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He killed Shigechi too, as a warning. So as much as we want to make our town safe again, we also want revenge.

Shigetaka Yangu (矢安宮 重孝, Yangū Shigetaka), nicknamed Shigechi (重ちー, Shigechī), is a posthumous tertiary ally featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. He is an incarnation of the original Shigekiyo Yangu, living in Morioh in the 37th universe.

The 37th universe's Shigechi is a Stand user who wields Stray Dog. He is also friends with Koji Hirose, Muryotaisu Nijimura, and Fukashigi Nijimura.


Shigetaka bears a resemblance to the original universe Shigechi but with ordinary proportions. He has an average height and his face is not as chubby. His eyes and ears are sized normally, his eyebrows are thin and directly above his eyes, and none of his teeth are missing. Shigetaka is bald, but rather than having several spikes on his head, he has small, pointed tufts of hair circling around his head. He wears a school uniform jacket studded with small beads and a striped shirt underneath it.



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Shigechi's Stand Stray Dog allows him to control any stray dog in town, with its range extending to at least the whole town or city.

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Dog Manipulation



One of Shigetaka's dogs comes back carrying a hand in his mouth one day. The nail polish on the woman's hand is unusual enough that Shigetaka and his friends, Koji Hirose (Universe 37), Muryotaisu Nijimura (Universe 37), and Fukashigi Nijimura (Universe 37), are able to figure out where the nail polish was sold. They learn that it had been purchased by a man, which the store owner thought was unusual enough and remembered his name, Yoshikage Kira (Universe 37). The hand belonged to a woman that Kira killed and had been toying with.

Koji is the first to find Kira and nearly dies until the Nijimura brothers arrive to help. However, Kira manages to escape and forces Aya Tsuji (Universe 37) to use her Stand Face Off to switch his appearance with a random passerby. Kira then kills Aya as well as Shigetaka as a warning not to interfere with him.[1]


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