Stone Ocean - Volume 14

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Time for Heaven: Three Days Until the New Moon (天国の時 新月まであと3日 Tengoku no Toki Shingetsu made Ato Mikka) is the fourteenth volume of Stone Ocean and the seventy-seventh volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the Under World story arc and the beginning of the Heavy Weather story arc.


Author's Note

Regarding Superpowers, Part 2
The other day I bought five CDs. All of them were Western music, but their genres varied from jazz to rock to R&B, and the artists were all different as well. However, a close look revealed that all five of them were produced by the same person: a man named Antonio "L.A." Reid. What were the chances of that happening? Like getting a royal flush in a game of poker or winning the Lotto 6, I considered it a miracle. I felt a revelation.
超能力について その②
先日、CDを5枚買った。ジャンルは洋楽だが、ジャズ、ロック、R&Bと分かれて、それぞれ全く違うアーティストのものだった。だが、よーく見てるとアルバムのプロデューサーが5枚とも全部同じ人。『ANTONIO "LA"REID』という人だった。意識したわけてもないのに、こんな偶然ってあるだろうか? ポーカーゲームのロイヤル・ストレート・フラッシュとか、ロト6以上の凄い奇跡だと思った。「啓示」を感じた。



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