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It was quiet, calm, elegant, and relaxed, like you'd expect the home of a working author to be.

Arrow Cross House (矢十字屋敷(アロークロスハウス), Arō Kurosu Hausu) is the Stand of Penelope de la Rosa and is the evolved form of Cube House, featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR.

Like Cube House, Penelope is unaware of the Stand so the Stand's main body, Reimi Sugimoto (Universe 37), controls the materialized house. Arrow Cross House is created around Cube House when Reimi accidentally pierces herself with the Arrow, developing a Wound.

Arrow Cross House appears as four arrows surrounding the north, south, east, and west walls of Cube House. Reimi could manipulate its walls and seal people beneath the building in a state between life and death for either her own safety or their protection.


The house atop the hill

The Arrow Cross House stands on top of the biggest round hill in Morioh, which is nearby Morioh Pearl Beach and countless islands out in Morioh Harbor. It has white walls and a flat roof, resembling a little museum. The building is shaped like a cross, with each point shaped like an arrow. There is no dedicated front door. Instead, each of the arrows have two doors, and any of the eight could be used to get inside.

Reimi's appearance does not change compared to Cube House. She remains as a teenage girl with sympathetic features and chin-length hair, wearing an Alice band and a short sleeveless dress.


Inside Arrow Cross House is a large triangular sunroom in each of the arrows. There are large bay windows on both exterior sides and the ceiling. The walls and floor are all painted white making the rooms appear very bright.

The east sunroom is Rohan Kishibe (Universe 37)'s bedroom. The furniture in the room is in exquisite taste and one could easily mistake the room for a furniture store or an unusually elegant manga shop. His bed is in the middle and there are manga stacked on the tables, shelves, and floor. The west sunroom has exactly the same furniture arranged in the same way, as Rohan prefers symmetry. Reimi sleeps in the west sunroom. The north and south sunrooms have no furniture and are empty.

Each of the sunrooms connect to a carpeted hallway with no windows. One side of each hallway has a door leading to the washroom, which connects to a separate room with a tub for bathing and another room with a flush toilet. The opposite side has doors leading to the kitchen and dining room which are both connected. In total, there are four sunrooms, washrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms.

Rohan's study


The end of each hall leads to a large square room at the center of the house. Rohan uses this room as his study where he works. It is at least twice the size of the sunrooms, but windowless, dark, and gloomy, with nothing in it aside from a tiny desk perched in the middle. The walls are bare, only having doors that lead to each hallway. The lights in the room come from the chandelier on the ceiling and the smaller lamp on Rohan's desk.[1]


Reimi with Rohan

After changing into Arrow Cross House, Reimi loses all of her previous memories from when she was Cube House. She is friendly, sympathetic, and optimistic. Despite being a Stand, Reimi sleeps and eats, although eating is not necessary for her. She eats because she wants to spend time with Rohan. She takes care of her new friends and protects them from harm. She also feels regretful that she can't remember her past.

The house itself is quiet, calm, elegant, and relaxed inside.[2]


House Manipulation

Reimi is capable of rotating and moving the walls of Arrow Cross House. The centrifugal force of rotation has no effect inside of the mansion. Reimi rotates the sunrooms without Rohan actually noticing while he is inside. No matter how fast Arrow Cross House is spinning, its center room which is Cube House does not spin at all.[1]

Arrow Cross House can restore itself after it is damaged. Kars's spaceship crashes through the ceiling and makes a dent in the floor but Reimi manages to repair it. However, she can't restore external furniture that is brought into the house like Rohan's desk.[2]

Dimensional Sealing

By manipulating the arrows of Arrow Cross House, Reimi can seal either allies or enemies in a dimension underneath both Arrow Cross House and Cube House. There is no oxygen in that dimension and their bodies remain hidden and suspended in a state between life and death. Reimi uses this ability to protect Rohan and Fukashigi from Killer Queen's Bites the Dust ability after they utter Yoshikage Kira's name. As there is no oxygen where their bodies are sealed, they cannot explode as long as they stay there. Their bodies remain living because Cube House is its own world and being under Cube House means the world's end lays on top of them. It is a zone where everything is reset to zero, like an absolute buffer.[3]

When citizens of Morioh are affected by mass hysteria and attempt to burn down Arrow Cross House, Reimi seals all of them below the house for her own protection.

Reimi can astrally project the souls of the bodies sealed below Arrow Cross House to act in the real world as "living" spirits. They are unaware that anything happened to them and are seemingly invisible to Stand users, possibly to protect them from Kira. Muryotaisu, Fukashigi, and Koji could not see Rohan's astral projection before Heaven's Door enables them to but normal humans like Jorge Joestar were able to see him.[1]


Arrow Cross House can maintain human necessities like electricity, water, and gas inside the mansion even if there is a natural disaster in the town outside. When Morioh loses its electricity, Arrow Cross House is still able to use lights.[2]


The Arrow leaving Reimi's body

Arrow Cross House suddenly appeared in Morioh in 2007, without any of the neighbors in the area noticing the construction despite the size of it. Cube House had previously been there for three years until it suddenly got replaced. No permits were ever filed for construction and there was no record of sale for the land. Rohan Kishibe ends up purchasing it before the city of Morioh decided to tear it down because Rohan's previous residence had just burned down.

Rohan finds Reimi there, who he decides to let stay as a guest after discovering that she has amnesia. He attempts to use Heaven's Door on her but couldn't find out anything about her past.[1]

George Joestar (Universe O) manages to trigger her memories by mentioning the term Wound. The Arrows violently eject from Reimi's body and she gets her memories back, causing Arrow Cross House to vanish as the Stand reverts back to Cube House.[4]


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