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Rear Window... a Stand that could make a window in any frame, and move to it. The name was a good fit.
Jorge Joestar, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 10: H.G. Wells

Rear Window (裏窓(リアウィンドウ) Ria Windō) is the Stand of Funnier Valentine, featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. It is a small humanoid Stand that can create windows on any surface and assassinate people with its gun.


Rear Window is a small humanoid Stand with a slicked back mohawk hairstyle. Its eyes resemble camera lenses and it has a long nose. The Stand has a thin neck as well as thin limbs connected to spheres at its joints. It wears a collared t-shirt, pants, and has a cast on its right leg.

Its right arm holds a strange looking gun with a large sphere connected to the end of the barrel. The sphere attached to the gun has open slits all around it.


Window Generation

Rear Window can create 'windows' in any type of frame, or anything that resembles a frame. For example, it creates a window on the open mouth of Narancia (Universe 37), on the top bunk of a bunk bed, and on an iron ladder. A flat plane like frosted glass cuts through the space around it, and the Stand appears from inside that window. Rear Window is capable of moving through the windows it creates and has a very long range. As the Stand can peer through its windows, Funnier uses it for spying.[1]


Rear Window's primary means of attacking is with its odd-shaped gun. It sticks its gun through the windows it creates, allowing Funnier to easily assassinate his enemies. The Stand is able to fire a significant number of bullets.


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  1. JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 10: H.G. Wells

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