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Prepare yourself... to regret the day you were brought into this world! (用意をするんだ てめーがこの世に生まれて来たことを 後悔する用意をだ!)
Narciso Anasui, Stone Ocean Wafer Set 2

F.F. - The Witness (F・F-目撃者, Efu Efu - Mokugekisha) is the twentieth episode of Stone Ocean and the one-hundred-seventy-second episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. The episode covers from Chapter 80 to Chapter 84 of the original manga.

Jolyne and Anasui find themselves having to flee through a swamp accompanied by the Stand Yo-Yo Ma. Meanwhile, F.F. tries to find Yo-Yo Ma's user but ends up encountering Enrico Pucci himself.


Yo-Yo Ma helps Jolyne escape from the guards.

Jolyne, Anasui and Yo-Yo Ma have fled into the marshlands while F.F. has to find D an G and kill him before Yo-Yo Ma can assassinate Jolyne. In the marshlands, Anasui stops the boat near a patch of grass because he's heard other airboats incoming. Soon enough, two boats with guards of Green Dolphin appear. Armed with heavy weapons, the guards have learned about the disturbance and are now sweeping the swamps. Yo-Yo Ma has impaled himself on the throttle lever and he gesticulates, which makes ripples in the water so Anasui rips it out of the lever. The guards do notice the ripples and head towards the boat, but Yo-Yo Ma helps the heroes by covering their boat and themselves in leaves and branches to camouflage. However, one of the airboat fans blows the camouflage away. Just as the guards prepare to fire on the heroes, Yo-Yo Ma releases a swarm of mosquitos from his mouth, which then sting Jolyne in the face. The guards start opening fire on Jolyne and Anasui, wrecking their boat and their engine. However, Anasui remains calm. He punches Yo-Yo Ma into his boat's spinning fan, sending him flying into the guards of one boat and destroying it. Anasui then advances toward the second boat and punches the guards with Diver Down. Thus, the heroes are able to hijack that boat and escape for now.

The group continues further into the marshlands. Anasui asks Jolyne to stop whistling too, confusing her because she thought Yo-Yo Ma was whistling. Jolyne tries to speak but she's unable to say anything. She realizes Yo-Yo Ma has attacked her and somehow made holes on his tongue. She tries to warn Anasui but humorously, Anasui begins to mistake Jolyne's strange behavior with an attempt at flirting, leading to her uppercutting him in frustration. Still unsure about Yo-Yo Ma's method of attack, she tries to make Anasui realize that the Stand is attacking them, to no avail. Nonetheless, Jolyne is determined to go through this battle. She decides to expose herself to make Anasui see the attack. Yo-Yo Ma keeps acting servile towards Jolyne, suggesting to make her a skirt out of frog skin. Meanwhile, Anasui finally notices that something is wrong with Jolyne. For her part, Jolyne tries to figure out Yo-Yo Ma's method. She unravels her skin into strings, catching several mosquitos. She thinks she's figured out the attack but the other side of her face melts, meaning the attack is different. Jolyne collapses on the floor and tries to warn Anasui by writing "Be All Eyes", making Anasui realize they're under attack.

Yo-Yo Ma's brain is linked to that of a frog.

Yo-Yo Ma is winning and ominously proposes Anasui fights him. Anasui has Diver Down punch Yo-Yo Ma releasing another swarm of mosquitos which Anasui kills. However, Jolyne knows that there is another method of attack. Holes begin to form on Anasui's face but he persists. He orders Yo-Yo Ma to move as far on the back of the boat as possible as other holes appear on his arm and neck. He stomps on Yo-Yo Ma's head and orders him to empty his pockets. Yo-Yo Ma obeys, showing a whole range of items and other critters. All the while, more and more holes appear on Anasui's body. Anasui then asks if Yo-Yo Ma is here to kill Jolyne specifically, which he confirms; Yo-Yo Ma adds that he will kill him as well if he stays, causing Anasui to violently chop into Yo-Yo Ma's head with Diver Down, which seems futile at first. Jolyne realizes that Yo-Yo Ma has poured his acid saliva into the water and thus when the boat moves, the waves spray the heroes with acidic water. Anasui then orders Yo-Yo Ma to speed up the boat, which Jolyne deems dangerous. Suddenly, Yo-Yo Ma feels unwell.

He begins to croak and lay on his back before crawling on all fours. Even more strangely, Yo-Yo Ma instinctively tries to eat insects and fears the birds above. It turns out Anasui has sabotaged Yo-Yo Ma by wiring his sensor antenna to a frog's brain, overwhelming it with the frog's instinct. Yo-Yo Ma begins to lose its focus and is effectively neutralized.

Meanwhile, the guards have found a giand dead tree in the Ultra Security House Unit. They have also retrieved D an G and F.F. sneakily approaches D an G from above, perched on the arches. Aiming at D an G, F.F. suddenly spots the priest Enrico Pucci observing the scene from afar. The guards begin evacuating D an G, reminding F.F. of her mission. Hidden in a corner, Pucci counts primary numbers and tries to analyze the situation. Since D an G is severely wounded, he supposes that Jolyne Cujoh is still alive and that the plant debris are the signs of something incredible which signal the next step of his plan. Pucci plans on interrogating D an G, but he is too ecstatic. For the moment, he slots a music disc into Guccio's corpse, which sings Handel's Messiah.

Pucci reveals himself to F.F.

D an G is put into an ambulance while the guards go search the building. Pucci heads towards the ambulance but recognizes one of the medical staffers as F.F., who's put on a disguise and is going to kill D an G. F.F. holds him at gunpoint and shoots, but suddenly a guard rushes in and holds F.F.'s arm, making her miss. The guard has been brainwashed and controlled via a DISC created by Whitesnake and F.F. realizes that the Stand is here. Pucci ominously reveals himself, walking towards the ambulance although an iron gate separates him from F.F. Pucci forces F.F. into a dilemma: either F.F. kills D an G or him first.


Swamp Searching Party
(1st appearance)
(Corpse only)


Script (脚本)
Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
ふでやす かずゆき
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
Koji Iwai
祝 浩司
Episode Director (演出)
Naoko Takeichi
武市 直子
Animation Director (作画監督)
Daisuke Tsumagari
Yuki Kikuchi
Haruki Miura
Nana Yamazaki
Eita Toyoshima
Masashi Nomura
津曲 大介
菊池 有騎
三浦 春樹
山﨑 菜奈
豊島 英太
野村 雅史
Firearms Animation Director
宝谷 幸稔
Assistant Animation Director (作画監督補)
Satoru Kobayashi
Kazunori Shibata
小林 理
柴田 和紀
Key Animation (原画)
Misaki Imanishi
Hiroaki Shimizu
Nobuo Horii
Nobuo Takahashi
Kumiko Kawahara
Midori Matsumoto
Etsuko Minami
Manabu Imura
Masato Nishikawa
Shiori Nakasone
Masahiro Okamura
Nana Yamaguchi
Dai Imaoka
今西 美沙季
清水 博明
堀井 伸雄
高橋 伸郎
河原 久美子
松本 緑
三波 悦子
井村 学
西川 真人
中曽根 詩織
岡村 正弘
山口 菜
今岡 大
Shanghai Phantom
Rui Yang
Ke Xin Yang
Chaowei Weng
楊 鋭
楊 可心
翁 朝偉
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
David Production
Eri Kamata
Rie Ishiwatari
鎌田 英理
石渡 理衣

Miyuki Kawano
Kazumi Nakatsu
Minami Konagai
Mari Oda
Chino Sorano
Yuki Onozuka
Rina Miura
河野 美由紀
中津 和美
小長井 美南
小田 まり
昊乃 ちの
小野塚 有紀
三浦 里菜

Shanghai Phantom (上海樊特姆動画)

Yiji Wang
Li Muyang
Zhang Biren
Chao Mian
Fan Xingrui
王 奕霽
李 沐洋
章 笔人
炒 面
樊 星睿

Kampon of Kadiliman

Jhun Zulueta
Natalie Aquino
Adrian Alejo
Nigel Tuvera
Jhun Zulueta
Natalie Aquino
Adrian Alejo
Nigel Tuvera

D'ART Shtajio
D'ART Shtajio
In-between Animation Inspection (動画チェック)
David Production
Haruka Watanabe
Satsuki Mizoguchi
渡邉 はるか
溝口 さつき
In-between Animation (動画)
Yumiko Haneda
Shishan Shun
Atsushi Teramae
Natsuki Nishino
羽根田 弓子
寺前 惇
西野 菜月


Takamaru Fujita
藤田 宇円

Shanghai Phantom
Shanghai Honghuang Art
Asahi Production
Design Cooperation (デザイン協力)
Yuki Morishita
Eita Toyoshima
森下 勇輝
豊島 英太
IKIF+, Inc.
IKIF+, Inc.

CG Animator

Hiroyuki Sato
Kengo Nakatani
Kiyoshi Hara
Shotaro Namekata
Yuuko Okumura
佐藤 博行
中谷 謙吾
原 聖
行方 将太郎
奥村 優子

CG Animation Cooperation
Guri Art, Inc. & Tenjoy Studio
(侏式会社GURI Art&天津天匠動画科技有限公司)

CG Producer
Noriyuki Yasuda
保田 紀之
CG Animator
Dang Kaimin
Wang Zhengyang
党 凱敏
王 正陽
CG Progression
Xu Hong
許 紅
3D Modeling (3Dモデリング)
CG Modeling
Yoshiki Sato
Marina Watanabe
佐藤 良樹
渡部 里奈

CG Modeling Cooperation

Shin Miyahara
Yukana​ Mori
Tatsuki Ishida
宮原 信
森 悠哉
石田 龍樹
Digital Works (デジタルワークス)
2D Works
Kanako Yamada
山田 可奈子
Eyecatch Illustration (アイキャッチ原画)
石本 峻一


Stone Ocean Episode 20: F.F. - The Witness
Start End Title OST Description

Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Recap: DIO's bone and Yo-Yo Ma
Creep on
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Jolyne and Anasui hiding with Yo-Yo Ma
Hurry Up!
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Jolyne and Anasui exposed
Tense Air
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Jolyne can't speak/Anasui misunderstands Jolyne
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Yo-Yo Ma's mosquito attack/"Be All Eyes"
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Anasui prepares to attack Yo-Yo Ma
Eye Catching (Inst Ver.)
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Yo-Yo Ma is locked on to Jolyne/Yo-Yo Ma's spit is its attack
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Anasui grafts Yo-Yo Ma's brain to a frog's
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Yo-Yo Ma's frog antics
Impending Crisis
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
F.F. notices Pucci nearby while spying on D an G
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Pucci realizes the Green Baby has been born
Händel: Messiah
Pucci plays "Messiah" on Guccio
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
D an G lifted into the ambulance
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
F.F. inside the ambulance/Pucci reveals himself
Distant Dreamer
Distant Dreamer

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Jolyne no longer uses Stone Free to unravel the ropes of the prison guards' boat like she does in the manga.
  • The narration going in depth about mosquitoes and their saliva is removed.
  • When offering to make a frog miniskirt for Jolyne, Yo-Yo Ma does not mention her hip and leg measurements like he does in the manga.
  • When emptying his pockets, Yo-Yo Ma no longer has a R.E.M. band sticker.
  • Pucci no longer mentions the specific version of Handel's Messiah he is playing. In the manga, it is the version conducted by Gardiner in 1982.
  • When confronting F.F., Pucci's prime number counting is different from the manga. In the anime, Pucci continues counting from the numbers he had before, while in the manga he restarts his counting.

In Other Languages

Language Title Translation
Japan Japanese F・F-目撃者 F.F. - The Witness
United States of America English F.F. - The Witness
Israel Hebrew אף-אף–העֵד F-F–The Witness
Poland Polish F.F. - świadek F.F. - The Witness



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