Stone Ocean - Volume 13

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Sky-High Sky High! (空高くスカイ・ハイ! Sora Takaku Sukai Hai!) is the thirteenth volume of Stone Ocean and the seventy-sixth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the end of the Bohemian Rhapsody story arc and the Sky High story arc.


Author's Note

Regarding Superpowers, Part 1
According to my mother's account, I was said to have superpowers when I was little (though that's no longer the case). What kind of super powers, you ask? For instance, in the waiting room of a hospital, I suddenly disappeared into the shadow of a couch. And then when my mother asked, "What's up with him?", a doctor in his blouse would come. In other words, I apparently hated doctors so much that I had the power to predict (or rather, sense) when one was approaching. Unbelievable, right? A Stand ability that only works on doctors.
超能力について その①
どういう能力か? 例えば病院の待合室にいる時、突然、私がおびえ出し、ソファの陰に隠れる。「何してんだこいつ?」と母親が思ってしばらくすると白衣を着た医者が廊下の角を曲がってやって来る。つまり、あまりの医者嫌いゆえに医者が近付くことが、いつも予知(探知)できたらしいのだ。すげえ。医者限定のスタンド能力。



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