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Yeah! We're doing this for Shigechi and Aya Tsuji! If we stop shootin' our mouths off and DO something, he'll have to take action! Time to shut up and put up! We gotta go if we wanna get anywhere!
—Fukashigi Nijimura, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 6: Island

Fukashigi Nijimura (虹村 無量大数 Nijimura Fukashigi) is a supporting character from Morioh in the 37th universe, featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR.

Fukashigi is a Stand User who wields NYPD Blue, which can remotely look at all police records, record and broadcast what it sees, and use a gun. He is the counterpart of Okuyasu Nijimura in the 37th universe and is the twin brother of Muryotaisu Nijimura37. He is also friends with Rohan Kishibe37, Koji Hirose37, and Reimi Sugimoto37. He later befriends Jorge Joestar37 and assists him with finding Yoshikage Kira37.


Fukashigi is a tall teenager with a muscular build. His most prominent feature is his oddly shaped wide cylindrical pompadour. Unlike his brother's hairstyle and regular pompadours, Fukashigi's hair is shaped horizontally, stretching past his ears on both sides of his head. Fukashigi typically wears a Japanese school uniform. Both his regular and summer uniforms are modified to have 1064 written in large text below his collar.


Fukashigi acts impulsively, attacking Jorge before confirming whether he's actually an enemy.[1] He is loud-mouthed and aggressive but cares a lot for his family and friends. He motivates himself to act by believing that it's for a good cause, as defeating Kira would avenge his friends who were murdered by Kira. Although his own Stand frequently insults him, Fukashigi is used to it and laughs it off, insulting NYPD Blue back sometimes as well. He tends to be optimistic or naive, as he thinks the roads were all deserted because everyone was organized, when in actuality, they were involved in a Mass Hysteria incident.[3]

He is afraid of insects. Fukashigi is insecure about his usefulness and his inability to help the citizens of Morioh but listens to advice from his Stand, who tells him to sit and wait rather than fighting impulsively. [4]

Fukashigi relies on his brother a lot, and the thought of living away from Muryotaisu fears him, but he is excited about the opportunity to try living on his own in New York and going to college there.[5]



Main article: NYPD Blue

Fukashigi's Stand manifests as a sentient overweight police officer who thinks he's a New York police officer. He has a foul mouth but acts as a good cop, capable of gathering evidence from any police organization throughout the world and broadcasting footage to those organizations. For combat, the Stand uses a Colt Python revolver, with similar capabilities as an actual gun.

NYPD Blue (NYPDブルー)Link to this section
JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 4: Morioh
Evidence Gathering & Video Broadcasting


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  • Like the Nijimuras from the original universe, Fukashigi is named after a traditional large number in Japanese. Fukashigi (不可思議) is either equivalent to 1064 or 1080, although only 1064 is written on his clothes.


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