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Awaken (AWAKEN(アウェイクン)-目覚め, Aweikun - Mezame) is the seventeenth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It continues the battle between Foo Fighters and Pucci, and narrates Jolyne and Anasui's confrontation against the guardian of The Green Baby, Green, Green Grass of Home.


While F.F.'s assassination attempt is interrupted, she reminisces her life after she met Jolyne in the farmlands. She fears having her intellect taken away and has come to appreciate her sentience and memories. She finally comes to a resolve, ready to fight for Jolyne because of the good memories she had with her. Torn between killing either D an G or Enrico Pucci first, F.F. settles on D an G before Whitesnake severely wounds her and begins to take away her Stand DISC. She shoots herself in the head, causing her body fluids to splatter all over D an G and kills him. F.F. flees from Atroe's mutilated body to find water and to inform Jolyne of Whitesnake's true identity.

In the swamp, Yo-Yo Ma fades away after its user has been killed. Jolyne and Anasui see a green baby emerging from the embryo shell that had been swallowed by the Stand earlier. As Anasui approaches the baby, a strange mark suddenly appears on his hand and discovers that it has a mind of its own. Jolyne's plant mutations finally stop growing and the two try to chase after the baby. However, they both discover that the Green Baby's Stand shrinks them to half their size as the distance between the Green Baby and them decreases.

Reaching the Green Baby proves impossible as all of their attempts to approach it fail. When Jolyne unravels her strings towards the baby, its automatic Stand, Green, Green Grass of Home, pulls on it and nearly traps her from falling into its "zero" point. Anasui comes to her rescue, and the Stand becomes more hostile as it throws rocks at them. To their luck, Jolyne and Anasui successfully trap the Stand in a bottle that Anasui had managed to grab from the boat beforehand.[1]


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