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I knew you were innocent, but I couldn't do a thing to save you. And you make an offer like that back? You're too good for this world.
—Steven Motorize to George Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 13: Enemy

Steven Motorize (スティーブン・モーターライズ Sutībun Mōtāraizu) is an ally of George JoestarO featured in the light novel, JORGE JOESTAR.

Steven is one of George's closest friends. He eventually assists George and Lisa Lisa with killing Zombies that invaded England. Steven has a Wound that grows wings from his back. He is the son of Ben Motorize and Harriet and eldest brother of Kenton and Darlington.


Steven is a tall young man with an average build. He has thick eyebrows and short wavy light hair that is kept tidy and swept to one side. He is shown wearing a collared light shirt with sleeves folded up to his elbows and dark pants when he is younger. Ten years later, he wears a flight jacket.


Steven is friendly and caring of his family, described by George as being hopelessly nice. He is creative and knowledgeable in crafting various concepts of gliders. He doesn't take school seriously, believing that he could learn more on his own and would have more time to spend working on gliders while he's home.[3]

Steven is the type to bottle up his emotional and physical pain, pretending not to be angry or sad. He would smile and act like the pain of growing wings out of his back was nothing.[4]



Steven develops his Wound after his mother commits suicide by throwing herself off of some cliffs, as a result of the trauma and guilt he felt from not being able to save her.


Steven can grow large white wings out of his back, made of his own flesh and bones. Steven grows his wings when he is in a hurry to save someone, although it's mostly to save his sister Kenton. Every time his wings tear through his back, Steven feels immense pain. They take three weeks to heal and go back to normal.

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JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 7: Airplanes


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