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Made in Heaven (メイド・イン・ヘブン Meido In Hebun) is the seventeenth and final volume of Stone Ocean and the eightieth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the end of the C-Moon story arc and the Made in Heaven story arc.


Author's Note

It's difficult to explain, but when I'm drawing I feel the existence of what I call "gravity".

In other words, while you might think that as an author I have utter control over the actions of the main characters by the progression of the story, or the world in which I make them live, it's not always like this, and at some moments it is the characters who act against my will. Through this method, some drawings have come out that I didn't want to make in the first place. That is how "gravity" manifests itself, which I also assimilate to "fate".

When you read this last volume of Stone Ocean, I'd like you to think a little about this.



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