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Mitsuki Murase (村瀬 美月, Murase Mitsuki) is a primary character featured in Drip Painting Style. She is a married woman who is secretly having an affair unbeknownst to her family.


Mitsuki is a 37-year-old woman of average build with dark shoulder-length hair that is parted in the middle and braided at the sides. She wears a short, light-colored blouse that exposes her cleavage, along with a heart-shaped necklace. She wears a pair of pantyhose that are torn at the leg due to her affair. She also has a wedding ring, though she doesn't always wear it.


Not much is known about Mitsuki aside from her being deceitful. She constantly lies to her husband about where she is and how far away she is from her daughter's kindergarten. She hides her wedding ring in her bag when having an affair, and then puts it back on when she leaves the hotel.



Mitsuki is married to an unnamed man and has a young daughter named Emma who is still in kindergarten.

Drip Painting Style

The Affair

Mitsuki arranges to meet with an unknown man in a hotel outside of S-City. After finding out it's almost time to pick up her daughter from kindergarten, Mitsuki quickly dresses and begins to leave the hotel room. Before leaving, the man confesses his love to her and offers to drive her back, oblivious to the fact that she's having an affair with him. Mitsuki goes down the elevator and quickly storms into the underground parking lot, rushing to get back to her car. As she opens the car door, she hits the side of an SUV parked too close, leaving a noticeable scratch. Mitsuki also sees that her pantyhose are all torn up.

Realizing that she doesn't have enough time to go buy a new pair and that her husband might be catching onto her, Mitsuki begins to break down inside her car. She begins to regret her actions, worrying that her husband might check the GPS logs. She then tries to compose herself by thinking over the situation and coming up with a suitable excuse. Closing the car door, she takes a deep breath before putting the wedding ring that was in her bag back on.

Mitsuki witnesses a spiked figure

While on her way back into S-City, Mitsuki encounters a traffic jam and heads off the main road into the mountains. She then gets a call from her husband, who tells her that he's been trying to call her for ages. Their daughter, Emma, needs picking up and she's apparently crying outside the closed kindergarten. Mitsuki comes up with the excuse that she's caught in traffic and that there was a roadblock. This confuses the husband, as there aren't usually roadblocks in the area. Mitsuki begins to panic thinking that she's been found out, but he ignores it and asks how long it'll take her to get to the school. Mitsuki lies to him again and frantically says she'll be there in about 5 minutes, despite the journey actually taking 20 to 30 minutes.

While on the phone, she notices a mysterious dark figure with spikes covering its back outside her car by the passenger window. This causes Mitsuki to slam on the breaks and gets out of the car to see what it was. Her husband, who is still on the phone, asks why she isn't responding and that he's going to the kindergarten to pick up Emma himself. Mitsuki answers that everything is fine, telling him that she's on her way before hanging up the phone. She steps out of her car to look for the creature, but it's nowhere to be seen. Mitsuki inspects the hood of the car, breathing a sigh of relief upon discovering there isn't any damage.

Road Rage

Mitsuki gets back into her car and continues her journey home. While driving, she spots a large vehicle tailgating her. Suspecting the car is trying to overtake her, she speeds up, saying that she's in a hurry, too. All of a sudden, Mitsuki is jolted forward as the vehicle rams into the back of her. After getting a look at the car using the rear-view mirror, a sudden shock comes over her and she's unable to believe her eyes. The SUV that she had hit with her car door in the parking lot has presumably followed her from the hotel. However, it's no longer dented and seems to be white now instead of gray. The SUV continues ramming into her before seemingly giving up and pulling in front of her. While driving in front, the passenger window opens revealing a fire extinguisher held by the driver. Mitsuki screams as the fire extinguisher blinds her windshield by covering her car in foam.

Mitsuki about to be murdered

The SUV in front of Mitsuki suddenly brakes and she crashes into them. She wonders if the person has gone insane since they're now blocking the road. The man who was driving then steps out of the car. Although he is initially depicted as a silhouette, the pen pattern on his socks reveals that he is Rohan Kishibe. Mitsuki starts screaming, then Rohan throws the fire extinguisher at her windshield, causing it to crack. However, she continues driving ahead past Rohan's car, breaking his car's right headlight. Rohan continues pursuing her as Mitsuki laments that she needs to pick her daughter up. She exasperatedly yells at Rohan that she'll be the one to kill him rather than the other way around. Rohan finally catches up to her car, driving beside her, and yells at her to open the window. He exclaims that she has to pull over because a man has climbed into the backseat of her car and is currently behind her.

As soon as Rohan shouts, the man behind her places his hands around Mitsuki's face and snaps her neck. Mitsuki dies, and both cars crash into the guardrail.[1]


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