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Awaken (AWAKEN(アウェイクン)-目覚め AWAKEN-Mezame) is the seventeenth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It continues the battle between Foo Fighters and Pucci, and narrates Jolyne and Anasui's confrontation against the guardian of The Green Baby, Green, Green Grass of Home.


The narration explains that F.F. fears having its intellect taken away and how it has come to appreciate its sentience and memories, because it has good memories of Jolyne, F.F. is ready to fight for her.

F.F. is confronted by Pucci. While F.F. kills D an G, it is severely wounded in the process and runs out of water. As the priest corners the plankton colony, the Green Baby is born from Yo-Yo Ma's remains.

Jolyne and Anasui try to approach the Green Baby, whose automatic Stand Green, Green Grass of Home attacks them, shrinking them as the distance between the Green Baby and them decreases.





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