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Yo, wake the Italian dipshit up and see if he can move his sub.
—Pocoloco Tripleseven, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 10: H.G. Wells

Pocoloco Tripleseven (ポコロコ・トリプルセブン, Pokoroko Toripurusebun) is a tertiary ally featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. He is an incarnation of the original Pocoloco, living in the 37th universe.

Pocoloco wields the Stand Right Stuff. He is a NASA scientist, who also becomes an astronaut on the H.G. Wells spaceship under the command of Funnier Valentine.[1]


Pocoloco Tripleseven has a tall, muscular build with thick eyebrows and a thin horseshoe mustache. He is bald and wears a beanie cap that says "HAPPY GO LUCKY", as well as a neck cuff that says "777". Pocoloco Tripleseven's clothing is a dark spacesuit with light shoulder pads and a bullseye on the center.


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Pocoloco Tripleseven wields a Stand named Right Stuff, a group of seven tiny humanoids that will efficiently perform any task Pocoloco asks of them.

Right Stuff (ライトスタッフ)Link to this section
Accelerated Task Management



Pocoloco with his fellow astronauts

Pocoloco is the first to point out that someone from outside is approaching them, about to destroy the spaceship. He asks Enrico Pucci (Universe 37) to wake up Narancia (Universe 37) to see if Narancia can move his submarine away. Pocoloco is amazed at what kind of torture Narancia must have went through to be capable of controlling a massive fleet of submarines at his young age. Pocoloco later points out to the other astronauts that the sand of Goyathlay Soundman (Universe 37) has reached the moon. He suddenly sees a giant balloon with an eyeball out the window and screams.

Pocoloco worries when The Funniest Valentine calls them and can't believe when The Funniest tells them about seven duplicate Giotto probes floating above the moon, when there should only be one. After the call, Funnier Valentine orders Pocoloco to think of a way to have their ship escape from the grasp of The Eyed Balloon's tentacles. Pocoloco's Stand discovers a method and then also locates the explosive device hidden in the spaceship.

After Pocoloco manages to have the tentacles release their grip, he asks Funnier over the ship's loudspeaker whether he's ready to start the engines. However, Funnier ignores him and then suddenly uses his Stand Rear Window to murder Pocoloco with a gunshot.[1]


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