitate her pose for a photo. Rohan leaves to investigate Nizaemon Yamamura's painting without saying anything, making Okuyasu wonder if he insulted him.

Poaching Seashore

Okuyasu appears at the end of the story, again enjoying Tonio Trussardi's cuisine.



  • Keicho Nijimura: Okuyasu looked up to his big brother as a role model and relied on him to make decisions, though acknowledged that his wrongdoings would lead to his own downfall. Regardless, Okuyasu mourned his death when it actually happened. In their younger years, Keicho was shown to be protective of Okuyasu, often protecting him from their father's abuse though in the recent years he was more strict with him, at one point not hesitating to shoot Okuyasu when he was aiming for Josuke and threatening to kill him for trying to take the arrow away from him. Despite this, he still loved Okuyasu as he protected him from Red Hot Chili Pepper at the cost of his own life. In turn, Okuyasu loved his brother and every time he tried to make a decision he thinks of what his brother would do. He even sought revenge against Otoishi for killing his brother. Near the end of Part 4, a vision of Keicho goads Okuyasu, then in a state between life and death, to choose for himself whether he dies or lives.
  • Father: When he was younger his father often abused him. Despite this, Okuyasu was horrified when his father mutated into a mindless monster and helped his brother Keicho try to find a Stand user who could kill him to end his suffering. Upon learning his father had some humanity left in him, he tried to convince Keicho to spare their father and find a way to restore his humanity. After his brother's death, he often takes care of his father, showing he still loves him.
  • Mother: While there was no interaction shown between the two, he seems to have loved her as he cried when she died. He mentions her in the Let's go Eat Italian arc, thanking her for giving birth to him so he could eat Tonio's delicious cooking.


  • Josuke Higashikata: The two initially met as enemies, but they quickly became friends together, joining each other in their daily misadventures and eventually becoming close. The two often get along well, with Josuke being more intelligent, quick-witted, mature and calmer than Okuyasu often times having to calm Okuyasu down. However, Josuke shares in his greedy and mischievous ways and the two often work well together against other stand users. When Okuyasu was presumably killed by Kira, Josuke still took the time to save him and drag his body down, despite doing so causing him to slow down during his critical battle with Kira.
  • Koichi Hirose: The two are good friends, and care for each other's well being, with Okuyasu and Josuke as older brother figures to Koichi. Though Okuyasu is jealous of Koichi's relationship with Yukako as he had never been romantically involved with a girl.
  • Shigekiyo Yangu: Okuyasu originally saw Shigechi as an annoying kid; infuriated with his stingy and greedy behavior. However, in later chapters, he is seen hanging out with him and Josuke. Okuyasu does not take Shigechi's death lightly, developing a grudge against his murderer, Kira.
  • Mikitaka Hazekura: When Okuyasu first met Mikitaka, he originally thought of him as a joke, not believing his claims of being an alien. Later, he starts to view Mikitaka as a good friend, and gains respect for him, after witnessing his attempt to save Josuke.
  • Rohan Kishibe: While their relationship is not greatly explored, it is evident the two do not like each other as Okuyasu still holds a grudge on Rohan for nearly making him commit suicide while Rohan dismisses Okuyasu as an idiot.
  • Jotaro Kujo: Though the two had little interaction Okuyasu seemed to see Jotaro as a mentor figure though he did ignore his advice and went after Red Hot Chili Pepper on his own. Jotaro is exasperated by his temper and lack of intelligence but seems to see him as an ally nonetheless.
  • Joseph Joestar: The two had little interaction but Okuyasu was annoyed by Joseph's deafness, wondering if he was alright in the head. However, he did answer Joseph's questions regarding Josuke and protected him from Otoishi.
  • Reimi Sugimoto: While the two had little interaction, he has shown mild attraction toward her, calling her beautiful and wishing he was born 15 years ago to meet her. He listened to her advice regarding the serial murder in Morioh and bid her farewell as she ascended to heaven, stating he would miss her.
  • Tonio Trussardi: Okuyasu was curious of learning a new restaurant opened and opted to try it out. He was somewhat annoyed at first when Tonio refused to give him a menu. However, when he tried Tonio's cooking he instantly became a fan and continued eating despite the fact his body began acting weird such as crying heavily, skin ripping from his shoulders, his teeth falling out, and his guts being blown. He often complimented Tonio's cooking, calling him a genius and being grateful he lived in the same town as him while Tonio greatly appreciated the praise he received and treated Okuyasu as a valued customer.
  • Stray Cat: After The Hand removes Stray Cat from Killer Queen and Kira is defeated, Okuyasu gives the plant to his father. Stray Cat seems to get along with Father Nijimura, and shows no ill-will towards Okuyasu afterwards.


  • Akira Otoishi: As the man who killed his brother, Okuyasu greatly despised Otoishi, having developed a grudge deep enough to put Okuyasu in a bad mood at the mere thought of him. While Otoishi has admitted that he respects Okuyasu's Stand abilities, he otherwise thought that Okuyasu was nothing but a fool.
  • Yoshikage Kira: After learning he murdered Reimi and Shigechi, Okuyasu would vow to kill Kira to avenge them. Kira supposedly killed Okuyasu during their fight, and Okuyasu contributed to his defeat by taking Stray Cat away from him.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • Josuke Higashikata... I, Okuyasu Nijimura will eliminate you with my Stand, The Hand!
    —Okuyasu Nijimura, Chapter 274: The Nijimura Brothers, Part 1
  • Whatever my right hand touches will disappear! The edge of the erased space will then join together to restore the gap! As for the parts that are cut off... Even I don't know where they end up!
    —Okuyasu Nijimura, Chapter 275: The Nijimura Brothers, Part 2
  • My brother was like that... he was destined to have a bad ending... but... but in the end... in the end he still tried to protect me! You saw it, right?!
    —Okuyasu Nijimura, Chapter 283: The Nijimura Brothers, Part 10
  • Looks like a nice place, huh? I've always liked Italian design and stuff.
    —Okyasu Nijimura, about Trattoria Trussardi, Chapter 303: Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food, Part 1
  • It's like...like, an elegant feeling, packed in water! I mean, for example, it's the kind of water a princess from the Alps would drink while playing her harp! It's just... crisp! Like how water would taste after you've been wandering around in the desert for three days!
    —Okuyasu Nijimura about water at Trussardi's, Chapter 303: Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food, Part 1
  • The juiciness of the tomato melds with the freshness of the chesse! The cheese enhances the tomato! The tomato enhances the cheese! It's like, what do you call it?! Harmony! A harmony of taste! It's like a Simon and Garfunkel duet! The U-chan and Nan-chan of food! The Tetsuo Chiba to Asao Takamori's "Ashita no Joe"! That's how it tastes!
    —Okuyasu Nijimura about tomato mozzarella at Trussardi's, Chapter 304: Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food, Part 2
  • I can't get enough of it! It's like, once I taste it, it sucks me in... It's like when you have to eat your age's worth of setsubun and once you start eating, before you realize it, you've eaten the whole damn bag! And you don't even like those goddamn beans!
    —Okuyasu Nijimura about spaghetti alla puttanesca, Chapter 305: Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food, Part 3
  • I'm just dying to erase your goddamn existence, motherfucker!
    —Okuyasu Nijimura to Red Hot Chili Pepper, Chapter 309: Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 3
  • This bastard killed my bro! I'm going to finish him off! That's the only thing I can be certain of! That's what I know in my heart!
    —Okuyasu Nijimura, Chapter 310: Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 4
  • I'll have to surpass my bro. Thanks for the tip, Red Hot Chili Pepper
    —Okuyasu Nijimura, Chapter 310: Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 4
  • Don't think you can use your bullshit on me twice! I'm Okuyasu Nijimura, bastard!... You wanna know [how I knew who was the enemy]? I was planning on punching the both of you! 'cause I'm not too smart, you know?
    —Okuyasu Nijimura to Akira Otoishi, Chapter 314: Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 8
  • Yeah! We are the invincible trio!
    —Okuyasu Nijimura, Chapter 336: Shigechi's Harvest, Part 2
  • You're already in The Hand's range!
    —Okuyasu Nijimura, Chapter 341: Shigechi's Harvest, Part 7
  • Man, shut up. I already said you're done. Leave the roughhousin' to us!
    —Okuyasu Nijimura, Chapter 400: Let's Live on a Transmission Tower, Part 3



  • Araki chose Okuyasu's surname, "Nijimura" after deciding that it would be interesting to use the kanji for rainbow ( niji) in a character name. The name "Nijimura" was then derived from a Kanji dictionary.[3]
  • Okuyasu Nijimura's voice actor for the TV anime and multiple other media is Wataru Takagi. Previously, he voiced several characters in the game Heritage for the Future: Arabia Fats, Boingo, Cameo and Kenny G.


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