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You're a man, ain't ya? I don't care if you're English or Japanese, you need to grow some balls! Yoshikage Kira's a scumbag who goes around murdering women! We can't let him live another second! Stop mewling and let's get!
—Muryotaisu Nijimura, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 6: Island

Muryotaisu Nijimura (虹村 無量大数 Nijimura Muryōtaisū) is a supporting character from Morioh in the 37th universe, featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR.

Muryotaisu is a Stand User who wields Grand Bleu, a trio of flying dolphins that he and others can ride on for quick transportation. He is the counterpart of Josuke Higashikata in the 37th universe and is the twin brother of Fukashigi Nijimura37. He is also friends with Rohan Kishibe37, Koji Hirose37, and Reimi Sugimoto37. He later befriends Jorge Joestar37 and assists him with finding Yoshikage Kira37.


Muryotaisu is a tall teenager with a muscular build. His most prominent feature is his wide cylindrical pompadour. Muryotaisu typically wears a Japanese school uniform. Both his regular and summer uniforms are modified to have 1068 written in large text below his collar.


Muryotaisu is caring for his friends and his brother. If his brother is harmed, he gets extremely violent, claiming that beating up people is what he's best at.[1]

He seems to be good at motivating others, as he convinces Jorge to be a man and help them catch Kira.[3]



Main article: Grand Bleu

Muryotaisu's Stand manifests as three dolphins named Jacques (ジャック), Enzo (エンゾ), and Johana (ジョアンナ). The dolphins can fly extremely quickly, ignoring effects of physics such as wind force and inertia.

Grand Bleu (グランブルー)Link to this section
JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 4: Morioh


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  • Like the Nijimuras from the original universe, Muryotaisu is named after a traditional large number in Japanese. Muryōtaisū (無量大数) is either equivalent to 1068 or 1088, although only 1068 is written on his clothes.


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