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For a similar character, see Danny
Danny came to JoJo's rescue when he heard his cries! Is he not a splendid dog, who knows the value of a life?

Danny (ダニー Danī) is a minor character appearing in the first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Phantom Blood.

He is Jonathan Joestar's dog and childhood best friend. Danny's death at the hands of Dio Brando serves as one of the primary catalysts in the lifelong rivalry between Jonathan and Dio.


Danny resembles a large and lean Great Dane. He is white and spotted with black.

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Fur (White with black)
Eyes (Blue)

Fur (Gray with black)
Eyes (Black)

Fur (White with brown)
Eyes (Brown)

Fur (White with black)
Eyes (Black)


Danny is cheerful, given his active play with Jonathan.

Danny was timid and fearful before he saved Jonathan's life. George Joestar I comments that Danny is a very gentle dog who saved a drowning Jonathan despite the boy having antagonized him for a while, as Danny respects the value of life.


On one occasion, Danny heroically swims out to Jonathan while he is drowning, dragging him back to the land by his collar.[2]

Jonathan mentions that Danny is well behaved, and is smart enough to open doors.


Phantom Blood

George Joestar I bought Danny when he was a puppy when Jonathan was five years old. Danny was very afraid of unfamiliar places and strange people causing him to bite Jonathan when the young boy first approached him. For a while, Jonathan also antagonized Danny by throwing stones at him. One day, while swimming in a river, Jonathan started drowning and was saved by Danny, which made them the best of friends.[2]

When Dio arrives, he knees Danny in the jaw while lying that he did it because he has been startled by the animal running at him.[3] Weeks later, Dio retaliates for Jonathan beating him in a fight by placing the hound in the incinerator to be burned to death. When Jonathan learns of Danny's agonizing death upon his return, the dog is buried in the backyard of the Joestar Mansion. Jonathan knows that Dio has a role in this. That night, Jonathan cries while lying awake in bed over losing his only remaining friend.[4]

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Video Games

Phantom Blood (PS2)

Danny appears in a story mode cutscene where he is kicked by Dio.



  • In the Anime, Danny's backstory and his saving of Jonathan's life are omitted.
  • In the manga, Danny manages to escape from the incinerator as he is being burned, but in the anime, this is only commented on and not actually shown.
  • In Steel Ball Run, Danny's counterpart is a white mouse that is possibly responsible for the death of Nicholas Joestar, the brother of the part's protagonist Johnny Joestar.


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