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Believe in Beyond, and you will overcome your fate.

JORGE JOESTAR (ジョージ・ジョースター, Jōji Jōsutā) is a novel written and illustrated by Otaro Maijo. The cover depicting George Joestar II and a young Lisa Lisa was drawn by Hirohiko Araki. The novel was released as part of the special JoJo 25th Anniversary project "VS JOJO" on September 19, 2012.[2] A paperback version containing a few revisions released later on December 19, 2017.

JORGE JOESTAR features a wide variety of characters from Parts 1 to 7 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Ryūsui Seiryōin's JDC Series, and Ōtarō Maijō's previous novels. While the novel contains a few illustrations depicting maps and puzzles for certain concepts, several hundreds of illustrations are only available outside the novel on Shueisha's website.[3]

George Joestar II (Jorge Joestar)[a] lives on the island of La Palma, part of the Canary Islands in Spain, with his mother Erina Pendleton, and Elizabeth (Lisa Lisa). George and Erina eventually travel to England whereas Lisa Lisa moves to Italy with her adopted father, Straizo. George and Lisa Lisa pledge their love to each other, with George growing up to become a World War I air pilot and Lisa Lisa becoming a strong Ripple warrior.

In another universe, teenage detective Jorge Joestar sets out on a bizarre quest to solve a murder in Morioh. His journey eventually turns into a universe-hopping adventure after the island begins moving on its own, and he meets several Stand users along the way.


The odd-numbered chapters of the novel depict the life stories of George Joestar II and Lisa Lisa from 1900 to 1920, showcasing their development from children into adults. As children, George would often be bullied by Antonio Torres and his gang of friends, with Lisa Lisa having to save him from them. After Lisa Lisa moves to live with Straizo, George continues living with Erina and a woman named Penelope de la Rosa, who can no longer live at her own house after developing a Wound ability. Their family later moves to England, eventually leading to George becoming the prime suspect in a murder case of one of his friends. As he grows up, George joins the Royal Air Force and marries Elizabeth. However, their wedding is threatened by a zombie invasion. Throughout his life, George makes new friends, such as Tsukumojuku Kato, Steven Motorize, Kenton Motorize, Darlington Motorize, John Moore-Brabazon, and Jim Graham.

The even-numbered chapters are set in 2012 after thirty-six universal resets, taking place in the 37th universe. It focuses on teenage detective Jorge Joestar, a Japanese boy adopted by the Joestar family and raised English. While investigating a recent string of incidents, Jorge comes across another young detective named Tsukumojuku Kato, who has somehow traveled between universes. After Tsukumojuku is suddenly found dead in Morioh, seemingly by Yoshikage Kira's hands, Jorge heads there to investigate. He becomes allies with Rohan Kishibe, Reimi Sugimoto, Koji Hirose, Muryotaisu Nijimura, and Fukashigi Nijimura. However, Passione suddenly invades Morioh and orders the assistance of detectives to find their boss, Diavolo. Along the way, Jorge ends up in outer space with Narancia Ghirga, and meets thirty-seven versions of Kars, each from a different universe. The original Kars adapts to creating his own Stands after seeing the abilities of Narancia and Enrico Pucci and accompanies the group back to Earth. Characters from the first universe and 37th universe eventually coincide, ultimately ending in a massive Stand battle with Dio Brando as he attempts his heaven ascension plan to gain unlimited power.

New Concepts

In addition to having Stands from the original manga such as King Crimson and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, JORGE JOESTAR introduces several new Stands that are mainly named after films or TV series. There are also four new Stand-like phenomena that are not truly Stands but may have similar abilities.

  • Wounds (ウゥンド, Wundo) are created from repeated trauma to one's mind and body. They are less controllable than Stands are, and tend to serve a purpose of stopping the user's source of pain.
  • Bounds (バウンド, Baundo) allow an individual to completely merge with an element or environment and freely manipulate that element.
  • Beyond (ビヨンド, Biyondo) is a metafictional concept that can be considered the author of the story. The power chooses its heroes and if the heroes believe in Beyond, they can control their destiny.
  • Mass Hysteria (集団ヒステリー, Shūdan Hisuterī) is a concept loosely based on real life which affects people throughout the world. When humans imagine something out of anxiety or fear, their collective imaginations and emotions can manifest as surreal creatures, eventually spreading more fear from rumors of mysterious creature sightings.

Plot Summary

George Joestar II Storyline

ONE: Tsukumojuku

Antonio Torres bullying George

George Joestar is an eleven year old boy living on La Palma with his mother, Erina Pendleton. As a foreigner with a meek disposition, he is constantly bullied by his classmates, most notably Antonio Torres, a brute who leads his own posse of bullies. Thankfully, Elizabeth Straizo (also known as Lisa Lisa), a girl that Erina had saved from a sinking ship, is always here to help him.

One day, after another day of being bullied and defended by Lisa Lisa, George learns that she will leave La Palma to go live with her adopted father Straizo. While George refuses to accept it at first, a strong speech from Erina and seeing Lisa Lisa cry for the first time convinces him to be brave. He becomes determined to stand up to his bullies and beat them up on his own. However, the next morning, George succumbs to fear and goes to school early to avoid his bullies. He learns that his bully Antonio Torres was crushed to death, which left him flat as a deflated balloon, and he is accused of having murdered Antonio because of his unusual behavior today. One of George's classmates, Tsukumojuku Kato, a Japanese and self-proclaimed child detective, enters the scene. Showing a replica of Antonio made of skin, Tsukumojuku explains that Antonio's mother constantly peels off patches of skin off her son to create copies of him, and the skin that was found was one of her works. Lisa Lisa comes out of the skin and says that Antonio's real killer is nearby, in the school. They find their teacher Mr. Fernandes, already turned into a Zombie and killed by the sunlight. They finally confront the real murderer: Alejandro Torres, Antonio's father who has turned into a vampire. With her Ripple powers, Lisa Lisa makes short work of Alejandro. During the fight, George tries to be brave and steps between Alejandro and Lisa Lisa, only to be knocked out by Lisa Lisa's attack.

When George wakes up, the whole affair has been dealt with. George wonders about the Ripple but refuses to learn it, stating he'd be too afraid in a fight. Straizo kindly notes that George was brave enough to act in the fight against Alejandro. Tsukumojuku soon comes to visit George and the two become best friends. Tsukumojuku talks about a mysterious power named Beyond which abandoned him, but George thinks he's delusional. When it is time for Lisa Lisa to leave, she jokes about marrying George and they both say they love each other. For the next four years, Tsukumojuku and George go on detective adventures and solve many mysteries. When he turns 15, Tsukumojuku has to go back to Japan. However, two months later, the boat Tsukumojuku had left on is found at the bottom of the sea by the army.

THREE: Wounds

Tsukumojuku is presumed dead after his disappearance. Assuming his days as a detective are over, George decides to study more seriously. He notably acquires a taste for literature. Erina decides to hire a tutor. She chooses Penelope de la Rosa, a girl a bit older than George who he and Tsukumojuku met on their last case. A man named Javier Cortes traumatized her with his powers, invading her dreams disguised as a clown and attempting to draw out her darkest emotions. Penelope helped catch Javier but developed a pathological fear of clowns and became a shut-in. Not even before George can start his lessons, Penelope comes to him in a panic and claims that Javier is back, as she's seen a monstrous clown roaming in her house. The same clown appears in George's house, locking him outside. George breaks in and slams a chair on the clown, destroying it. With Erina's counsel, George manages to learn that the clown is created from Penelope's mind and may even be a power meant to protect her. He manages to calm her and calls her power a "Wound". Because Penelope's mother thinks she's possessed by the devil and doesn't want her in her house, Penelope comes to live with the Joestars.

Penelope with George, Lisa Lisa, and Straizo

Six months later, Penelope sees her ex-boyfriend, a man named Edvard Noriega who abused her. Edvard asks for help, claiming he's seen a creepy guy with wings recently. Enraged to see him, Penelope creates a room of dirt with her power and the clown she summons hangs Edvard with a rope made of grass. George intervenes to save the man. Breaking in the room, George lets himself get hanged by the clown, before carving the word "murder" on himself, which affects Penelope's power and cancels it due to Penelope's guilt. At the hospital, George is told that the word "murder" will be forever carved on his stomach. Suddenly, they meet Lisa Lisa who's returned to La Palma to investigate the notorious "moth man" terrorizing the locals. When they return home, they find Erina and Straizo. Erina deems that George is old enough to know the truth about his father. She describes Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando's story, Jonathan's death, and reveals that she's keeping Jonathan's head in the basement.


A flashback to Erina sailing on the coffin

George, Erina, Lisa Lisa, Straizo, and Penelope head to a secret room in the basement, where they discover Jonathan Joestar's severed head. After Lisa Lisa reveals that she has the memory of a fearsome man who was in the coffin with her and Erina, Erina has Straizo and Penelope go upstairs so she can tell George and Lisa Lisa the whole story. Lisa Lisa explains that she's made her own research in England about Dio, but Erina refutes her findings. She describes Dio's vile personality and starts explaining about the time she spent with Dio after Jonathan's death.

After the boat on which Jonathan died was destroyed, Erina opened the lid of the coffin. She immediately saw DIO, his head grafted to Jonathan's body, who had managed to impale his feet to a part of the coffin. Dio used the baby Lisa Lisa as a hostage and Erina was forced to leave him near her. A nightmarish period as Dio's companion began for Erina. Dio was drinking her blood but he was catching prey to feed Erina and the baby. At one point, Dio even used a mysterious power to catch a bird. Dio also revealed to Erina that she was pregnant. A dispute began with the discovery of a second compartment under Erina, but Dio forced Erina to go there while he rested atop the coffin, with Lisa Lisa as a hostage. Moreover, Erina had to bear with Dio's verbal harassment and physical and psychological torture. Although Dio mostly tormented her, he also cajoled her when it seemed she would break down. Psychologically worn down, Erina even agreed to marry Dio. One night, Dio opened the lid and asked for a kiss. However, Erina had then regained her sense of self and pride, and recalled the muddy waters she washed herself in after Dio stole his first kiss. Dio was enraged but Erina was not afraid. Erina had also deduced that Dio was torturing her not for direct pleasure, but to spite Jonathan so it meant he was nearby. Erina found Jonathan's head in the water, miraculously preserved. Erina then stabbed herself, forcing Dio to heal her. When she woke up, Erina saw Dio, now much weaker than her, then realized that Dio was a lonely creature at heart. Feeling pity for him, Erina placed him into the bottom compartment of the coffin.

As Erina finishes telling her story, she claims that her sin was letting Dio Brando remain alive. After she was rescued, she had a fisherman weigh the coffin down and sink it. Erina had hope that as long as Dio Brando was still alive, Jonathan's body would also be alive, and she did not want to lose the chance to get his body back one day. Lisa Lisa explains that the power Dio had sounded like a Stand, which she learned that some people have while she was training with the Ripple masters. Erina, George and Lisa Lisa go back to the first floor, only to learn that seventy people had just perished in La Palma's church, including George's doctor who they had spoken to earlier. Lisa Lisa mentions that everyone who died had seen the Mothman and covered the walls of the church with drawings of it before they set the church on fire. Erina decides to move to England, and offers to take Penelope with them.

SEVEN: Airplanes

George moves to England with Erina and Penelope de la Rosa. The British prove unwelcoming to Erina and her family, but Robert E. O. Speedwagon, a friend of the family, helps rebuild the Joestar manor. Irritated by her neighbors, Erina prefers commuting to London. The Joestar now live off the profit that Erina's father's hospital makes. Erina starts her own company named the Star Mark Trading Company, based in London. The company purchases goods in Spain to sell in England, steadily increasing her profits. While Penelope and Erina work, George has transferred to Jonathan's old school, Hugh Hudson High, and is being bullied again because of his status as a fallen aristocrat, still richer than any of his classmates. This time, George defends himself when his classmates insult his mother, and Penelope frightens them with her Wound. Still, George regrets Tsukumojuku's death and wishes for a friend.

George and Steven Motorize

One day, George meets the Motorize siblings at the stiff cliffs along the sea. He sees one sibling pushing the other off the cliff while she's inside a strange machine, and jumps to rescue her, only to discover that the Motorize siblings are using a new invention, man-sized gliders. The boy, Steven, and his sister Kenton, were simply playing in the gliders. Steven has to reveal his own power, a pair of wings on his back he uses to fly and grab George. George quickly becomes friends with Steven, Kenton, and also their little sister Darlington who is also in his class. Darlington has a crush on George and is disappointed to hear him talk about another person as if he was in love with them, and George discovers that he's been in love with Lisa Lisa for some time. After a dispute, George suddenly meets Tsukumojuku, who's come to the Motorize's manor. George is astonished to see his old friend, who explains that he's in Japan in the year 2012 working with another Jorge Joestar. Moreover, Tsukumojuku theorizes that George's Beyond is the reason for this miraculous teleportation across space-time. George suddenly teleports to Lisa Lisa, who's in an underground temple beneath Rome, retrieving the Red Stone of Aja with Straizo and the other Ripple warriors. A monstrous chimera dubbed a Gorilla Spider appears, but George sees that it's the product of Lisa Lisa's imagination and he calms her down, making the monster disappear. They kiss, and discover a treasure chamber together. Lisa Lisa secures the Red Stone of Aja and makes George promise not to reveal its discovery to anyone. When the couple exits the tunnel, everyone is surprised to see George, and Lisa Lisa doesn't reveal to Straizo that she has the Super Aja in her possession.

When George calls home, Penelope tells him that Kenton is dead. George's airplane was at the scene and Kenton had told Steven that George invited her to the cliff beforehand. Shocked, George wonders if it was an accident. However, Erina fights back her tears to explain that Kenton was found with several stab wounds from a knife that bore the Joestar crest, and asks if George could explain what happened to the police and Steven.

NINE: Cliff

George arrested

George is arrested instantly once he arrives home from Rome, suspected of the murder of Kenton Motorize. Her father, Ben Motorize, blames George. During his imprisonment, Lisa Lisa keeps him company in jail and hypnotizes the guards to stay hidden. For his part, Steven believes in George's innocence. However, George has a solid alibi since he was in Italy at the time of death and is eventually freed. Yet according to the police's report, George picked up a knife from home, flew his Star Shooter glider to the Motorize manor, spoke with Darlington, snuck out of the house, flew his glider to the cliffs, and then stabbed Kenton to death. George denies this but the police already finished their report, and so he is allowed to return home. Lisa Lisa heads back to Straizo for work.

Because he must participate in a jury trial, George can't go to school while the trial is going on so Penelope becomes his tutor once again. George decides to acquire a driver's license and Erina buys him a Rover 8. However, George then immediately takes it apart to see how it works. Since he didn't have a teacher like how he had Steven when he was making planes, he ends up breaking the car. George takes the car to an automotive garage in London and meets a college student named John Moore-Brabazon, a private mechanic to a man named Charles Rolls and a car enthusiast. Daring each other to race in the streets of London, George and John become friends. George joins John at the Royal Automobile Club. He greatly admires John's talent at mechanics, as he improves on the cars he repairs. Plus, John is a skilled car racer. Years pass and George is once again thrust into the world of airplanes because John will work on airplanes soon. He is reminded of Steven Motorize but Erina forbids him from approaching airplanes, sensing that they represent nothing good for him.

Darlington trapped by Penelope

A few days later, Darlington Motorize visits the Joestar Mansion. Darlington mentions a certain William Cardinal who wants to become a commissioned officer, and then accuses George of having led her on. Penelope sees them and angrily asks what Darlington is doing at their home, to which Darlington reveals that her father has new proof of George's guilt. Penelope is furious and uses her Wound to create a room trapping Darlington, although George jumps in as well. Darlington explains that she and Penelope have witnessed George's plane flying, although they have managed to keep it secret until now for George's sake. However, Penelope had written a note congratulating George on his "first flight" which the police found. Penelope feels guilty for her note which may put George in jail.

George thinks about accepting the plea bargain but Erina reminds him not to give up. George decides to solve the mystery of Kenton's murder, and Penelope helps him as she too had been investigating the case. They eventually suspect Steven of being the culprit. During a visit to the Motorize Manor, George speaks to Faraday the butler who had brought him to Tsukumojuku but is startled by his testimony. While George was seeing the Japanese boy Tsukumojuku Kato, Faraday instead saw a terrifying Spaniard kid who had no eyes. He was too terrified to tell anyone.

One year later, George is cleared of all suspicion and joins the Royal Aero Club. John becomes the first Englishman to fly a plane the year after that. Another year later, in 1910, Charles Rolls dies in an airplane crash and John decides to never fly again.

ELEVEN: Gremlin

A rise in the rate of mysterious mechanical failures on planes midflight leads to rumors about the existence of gremlins. Gremlins are supposedly small, skinny and have no eyes, reminding George of the boy Faraday has witnessed. George investigates the gremlins and takes a camera with him on his plane. Instead of catching a gremlin, George takes a picture of a plane which he recognizes from a blueprint that belonged to Steven Motorize. However, Steven is supposed to be in France. George visits Darlington, who reveals that her father and brother have managed to learn about the Stone Mask and the events at Windknight's Lot and may be planning on using it to resurrect Kenton. At the same time, Darlington introduces her fiancé William Cardinal to George, Cardinal acting hostile to George's visit. George contacts Lisa Lisa, who assures him that Ben and Kenton Motorize will be watched over.

World War One starts and George joins the Royal Naval Air Service. After a falling out with his partner, George decides to fly alone and stockpiles bombs in his plane's second seat. During a mission, George fights German planes with a fellow pilot named Jim Graham, whose own plane was shot down but who managed to grab on to George's plane. They manage to defeat two plane, but suddenly a gremlin appears, sucks the fuel, and jumps inside of Graham's mouth. George manages to take a photograph of the creature, which kills Graham soon after. George must make an emergency landing on the sea and is stranded. Soon after, Lisa Lisa and Steven Motorize arrive to save him. Steven reveals that he's seen an eyeless midget lurking near Kenton, having said "Horhe Joestar" once, and that it killed Kenton. After seeing a Zombie, Steven has been convinced not to use the Stone Mask. On the way to France, the trio discuss the gremlin and theorize it must have come from the Canary Islands.

Lisa Lisa showing a photo of Antonio

In France, George meets Tonpetty. George decides to contact his base, only to be answered by William Cardinal, now his direct superior. Cardinal chews out George as Graham denounced him for abandoning his unit, but Graham is supposed to be dead, in the middle of the sea. Lisa Lisa shows George the photograph he took of the gremlin, explaining that it's his old childhood bully, Antonio Torres. She realizes that Antonio has survived as a zombified skin who can duplicate himself each year, and she calculates that at this rate, there must be 16,384 (2¹⁴) clones, plus the horrible creatures that are caused by the mass hysteria phenomenon. Remembering the mass hysteria and shocked by the revelation, George faints.


George's new supreme commander, William Cardinal

As George and Lisa Lisa discuss Antonio Torres's methods and how to fight him, they are cut short as a squadron of planes piloted by zombies bombards their base. George and Steven engage in aerial warfare with the zombies, shooting them all down with their plane's machine guns. During the battle, Lisa Lisa suddenly declares that she and George should get married. However, it turns out this attack is a diversion and another squadron is bombarding London. After calling John Moore-Brabazon for help, George, Steven and Lisa Lisa proceed to fight the zombies above London, George with his airplane, Steven by flying with his wings, and Lisa Lisa by hopping from plane to plane and killing the zombies with the Ripple. Aided by the Ripple masters on the ground and John Moore-Brabazon's own squadron of pilots, the heroes manage to kill all the present zombies, including the zombified Jim Graham. In the aftermath of the battle, the Ripple masters ensure that no zombie is hiding in London. Thanks to John, Steven is officially pardoned from being a suspect and goes back home, as George stays as a pilot to fight in the Great War. On a more bitter note, William Cardinal, now wounded and stuck on a wheelchair, takes credit for George's achievement and becomes the supreme commander of the Air Force.

After the war, George realizes how little time he's actually spent with Lisa Lisa and seeks her in Switzerland. She assures him of her love but reveals that she became worried after Tonpetty prophesied that George would die around the time they get married. After speaking with Tonpetty, George begins to accept his fate. However, Tonpetty then claims that there is a god looking out for George and if George believes in this power, then he won't die. On the other hand, if he can't put his faith in it, he'll be brutally murdered by something terrifying. George realizes that he must believe in Beyond, which Tsukumojuku had told him about. George and Lisa Lisa become engaged and they have a son, Joseph Joestar, bringing much joy to Erina, Penelope and Speedwagon. George chooses Steven as his best man for the wedding.

On the day of their wedding, November 11, 1920, Steven is strangely absent. After telling Penelope only, George goes to the Motorize Manor and enters the building easily, as the front door has been left unlocked. George realizes with horror that Kenton Motorize has become a zombie and must kill her, and then Cardinal appears and is revealed to be a zombie too. Antonio reveals himself, hiding inside Cardinal's body and eating his organs. George passes down the hallway and sees that Steven, Ben, and Darlington were also murdered and turned into zombies. Antonio reveals that he's been following a mysterious superior's orders and confesses that he'll enjoy torturing George nonetheless. Moreover, George sees a swarm of 920,000 flying Antonios surrounding Great Britain planning to help their mysterious boss take over the country. Antonio beats up George, but in this moment of crisis, George manages to activate his Beyond and summon Tsukumojuku. Tsukumojuku thus teleports George to 2012 in Morioh, leaving Antonio and the zombies. Meanwhile Lisa Lisa and Penelope arrive at the Motorize residence and believe that George has died after seeing the shredded pieces of his uniform on the ground. Lisa Lisa tearfully kills Antonio and the body of Cardinal he was possessing. Furious at George's supposed death, Penelope accidentally creates a locked room made from the 920,000 flying squirrel Antonios and torn up bits of them. The giant locked room surrounds the whole world, swallowing everything up.

Jorge Joestar Storyline

Chapter 2: Nishi Akatsuki

Jorge sees a whirlpool

Jorge Joestar is a fifteen-year-old boy living in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, and working as a detective. His Japanese parents handed him over to the authorities when he was a baby and he was adopted by the Joestar family and raised in English. When he turns eighteen, he will have to pick either English or Japanese citizenship as well as decide on a formal name. Although his name is romanized in his passport as "Joji Joestar", he prefers the spelling "Jorge".

One evening, Jorge recalls the past fifteen locked room mysteries he's solved two years prior and is still bothered by them. He finds a map in a newspaper article detailing the locations of each murder and discovers that it is actually a puzzle. Jorge realizes that there must have been a mastermind who designed this puzzle as well as the fifteen locked room murders, despite the fifteen murderers who were caught having nothing in common. Struggling to find a solution, Jorge heads out and rides his bike north towards Takefu to find something like a locked room. Instead, he finds a farmhouse on fire, belonging to the Kato Family. In there, Jorge finds a boy swimming in a whirlpool of seawater. The boy, named Tsukumojuku Kato, reveals that he was on a boat in between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico before suddenly ending up in that house from a tornado. However, Jorge notes that there's only one ocean. Tsukumojuku learns he's in a continent named Panlandia. The two teenagers introduce themselves as detectives and Tsukumojuku is shocked to learn that the boy he was talking to is also named Jorge Joestar. He wonders what Beyond is planning.

After conversing, Jorge and Tsukumojuku deduce that Tsukumojuku must have gone to a parallel universe through the Bermuda Triangle. After deducing a way on how to get Tsukumojuku back home, Tsukumojuku tells Jorge about his friend, the other George Joestar and about the same locked room mysteries they've solved. They have caught the culprit, named Javier Cortes, but Jorge prefers to solve his case without assistance and deduces that the mastermind must have used dreams, like Cortes, to control each of the murderers. Tsukumojuku confirms his theory and Jorge calls Masami Shirai, a policeman at the Fukui Police Department, to interrogate the fifteen murderers they caught about their dreams. Jorge learns that all of them have dreamed about a man named Yoshikage Kira, who left a message in their dreams stating "If Jorge Joestar ever comes to Morioh, I'll kill him". This only tempts Jorge more. He decides to head home first, saying his goodbyes to Tsukumojuku and offering to pay for his travel expenses. The next morning, Jorge learns that Tsukumojuku was murdered in Morioh.

Chapter 4: Morioh

Jorge Joestar heads to Morioh, wondering how Tsukumojuku arrived there so quickly. Tsukumojuku's body was found with a deep slit in his throat and a broad axe slung over his shoulder. He was naked, wrapped only in a diamond-shaped red cloth, and was also mounted on a bear, reminiscent of the folk tale Kintaro. Jorge gets off the train at Morioh Station, feeling a sense of déjà vu when he looks over the map of the town despite having never set foot here. Jorge heads for the Arrow Cross House where Tsukumojuku's body was found. At the house, he meets Rohan Kishibe (Universe 37), a manga artist. Rohan mentions that he had purchased the Arrow Cross House six months prior, frustrated that his house was already used for a murder. Rohan tells Jorge to only call him "Rohan" but Jorge hesitates so Rohan uses his Stand, Heaven's Door, to force Jorge to call only call him by his first name. Jorge discovers Stands and is intrigued by them.

Rohan then explains that his Arrow Cross House suddenly appeared five years ago, replacing an equally mysterious building named the Cube House by the locals. Rohan also mentions how several detectives were murdered in Morioh, all of the crime scenes having been designed to remind people of Japanese folk tales. Rohan takes Jorge to the scene of the locked room murder, where only the bear remains. Then Rohan shows Jorge photos of the crime scene which he's forced the police to give him with Heaven's Door, and one mystery arises: how did someone manage to bring a giant polar bear into the room without Rohan noticing? Later, Rohan tells Jorge about Reimi Sugimoto (Universe 37), an amnesiac girl he employs as a caretaker although Jorge can't see her. On the night of the murder, Reimi and Rohan had mixed up their bedrooms and slept in each other's rooms. Looking at a map, Jorge realizes that the positions of the three detectives murders match the exact shape of the Bermuda Triangle. Rohan explains what Stands are, their powers, and says that there is a local population of Stand users in Morioh. Jorge tries to mention Yoshikage Kira's name, but suddenly forgets it. Rohan has used Heaven's Door to prevent Jorge from saying Kira's name aloud or else Jorge would explode. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Rohan asks Jorge if he can get his visitors to leave. He flees the room, asking Reimi to come with him. Jorge thus meets three high school students, who angrily confront Jorge assuming he did something to Rohan. Fukashigi Nijimura grabs Jorge's throat with his Stand, while his twin brother Muryotaisu Nijimura looks toward the house and starts yelling for Rohan. The third student, Koji Hirose observes Jorge's actions. Fukashigi says that Jorge could be Yoshikage Kira in disguise, but as soon as he pronounces the name, he disappears. Muryotaisu is furious but Jorge assures them of his innocence and promises to find Fukashigi.

Morioh starts moving

Jorge deduces that Reimi is actually a Stand who can control the Arrow Cross House and has used her ability to hide Fukashigi. Accepting Jorge's request, Rohan uses Heaven's Door on Jorge to make him see Stands and he discovers the students' Stands. Jorge can also see Reimi and the two introduce themselves to each other. Jorge then asks Rohan to use Heaven's Door on Muryotaisu and Koji, allowing them to see "astral projections". Reimi's ability allowed her to keep Rohan and Fukashigi in a suspended state between life and death beneath the Arrow Cross House. As there is no oxygen in that area, Kira's ability cannot make them explode. Jorge realizes that each arrow on the house can rotate, explaining why Rohan did not notice anything happening after Tsukumojuku's murder. Suddenly, the land beneath Morioh somehow comes to life, detaches off of Japan and becomes its own island. Just then, Rohan also reveals that he had read Jorge's bio. All of Jorge's adventures as a detective were listed under a heading titled "Forgery". Behind Jorge's left ear, Rohan found his true story. He was born in 1889 in the Canary Islands, became a pilot, fought in World War II, and then was murdered in 1920 by an air force general.

Chapter 6: Island

Separated from Japan and protected by a strange barrier that can resist missiles, Morioh travels south. To solve the mystery, Rohan draws a map of Morioh for Jorge who pinpoints Budogaoka Academy at the center of the dome and a possible location to investigate. Reimi reveals that Kira has canceled the effect of Bites the Dust, so Fukashigi and Rohan are now safe and freed from Arrow Cross House's protection. Suspicious of the timing, Rohan wonders if Kira is the one who is moving Morioh. Reimi discovers a live stream of an emergency press conference held by Chomaru Bariya and twelve other detectives, who claim that the three detective murders were committed to frame Kira and they plead him to calm himself. Jorge discovers that Kira is a notorious criminal who escaped justice the first time by changing his face and fingerprints.

The gang riding on Grand Blue

The group saves an SDF soldier, who warns them that the American army will flip the island if things continue as is. An emergency meeting is held at Budogaoka gymnasium and the group leaves, riding Muryotaisu's dolphin-pod-Stand Grand Blue. On their way, they see signs of mass hysteria with people having set themselves on fire and drawings of a moth man on their walls. At the gymnasium, the heroes see that everyone is being mind-controlled, but Koji destroys the closed gymnasium that was acting as a closed room, and frees everyone's minds. Rohan and Jorge wonder if anyone there could be Kira. They deduce that Kira must have had a link to the beauty parlor in which he switched his face. Beauty parlors rarely have male employees, but Aya had a man who helped with her secret business. According to a girl named Yamagishi, the man was middle-aged and not bad looking. The mayor of Morioh, Denta Shishimaru, thanks Jorge and the others for saving everyone. Jorge heads out of the gym and sees that Arrow Cross House is shaking from side to side, which is the SOS signal that they agreed upon.

Using Grand Blue, the heroes quickly fly back to Arrow Cross House. Reimi states that people from the harbor suddenly tried burning the house down but she's stuck them all under the house with her ability, and the house shaking was just a result of the battle. Exhausted, Jorge lays down on a rug in Rohan's study, but feels a strange lump under his back. He peels the rug back and finds a door in the floor. He opens it just to find that past the door is an exact replica of the study. He realizes that it isn't a room in the Arrow Cross House, but that it is actually Cube House, which Jorge discovers to be a habitable tesseract. The Stand follows a bizarre set of rules that defied logic and physics. Jorge suddenly hears a door that he had never opened slam shut and calls out but gets no answer. Jorge heads back up, and sees Nero Nero Island, the headquarters of a mafia group called the Passione Family. The island is headed for Morioh on a collision course.

Chapter 8: Nero Nero Island

Passione invades Morioh

While Jorge recalls all of the recent events and wonders how many Stand users are actually in Morioh, he warns Muryotaisu not to go back into Arrow Cross House for a while because he thought he saw someone suspicious hiding inside Cube House. Meanwhile, Muryotaisu takes out a telescope and a pair of binoculars from Arrow Cross House to observe Nero Nero Island, the headquarters of the Passione gang, whose Boss is named Diavolo. The heroes see a truck explode and its occupants murdered by suspicious figures with Stands. Passione members are slaughtering the people outside of the dome and the heroes cannot stop them. Meanwhile, Nero Nero Island has collided with Morioh. The island somehow grows giant insect-like legs which propels itself on top of Morioh's barrier.

The group prepares to use Cube House as a possible safe house, despite the danger it represents since it seems someone is hiding in there but also since the geometry of the place is dangerous. While Reimi learns that she can control the house, she's startled by Tsukumojuku Kato's brief appearance on a camera screen. Jorge leaves Rohan and Reimi behind and runs through Morioh's suburbs. Despite being shot at, Jorge manages to hide from all the bullets and reunites with Koji, and eventually manages to reunite with all of the three students. It seems like Passione is gathering up Stand users for a yet unknown purpose, using Morioh's mayor as a pawn. NYPD Blue theorizes that their head, Diavolo, is missing or possibly dead. The town's loudspeaker then broadcasts a message ordering detectives Daibakusho Curry, Runbaba 12, and Jorge Joestar to hurry to the Budogaoka Academy Garden. The other two detectives were also from Nishi Akatsuki like Jorge.

Bruno Bucciarati with the pebble phone

Jorge decides to head to the garden and sees a young Italian man in a suit standing next to Morioh's mayor. Mayor Shishimaru tells them that the phone on the table in front of them will start ringing, confusing Jorge as the table only had a filthy rubber ball, a shoe, and a pebble. Suddenly, the pebble starts ringing and vibrating like a phone, and Jorge realizes that it is a Stand. Jorge accepts the call and a young man named Haruno Shiobana, also known as Giorno Giovanna, wants to hire him to seek Diavolo. Giorno presents the man in the suit as Bruno Bucciarati, whose team will be working with them.

After Giorno hangs up, Bucciarati warns Jorge not to lie since he can smell when someone is lying. Each of the detectives are paired with a Passione gangster and a "phone": Leone Abbacchio accompanies Daibakusho Curry, Guido Mista accompanies Runbaba, and Narancia Ghirga is assigned to Jorge. Jorge takes the pebble phone, Daibakusho Curry takes the rubber ball, and Runbaba takes the shoe. Suddenly, Jorge sees Tsukumojuku standing next to Narancia. Tsukumojuku tries grabbing Jorge's shoulder, but Narancia gets in his way. In that instant, the three of them are teleported far away. Tsukumojuku brushes off that he brought an anomaly along with him since it must mean something and then he vanishes, leaving Narancia and Jorge alone on the H.G. Wells spaceship headed to Mars.

Chapter 10: H.G. Wells

NASA astronauts on the H.G. Wells

Aboard the H.G. Wells Spaceship, Jorge and Narancia are caught and tied to a bed by Captain Funnier Valentine and his team of astronauts: Enrico Pucci, Pocoloco Tripleseven and Goyathlay Soundman. They interrogate Jorge and Narancia and the crew is surprised to learn that they somehow appeared there from Morioh and Nero Nero Island. The astronauts report to Houston about Narancia and Jorge's sudden appearance, their discovery of Mars's third moon, and whether there may be any connection to the two islands moving back on Earth. Jorge looks out the window and notices that the third moon is strangely smooth. Narancia uses his Stand U-Boat to attack the crew. U-Boat is a flotilla of submarines that sink beneath the surface of the body and can fire torpedoes. However, Goyathlay Soundman summons Dune and Funnier summons his Stand Rear Window to fight. A brief battle ensues, but Jorge defuses the situation. Pucci summons his Stand Whitesnake to take Narancia's Stand and read both of Naranacia and Jorge's memories to confirm what he said, and also to trick Narancia into thinking that the crew members are his friends. The spaceship then collides with said moon, revealed to be a giant eyeball connected to a horned man.

President The Funniest Valentine appears on the loudspeaker and informs them that he is presently at the UN Headquarters in New York, attending an emergency meeting regarding the mysterious life form which they are calling The Eyed Balloon. The Funniest shows the astronauts seven images of The Eyed Balloon's interior, highlighting the Giotto probe floating in the back. The Giotto probe was launched into space in 1985, but somehow there are now seven Giotto probes which all have the same ID. Pucci wonders if this has something to do with the "fourteen words". The Funniest shows them another picture from a Nazi base in Switzerland and explains the fate of Kars, who is the horned man that they saw earlier. Jorge is surprised to learn that his adoptive great-grandfather, Joseph Joestar, is the man who defeated Kars. The Funniest then gives them an ultimatum to escape The Eyed Balloon's tentacles in ten minutes or they will detonate the H.G. Wells spaceship remotely to prevent Kars from returning to Earth.

While Narancia, Soundman and Pocoloco try to think of a way of dealing with the eyeball, Funnier tells Jorge about Pucci's goal of reaching heaven. When Pucci was seventeen, he had a habit of sleepwalking out of the house. His family moved to Cape Canaveral since it was easier to keep an eye on him there with the air force base, but Pucci still slips out one night and awakes at the church his father worked at. When he rushed back home, he found he no longer had a home, as it was crushed by a falling meteor. It wasn't a rock which killed his family, but rather a metal plate from the Giotto probe. Besides the ID, fourteen phrases written in Italian and English were scratched onto the metal plate along with an excerpt of how to reach heaven. Funnier suddenly assassinates Pocoloco with his Stand's gun and shoots both Narancia and Pucci while accusing Pucci of being a sinner. Funnier reveals that he has been negotiating with Kars for eleven years ever since he read the message on the metal plate that fell on Pucci's house. Funnier takes out Jorge non-lethally and also kills Soundman. However, Narancia reveals that U-Boat's metal plate had protected him and he manages to kill Funnier.

The giant U-Boat rams into the side of the H.G. Wells due to The Eyed Balloon's tentacles. Narancia and Jorge jump into the hole of the submarine and Narancia immediately pilots it away. The H.G. Wells spaceship explodes, but they are confronted by Kars who entered their submarine as well. Kars declares that he can finally go back home but with the three of them there, the oxygen in the submarine would only last four hours. Kars decides to build his own spaceship using The Eyed Balloon and the Giotto probes, revealing that the eyeball is in fact 36 Kars, each holding a Giotto probe within the sphere. The universe had already looped 36 times, with each iteration bringing his own defeated Kars, and a Giotto probe. The 36 Kars also melt themselves to serve as fuel. Kars reveals that he's failed twice to go back to Earth, but has calculated that he could return at the 37th iteration of the universe with enough materials, and that he had negotiated with Funnier Valentine for his eventual reentry. Kars declares his intention to eat Narancia and Jorge as a celebratory feast, since their lives will only last four hours due to the lack of oxygen, and Jorge also notices that Pucci is there with them, having survived Funnier's attack. Meanwhile, the pebble phone starts ringing and Narancia is able to speak with Bucciarati again. Jorge and Bucciarati still don't trust each other, but Jorge tells him about the Passione traitors. As Bucciarati hangs up, Kars learns that Jorge is a Joestar.

Chapter 12: Rhinoceros Beetle

Kars develops a Stand

Kars reminisces about his old enemy Joseph Joestar and fantasizes about turning him into a Vampire and narrates his story to Jorge. The latter realizes how much of a monster Kars is. Kars then notices Narancia's U-Boat. He subsequently discovers Stands and is explained what they are. Astonishingly, Kars develops his own version of U-Boat. Experimenting with his new Stand, Kars then discovers that Pucci has a Stand as well and drags out his Whitesnake. When Pucci attempts to retaliate, he surprisingly causes a many DISCs to spill out of Kars's head. The Ultimate Thing then understands Whitesnake and develops his own Whitesnake, Whitesnake Ultimate. With it, Kars examines Pucci's memories. Pucci thus got his Stand in a Devil's Palm, and sees that a levitating vampire was responsible for the time Pucci's house was destroyed by a metal plate. Kars also takes Jorge's memory DISC but surprisingly, Jorge keeps his mind. Kars manages to find a photo of a middle-aged George Joestar and a childhood memory of Joseph narrating Jonathan's attempt to stop Dio from robbing a train. He deduces that the George from the photo could not be the same one from Tsukumojuku's world, but rather another George from the previous universes. Moreover since Vampires do not fly, Kars theorizes that this Dio may have a Stand.

Jorge calls Giorno, who informs him that that the moving islands are expected to be bombed by the Americans and that there are rumors of terrorists invading Morioh to spread a virus that causes people to become berserk around the world. To save the town, Jorge asks to borrow Kars's Stand power for a moment. He explodes, unable to bear the power, but Kars restores his body. After a brief banter, Kars prepares a powered-down copies of U-Boat and Whitesnake for Jorge to use, and the group heads back to Earth. At Earth's orbit, Pucci informs the deaths of Funnier, Sandman, and Pocoloco to the communications officer over the radio. While Kars expresses at how vast the Earth's oceans are, Jorge calls Giorno to commence their attack on the islands and disable the military weaponries. Narancia and Jorge bombard the ships and their spaceship descends to Earth. At the same time, Bucciarati calls Jorge to tell him that the bodies of Yoshikage Kira and Diavolo have been found. Staring at the islands and Arrow Cross House out the window, Pucci points out the "rhinoceros beetles" and the "Via Dolorosa", two of the fourteen words carved on the Giotto plate.

The spaceship crashes, shaking Nero Nero Island off of Morioh. Moreover, Morioh's land flips upside down. A gigantic island rises from underneath the ocean, which Jorge recognizes as Great Britain.

Final Storyline

Chapter 14: Desolation Row

Jorge and Narancia using U-Boat

Jorge, Narancia, and Pucci safely crash on Earth thanks to Kars protecting them. Kars offhandedly mentions that the landing could have gone more smoothly if he had an additional version of himself although it seems inconsequential for now. Despite crashing through the Arrow Cross House, they find themselves in an unfamiliar landscape. After scouting their surroundings, Jorge discovers a newspaper indicating that the current year is 1920 and Narancia sees a wedding venue for "Jorge Joestar" and Elizabeth Straizo. Jorge is reminded of his counterpart that Tsukumojuku had mentioned. At the same time, the group discovers that their predicament is linked to the meaning of the 14 words. They meet and quickly dispatch a group of Zombies and head for the Joestar Mansion, where they encounter a clown that imprisons Jorge in a locked room. However, Jorge manages to demonstrate that he isn't an enemy and is freed before meeting Penelope de la Rosa, who runs outside of the mansion.

Erina arrives to greet her guests and has a cordial conversation with Jorge. After Jorge mentions that they're going to London to find the 'Way to Heaven', Penelope asks to come with them so she can seek Elizabeth. Erina has doubts but Penelope convinces Erina to let her go, believing the whole mess to be her fault since she made Great Britain into a giant locked room. She also apologizes that Erina will have to take care of Joseph on her own now. Hearing the name of his adoptive grandfather, Jorge asks to see the baby Joseph, interested in his adoptive grandfather's counterpart. Kars also takes an interest in looking at his archenemy as a baby but thankfully doesn't wish to harm him, as it would alter the course of history. Penelope then explains everything that has happened, and Pucci notes that the sequence of words is nearly complete. Bucciarati calls them on the pebble phone and Jorge relays the situation they're in. Bucciarati tells them about the fighting and the power outage that has happened in Morioh, and more importantly about the the dead bodies of Diavolo and Yoshikage Kira they have found in the study of the Arrow Cross House. Diavolo and Kira have been murdered in mysterious circumstances, having suddenly found themselves in the house before their throats were suddenly slit. Jorge realizes that Cube House must be a device to bypass spacetime, and Tsukumojuku had learned how to use it. Cube House takes the person falling and sends them to help someone in the world who they would be most useful to, including other universes. It seems to obey voluntary commands allowing people to think of where they want to travel to, but it prioritizes the will of someone who needs their help.

The Secret Emperor, Dio Brando

When the group arrives at London, Pucci is greeted by Funny Valentine who reveals the meaning of the last of the 14 words. Most notably, the 'Secret Emperor' alludes to Dio Brando. Seeing holes in Dio's hands and feet, Pucci weeps for his lord as his Whitesnake turns into C-MOON then Made in Heaven in short succession. Just before Pucci can activate Made in Heaven, Dio holds up his hand. The giant wall surrounding Great Britain is revealed to be a giant Antonio Torres, who grabs and swallows Pucci, sending him outside of the barrier. Pucci then activates Made in Heaven within Antonio's belly, speeding up time outside England. The universe loops 36 times, bringing the island of Great Britain to 2012 in the 37th universe. Jorge wonders if their six month journey from Mars back to Earth only took four hours because of Pucci, but Kars reveals that the priest had a complicated flow of time compressed within him. At the same time he was on the spaceship with them, he was also in another universe killing someone.


George about to shoot Vinegar Doppio

George wakes up, lying on a bed with his injuries and fractures healed. He is in fact in the Arrow Cross House and meets some of the members of Passione, Vinegar Doppio and Guido Mista, discovering their Stands at the same time. Giorno has read George's history thanks to Rohan and decides to employ him to solve the mystery of Diavolo and Kira's deaths. They also reveal to him that Tsukumojuku had died there and another Jorge Joestar was in charge of that case. George is informed of Jorge's adventures and what the current situation is like now in London. Although George desires to go back home, Giorno has no intention of letting anyone leave Arrow Cross House until the mystery is solved. The gang notices that communication with Narancia is now impossible. Furthermore, Morioh is currently upside down, facing the ocean. George wants to go back to Lisa Lisa but realizes that his Beyond implies that he is part of a story, with himself as the protagonist, and that he must follow the narrative and solve the mystery.

George examines the crime scene and discovers that Kira and Diavolo's faces were covered in sweat, but the sweat would dry up the instant it went below the neck. Moreover, Rohan mentions that his clock has been stolen. George deduces that "time" must be an important factor. After performing some autopsies with Abbacchio and NYPD Blue, George imagines a scenario involving King Crimson and Bites the Dust and theorizes that Diavolo and Kira must have been fighting each other, with their powers forming an endless time loop due to their interactions. With his Beyond, George is convinced that his deduction is correct so he moves on to figuring out why their battle had to happen at the Arrow Cross House. Cube House was a tesseract with its own spacetime, and whoever the killer is wouldn't want to speed up time for the rest of the world as that would cause mass hysteria. George interrogates Reimi about the Cube House and learns that she lacks her memories. Although Rohan dismisses this as a normal occurence, George sees that Reimi lived through some kind of trauma and was inflicted with a Wound. The realization triggers Reimi's memory and she is revealed as Penelope de la Rosa's Stand, who manifested herself after Penelope was distressed by George's disappearance, and that she was made to seek him and return him home. An Arrow comes out of her body and it is revealed that someone has tasked her with protecting four Arrows in total; she accidentally stabbed herself and developed her own Wound, the Arrow Cross House.

George decides to finish solving the murder mystery and thoerizes that the killer has the power to speed up time. The killer lured Kira and Diavolo after setting them against each other and sped up time to immobilize them and slit their throat. Giorno is surprised and raises George's suspicions. Bucciarati confirms that Giorno is lying and Rohan discovers that half of the pages in Diavolo's body are missing. Everyone quickly discovers that Giorno was the other half of Diavolo's personality. At the same time, Enrico Pucci has entered the scene and reveals that Giorno couldn't bear his own sins and thus split his personality to keep playing the hero while Diavolo committed his more sordid deeds. Pucci threatens to kill everyone present and speeds up time, but Giorno uses an Arrow that was inside of Reimi to unlock Gold Experience Requiem. His evolved Stand immediately sends Pucci to a world where he'll wander for eternity with all his desires and actions being in vain.

Rohan sneakily uses Heaven's Door on Giorno and opens his body like a book. Surprisingly, George sees Antonio Torres, hidden inside of Giorno. Antonio reveals that he is the original skin and that he was ordered by his boss to trade places with the skin sample that Tsukumojuku was carrying, transporting him into the 37th Universe. Moreover, Giorno had turned him into a body double, and thus the real Giorno (with Diavolo's appearance) reveals himself, with his Stand, King Crimson. Diavolo defeats everyone and wounds George, but purposefully misses his vitals so that he can bring him to the "Secret Emperor". Reimi cries as Diavolo jumps into Cube House with George. George awakens again, now on the deck of a ship near a large black coffin. The coffin opens and Dio Brando appears. However, he attacks Diavolo first because he wants to drink his son's blood. Thanks to The World, he easily defeats Diavolo. Dio also reveals that he's stolen Jonathan Joestar's Stand, The Passion, which allows him to see the future of his blood relatives. George falls asleep and dreams of Lisa Lisa, only to be violently woken up by Dio. Dio tries to kill George, who uses his Beyond to revert Diavolo into Giorno. Giorno offers to become a body double for Dio and Dio obliges, killing him with a katana. George believes in his Beyond again, causing the sun to rise, but he sees with horror that Dio is immune to the sun. In truth, Dio has his own Beyond. Dio shoves half of his soul into Giorno's corpse, turning it into a duplicate of himself before shoving it into the coffin. Dio shows the body of a horned man, a parallel world Kars, and reveals that he's drank his blood and become the Ultimate Thing. Changing his mind, Dio decides to spare George for now and demands that George take him to where he wants while the Cube House effect is still on him. He states that he'll sleep for two years until the fake Dio is killed in Egypt, and then he'll collect his Stand back. Afterwards, George will travel through 36 universal loops until he reaches England in 2012, where Lisa Lisa is waiting for him. George notices a dying message left behind by Giorno in hiragana, "Courage" (ゆうき, Yūki). Giorno had sacrificed himself for George and wanted George to have courage to save everyone with his Beyond.

Chapter 16: Beyond II

Dio and Kars begin their fight

In the 37th universe, Dio and Kars begin a titanic clash while Penelope, Narancia, and Jorge watch with fear. During the battle, Jorge meets Lisa Lisa. For their part, Dio and Kars keep making each other explode due to the force of their blows, but regenerate to keep fighting. Jorge sees the elderly Funny Valentine (Universe 37) walking across the surface of the barrier with his frog Stand. He shows them a large piece of paper with only the word "COURAGE" written on it and then a younger Funny from another universe transports Jorge to a parallel world by covering him with a cape. Jorge sees a version of the Steel Ball Run occurring, taking place in Monument Valley. The 'Funny' of this world has ordered his men to retrieve nine volumes of the Holy Scriptures. Jorge mentions that one of his ancestors was in the Steel Ball Run, but it was a horse race instead. 'Funny' responds that the race can change in each world, as some worlds have races with planes and blimps instead. Jorge finally understands that the words 'Spiral Staircase' mean that each time the universe was reset by Pucci's Made in Heaven, it created a loop with people's reincarnation leading similar, but subtly different lives. Moreover, Funny reveals that the two 'Singularities' are the body of the holy man and Jorge Joestar, Jorge being unique because he's an abandoned Japanese kid adopted by the Joestar family and there is no replacement for him in any other universe or parallel world while the Saint's Corpse only exists in the second universe.

Jorge is sent to the original world at Piccadilly Circus in London. Kars attacks Dio with his U-Boat Ultimate submarines shooting missiles and then with his Bound, Dune Ultimate, trying to bury Dio in sand. Dio summons The Funniest Valentine and the younger Funny. With The World, Dio tries to position Funny so that he can clap his hands on Kars and force him out of this universe but Kars manages to twist his body out of the way repeatedly. Dio and the Valentines extend the reach of their attack by having The Funniest's hands coming out of Funny's hands and perform the same attack (The Funniest also having D4C). They succeed and Kars disappears. Suddenly, Jorge is pulled toward The Funniest's hands from a thin strand of Kars's hair wrapped around Jorge's neck. He finds himself in Manhattan Island in The Funniest's parallel world. He meets with the true Funny Valentine, who notes that since Jorge is a singularity, he is the key to defeating Dio's Stand The Passion which can see the future of all blood relatives, and that Kars has realized this. Funny then teleports Jorge to a parallel Morioh with Kars in it. Kars extract Jorge's DISC with Whitesnake Ultimate to read everything that Jorge has learned so far. Jorge realizes he still has the pebble phone and calls Bucciarati. Bucciarati informs him of the events in the Arrow Cross House and how the other George solved the mystery. Jorge thinks of using the house as a shelter and a means to time travel, but Reimi has reverted back to Cube House and they cannot leave nor can anyone enter. Jorge and Kars then encounter this parallel world's version of Kars, whose ramblings help Jorge realize that when two counterparts from alternate universes meet, one of them will die.

Jorge and Kars head to Kosaku Kawajiri's house in this parallel world and use his Bites the Dust to get sent back to an hour ago, in London. Jorge, who has hidden inside of Kars and kept his memory of the events, successfully warns Kars of Funny and The Funniest's combination attack. Dio unleashes the next part of his plan as a parallel world version of him grabs Kars and several Valentines appear to clap down on Kars. However, Kars has learned how to use The World Ultimate and stops time to evade the attack. Dio then reveals his Beyond power. Dio's Stand becomes The World Ultimate as well and Kars fights him with Whitesnake Ultimate. Kars forces manys DISCs into Dio to make him explode just like how Jorge exploded from the power surge earlier, but Dio stabs Whitesnake Ultimate with an Arrow before he explodes into nine parts, the parts flying up to take control of Kars's new C-MOON Ultimate Requiem. Jorge and Narancia fire missiles with U-Boat at the giant Antonio, though Antonio knocks them all aside. As Antonio attempts to swallow the pieces of Dio in order to bring Dio outside England, Lisa Lisa confronts Antonio, places the Red Stone of Aja on Antonio's stomach and uses her Ripple technique, Sunset Orange Overdrive. Antonio is hurt from the Ripple traveling throughout his body, but finally manages to inhale, allowing Dio to travel outside England and achieve Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem. Kars tells the heroes to spare Antonio for now because he can be useful.

As Dio starts speeding up time, Funny and The Funniest discover that Dio is headed for the past beyond the future. They realize that the Saint's Corpse from the second universe was actually the body parts of Dio, separated from his fight with Kars. Kars had placed nine blank Stand DISCs inside of Dio, forcing him to keep being split as one person can only have one Stand. However, the Saint's Corpse's power is still at play, and if Dio can reclaim his body, he will be blessed and be truly invincible. Meanwhile, Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem loops the universe back to July 24, 2012, on the 37th iteration where they started. Jorge realize that he's been misled and that the real two 'Singularities' are Nishi Akatsuki and the Bermuda Triangle. Moreover, Jorge realizes that since he's not a Joestar by blood and that he has Beyond, Dio cannot predict his actions and he is the only one who can defeat Dio. He discerns that they could go back in time and outmaneuver Dio by utilizing Kira's Bites the Dust, to which Kars divulges that Kira actually isn't dead and the corpse in the Arrow Cross House was the 37th universe's Kosaku Kawajiri. At Jorge's request, Bucciarati's group finds the real Kira, who has captured and tortured George to death, and then teleports him to Kars through Cube House. Kira tries to kill Kars, but the latter regenerates anyway and cooperates with Killer Queen, who betrays Kira. Kars triggers Bites the Dust repeatedly to return back to the era of the second Universe, in Trinity Church.

In there, Jorge sees Lucy Steel, a corpse of the parallel world Diego, and also Dio, who's managed to get back to the second universe as well. Dio is here to reclaim his body. It is then that Jorge enacts his plan. By bringing along Erina, Lisa Lisa and even the baby Joseph and by pretending to be the original George, Jorge confuses Dio as his future cannot be read by the vampire. While Dio is stunned by surprise, Jorge makes several alternate Kars enter the scene, which allows him to reach the Saint's Corpse and decapitate it. Erina reveals that she's brought Jonathan Joestar's head and Jorge grafts it to the Saint's Corpse, reviving him. Dio's confidence crumbles and his Beyond disappears, depowering him greatly. As Jonathan resuscitates, the mood turns into a happy family reunion. Dio is so annoyed, he only takes over Diego's body and vanishes into the darkness, never to be seen again. With Dio gone, the Joestars are free to enjoy their happy end.

The Joestar family reunited

Erina and Jonathan have a tearful reunion. Surprisingly, George leaps out of the parallel world and reunites with Lisa Lisa. In fact, George had used his Beyond to separate his soul from his body. His soul had safely joined Reimi and when Bucciarati retrieved the body, George could enter his body and revive. Erina and Lucy even share a moment as members of the Pendleton family. Funny goes back to his universe, having realized that the secret to America's greatness is its people and not occult artifacts.

Jorge's new family

Penelope decides to start her own life, marrying into the 37th universe Joestar family with Jorge's father, Jonda Joestar. A year after that, they have a daughter, Joeko Joestar. Using the exhausted Kira, Kars brings everyone back to their respective universe. In the original universe, George has been legally declared dead so he immigrates to America to become a screenwriter using the pen name "Motorize Jump", waiting for Lisa Lisa to come back to him.

At the age of 20, Jorge changes the official English spelling of his name from "Joji" to "Jorge" but can't decide on the Japanese spelling. Jorge decides to call Tonpetty using the pebble phone and the Ripple Master suggests the spelling 城字 (Jōji). The kanji characters are unusual for a name, but since they mean "castle" and "character" respectively, Jorge realizes that it is actually fitting for him.


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Characters and Stands from JORGE JOESTAR

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ジョージ・ジョースター Jōji Jōsutā

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Release Date
Japan September 19, 2012 (Hardcover)[4]
Japan December 19, 2017 (Paperback)
Japan 978-4087806502 (Hardcover)
Japan 978-4087034417 (Paperback)
Chapter Titles
  1. Tsukumojuku (九十九十九, Tsukumojūku)
  2. Nishi Akatsuki (西暁町, Nishi Akatsuki-chō)
  3. Wounds (, Kizu)
  4. Morioh (杜王町, Moriō-chō)
  5. Box (, Hako)
  6. Island (, Shima)
  7. Airplanes (飛行機, Hikōki)
  8. Nero Nero Island (ネーロネーロ島, Nēro Nēro-tō)
  9. Cliff (, Gake)
  10. H.G. Wells (HGウェルズ, Eichi Jī Weruzu)
  11. Gremlin (グレムリン, Guremurin)
  12. Rhinoceros Beetle (カブト虫, Kabutomushi)
  13. Enemy (, Teki)
  14. Desolation Row (廃墟の街, Haikyo no Machi)
  15. Beyond (ビヨンド, Biyondo)
  16. Beyond II (ビヨンドII, Biyondo Tsū)



  • The novel relies heavily on a meta-narrative, often making very plot significant allusions to the fact that it is a work of fiction, and frequently hinting at Maijo's other works that contain the same themes.
  • JORGE JOESTAR released on September 19, 2012. September 19 can be written as 9-19, which is 九十九 (Tsukumo) in Japanese. The paperback version then released on December 19, 2017. 19 is written as 十九 (Juku) in Japanese. Connecting the two creates Tsukumojuku. 19 is also an important number in one of the JDC books by Ryūsui Seiryōin, called The Simons Case (彩紋家事件, Saimon Kejiken).
  • JORGE JOESTAR is referenced in All-Star Battle and All-Star Battle R.
    • In a mirror match of Kars against himself, Kars quotes the Parallel World version of himself from Chapter 16, stating "I am alive! My body didn't die, but my life is just as weak and fragile as before".
    • Lisa Lisa has a tagline of her saying "Indigo Blue Overdrive!" which players can use for their online player cards.
  • In November 2020, Maijo drew new artwork for the main and supporting characters of the novel.[5]
  • On October 30, 2022, Maijo posted artwork for the novel's 10th anniversary.[6]


  1. In the novel, George's name is spelled "Jorge", but George is used throughout the wiki for clarity to distinguish him from the other Jorge.


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