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I'll go listen to the sands of Mars, and understand them.
—Goyathlay Soundman, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 10: H.G. Wells

Goyathlay Soundman (ゴヤスリー・サウンドマン, Goyasurī Saundoman) is a tertiary ally featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. He is an incarnation of the original Soundman, living in the 37th universe.

Soundman wields the Bound Dune. He is a NASA scientist, who also becomes an astronaut on the H.G. Wells spaceship under the command of Funnier Valentine.[1]


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Instead of a Stand, Goyathlay Soundman wields a Bound named Dune. It possesses the ability to absorb sand from any environment and manipulate the sand into different shapes, allowing him to be invulnerable to most attacks.

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Soundman's tribe is native to the desert. One day when he was a child, his body suddenly 'understood' sand, and the sand understood him. He and his environment's sand then absorbed each other. Soundman eventually becomes a scientist and then an astronaut on the H.G. Wells spaceship.[1]


Soundman among other astronauts

When Narancia Ghirga (Universe 37) tries attacking the other astronauts with his Stand U-Boat, Soundman summons Dune. Narancia punches Jorge Joestar causing Jorge's tooth to fly out toward Soundman but Dune knocks the tooth away. However, drops of blood from the tooth lands on Soundman's face. Narancia had a submarine from U-Boat hiding on the tooth and was able to transfer it onto the blood splatter on Soundman's face. U-Boat fires missiles at Soundman but Dune wraps them all in sand to contain the explosions. Narancia then tries firing missiles from within Soundman's body causing the back of Soundman's NASA suit to explode. Despite the explosion, Soundman's back is fine afterwards since his body is composed of sand.

Soundman sends his sand out of the spaceship to investigate Mars but it gets caught by a giant Eyed Balloon, causing the sand to swirl and morph on its own without Soundman's control. The Eyed Balloon then grabs their spaceship with its tentacles. Soundman decides he should exit the spaceship to listen to the sands of Mars and see if he can understand them. Funnier Valentine says he's sure Soundman can befriend Mars and then Enrico Pucci (Universe 37) decides to go with Soundman as well. Funnier says they have three minutes and if they don't get back in time, he'll leave without them. They travel out of the spaceship using Narancia's U-Boat submarine. Soundman eventually succeeds in communicating with the sands of Mars and they become one with his body, developing Dune into a massive pillar of sand.

Soundman fighting Funnier Valentine with Dune

Meanwhile, Funnier had just murdered Pocoloco Tripleseven (Universe 37) and attempts to assassinate Soundman as well. Funnier fires several gunshots with his Stand Rear Window but Soundman had encased his entire body with Dune's pillar of sand. Soundman enters the H. G. Wells spaceship again in less than two minutes, smashing down the ship's door. Funnier fires a barrage of gunshots again but the bullets all get absorbed by Dune's sand, while Soundman then tackles Funnier. Unable to see as his head is covered in Dune's sand, Soundman goes berserk, swinging and kicking wildly. Jorge then informs Soundman that Funnier is trying to escape in a pod.

As soon as Soundman attempts to look by moving away the sand covering his face, Funnier's Stand shoots a bullet through Soundman's forehead. Soundman's sand suit crumbles and he dies.[1]


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