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With Beyond at your side, your adventure will be without compare. Let me give you one piece of advice: You should believe. Remember that. Believe in Beyond, and you will overcome your fate.

A Beyond (ビヨンド, Biyondo) is a metafictional ability that extends beyond time and space. Believing in their Beyond allows an individual to control their destiny. It is a power unique to the light novel 'JORGE JOESTAR', based on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.

The known users with Beyonds are Tsukumojuku Kato, George Joestar (Universe O), Jorge Joestar (Universe 37), and Dio Brando. However, Tsukumojuku's Beyond abandoned him and passed on to George, who was chosen as the new hero of the novel.


Dio Brando's Beyond is depicted as Jesus. The Beyond appears behind Dio with long hair and his face hidden by a shadow unaffected by the direction of the sun. He is half naked with a thin body covered in wounds, and wears a crown of thorns on his head. Jorge says that Dio's Beyond actually looks a lot like Dio, with sad and kind eyes.[1]

Beyond Users

Beyond Users
Tsukumojuku Kato

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In a sense, Beyond is a mystery novelist. Beyond is writing a mystery novel in which you are the detective. You should be aware of that fact.

The concept of Beyond is comparable to God. Beyond is depicted as being the author of the story guiding the hero to where they should be or where they are needed at a certain moment of time. Beyond chooses someone to be the hero of their story. The hero has to be aware of their role, believe in Beyond, and understand that they are a fictional main character in a story.

According to Tonpetty, it is up to George whether to believe in Beyond or not. If he believes in it, he wouldn't die. If he doesn't put his faith in it, then he'll be brutally murdered by something terrifying around the time of his wedding, as fated. Stories have plots with narrative flow, so users with Beyond could not have things that didn't make sense or just showed up out of the blue. The user has to create the flow for it to work.[2]

Dio Brando's Beyond actually talks but only Jorge seems to hear it. The Beyond states that he agrees with everything. Dio can either keep going, call off his attack, do anything he likes, or do nothing at all.[1]

Only someone with a Beyond could defeat another with a Beyond.[1]


The users of Beyond have different beliefs of what to do with their power based on their roles in the novel.

  • George believes that he provides context as the main character of the story and must act with courage.[3]
  • Tsukumojuku and Detective Jorge are confident because they believe they are a detective who can outwit any case.[4]
  • Dio Brando believes that he's the king of the world.[1]


It is implied that Tsukumojuku, God, and Beyond are all the same. It is later revealed that George, Jorge, and Dio all share the same Beyond, known as Trinity ((さん)()(いっ)(たい), Sanmi Ittai), based on the Trinity concept in Christianity.[1]

Tsukumojuku teaches George and Jorge to believe in their Beyond. Tsukumojuku also states that for miracles like what Beyond could do to occur, one would need the name of a god. The name "George" is said to have derived from "Zeus Georgos", whereas Dio is the Italian word for god. Tsukumojuku means 9, 10, 9, 10, 9 (九十九十九). Flipping the kanji for 9 (九) creates the astrological symbol for Jupiter, ♃. Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek god Zeus, known as king of the gods. The kanji for ten, 十, is a cross, so Tsukumojuku's name has three gods (九) linked together by two crosses (十). If God is considered to be the Trinity, then God can be split into three. After his death, Tsukumojuku is with George in England, with Jorge in the Arrow Cross House, and with Dio Brando in his coffin, all at once.[5]

In Christianity, the Trinity is composed of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. George represents the Father, being the father of Joseph Joestar. Jorge is the Son, as he is the adopted son of Jonda Joestar in the 37th universe's Joestar family. Lastly, Dio is the Holy Spirit, as his body parts are the corpse parts of the "holy man" from the second universe in the novel.

George Joestar II

When George decides to have faith in his Beyond, Tsukumojuku appears to guide him to where he needs to be. As a result, George is teleported to Lisa Lisa and ends up helping her while also gaining an alibi of being in Rome when he is suspected for murdering Kenton Motorize back in England.[5] Tsukumojuku appears again to George one last time to save him from dying in his battle against Antonio Torres. He teleports George to Morioh in the 37th universe, allowing George to help Passione solve the mystery of Diavolo (Universe ?) and Yoshikage Kira (Universe 37)'s deaths as well as recover Reimi Sugimoto (Universe 37)'s memories.

George later uses his Beyond to have Diavolo revert back into his Giorno personality. He also wishes for the sun to rise in time to burn Dio's body, but Dio's own Beyond counters that fact and the sun doesn't hurt him as much.[3] In the end, he uses it to separate his soul from his body to avoid feeling Kira torturing his body.[1]

Jorge Joestar

Tsukumojuku takes the 37th universe's Jorge to the H.G. Wells Spaceship, allowing him to meet Kars and temporarily gain the Stand U-Boat.[6]

He relies on his Beyond to catch Dio off guard in their final battle. Jorge also manages to revive Jonathan Joestar by placing his head onto the Saint's Corpse, which was actually Jonathan's original body.[1]

Dio Brando

Dio uses his Beyond to avoid instantly getting burned by the sun. He defeated a parallel version of Kars, letting him become the Ultimate Thing. He also separates his soul in half and creates a fake version of himself by placing the other half in Giorno's body. Later, he creates a miracle in which Lucy Steel gets pregnant with a supplemental head of a holy man. As the Saint's Corpse is actually the body parts of Dio after becoming the Ultimate Thing, Lucy giving birth to the head allows Dio to reach Trinity Church and reclaim his body parts without anyone in the Steel Ball Run race suspecting why the corpse parts had no head.[1]


  • Tsukumojuku's Beyond leaving him alludes to Tsukumojuku losing his protagonist status from Otaro Maijo's previous novel, Tsukumojuku, by becoming a secondary character in JORGE JOESTAR.


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