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Bohemian Rhapsody (自由人の狂想曲(ボヘミアン・ラプソディー) Bohemian Rapusodī) is the twentieth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It narrates Anasui and Weather Report's misadventures, caught inside the effects of Bohemian Rhapsody, which makes every fictional character come to life.


After a timeskip of three days, Anasui and Weather are hiding in the toilets, their evasion having been noticed and they are now fugitives. Anasui warns Weather for helping an old man as Weather fumbles around with his unfamiliarity of a modern toilet sink. Observing his actions, Anasui mentions the star mark on Weather's shoulder and notes its resemblance to The Green Baby, Jotaro, and Jolyne's birthmarks. Before Anasui could question any further, they find themselves nearly cornered due to the cops around the place. Fortunately, the old man Weather has helped before accepts to take them in his truck.

The duo decides to head north as Weather feels Jolyne's presence heading towards that direction. On the truck, Anasui notices the characters on the guidebooks and billboards missing. He soon realizes that this is a Stand ability after seeing Pinocchio on the truck, and that fictional characters from every work of art and literature are coming to life. As he is about to alert Weather, Anasui's soul is cloned and he sees his body stuck under the wheels of the truck. The truck soon crashes, with Weather using his Stand to cushion them, and so, after destroying Pinocchio, Anasui is one body again.

However, Anasui is attacked by the old man who transformed into the Big Bad Wolf, separating him once again from his body and Weather, who took a bus without paying attention to his surroundings. Chasing his own double through the town, Anasui is forced into deforming his face in order to evade the police as well as getting dragged into the story of the The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats. Cast as the Wolf, Mother Goat chases him, threatening to cut his stomach open and fill it with rocks.

Meanwhile, Weather Report is dragged along with Vincent Van Gogh's last self portrait and is forced to relive the painter's life. This also makes him fated to cut his ear off and shoot himself in the head. Weather uses his Stand to try and stop the aggressor, whom he senses going north via the birthmark, but Ungalo is already on a plane enjoying the world scale chaos his Stand had caused.

Weather chases after the plane but subsequently collides with Anasui, which triggers Van Gogh's pistol into shooting him. Weather's wounds soon turn to vapor, "drowning" Anasui just like the wolf's fate in the story and melting both of them. Fortunately, knowing Van Gogh's skills as a painter, Weather Report forces him to draw a hero, Put Back, whose story can only end once reality is brought back once again.

After noticing an illustration of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell back in their original cover, Ungalo's Bohemian Rhapsody is soon cancelled and he falls into a coma, having lost his drive with his Stand. Everything returns to normal, and every characters return to their books except Pinocchio.[1]


Elderly Former Carpenter
(1st appearance) (Death)
Jolyne Cujoh
(Mentioned only)
Jotaro Kujo
(Mentioned only)
The Green Baby
(Mentioned only)
Enrico Pucci
(Mentioned only)
Mickey Mouse
(1st appearance) (Death)
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
(1st appearance)
Prince Charming
(1st appearance) (Mentioned only)
(1st appearance)
Kenshiro and Raoh
(1st appearance) (Mentioned only)
Chocolate Store Clerk
(1st appearance)
Van Gogh's Self-Portrait
(1st appearance)
The Birth of Venus
(1st appearance)
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
(1st appearance)
Book-Reading Girl
(1st appearance)
Put Back
(1st appearance)




  1. SO Chapter 104: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 1 to SO Chapter 110: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 7

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