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JORGE JOESTAR (ジョージ・ジョースター Jōji Jōsutā) is a novel written and illustrated by Otaro Maijo. The cover depicting George Joestar II and a young Lisa Lisa was drawn by Hirohiko Araki. The novel was released as part of the special JoJo 25th Anniversary project "VS JOJO" on September 19, 2012.[1] A paperback version containing a few revisions released later on December 19, 2017.

JORGE JOESTAR includes a crossover of characters from parts one to seven of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Ryūsui Seiryōin's JDC Series, and Ōtarō Maijō's previous novels. While the novel contains a few illustrations depicting maps and puzzles for certain concepts, several hundreds of illustrations are only available outside the novel on Shueisha's website.[2]

George Joestar II (Jorge Joestar) lives on the island of La Palma, part of the Canary Islands in Spain, with his mother Erina Pendleton, and Elizabeth (Lisa Lisa). George and Erina eventually travel to England whereas Lisa Lisa moves to Italy with her adopted father, Straizo. George and Lisa Lisa pledge their love to each other, with George growing up to become a World War I air pilot and Lisa Lisa becoming a strong Ripple warrior.

In another universe, teenage detective Jorge Joestar sets out on a bizarre quest to solve a murder in Morioh. His journey eventually turns into a universe-hopping adventure after the island begins moving on its own, and he meets several Stand users along the way.


The odd-numbered chapters of the novel depict the life stories of George Joestar II and Lisa Lisa from 1900 to 1920, showcasing their development from children into adults. As children, George would often be bullied by Antonio Torres and his gang of friends, with Lisa Lisa having to save him from them. After Lisa Lisa moves to live with Straizo, George continues living with Erina and a woman named Penelope de la Rosa, who can no longer live at her own house after developing a Wound ability. Their family later moves to England, eventually leading to George becoming the prime suspect in a murder case of one of his friends. As he grows up, George joins the Royal Air Force and marries Elizabeth. However, their wedding is threatened by a zombie invasion. Throughout his life, George makes new friends, such as Tsukumojuku Kato, Steven Motorize, Kenton Motorize, Darlington Motorize, John Moore-Brabazon, and Jim Graham.

The even-numbered chapters are set in 2012 after thirty-six universal resets, taking place in the 37th universe. It focuses on teenage detective Jorge Joestar, a Japanese boy adopted by the Joestar family and raised English. While investigating a recent string of incidents, Jorge comes across another young detective named Tsukumojuku Kato, who has somehow traveled between universes. After Tsukumojuku is suddenly found dead in Morioh, seemingly by Yoshikage Kira's hands, Jorge heads there to investigate. He becomes allies with Rohan Kishibe, Reimi Sugimoto, Koji Hirose, Muryotaisu Nijimura, and Fukashigi Nijimura. However, Passione suddenly invades Morioh and orders the assistance of detectives to find their boss, Diavolo. Along the way, Jorge ends up in outer space with Narancia Ghirga, and meets thirty-seven versions of Kars, each from a different universe. The original Kars adapts to creating his own Stands after seeing the abilities of Narancia and Enrico Pucci and accompanies the group back to Earth. Characters from the first universe and 37th universe eventually coincide, ultimately ending in a massive Stand battle with Dio Brando as he attempts his heaven ascension plan to gain unlimited power.

New Concepts

In addition to having Stands from the original manga such as King Crimson and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, JORGE JOESTAR introduces several new Stands that are mainly named after films or TV series. There are also four new Stand-like phenomena that are not truly Stands but may have similar abilities.

  • Wounds (ウゥンド Wundo) are created from repeated trauma to one's mind and body. They are less controllable than Stands are, and tend to serve a purpose of stopping the user's source of pain.
  • Bounds (バウンド Baundo) allow an individual to completely merge with an element or environment and freely manipulate that element.
  • Beyond (ビヨンド Biyondo) is a metafictional concept that can be considered the author of the story. The power chooses its heroes and if the heroes believe in Beyond, they can control their destiny.
  • Mass Hysteria (集団ヒステリー Shūdan Hisuterī) is a concept loosely based on real life which affects people throughout the world. When humans imagine something out of anxiety or fear, their collective imaginations and emotions can manifest as surreal creatures, eventually spreading more fear from rumors of mysterious creature sightings.


George Joestar is an eleven year old boy living on La Palma with his mother, Erina Pendleton, and Elizabeth Straizo (also known as Lisa Lisa). George recalls the countless times he's been bullied by his Spaniard classmates, including how they just tried to shove dog waste in his mouth as he was on his way home from school. Luckily, Lisa Lisa was always there to save him and constantly beat up Antonio Torres, the boy who led the gang of bullies.

George cries when he returns home and Erina gives him a stern talk. He discovers that Lisa Lisa will be leaving them to go live in Italy with her adopted father Straizo, when she turns twelve. While George refuses to accept it at first, a strong speech from Erina and seeing Lisa Lisa cry for the first time convinces him to be brave. He becomes determined to stand up to his bullies and beat them up on his own. The next morning, George tries to avoid Antonio's gang so he goes to school very early and hides in a storage room. He soon discovers his plan was for naught, as when he goes to class, he is immediately interrogated by Julio Gonzales, one of his bullies. Antonio was murdered that morning, and Julio was accusing either George or Lisa Lisa to be the suspect because both of them had left their house early, and Lisa Lisa wasn't at school yet. As Julio continues to harass George, their teacher, Mr. Fernandes, enters the room and tells Julio and the other bullies of George to be ashamed of themselves. Julio reveals that Antonio died by being crushed to death, leaving him flat as a sheet of skin with no blood, no muscle, and no bones.

Tsukumojuku Kato, George's only Asian classmate, suddenly enters the room. He was a child detective, and had been eavesdropping on the conversation. Declaring that he had already solved the case, he brings out Antonio's "corpse". The sheet of skin was a work of art by Antonio's mother, Maria Torres, who carefully peeled off pieces of her son's skin to make This Year's Antonio. She had been making one a year since Antonio was a baby, and thus his body would adapt to the loss of skin by speeding up his skin cell production three days before Maria's customary skinning day. George ponders whether the real Antonio is still alive and Tsukumojuku opens the door, telling the person standing there to enter. Although the person looked like Antonio, George could tell he was actually dead.

Lisa Lisa steps out of Antonio's skin and introduces herself to the class. She says the person who murdered Antonio is nearby, and Lisa Lisa had worn his skin to lure the murderer to the police. Lisa Lisa describes four rules that her classmates must follow in order to stay safe, warning them that they must be home before sundown, and need to stay there with their doors and windows shut until sunrise. Tsukumojuku then states that Lisa Lisa's plan had worked, and the sunlight-hating killer was already in the school. George notices that the hallway had turned dark and gloomy, before spotting Mr. Fernandes close the curtains. Lisa Lisa reveals that since she was a baby, she had special breathing powers like her adopted father and George's father. As Mr. Fernandes clutches the last curtain, he is killed by the sunlight and his body crumbles into dust. George states that Mr. Fernandes had been human while he was with them in class, so he must have been turned into that creature by the murderer of Antonio, who had forced him to close the curtains.

Lisa Lisa, George, and Tsukumojuku walk down the hall and are confronted by a man who looks like Antonio, standing on the ceiling. The man's name is Alejandro Torres, and he asks if they've seen his son. Alejandro had already eaten Antonio in the morning but then heard he went to school afterwards. Lisa Lisa argues with the man and he decides to kill her, but is destroyed by Lisa Lisa's Indigo Blue Overdrive. As an attempt to be brave, George unexpectedly runs in front of her at that moment to Lisa Lisa's surprise, and is also knocked out by the attack. George wakes up the next morning on his bed and talks to Straizo, who explains that the remains of Antonio and Alejandro had been cleaned up, and other monsters on the island were destroyed. George asks if he has a power like Lisa Lisa's, but realizes he doesn't want it because he would be too scared to fight. Straizo cheers him up, and says he was brave enough to act in the fight against Alejandro.

Tsukumojuku soon comes to visit George and the two become best friends. Tsukumojuku talks about how he had a Beyond, but it abandoned him. George just thinks he's delusional. When it is time for Lisa Lisa to leave, she jokes about marrying George and they both say they love each other. For the next four years, Tsukumojuku and George go on detective adventures and solve many mysteries. When he turns 15, Tsukumojuku has to go back to Japan and George cries a lot about being alone. George declares that he would come to Japan in the future and they could go solve more mysteries. However, two months later, the boat Tsukumojuku had left on is found at the bottom of the sea by the army.

Jorge Joestar narrates about his heritage and the spelling of his name. He is fifteen years old and lives in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. His Japanese birth parents were unable to look after him for unknown reasons and handed him over to the authorities when he was a baby. He was adopted by the Joestar family and raised in English. When he turns eighteen, he has to pick either English or Japanese citizenship as well as decide on a formal name. Although his name is romanized in his passport as "Joji Joestar", he prefers the spelling "Jorge", as he fears English speakers would pronounce "Joji" incorrectly and "Jorge" would allow his friends to continue calling him with the nickname "Detective JoJo" rather than "George".

Before going to bed, Jorge recalls his past detective cases, including solving fifteen locked room mysteries in a row two years prior and catching two serial killers in the current year, Guruguru Majin and Nail Peeler. He would often make a full report of his cases to his father, Jonda Joestar. However, something about the fifteen locked room murders still bothered him. Jorge finds a map in a newspaper article detailing the locations of each murder and discovers that it is actually a puzzle. He imagines a large 4x4 grid on top of the map and sees that there is an empty square. Jorge easily solves the puzzle by moving each number by one square and realizes that there must have been a mastermind who designed this puzzle as well as the fifteen locked room murders, despite the fifteen murderers they caught having nothing in common. He struggles to find a meaningful conclusion behind this puzzle and goes to investigate.

Jorge gets on his bike and rides north towards Takefu, attempting to find something like a locked room. Instead, he finds a farmhouse on fire, belonging to the Kato Family. Serika, Satoshi, and their four year old son, Seshiru, stand outside their house in shock when Seshiru suddenly blurts out to Jorge that there is a pool inside their house with a boy swimming in it. Jorge looks through the windows and sees that their house is filled with water moving at whirlpool speeds. Serika mentions that the incident happened randomly while they were eating dinner. Seawater started pouring down and when they exited their house, the house started burning. Jorge notices that the person inside is clinging to the window and rushes to save him. He breaks the glass on the nearest ground floor windows, allowing him to open the door. All of the water exits out the door, bringing the boy who was trapped inside onto the front lawn.

The boy was actually Tsukumojuku Kato, who reveals that he was on a boat in between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico before suddenly ending up in that house from a tornado. However, Jorge had never heard of the Gulf or the Atlantic and says that there's only one ocean. Tsukumojuku reveals that his home address is the same as Serika's parents. Despite them having the same last name, the Kato family does not answer Jorge when he asks whether they're related, as they are still in shock from their house burning down. Tsukumojuku and Jorge discuss more details of what he was doing before ending up there and Jorge reveals that there is only one continent that he knows of, which is named Panlandia. The two teenagers introduce themselves as detectives and Tsukumojuku is shocked to learn that the boy he was talking to is also named Jorge Joestar. He wonders what Beyond is planning and what role it has in mind for him.

After going to the hospital, Tsukumojuku discovers that he traveled through time to 2012. However, after comparing maps of each other's worlds, they both realize there is no way the land could have shifted so much in only one hundred years. The two assume that Tsukumojuku must have ended up in a parallel world after traveling to the Bermuda Triangle. After deducing a way on how to get Tsukumojuku back home, Tsukumojuku tells Jorge about his friend, the other George Joestar. Both Tsukumojuku and George had solved the same or similar cases that this Jorge had solved. Tsukumojuku and George had just captured the true mastermind behind the fifteen locked room murders, Javier Cortes. Before Tsukumojuku could explain, Jorge decides he wants to solve it by himself, eventually deducing that Javier must have the supernatural power to enter dreams. Tsukumojuku confirms his theory, stating that Javier would dress up as a clown and haunt the dreams of random victims while he was sleeping, drawing out their darkest emotions and convincing them to kill someone. Javier had been abused by his mother Leonora Cortes, who had felt lonely after her husband Juan Rovira Cortes would often be away having affairs. After being caught, the Spanish police in La Palma beat Javier to death and sink his body in the sea at night, leading to Leonora killing herself afterwards.

Jorge calls Masami Shirai, a cop at the Fukui Police Department, to interrogate the fifteen murderers they caught about their dreams. A while later, he calls back and confirms they all had similar dreams. However, their dreams had a man named Yoshikage Kira, who left a message in their dreams stating "If Jorge Joestar ever comes to Morioh, I'll kill him". Shirai warns Jorge to stay away from there, but Jorge was only more tempted to go investigate. He decides to head home for the night, saying his goodbyes to Tsukumojuku and offering to pay for his travel expenses. The next morning, Jorge learns that Tsukumojuku was murdered in Morioh.

George worries about Tsukumojuku presumably being dead since he is missing. Assuming his days of adventure are now over, George begins taking school more seriously so he can become intelligent like Tsukumojuku. He starts small by reading novels. He begins to start liking science after enjoying science fantasy novels, so Erina decides she should hire a tutor for him. Thinking Penelope de la Rosa would be a good tutor, George goes to her house. Penelope is a girl older than George who he and Tsukumojuku met on their last case. She helped them catch Javier Cortes, as she was one of his victims. Due to her pathological fear of clowns, she was so afraid after her dreams that she stopped going to school and never left her house. Penelope refuses to open the door when George arrives at her house, because seeing him reminded her of the clown in her dreams. However, the next night, Penelope comes to see George looking very upset, yelling that Javier is back.

Penelope collapses in George's arms and panics while George tries calming her down. She explains that after George visited her the previous day, she couldn't go back to her room. The doors and windows were locked so she decided to go to her kitchen where her mother was, but then the kitchen door suddenly slammed shut as well. Penelope's mother started screaming and begging Penelope not to kill her. Penelope threw herself into the door several times until it finally broke and saw a clown in the corner of the room before it disappeared.

Penelope's parents had divorced four years ago and her mother, Isabella, had full custody of her. Penelope blamed her mother for taking away her father, leading to a strained relationship between the two. Their relationship worsens when Penelope begins dating Edvard Noriega, a thug who beat her, sold her valuable items, and threatened to ruin Penelope permanently if her mother interfered. Penelope then started getting her dreams with the clown and realized her mother is the only one she could trust.

George invites Penelope inside only to realize that the door of his house is suddenly locked. He wonders why Erina would shut them out, until Erina tells George to run because a clown is inside. George kicks the door down and directly sees the clown for himself. He swings a chair at it causing the clown to vanish by shattering into pieces. Erina tells George to calm down, realizing that Penelope is the one who was creating the clown somehow, as a means of protecting herself. The clown suddenly returns, locking them inside by wedging a heavy table under the doorknob. George realizes that the clown has a long white thread dangling from its hip, leading all the way to Penelope's dress. George calmly moves aside the table and exits the house, calming Penelope down. He realizes that her power is the same as what Antonio and Javier had. Eventually the thread from Penelope's dress snaps, causing a doll in a noose to drop behind the door. George explains to Penelope that she created all of this.

Later, George tries explaining Penelope's power to her mother but her mother thinks Penelope is possessed by the devil. Erina decides to let Penelope live with them and hires her to work in the La Palma office of Erina's trading company, as well as to be George's tutor.

One day in February, six months after Penelope moved in with the Joestars, she asks George to accompany her to work out of paranoia that someone was following her. On their way to work, Penelope's ex-boyfriend, Edvard greets her. She tells him to go away but Edvard says he's dying. He starts panicking and begs for Penelope's help, retelling how he saw a creepy guy with wings. Penelope angrily tells him to shut up, saying he deserves whatever happens to him. Edvard starts apologizing and continues his story. Two nights prior he was lying in bed with a girl named Prunella when he suddenly sees the man standing by the base of his bed, as black as a devil. The man with wings told Edvard to close his eyes, lie down, and think about tomorrow. While Edvard is telling his story, Penelope goes berserk with emotions, to the point where she gets a nosebleed. She creates a locked room from the ground, trapping Edvard with a clown inside. George decides to name her power a Wound based on its origin.

Penelope is about to kill Edvard but George tries to stop her from becoming a murderer. She says she can't because it's the clown doing it, not her. George then forces a hole into the locked room by ripping into the grass and dirt walls. Edvard was hanging from a noose attached to the ceiling, and suddenly George is hanged by a grass rope as well. He panics as he nearly chokes to death, before he realizes that the point of a locked room is to make murder look like suicide. If he somehow leaves evidence behind that it is actually a murder, it would break the purpose of a locked room. He pulls a knife from his back pocket and stabs his belly, writing out "MURDER". Before George loses consciousness, the clown reads the message and disappears, destroying the locked room as well. George throws up several times but is relieved to see that Edvard is still alive. Penelope grabs George and cries, apologizing at the same time.

At the hospital, the doctor tells George that he dug too deep and the word "murder" would remain upside down on his belly forever. Lisa Lisa suddenly appears in the room and asks George if he's still being bullied. She doesn't believe that George would do it to himself. Penelope says that it's her fault, apologizing once more. The two women get off on bad terms after Lisa Lisa tries introducing herself, leading to George interrupting before Penelope would summon a locked room again. Lisa Lisa explains finding George in the hospital was a coincidence because she had a question for the doctor. She asks the doctor if he's had any patients claiming to see a man like a moth, just like Edvard had told George and Penelope earlier. The doctor says several patients have been having nervous breakdowns and while at first he thought it was an illusion or some sort of mass hysteria, he then saw the man with black wings as well. Lisa Lisa warns the doctor not to do what the man says and to lock himself in his house that night.

The three walk back home and find Straizo and Erina inside sipping tea. Lisa Lisa tells Erina that it's time to tell George the truth about his father. Erina then describes the life of Jonathan and Dio Brando, leading to Jonathan's eventual death on their honeymoon. Straizo and Lisa Lisa wonder if there is a Stone Mask on the island because it's the second incident of something supernatural occurring. Lisa Lisa explains that she and Straizo had spoken to the fisherman that rescued Erina and the baby Lisa Lisa from the coffin years ago. It was a large coffin designed to shield the occupant from external blows and the fisherman witnessed Erina also holding something else, about the size of a human head, wrapped in a bundle of fabric made from the hem of Erina's dress. Lisa Lisa questions if Erina had actually brought Dio Brando's head to the island. Although George says Lisa Lisa is being ridiculous, Erina breaks her silence by saying it wasn't Dio's head. It was her husband's, Jonathan's. George is scared of his mother for the first time.

Jorge Joestar heads from Nishi Akatsuki to Morioh, wondering how Tsukumojuku arrived there. Tsukumojuku's body was found with a deep slit in his throat and a broad axe slung over his shoulder. He was naked, wrapped only in a diamond-shaped red cloth, and was also mounted on a bear. His deathbed was designed to resemble the folk tale Kintaro. Jorge gets off the train at Morioh Station shortly after 1 PM, feeling a sense of déjà vu when he looks over the map of the town. However, Jorge is sure that he has never been to Morioh before as the famous Namahage Detective would usually handle cases there. Near by the station, Jorge hears an election campaign for Takumi Kumoi, aiming to become Morioh's next mayor. He stops by a restaurant and has a Miso Tongue Meal, one of Morioh's local delicacies.

Jorge heads for the Arrow Cross House where Tsukumojuku's body was found. As Jorge's taxi arrives there, he meets Rohan Kishibe37, a manga artist in his thirties who had a manga called Pink Dark Boy in serialization for twenty years, and had recently started part eight of the series. Rohan mentions that he had purchased the Arrow Cross House six months prior, frustrated that his house was already used for a murder like some cliché story. Rohan then lectures Jorge that he should only call him "Rohan" rather than "Kishibe-san" or "Kishibe-sensei". Jorge hesitates so Rohan uses his Stand Heaven's Door to prevent Jorge from calling him anything else besides Rohan.

Rohan describes the mystery of the Arrow Cross House. It suddenly appeared five years ago without any of the neighbors noticing it being built despite its large size. A different house was in the same location for three years, before the Arrow Cross House appeared. The old house was called Cube House by locals in the area and was supposedly moved to Morioh from Nishi Akatsuki, although nobody knew who owned the house. Rohan mentions how more than one detective was murdered in Morioh. The first was Sachiari Hakkyoku, whose body was found seated on a giant stuffed sea turtle, designed to resemble Urashima Taro. Nekoneko Nyan Nyan Nyan was next and was found near Angelo Rock, surrounded by stuffed dogs, cats, and pheasants. Her death resembled the Momotaro folk tale.

Rohan takes Jorge to the scene of the locked room murder. The police had taken away Tsukumojuku's body, but the bear was left behind as it was too large. Rohan shows Jorge copies of the crime scene photographs that he had the police leave behind, leading Jorge to wonder how Rohan was capable of having everyone listen to his orders as if he could bend the world to his will. The two wonder how someone managed to bring a giant polar bear into the room without Rohan noticing. Later, Rohan tells Jorge about Reimi Sugimoto37, a girl who remembers nothing aside from her name. Her amnesia is so severe that Rohan can't read her past, so Rohan has her help look after the place until she recovers her memories. On that night, Reimi and Rohan mixed up their bedrooms and slept in each other's rooms. Rohan shows the exact locations of each murder case on Jorge's map, and Jorge realizes that the triangle of dead detectives matched the exact shape of the Bermuda Triangle.

Rohan explains what Stands are and what his Stand could do, explaining that Morioh has several Stand users who are drawn to one another. Jorge tries to mention Yoshikage Kira's name, but suddenly forgets it. Rohan had used Heaven's Door to prevent Jorge from saying Kira's name aloud or else Jorge would explode. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Rohan asks Jorge if he can get his visitors to leave. He flees the room, asking Reimi to come with him. However, Jorge could not see Reimi there and only saw Rohan leaving alone. At the door, Jorge is greeted by three high school students who are his age. They confront Jorge assuming he did something to Rohan, mentioning that nobody had seen Rohan for two weeks. One of the thugs grabs Jorge's throat with his Stand, while his twin brother looks toward the house and starts yelling for Rohan. The third student observes Jorge's actions. Fukashigi mentions that it's possible that Jorge could actually be Yoshikage Kira pretending to be a detective. As soon as Fukashigi says Kira's name, he disappears, and his brother Muryotaisu runs around looking for him. Muryotaisu is about to attack Jorge assuming he did something, but Jorge exclaims that he'll find Fukashigi.

Jorge deduces that Reimi is actually a humanoid Stand who could control the Arrow Cross House, and used her ability to hide Fukashigi. Accepting Jorge's request, Rohan uses Heaven's Door on Jorge so that he could see Stands. Muryotaisu's Stand is named Grand Bleu, appearing as three dolphins. Koji's Stand is Blue Thunder, a propeller that appears on his head. Koji mentions that Fukashigi's Stand is NYPD Blue, a Stand that believes it's a police officer from New York. Jorge could finally see Reimi and the two introduce themselves to each other. Jorge then asks Rohan to use Heaven's Door on Muryotaisu and Koji, allowing them to see "astral projections". Reimi's ability allowed her to keep Rohan and Fukashigi in a suspended state between life and death beneath the Arrow Cross House. As there is no oxygen in that area, they would not explode from Kira's ability. Jorge realizes that that each arrow on the house could rotate, explaining why Rohan did not notice anything happening after Tsukumojuku's murder.

Suddenly, Morioh has an earthquake and a chasm opens along its borders. Koji flies into the air with his Stand and reports that Morioh somehow detached off of Japan and became its own island, sailing on the sea. Just then, Rohan also reveals that he had read Jorge's pages from Heaven's Door. All of Jorge's adventures as a detective were listed under a heading titled "Forgery". Behind Jorge's left ear, Rohan found his true story. He was born in 1889 in the Canary Islands, became a pilot, fought in World War II, and then was murdered in 1920 by an air force general.

George, Erina, Lisa Lisa, Straizo, and Penelope head to a secret room in the basement. George looks at his father's severed head, feeling as if Jonathan still looked alive. Despite being a baby at the time she was carried by Erina in the coffin, Lisa Lisa has memories of a fearsome man who was in the coffin with them. Erina has Straizo and Penelope go upstairs so she can tell the story of how she survived after the ship's explosion. Before Erina could begin, Lisa Lisa grows impatient and asks Erina if she saved Dio back then.

Lisa Lisa had gone to England researching about Dio Brando's life. She went to the remains of the Joestar mansion and talked to people in town, who told her about Jonathan, Erina, and Dio. To Lisa Lisa's surprise, Dio was the most popular person in town and half of the town's citizens still believed he was innocent. People believed that Dio never had a girlfriend despite being popular with the ladies because he loved Erina. Erina emotionally scolds Lisa Lisa, saying that a little sixteen year old girl like her should never attempt to speak about matters such as love as if she could understand. She quickly calms down, realizing Lisa Lisa couldn't understand since Erina hasn't told them anything yet.

Erina finally begins telling her story, describing Dio's vile personality and everything he did to Jonathan and herself as children. Eventually, she gets to the point where she entered the coffin with the baby Lisa Lisa in her arms after Jonathan died in the ship they were on for their honeymoon. The coffin fell into the water after all the explosions. Erina opened the lid of the box to check if there was anyone floating in the water that she could save, when she saw a hand attempt to grab her arm from under the box. As she attempted to close the lid, Erina saw Dio's terrifying face floating on the water. Dio had escaped from Jonathan's grip as the explosion hit and stolen his body. He then impaled Jonathan's feet on a stick of wood embedded on the side of the box, allowing him to travel together with the coffin. When Erina opened the lid, Dio managed to grab Lisa Lisa out of the coffin and cradled the baby by his chest, using her as a hostage. Dio offered to spare Lisa Lisa if Erina offered her blood to him. As Erina could not refuse, Dio handed back Lisa Lisa and drank a lot of blood from Erina without restraint.

Erina could hear Dio struggling in pain that night, thrashing against the water and the coffin. As a nurse, Erina knew Jonathan's body would have been rejecting the foreign tissue of Dio's head. Before the sun rose, Dio knocked on the lid and asked to drink Erina's blood once more. In order to keep Erina's body healthy, Dio caught a fist full of fish. Using his Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, he then cooked the fish on a floating piece of ship debris near the coffin. Erina took some fish, chewed it, and then fed it to the baby Lisa Lisa. Noticing Erina wasn't eating any herself, Dio remarked that Erina should keep the baby within her womb healthy as well, which shocked Erina as she did not yet realize that she was pregnant. Erina began eating while Dio drank the sea water and converted it from salt water to fresh water using his vampiric abilities. He then slipped his fingers into Erina and Lisa Lisa's arms to inject water into their bodies. Dio was about to go back into the water and hide underneath the coffin before the sun rose but Erina had realized the coffin had two compartments and told him to get in the bottom layer. However, Dio realized Erina's scheme was to have an easier advantage over Dio, as him being in the bottom compartment would allow Erina to easily lift the lid and have the sun shine on him. Dio threatened Erina for attempting to fool him and drained more of her blood as punishment. As further punishment, Dio pushed Erina into the bottom compartment of the coffin and took Lisa Lisa with him into the top compartment, threatening to eat her if Erina tried something stupid.

Dio then flipped the box and later used a mysterious power to kill a bird that was sitting on top of the coffin. After he roasted it, he offered it to Erina, who wondered how Dio managed to open the lid and prepare the meal without entering the sunlight. Over time, Dio started becoming unstable as he verbally harassed and violently tortured Erina. For hours, he would go on about how Erina was useless and it was her fault Jonathan died. When Erina would start crying, Dio changed his tone and acted gentle to keep Erina off balance. When Erina started apologizing, Dio thought she was mocking him and used his invisible power to drag Erina out of the coffin and threw her into the water. She would nearly drown and then Dio would use his power to pull her back into the coffin. This went on for days, and Dio would drink her blood in between. Each time, Erina would be near death but Dio would revive her by feeding her enough to restore what he drank. Although she only heard his voice the whole time without seeing him, Erina felt like his tool after the torture. She lost her sense of reality and even agreed to marry him after the constant manipulation.

One night, Dio opened the lid of the box and appeared in front of Erina. His wounds were almost completely healed from drinking Erina's blood. Seeing the vampire, Erina finally realized that this man was Dio Brando and not her owner, and she was Erina Joestar. Dio asked Erina to give her new husband a kiss, but Erina had reclaimed her sense of self and remarked that there's no muddy water to wash her mouth with afterwards. Erina realized Dio hadn't changed in the past ten years, and he must have been torturing Erina because he wanted Jonathan to see it, so Jonathan should be somewhere nearby. She knew Dio wouldn't leave Jonathan's head behind on the ship because of his obsessive nature. Believing Jonathan was by her side even if he had become a zombie, Erina was no longer afraid of Dio. After pointing out that Dio was doomed by his shallow mind and overwhelming self-importance, he throws her into the sea out of anger, where she manages to find Jonathan's head hidden under the debris near the coffin. If he had actually become a zombie and was watching everything, Erina knew it was her duty as his wife to kill him so he wouldn't suffer any more. Erina quickly swam towards Jonathan's head, only to find that his head did not appear to be a zombie, and miraculously still looked alive without decaying. Dio worriedly pulled Erina out of the water with his mysterious power, exclaiming that Jonathan would eat her because he also believed Jonathan became a zombie. Confused as to why Jonathan wasn't doing anything to Erina, Dio wonders how long Jonathan would continue pursuing him. Erina refused to let Dio harm Jonathan's head and grabbed a piece of driftwood, which she then stabbed into the side of her neck. After seeing Dio's shock, Erina laughed in relief before losing consciousness, knowing that Dio couldn't let her die. Erina woke up after receiving blood from Dio, who also stitched her wound using knowledge he learned from various books he previously read. Dio had ended up giving Erina as much blood as he had drank from her, leaving him even weaker than he was before he first confronted Erina. For the first time, Erina realized just how lonely Dio was. Erina could have killed Dio then, but she felt pity for him and placed him into the bottom compartment of the coffin.

As Erina finishes telling her story, she claims that her sin was letting Dio Brando remain alive. After she was rescued by a ship, she had the fisherman weigh the coffin down and sink it. Erina had hope that as long as Dio Brando was still alive, Jonathan's body would also be alive, and she did not want to lose the chance to get his body back one day. Lisa Lisa explains that the power Dio had sounded like a Stand, which she learned that some people have while she was training with the Ripple masters. As they go upstairs, Penelope hugs Jorge, crying that the Canary Islands is a scary place. Seventy people had just perished in La Palma's church, including George's doctor who they had spoken to earlier. Lisa Lisa mentions that everyone who died had seen the Mothman and covered the walls of the church with drawings of it before they set the church on fire. Erina decides that it's time to move to England, and offers to take Penelope with them.

Separated from Japan, Morioh travels south at an insane speed of 100 knots (185 km/h). The State Defense Force sent out six planes headed to Morioh but the lead F-22 plane suddenly explodes, revealing that Morioh has an invisible dome barrier surrounding it. Muryotaisu starts shouting when he notices that one of the fighter planes fired a missile. However, the missile explodes in mid-air as it hit the side of Morioh's barrier. Rohan draws a map of Morioh for Jorge. They assume Morioh became an island from the powers of an individual and plan to head to Budogaoka Academy, because the school was located in the center of the dome. Reimi reveals that Kira had canceled the effect of Bites the Dust, so Fukashigi and Rohan were now safe and freed from Arrow Cross House's protection. Suspicious of the timing, Rohan wonders if Kira is the one who is moving Morioh. Reimi then holds out a cellphone, showing the others a live stream of an emergency press conference held by Chomaru Bariya and twelve other detectives. They discuss the murders of Sachiari Hakkyoku, Nekoneko Nyan Nyan Nyan, and Tsukumojuku Kato. They also address how Morioh has suddenly detached and propelling itself as a separate island. Finally, Chomaru relays a message to Kira, stating that their group knows that he isn't the one who killed the three detectives. They knew that the real murderer deliberately killed them as bait to frame Kira. He asks Kira to calm down and cooperate with them, promising that they won't do anything to him if he helps them.

Jorge wonders how the detectives all knew about Kira's name since they weren't involved with the fifteen locked room mysteries. He theorizes that the detectives are aware of Stands and that Chomaru assumed Kira developed the power to make Morioh travel, so calming down Kira should make the power stop. Jorge questions how Koji and the others knew Kira's name without actually catching him, leading to Koji telling the story of their friend Shigetaka Yangu. Shigechi had a Stand named Stray Dog and one day, one of his dogs came back to him carrying a severed hand in his mouth. Shigechi and his friends investigated and the nail polish on the hand was unusual enough that they were able to figure out where it was sold. It was purchased by a man which the shopkeeper thought was unusual enough and remembered the man's name. They almost caught him once but Koji was the first to reach Kira and nearly died until the Nijimuras caught up in time. Just as they almost had him, he managed to escape and forced Aya Tsuji to use her Stand Face/Off to switch his face and fingerprints with a random passerby. As soon as Koji and the others got to her salon, they witnessed Aya and the other man exploding. Kira also killed Shigechi as a warning not to mess with him.

Suddenly, Morioh changes direction causing Arrow Cross House to spin to the left. A soldier in a SDF helicopter above the dome loses his balance and slides along the dome. Fukashigi also goes flying from the force and lands on top of his Stand NYPD Blue, which appears as a chubby bald middle-aged man in a suit. NYPD Blue is sentient, believing that he's a cop from New York. Koji uses Blue Thunder to save the soldier, who gives him a top secret message for Morioh's mayor. The message stated that if nothing changes, the American army will flip the island. Koji shows them a picture he took on his cellphone, showing the former president of the United States, Funny Valentine37, holding up a note with the message. Five people had been president since Valentine and he had to be more than 80 years old, but still looked much younger and was in perfectly good health. They wonder why Funny was there in person on a helicopter rather than talking to his grandson, The Funniest Valentine, the current president of the United States. Funny's son was named Funnier Valentine, who was an astronaut and still in service at the age of fifty. They look up to see that Funny was having trouble getting back on the helicopter and falls off after knocking off the dome ceiling. However, he suddenly stops in mid-air and zig-zags through the air up to the helicopter using his Stand. As the helicopter flies away, a loudspeaker in the distance declares that Morioh will have an emergency meeting at the Budogaoka gymnasium and all citizens must attend. Rohan says his temporary goodbyes to Reimi as she could not come with them and the Nijimuras and Koji tease him for flirting with her. Jorge questions whether he should come with them because he isn't a Stand user, but everyone convinces him to because he's the detective and has to solve the case.

Muryotaisu summons his Stand Grand Bleu, manifesting as three dolphins named Jacques, Enzo, and Johana. The group gets onto a dolphin and fly away toward the school like rockets. The flight was much gentler than physics would ordinarily allow because of Muryotaisu's ability. Koji felt unsettled about how empty the roads were. By the time they reached Jozenji, they found the temple had burned to the ground. The remains of the walls and floor were covered in drawings of moths and the citizens there had set themselves on fire. Jorge and Rohan realize that since this place had some sort of mass hysteria, it might also happen at Budogaoka gymnasium where all of Morioh's anxious citizens were gathered. They quickly head to the gym on Grand Bleu, finding thousands of people pouring gasoline on each other when they arrive. They acted as zombies, constantly muttering "scared" in a trance. Rohan tried using Heaven's Door but everyone's books were filled with the word "scared" and there was no white space left for him to write any orders. Jorge realizes they could probably alter the conditions of the hysteria by destroying the locked room. Koji uses Blue Thunder and enlarges his propellers until they fill up the entire gym. His Stand becomes a giant shredder and tears apart the walls and ceiling of the gym. As the locked room disappeared, everyone had come to their senses, wondering why they were covered in gasoline.

Rohan and Jorge wonder if there was anyone there who could be Kira. He would have to grab someone on the way to the beauty parlor but Kira was a careful man who couldn't rely on coincidences like that. Beauty parlors rarely have male employees, but Aya had a man who helped with her secret business. According to Yamagishi, the man was middle-aged and not bad looking. Rohan states just standing around watching people won't get them anywhere so he heads to Koji. The mayor of Morioh, Denta Shishimaru, thanks Jorge and the others for saving everyone. He was terrified that his own secretary tried burning him to death, though his secretary retorts that the mayor poured gasoline on him first. Shishimaru questions how they all flied but Jorge denies having flied there. Jorge heads out of the gym and sees that Arrow Cross House was shaking from side to side, which was the SOS signal that they decided on. Using Grand Bleu, they quickly fly back to Arrow Cross House. Reimi states that people from the harbor suddenly tried burning the house down but she stuck them all under the house with her ability, and the house shaking was just a result of the battle.

Exhausted, Jorge lays down on a rug in Rohan's study, but he feels a strange lump under his back. He peels the rug back and finds a door in the floor. He opens it just to find that past the door is an exact replica of the room he was standing in. He realizes that it wasn't a room in the Arrow Cross House, but was actually Cube House. Jorge calls for the three dolphins to take him to the room below but only Johana responds to his request. Jorge and Johana find several doors but they all led to identical rooms, leading Jorge to learn that Cube House is a habitable tesseract. The Stand followed a bizarre set of rules that defied logic and physics. Jorge suddenly hears a door that he had never opened slam shut and calls out but gets no answer. As Jorge headed back up, Fukashigi calls for him to come out and look at what was happening outside. In the distance, Jorge sees Nero Nero Island, the headquarters of a mafia group called the Passione Family, had suddenly started traveling very quickly across the ocean towards Morioh.

George moves to England with Erina and Penelope de la Rosa. He claims that the English people are unpleasant and naturally look down on everyone else while pretending to be gentlemen, believing that the Spaniards back on the Canary Islands were far better despite them being cocky and violent. Their neighbors would snidely remark about Erina, being surprised that she survived and finally returned home, but never actually lived in the Joestar manor before. They make rumors about Erina and Speedwagon because he's a bachelor and helped Erina rebuild the mansion after it burned down. They state that it's been too long since Erina's wedding for her to reenter society, and her son doesn't really fit in with the others. Then they started asking Erina to describe her life on the Canary Islands. Having enough of her neighbors, Erina starts commuting to London instead of staying home. Her father, Graham Pendleton, had a hospital in the city but he had retired and the hospital is now run by someone else. However, Erina and Graham owns the controlling interest in the stock. Erina and her father stayed in contact the entire time she was on the Canary Islands.

Erina starts her own company not far from the hospital, transferring her headquarters of the Star Mark Trading Company that she founded in the Canary Islands to London. The original office remains, and additional ships from England increases the volume that her company could trade. Her company purchases goods in Spain to sell in England, steadily increasing her profits. Penelope and Erina are both happy working at their company, but George had transferred to Jonathan's old school, Hugh Hudson High, and is being bullied. George's classmates are amused about him being a fallen aristocrat, and are also jealous about his mother's economic success. George usually ignores them until someone insults his mother, leading to a fist fight. George eventually refuses to engage with his bullies any more, whereas Penelope is furious and starts summoning locked room clowns on his bullies. George reminisces about his time with Tsukumojuku and wishes to make another friend.

George usually wanders to steep cliffs along the coast to watch the sea, since it's where no one he knows would bother him. One day, he meets the Motorize siblings there. He notices them carrying a large object with huge wings, resembling a bird, by the cliff's edge. The girl went inside it, and then her brother suddenly pushed the object off the cliff along with his sister. George quickly jumped off the cliff trying to save her, only to see that the 'bird' just rose above him with the girl still inside it. Both George and the girl are shocked to see each other, and George curses his impulsiveness, bracing himself for his impact with the water. Suddenly, George is grabbed by the boy from the top of the cliff and they fly along the surface of the ocean. George sees that the boy has wings on his back, covered in blood. The boy asks if George is hurt but wonders what he was thinking since he should have seen the glider. The girl laughs hysterically saying that George almost gave her a heart attack, and then blows a kiss at him since George was worried about her. George watches the girl fly in her glider and becomes jealous, wanting his own. The boy tells George that everyone will be flying one soon enough and explains the science behind the gliders. George apologizes after noticing that the boy's wings must have been painful, realizing that it is similar to Penelope's Wound ability. George learns that the boy's name is Steven and his sister is named Kenton.

Steven and Kenton give George a ride back to their house in their wagon. George finally introduces himself to them and they're surprised to learn that he's a Joestar. Their grandfather was a friend of George's grandfather, George Joestar I. Kenton asks if George knows a girl named Darlington but George declines, learning that Darlington is actually in his class and is their little sister. Their dad named Kenton and Darlington after the last names of his old friends. Darlington greets George once he arrives at their manor's shed and brings tea to her siblings. She sulks when George claims that he doesn't remember her in his class, but quickly asks their butler Faraday to bring tea to George as well. She notices Steven's wings and gets angry with George because it takes three weeks for his back to become normal again. Kenton teases Darlington for having a crush on George and then Faraday later serves them tea, which George thought was delicious. Steven asks George if he wants to hang out with them and build planes after school if he's interested, causing George to become extremely excited about the opportunity.

George plans to retrieve a sunken glider at the bottom of the cliff so he can make it his own and rebuild it. Since Steven had his wings out, he does most of the work getting the glider up while George loads its pieces into their wagon. They unload the pieces at the Joestar mansion, and Steven offers to help but George is intent on learning how to build it himself. In school, George starts talking about novels with Darlington. Kenton later tells George that Darlington keeps borrowing books from their dad's library as an excuse to keep talking with him. However, George's reply leads Kenton to believe that George is already in love with someone else. Kenton teases him while George is embarrassed and internally struggles with the thought of being in love with Lisa Lisa. That night, George finishes putting together his glider but notices the top right wing looked as if it had claw marks. Kenton had thought she hit a seabird when she crashed that glider in the past, but George wonders if it was actually something else. George heads to the Motorize manor the next day when Darlington suddenly asks if he's in love with anybody. She claims that she's in love with William Cardinal, a boy two years older than them who is smart and will be a doctor someday. Darlington then states that Cardinal thinks that George is odd because of his opinion on a novel. George tells Darlington to use her own words if she wants to criticize him rather than saying what Cardinal thinks about him. Darlington apologizes but says he can leave their house then, and George agrees. As he is about to leave, Faraday tells George that a friend of his was just there searching for him. He was a young boy who looked like he was in middle school and spoke Spanish at first. Faraday brings George to another room.

George is astonished to see Tsukumojuku standing there. Tsukumojuku explains there was some meaning for him to arrive there, and either George desired to see him again or something needed Tsukumojuku to be there for George's benefit. George notices that Tsukumojuku is actually floating. Tsukumojuku says that he is not actually there, but is currently in Japan, in the year 2012, with another detective named Jorge Joestar. George's Beyond was making this miracle happen. Tsukumojuku grabs George's hand before saying that they'll meet again once more, and then George is suddenly teleported to a dark area, holding a girl's hand instead. George had somehow reunited with Lisa Lisa. They were in an underground temple in Rome where nobody had set foot in for over a thousand years, as Lisa Lisa was trying to retrieve the Red Stone of Aja with Straizo and the other Ripple warriors. However, Lisa Lisa got separated from them. Lisa Lisa and George talk about George's new life in England and she hopes he isn't being bullied again. After talking about airplanes and how much fun George was having, Lisa Lisa went quiet. Suddenly, they hear a strange noise behind them like a monstrous creature moving against the ground. George realizes that Tsukumojuku brought George there because Lisa Lisa needed him, as she was afraid. George describes the creature as a Gorilla Spider, as if twenty gorillas were fused into one. George realizes that the monster was formed from Lisa Lisa's emotions and tries to calm her down. She wonders if George is actually real or if she is just imagining him as well and then kisses him, but accidentally uses the Ripple on her lips. George is shocked but is relieved that the gorilla spider had gone away. In the darkness, Lisa Lisa feels the terrain with her Ripple and helps George walk through the temple. The two laugh at each other and kiss again. Eventually, they find a torch in a giant treasure chamber, filled with massive jewels, armor, and weapons. Lisa Lisa finds the Aja affixed to a pendant and has George put it around her neck. She tells George to promise not to tell anyone that she has it, as she has to protect the stone with her life. She hides the pendant inside her clothes and they leave. Finally, the couple exits the temple and reunite with Straizo. Straizo and the others are all shocked to see George. Lisa Lisa lies to them about being unable to find the Aja.

They all head back to the secret base of the Ripple warriors, where George calls home. Penelope answers and tells him that Kenton is dead. George's airplane was at the scene and Kenton had told Steven that George invited her to the cliff beforehand. Shocked, George wonders if it was an accident. However, Erina fights back her tears to explain that Kenton was found with several stab wounds from a knife that bore the Joestar crest, and asks if George could explain what happened to the police and Steven.


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  • The novel relies heavily on a meta-narrative, often making very plot significant allusions to the fact that it is a work of fiction, and frequently hinting at Maijo's other works that contain the same themes.
  • JORGE JOESTAR released on September 19, 2012. September 19 can be written as 9-19, which is 九十九 (Tsukumo) in Japanese. The paperback version then released on December 19, 2017. 19 is written as 十九 (Juku) in Japanese. Connecting the two creates Tsukumojuku. 19 is also an important number in one of the JDC books by Ryūsui Seiryōin, called The Simons Case (彩紋家事件 Saimon Kejiken).
  • JORGE JOESTAR is referenced in All Star Battle in a mirror match of Kars against himself. Kars quotes the Parallel World version of himself from Chapter 16, stating "I am alive! My body didn't die, but my life is just as weak and fragile as before".
  • Despite no official English translation of the novel being available, Jorge Joestar recieved an English fan-translation by BuddyWaters in 2017


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