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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Kars.


Kars using the first Stone Mask

Kars was born ~102,000 years before the events of Battle Tendency. His people lived underground and survived off the essence of other living things, failing to reproduce due to their long and worthy lifespans. Despite living in a peaceful, well-supplied society, Kars was dissatisfied; in his eyes, his race could easily rule over the Earth if not for their lethal weakness to sunlight. Consumed by ambition, he began seeking a way for his race to "tame the sun" and leave the underground.

Kars massacring his race

In time, Kars created the Stone Masks and began to test their effects on himself. However, their spines were unable to penetrate his own skin deeply enough to unlock his full potential - instead, he gained increased body manipulation powers at the cost of greatly increased hunger.

Eventually, his race began to fear Kars for his obsession, as the increased hunger caused by the mask would threaten their way of life if its use became widespread. Soon, Kars found himself under attack from the rest of his people, who sought his execution despite his protests. Unable to sway them to his side with promises of godhood, he slaughtered his people himself, including his own parents. Along with Esidisi, one of the only members of his race who agreed with his ideals, he took two children, who were presumably the Pillar Men to be known as Santana and Wamuu.

Kars began to experiment on humans, turning hundreds of thousands of them into vampires and feeding on them for sustenance. However, Kars couldn't use the Stone Mask alone to tame the sun. Kars eventually discovered the Red Stone of Aja and quickly found out that it could focus the power of light to empower the Masks. Still, it wasn't enough to push them beyond their limits because the Aja stones he had were too small and imperfect. He developed a modified version of the mask that could combine with a flawless "Super Aja", leaving Santana behind while he and the others traveled across the sea to Europe. It is also known that the Pillar Men travelled to China. There, during the time of the Roman Empire, Kars heard about a Super Aja in the possession of a Roman Emperor, only to be blocked from his goal by a tribe of Ripple users. At one point, Kars commanded Wamuu to kill a boy from the clan, but Wamuu was reluctant about killing a defenseless child. Knowing that this boy would grow and seek to take revenge, Kars killed him before he'd become a hindrance.[1] While successful in the tribe's decimation, he and his comrades were forced to hibernate under the Roman Colosseum.

Battle Tendency (1938-39)


The Pillar Men hibernate
In the present, Kars is introduced as the leader of the Pillar Men, getting attacked by Wamuu after stepping on his shadow and apologizing for having forgotten that trait. He witnesses Wamuu confronting two new Ripple warriors, Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli and Joseph Joestar. Caesar was easily defeated and the Pillar Men scoffed at his meaningless determination to avenge his comrade. When Joseph appeared to not pose too much of a challenge either, Kars left their cavern. He later observed Wamuu sparing Joseph to have a better fight one month after, but was otherwise uninterested and left.

Kars and the other Pillar Men set off to find the location of the Red Stone of Aja, eventually settling in an abandoned mansion in Saint-Moritz, Switzerland. Having found a lead to the stone, Esidisi had planned to contact Kars after retrieving it, but was promptly defeated by Joseph instead. At the appointed time of Esidisi's call, Kars finds himself unable to reach his fellow Pillar Man and worries about his companion's fate. On the way home, Kars saves a stray dog from being run over by a car by slicing the car in two, along with its drunk occupants.

Fighting for the Super Aja

Kars finds the trail of the Super Aja, who is in the hands of the Nazis. At night, Kars approaches the chalet where the Nazis have made their local headquarters. He chooses a room from which he'll enter and senses five soldiers inside. Using his blade, Kars kills all of them through the wall and enters the chalet, but is confronted by Rudol von Stroheim, who has become a cyborg, and Joseph Joestar. He quickly deduces that the latter was responsible for Esidisi's death, and vows to kill Joseph in return once he secures the Red Stone of Aja. Although briefly caught off-guard by Stroheim's new cyborg body - designed to surpass the Pillar Men, based off of Santana's data - he soon regains the advantage and cuts the German down, revealing that Santana was easily the weakest of the four. Kars takes the Super Aja from Stroheim but the German reveals his eye laser, which makes Kars drop the stone. It starts to slide towards a cliff, prompting a race between Kars and Joseph Joestar. With his superhuman constitution, Kars has no hesitation running towards the cliff and predicts that Joseph will try to kick him when he picks up the Aja. Kars easily evades the kick and snatches the Super Aja with foot, but Joseph also kicks snow at Kars's face, allowing him to take back the Aja. Using one of his leg blades, Kars still hooks Joseph and drags him down the cliff. Joseph grabs a stalactite but Kars still drags him down. He kicks Joseph into the wall to make him rebound and attack him with his blade, but Joseph then uses the Super Aja as a shield. Joseph then uses the falling stalactites to create a makeshift rope, allowing him to hang on while Kars drops to the bottom of the cliff. In there, Kars purposefully avoids a patch of flowers and recognizes his defeat. He leaves, for now.

Kars travels back to his abandoned hotel Saint-Moritz, where Joseph Joestar and Lisa Lisa eventually find him. However, he ambushes them with an army of 100 Vampires. Against Wamuu's wishes, Kars wants to kill the Ripple users with as little hassle as possible. Lisa Lisa then pretends that she's set a time bomb near the Super Aja, which would break it if the heroes didn't return in time. Kars is forced to accept her request that the Pillar Men and Ripple users fight one-on-one to decide whoever gets the Super Aja. All parties agree to meet at the Skeleton Heel Stone to observe a chariot race between Wamuu and Joseph. Kars and Lisa Lisa then comment the race, rooting for their respective students. At one point, Kars snidely offers poison to Lisa Lisa so that she can kill herself instead of fighting him, sure of Wamuu's victory. However, it is Joseph who ultimately wins the battle.

After Wamuu's demise, Kars finally steps in and kills three Vampires who insult Wamuu after his death. He also kills several Vampire who attack Lisa Lisa and Joseph against his orders. Kars and Lisa Lisa thus fight in the ruins of the Piz Berlina Temple, on a stone beam placed above the ground. However, Kars ultimately tricks Lisa Lisa during their fight by using a disguised Vampire as a decoy and steals the stone from her, leaving her unconscious. Kars sics his Vampires on Joseph but the Speedwagon Foundation and the Nazis intervene with anti-Vampire weaponry to battle the Vampires.

This allows Joseph to confront Kars one-on-one on the temple. However, Kars uses Lisa Lisa to his own advantage. He pierces Lisa Lisa's feet and strings a rope through the wounds, forcing Joseph to grab the rope to stop her from falling. An overconfident Kars approaches as Joseph lights his scarf on fire and attacks, but falls from the beam clutching the rope as Kars severs it to finish off Lisa Lisa. However, this is revealed to have been Joseph's intentional setup, as he drew Kars's attention to his upper body while he arranged the loop of rope with his legs below, tricking him into stepping into the loop and forcing him to keep his opponents above the spikes below. Kars faces Joseph in a final standoff with his arm blade, but is soundly beaten as Joseph's Ripple breaks the blade and wounds his arm, knocking him off the railing and into the spikes below. Stroheim and his Nazi troops arrive along with Speedwagon, Smokey and the Speedwagon Foundation Special Forces. Stroheim gloats over Kars before ordering his troops to finish the Pillar Man off.

The Ultimate One

Kars, the Ultimate Thing.

As the Nazis unleash ultraviolet light upon him, Kars unexpectedly dons a modified Stone Mask with the Super Aja in place; the light activates the mask and enables him to enter his ultimate form. The humans can only stand in horror as Kars displays his new-found power by briefly transforming his hand into a flesh-eating squirrel and then standing in the sunlight while his remaining vampire minions are instantly destroyed. To cap his victory, Kars decides to kill Joseph. Growing wings, Kars pursues Joseph, who uses a plane to fly away. Kars pursues him to the Adriatic and shoots hardened feathers at the plane. The feather then turn into squid tentacles and piranhas that wreck havoc on the plane. Kars spots Joseph jumping with a parachute and approaches to kill the man, but he sees that it is a dummy. Joseph, who is still piloting the plane, rams him with the intention of putting him into the volcano's lava. Kars tries to escape but Stroheim, who was hiding in the plane as well, shoots his rocket fist at Kars. Kars is driven inside the lava lake.

Kars drifting through space for eternity

Inside the volcano, Kars tries to create a carapace but it melts. As he sinks into the lava, Kars finally creates a sufficiently heat resistant armor that allows him to dig his way out. He takes Joseph by surprise and slices his left arm off. A desperate Joseph tries to use the Ripple to attack, but Kars then develops his own Ripple, the energy potent enough to melt human flesh. Deciding to use it to kill Joseph out of poetic justice, Kars sends a powerful Ripple at Joseph. Joseph unconsciously defends himself by using the Super Aja to redirect Kars's Ripple into the ground, causing an eruption that blasts the land the two fighters are on into the air. Kars attempts to escape, but is briefly distracted by Joseph, allowing volcanic debris and the latter's severed forearm enough time to knock Kars out of Earth's orbit.

Kars prepares to return to Earth after being thrown out of orbit by ejecting the built-up air within his body, but the air freezes on its way out. His vital body begins to freeze from the near-absolute zero temperature and he becomes trapped in the void of space for eternity as half-mineral, half-animal. Unable to die even though he wishes for it, Kars eventually stops thinking.

Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

In the spin-off Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak, it is explained that in St-Moritz, Kars managed to find a Japanese intelligence officer and turn him into a Vampire. That man turns out to be Kazuki Karaiya's grandfather, who became convinced of his own superiority over humans and eventually twisted his grandson's personality by persuading him that he too must focus on "being on top" instead of keeping contact with other people, which turned Kazuki into a psychopath.


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Kars is a primary ally in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. Throughout the story, he unlocks his own versions of several Stand abilities by adapting his body once he understands how the Stands function.

List of Kars's Stands
U-Boat Ultimate (Uボート・アルティメット)Link to this section
Body Diving, Submarine Utilities, Amplified Sonar
Whitesnake Ultimate (ホワイトスネイク・アルティメット)Link to this section
DISC Creation and Duplication
Dune Ultimate (デューン・アルティメット)Link to this section
Sand Mimicry and Manipulation
The World Ultimate (ザ・ワールド・アルティメット)Link to this section
Stopping Time
C-MOON Ultimate Requiem (Cムーン・アルティメット・レクイエム)Link to this section
Gravity Shift
Ultimate D4C (アルティメット・D4C)Link to this section
Dimensional Travel
Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem (メイド・イン・ヘブン・アルティメット・レクイエム)Link to this section
Time Acceleration

Original Universe Kars


Kars holding The Eyed Balloon

Around 1986, Kars boards a Giotto probe from Halley's Comet to Mars. As the Ultimate Thing, he manages to survive even after the destruction and rebirth of the universe. Now in the second universe, Kars meets an alternate version of himself who underwent the same fate. The universal cycle continues and Kars continues meeting alternate versions of himself on Mars in the subsequent universes. They attempt to go back to Earth twice but don't have enough materials or fuel. On their first try, they pass too far from Earth. On their second try, Kars turns part of his body into fuel in an attempt to enter the atmosphere, but didn't know the correct angle of entry. If he had failed, he calculated that the convection and radiation heat would have vaporized him faster than his cells could regenerate. Thus, Kars creates another plan that would protect himself and calculates that he would have enough extra materials as well as versions of him to turn into fuel only in the 37th universe.

Patiently waiting until the universe looped again, the 37th universe finally arrives. Around 2001, Kars meets Funnier Valentine, an astronaut who helps Kars create a plan for reentry. They negotiate a mutually profitable arrangement in which, in exchange for Funnier's help, Kars agrees to not eat any Americans. Kars accepts his offer, and waits for him to arrive. Meanwhile, the extra Kars turn their bodies into a large sphere while holding the Giotto probes, allowing them to safeguard their materials. Kars spends his time running laps around Mars, holding the sphere like a balloon.

In 2012, Funnier returns to Mars with a team of astronauts. Although Funnier's plan doesn't go as expected, Kars makes his escape from Mars by invading Narancia Ghirga's U-Boat submarine. Kars declares that he can finally go back home but the oxygen in the spaceship will only last them four hours. Kars doesn't need oxygen to survive so he offers to eat the humans as a celebratory feast afterwards. He starts building his own spaceship with the help of the extra versions of him. Kars orders Narancia to shrink the submarine and then he carries it along with Narancia and Jorge Joestar into his new spaceship.[2]


Altering Jorge's height

Kars is disappointed to learn that Jorge's adoptive grandfather, Joseph Joestar, died from cancer two years ago. Kars confesses that he's always dreamed of placing a Stone Mask on Joseph, turning him into a vampire, having him eat other humans, and then finally eating him himself. He explains the function of the Stone Mask and states that tweaking the brains of humans can make them do almost anything. After mocking Jorge for being short compared to Joseph, Kars demonstrates his earlier statement by slipping his fingers into Jorge's brain, causing Jorge's body to contort until he grows twenty centimeters taller. Kars affirms that humans are fascinating and he enjoys their imaginations and creativity. In contrast, his own race lacked ambition, living a life of stagnation. Kars ended up researching, created the Stone Mask, annihilated his own race, and conquered the sun. Jorge wonders how he could deal with an immortal life form like Kars, knowing he can't let a predator like him arrive at Earth.

Kars with his own version of U-Boat

Kars feels Narancia's U-Boat inside himself and pulls it out. He analyzes it by dismantling the whole submarine and examining the individual parts. Noticing the computers in the control room of the submarine had some sort of visual data, Kars plugs the computer's cord into the palm of his hand and opens his mouth. A beam of light shines from his mouth and projects the information from his palm onto the wall across from him. Every image that displays on the wall are naked images of Trish Cicciolina from Narancia's memories, causing Narancia to embarrassingly beg Kars to stop displaying them. Kars asks if human bodies are now capable of making machines, but Narancia goes berserk from his embarrassment and Jorge worries that Kars will kill him. Thus, Jorge answers Kars by saying that it's not a machine, but a Stand. He explains what Stands are and Kars wonders whether he could use one too since he can see and touch them. Jorge assumes it's because Kars is the Ultimate Thing. Kars puts his hand to his chest and a submarine with a different design from Narancia's U-Boat surfaces from within him. Both Jorge and Narancia are speechless at Kars's spontaneous development of a Stand, realizing the hopeless situation they're in now.

Kars and Whitesnake Ultimate
DISCs spilling out of Kars

Experimenting with his new Stand, Kars generates an extremely loud sonar sound from within Jorge and Enrico Pucci's bodies. Kars discovers that Pucci has a Stand as well and drags Whitesnake out of Pucci's back. Pucci has Whitesnake punch Kars, but rather than one or two DISCs emerging, a whole flood of DISCs spill out of Kars's head. Understanding how Whitesnake works, Kars develops his own version, Whitesnake Ultimate. Kars's version has three heads and six arms like a statue of an Asura. Whitesnake Ultimate pulls out Pucci's Stand and memory DISCs. As Kars wonders how Pucci got his Stand, he reveals that he made a Bow and Arrow long ago which in theory could develop special abilities in people, but he had barely used it. He then watches Pucci's memories and sees that the priest got his Stand from the Devil's Palm, a holy spot in America that moves itself from place to place and those that wander into it would either unleash their Stand or die. Kars is disappointed at how dull human memories are and slams the DISC back into Pucci's head. However, he reveals that thanks to Pucci's memories, their six month trip back to Earth will only take four hours.

Jorge explodes

Kars projects an image from Pucci's memories showing a vampire in the sky at the time Pucci's house was destroyed. Kars wasn't the one who threw the metal plate that killed Pucci's family, but instead this vampire did. Wondering what this vampire is plotting, Kars also checks through Jorge's memories. Jorge asks Kars if Kars could heal his body, impressing Kars that the boy could still think and talk despite his memory DISC being taken.

As Kars heals Jorge and restores his original height, Jorge asks him if he could return his DISC as well, but Kars decides to project Jorge's memories on the wall first. Jorge asks Kars if he could borrow his Stand powers. Unable to handle the power, Jorge's body bloodily explodes after shoving the DISCs into his head, though Kars reassembles his flesh again immediately after. After a brief banter, Kars prepares a powered-down copy of his U-Boat for Jorge to use, and the group heads back to Earth.[3]


Body on flames from reentry to Earth

The spaceship of Kars smashes into the Arrow Cross House as Jorge assumes that they all are about to die. However, Kars saves them by transforming his body into a sphere. Falling into Cube House causes them to travel through time to the year 1920 in the original universe's England. Kars returns to his humanoid form, albeit in a damaged state. Pucci notes that Kars's burning flesh smells like fig tarts. Kars thinks that they were short of one extra version of him for a proper landing but Pucci states that 36 should have been enough, believing the number to have holy significance. Narancia asks Kars why he saved them, but the Pillar Man doesn't respond, focused on healing himself. Jorge, Narancia, and Pucci fight off zombies with their Stands. Riding a large U-Boat, they decide to flee to the Joestar mansion and take Kars with them. After arriving at the Joestar mansion, Kars heads to Joseph's crib, interested in seeing his archenemy as a baby. Erina Joestar and Penelope de la Rosa protectively jump in between Kars and Joseph, but Kars declares that he has no intention of harming the baby because history may be altered.

Penelope joins their group and they head to London, where Pucci is greeted by Funny Valentine and Dio Brando. They witnesses Pucci's Stand evolving into C-MOON and Made in Heaven.[4]

Kars vs. Dio

Thrilled about getting closer to his goal of standing on top of the universe, Dio taunts Kars and his enemies. Rather than being irritated, Kars is excited to fight Dio. Curious of each other's immortality, the two begin fighting. Kars charges forward first and immediately explodes from Dio's punch rush, with bits of his flesh flying in all directions. The force from the impact was strong enough that Kars's flesh stabs through Jorge's body, breaking his bones and puncturing his organs. However, Kars's body parts start reforming, healing Jorge as the pieces exit from his body. Dio and Kars constantly explode from each other's attacks. They would regenerate faster each time, enjoying their immortality to the fullest.

Kars and Dune Ultimate

In the sky, Kars has three giant U-Boat Ultimate submarines shooting missiles but Dio would regenerate after each barrage. Kars then uses his own version of Goyathlay Soundman's Dune, swallowing Dio up into a massive whirlpool of sand and rubble. Dio breaks through the sand pillar and laughs along with Kars, realizing that neither of them will win against each other.

Kars vs. Funny

Funny Valentine leaps toward Kars. With assistance from Dio's The World positioning Funny in place, Funny claps his hands on the Pillar Man, attempting to teleport him to a parallel world. However, as time resumes, Kars quickly contorts his body to avoid the clap. Dio continues trying to stop time as Funny attempts to trap Kars between his palms but Kars would rapidly contort his body as soon as time resumes. In the moment that Kars smirks stating that he has figured out Dio's Stand, Funny succeeds in teleporting him away. Jorge notices The Funniest Valentine's hands sticking out of Funny's hands to extend his reach, revealing that The Funniest has the same Stand as Funny, D4C.[5]

Morioh (Parallel World)

Kars and Jorge in Morioh

Kars is teleported to a parallel world version of Morioh in the 37th universe. Jorge also ends up being teleported there, so Kars tells him to think of a way for them to get back to England. He notices they have a guest, an alternate version of Kars belonging to this world. As he prepares to fight the parallel Kars, the other 'Kars's merely dances while scattering variations of light with his Light Mode. Although Kars is confused at first, the parallel Kars gives the original Kars an existential speech, giving the Pillar Man profound thoughts of his immortality.

They find a house at the edge of Morioh, belonging to Kosaku Kawajiri, Shinobu, and Hayato. Seeing Kars, Kosaku desperately screams at Shinobu and Hayato to run away. Kars asks whether he's Yoshikage Kira and Kosaku confirms that he's a serial killer, causing Bites the Dust to explode. However, Kars doesn't smell blood on him and realizes that Kosaku is just being used by Kira. He understands that Kosaku feels guilty for all the indirect deaths he's causing by Bites the Dust. As Kars is immune to explosions, he puts Jorge inside him and travels back in time an hour.[5]

Final Battle

Kars vs. 18 Valentines

Kars and Jorge arrive back at Piccadilly Circus with Funny about to teleport Kars again, but this time Jorge knows what would happen. Jorge yells out to Kars that Funny will clap twice, allowing Kars to instantly react to both claps. Kars sends Funny flying away with a punch but Dio unleashes the next part of his plan. A parallel world version of Dio grabs Kars from behind him, as a group of nine Funny Valentines and nine The Funniest Valentines surround Kars. 36 hands clap down on Kars and he vanishes once more along with the other Dio. Meanwhile, the group of Funnys collides with the group of The Funniests and they disintegrate into Menger sponges. Dio laughs over his victory until Jorge tells him to look at the sky. Kars grins down at him, revealing that he learned how to use his own version of Dio's Stand, The World Ultimate. He had stopped time and escaped from the claps.

Taking Dio's DISC
Kars and Ultimate D4C

Dio's Stand becomes The World Ultimate as well, but Kars fights him with Whitesnake Ultimate. It punches Dio's cheek and shatters the DISC of The World Ultimate, dissolving Dio's Stand. Kars then uses Whitesnake Ultimate on himself, slamming the numerous DISCs flowing out of him into Dio's head. Dio's head and body swells up into a ball of flesh from all the DISCs but he remains confident. With an Arrow, Dio stabs Kars's Whitesnake Ultimate before he explodes into nine parts. Kars attempts to send Dio away with Ultimate D4C but Dio's body parts fly away, managing to take control of Kars's new C-MOON Ultimate Requiem. Lisa Lisa, Jorge, and Narancia attempt to kill the giant Antonio Torres, but Kars warns them not to as they will need him to return England back to its original timeline. Dio manages to achieve Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem and goes inside the giant Antonio, where he uses the Stand to accelerate time for the rest of the world outside England. The Valentines realize that Dio is headed to the past beyond the future, once the universe loops back to the second universe when the first Steel Ball Run race took place.

Kars gets Jorge to comprehend that Jorge is the only one who could surprise Dio, as he had already succeeded in taking him by surprise earlier. Only someone with a Beyond could defeat another with a Beyond, so Jorge gains confidence in himself. He discerns that they could go back in time and outmaneuver Dio by utilizing Kira's Bites the Dust. To prolong the life of the giant Antonio, Kars uses Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem to speed up time for the original Antonio. The original Antonio would constantly create new Antonio clones, and then Penelope would use her Wound to make the clones be absorbed into the dying giant Antonio, slightly repairing him.

Kars ordering Killer Queen to help him

Meanwhile, Bruno Bucciarati captures Kira and sends him to Jorge through Cube House. Kars lectures Kira about how he could never wash the blood away from killing humans, and that's why he's so weak. Kars demonstrates by touching blood on Kira's lip and creating a round, transparent bubble from his fingertip which transforms into a woman's head. Kars then touches Kira with the finger and the woman's head attaches to Kira's body. In time, more and more bubbles surround the head, causing Kira to be covered in several heads of women. Kira screams, trying to shake them off.

Eventually, Kars touches the five meter long chain of heads, causing them to shrink and disappear. Kira goes into a state of shock, with hollow eyes and muttering that he's filthy. Kars pulls Killer Queen out of Kira and the Stand attempts to blow Kars up. It repeatedly tries making Kars into a bomb, but Kars contains the explosions inside him and regenerates. Kars then orders Killer Queen to set Bites the Dust on Kira. Killer Queen obliges and goes inside Kira, shocking Kira that his Stand would betray him. Kira starts crying as Kars grabs his body and flies into the sky. Finally, Kars constantly has Bites the Dust activate and repeatedly explodes to keep going back in time.

Jorge's "party trick"
Jorge 16-120.jpg

They arrive at Trinity Church in the second universe, where Funny leads them to the secret underground facility. After catching Dio off guard with Erina and Lisa Lisa, Jorge then reveals a special party trick, lifting his shirt up and exposing his stomach. Kars jumps out from a parallel world within Jorge's stomach. From there, Funny additionally sends out seven parallel world Kars, each having their own The World Ultimate. They each stop time so that they wouldn't be destroyed and then form a ladder by grabbing each other's hands. The original Kars makes time resume, and at that signal, Jorge quickly runs up the ladder of Kars before they collapse into Menger sponges. Jorge succeeds in his plans and Dio frustratedly accepts his loss, vanishing and wanting nothing to do with the Joestars.

After the battle, Kars uses the exhausted Kira to take everybody back to their respective universes and timelines. Jorge wonders what Kars is up to now, but decides he's better off not knowing.[5]

Alternate Kars

2nd to 37th Universes

The 36 extra Kars on Mars
Main article: The Eyed Balloon

In every universe, each iteration of Joseph Joestar defeats the Ultimate Thing Kars and sends him into space. They eventually land on Mars by riding a Giotto probe from Halley's Comet. From the 2nd universe onwards, each Kars would meet and team up with the former versions of themselves and plan a way to get back to Earth. They understand that only one can rule everyone, and accept the original universe Kars to be the one that survives. They combine their bodies into a large sphere, with each of them holding a Giotto probe to save its parts for the future.

They only gather enough materials necessary to reenter Earth in the 37th universe. Each Kars work together, assembling a futuristic spaceship using their own body parts and the parts from the Giotto probes. The remaining Kars melt themselves into fuel for the ship. Lastly, the original Kars extracts all 36 souls and absorbs them into him.[2] The spaceship burns upon reentry to Earth, destroying the 36 Kars.[3]

Parallel Worlds

Destroying the parallel Funny

Several different Kars exist in parallel worlds, found by the ability of Funny Valentine's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Parallel versions of Funny have tried multiple times to fight Kars in order to learn how to seal him or send him away, but they are defeated every time.[5]

One parallel world version of Kars is defeated by Dio, who sucks the Pillar Man's blood from his neck. Thus, Dio becomes an Ultimate Thing himself and gains immunity to the sun. Dio brings Kars's body back to a ship and starts feasting on his remains, claiming that Kars is the best meal that he's ever had.[6]

Ladder of Kars

In Monument Valley, a parallel 'Kars's easily tosses his world's 'Funny' aside. D4C flies back to another Funny driving a car, but 'Kars's chases after it, stating he didn't give permission for the Stand to create this world. As 'Kars's chases Funny and Jorge in the car, their car crashes and half of Funny's head gets torn off, but Jorge survives after slamming into a nearby rock.

Seven parallel world versions of Kars with The World Ultimate sacrifice themselves to assist Jorge and Kars with their final plan of catching Dio off guard and defeating him. They form a ladder with each other, stopping time so that they don't disintegrate due to being parallel world versions of each other. When time resumes, Jorge quickly runs on top of them to reach the Saint's Corpse as they crumble into Menger sponges.

Light Dancer Kars
My flesh may not be able to die, but my life is as fragile as it was before, and can be snuffed out so easily! You, who are another me! You are not special! You share the same sadness I feel! But that is a treasure! Rejoice, Kars! You, too, can suffer!
—'Kars', JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 16: Beyond II
Kars's dancing light show

In a parallel world of the 37th universe's Morioh, the 'Kars's of this world had also become an Ultimate Thing and been sent to space. He confronts the original Kars at Budogaoka Academy's school yard. The parallel 'Kars's activates his Light Mode, but instead of fighting, he punches the air to create a dancing light show. 'Kars's makes light copies of himself, dancing and scattering variations of light across the school yard.

The original Kars doesn't understand why he isn't stopping, but Jorge believes that it's just something that 'Kars's is doing for himself. 'Kars's spiels that after running on Mars for so long, he understood that despite the immortality of his flesh, his life is fragile and can be extinguished easily. Aware of himself being a fake version of Kars, he had the intention of killing himself by getting close to his original world version but decided to dance instead. His speech puts the original Kars deep in thought.[5]

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

When Heaven-Attained DIO begins to rewrite reality, the story of the Pillar Men is significantly altered. In 1939, in Italy, the Pillar Men collectively manage to track the Super Aja to Air Supplena Island. Thus, they assault the island, interrupting the battle between Jotaro Kujo, the old Joseph Joestar and their new allies the younger Joseph as well as Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli, and the minions of DIO.

Esidisi, Wamuu and Kars first send in Vampires after Joseph and Caesar. Then, Kars is eventually forced to grant Esidisi and Wamuu permission to battle the two Ripple users. The two heroes manage to overcome not only Esidisi and Wamuu, but Kars as well, though their Ripple is unable to destroy the Pillar Men. Lisa Lisa appears and announces her intent to fight off the Pillar Men, despite both Josephs knowing that she has not yet fully recovered. Despite Lisa Lisa's courage and Caesar's yearning to take revenge for his and Joseph's ancestors, the older Joseph calms the team and successfully bluffs Kars by claiming that the Red Stone of Aja is protected by a time bomb. The Pillar Men give Joseph and Caesar six days to prepare for their final battle before departing.

Eventually, Jotaro defeats Heaven-Attained DIO once and for all, altering reality for the better.

In the ending credits, Esidisi and Wamuu battle Joseph and Caesar together at the Skeleton Heel Stone.


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