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Both our houses have seen too much tragedy, but personally you still have my trust. Goodbye, George Joestar. Give my best wishes to your family.
—Darlington Motorize to George Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 11: Gremlin

Darlington Motorize (ダーリントン・モーターライズ Dārinton Mōtāraizu) is a supporting character featured in the light novel, JORGE JOESTAR.

Darlington is an acquaintance of George JoestarO. She initially has a crush on him but ends up marrying William Cardinal in the future. She is the daughter of Ben and Harriet Motorize, and the younger sister of Steven, and Kenton.


Darlington is considered a cute girl with long curly light hair. She is slim and of average height. Darlington has thin eyebrows and wears formal clothing, including various types of dresses.


She initially has a sweet and gentle disposition.[2] However, compared to her siblings, Darlington can be vain and rude to George, mostly due to her initial crush on him when they are teenagers only to discover that George never noticed her in their class. She usually deflects topics when she doesn't want to admit something, such as when Kenton teases her about her crush. She blames George for forcing Steven to grow his wings and tends to take out her anger on her father as well as her butler, Faraday.

Darlington seems to enjoy reading. Although George states that she doesn't seem like a heavy reader, she has all the books that he had read in the Canary Islands and also offers to loan him books that he hasn't read yet.

She is popular with the boys in her class, and because George is the only one not very interested, she stubbornly tries to get his attention. George thinks she treats him like the prize of a hunt, and she'll keep it up until she's satisfied, but he feels she doesn't exactly want to be with him. When Darlington learns that George is in love with someone else, she attempts to make him jealous by declaring she likes William Cardinal. She gloats about Cardinal's traits and indirectly insults George by mentioning that Cardinal thinks George is weird because of his opinions on a novel.[1]

Jorge 9-14.jpg

After Kenton is murdered and Steven has to leave to France, Darlington quickly matures over the years into becoming intimidating and formidable. She apologizes for insulting George when they were younger, stating that she was a confused little girl. In spite of her apology, she chides George for having a way of getting all the girls around him without realizing it, and leading those girls on despite having someone he loves already.

Penelope de la Rosa angrily threatens to kill Darlington, but Darlington remains calm, not even afraid of Penelope's power trapping her as Darlington claims she isn't the type to fall for a threat. Darlington motivates and protects George in her own way, providing George with information about his court case and indirectly convincing him to find the real killer of her sister.[2]


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  • Both Darlington and her sister Kenton are named after the last names of their father's old friends. Since Ben couldn't give them boy names, he named them after the last names of his friends instead.[1]


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