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It looked something like Pucci's Whitesnake, but it was bigger, and had three heads and six arms like a statue of Asura.

Whitesnake Ultimate (ホワイトスネイク・アルティメット, Howaitosuneiku Arutimetto) is a Stand created by Kars that is an enhanced version of Whitesnake, featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR.

Enrico Pucci uses his Whitesnake on Ultimate Kars causing a flood of DISCs to fall out of the Pillar Man. Kars immediately understands the ability and develops his own superior copy of the Stand.[1]


Whitesnake Ultimate mostly resembles Pucci's Stand but is larger in comparison. It bears similarities to an Asura, having three heads and six arms. Its middle face is the same as Pucci's Whitesnake, whereas its right has sharp skeletal teeth covering the lower half of its face, and the left face has irises in its eyes and large protruding lips.

Rather than the four nucleobases of DNA, the horizontal stripes on its body has "KΔRZ" repeatedly written.


DISC Creation and Duplication

Like the original Whitesnake, Kars can use Whitesnake Ultimate to extract Stand and memory DISCs out of anyone. After Kars learns how to use a Stand or Bound ability, he can make a copy of the ability and convert it into a DISC. He can then give the copy of the ability to anybody while also keeping the ability for himself.

However, if he places DISCs containing copies of his ultimate Stands into an ordinary human, they will immediately explode as their bodies are not capable of withstanding Kars's ultimate power. Kars can create degraded versions of his Stands instead to give to others. There is a limit of one Stand per person unless they are an Ultimate Thing like Kars.

Kars uses this ability to share Narancia Ghirga's U-Boat with Jorge Joestar.


In the final battle against Dio Brando, Whitesnake Ultimate is stabbed by Dio with an Arrow. This awakens a Wound in Whitesnake Ultimate, transforming it into C-MOON Ultimate Requiem.[2]


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