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Enter the Dragon's Dream (燃えよ竜の夢(ドラゴンズ・ドリーム), Moe yo Doragonzu Dorīmu, lit. "Burn, Dragon's Dream") is the thirteenth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It narrates the fight between Foo Fighters and Kenzou, an elderly master of the Feng-Shui assassination technique.


Kenzou, an elderly man, challenges Jolyne into a fight. Kenzou tells her that he had drowned the prisoners and wants Jolyne next. F.F. intervenes in time and fights him instead, but not before calling Anasui, whom Jolyne recognizes from the room with Weather Report before.

As F.F. continues to get beaten by Kenzou, Anasui tells Jolyne to stay put and professes his love for her. He tells her that Kenzou had been imprisoned for 40 years, having been sentenced to 280 years, for attempting a mass suicide with his cult. Kenzou reveals that he is a wielder of the Stand Dragon's Dream, a sentient dragon-like Stand that aids him in their battle. F.F. deduces the Stand's ability, and the dragon reveals its ability of foresight. F.F. continues to seemingly get attacked out of nowhere, until Anasui notes Dragon's Dream ability of telling Kenzou the lucky feng-shui places for maximum killing probability. He also notes the Stand being a manifestation of Kenzou's "feng-shui assassination" skill.

F.F.'s head is subsequently nearly decapitated for getting hit in an "unlucky area". As she runs off to replenish the water in her body, Jolyne confronts Anasui for not helping F.F., to which he promptly tells her that he had only promised to protect only Jolyne, and not F.F. Meanwhile, F.F. accidentally runs into the dragon's path of attack and is trapped into an electric chair, electrocuting her. However, Kenzou's sweat allows her to choke his neck, making the electricity flow to him as well.

Jolyne attempts to kill Kenzou in retaliation but Anasui intervenes and stores his Stand inside her body. This protects Jolyne from Kenzou's kick and crushes his legs into springs instead. Anasui reveals his Stand, Diver Down, and its ability to restructure anything from the inside.[1]


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  • The name of this story arc is a reference to the martial arts film Enter the Dragon (燃えよドラゴン, Moe yo Doragon).


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