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My favorite hobby is to roll around balls of yarn.
—Trinita's page from Heaven's Door, 4th Another Day Chapter 1

Trinita (トリニータ Torinita) is a minor character who only appears in the novel The Book: 4th Another Day, based on Diamond is Unbreakable.


Trinita is described as a female white cat with a pretty face and short fur.

The cat has a black cloth collar with a silver heart-shaped nameplate hanging from it, along with a phone number and the owner's name written.


Trinita spends her days with Hanae and expresses affection towards her.



Trinita is a cat who, alongside her mother, belong to Hanae Orikasa.

The Book: 4th Another Day

Trinita sees Hanae talking with a "student with red marks on his arms" moments before her master's death and escapes to the street, soaked in blood. Trinita is eventually found in a bloody state by Rohan Kishibe and Koichi Hirose, who found Hanae's body when looking for Trinita's master. Trinita is kept at the police station during the investigation, but is retrieved from there by Koichi so Rohan could use Heaven's Door on the cat and find clues about who was the killer. Koichi then takes Trinita back to the police station.


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