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A detailed chronological summary of the life of Jean Pierre Polnareff.


Polnareff was born in 1964 in the French countryside with his Stand, though he would not realize he had it until some time later. His mother died when he was still young,[1] leaving him alone with his sister Sherry. Three years before events of Stardust Crusaders, his sister was ambushed, raped and murdered by J. Geil. To avenge her, Polnareff travels the world to seek him out but knows next to nothing about him except for his two right hands. It is stated that Polnareff trained extensively with his Silver Chariot to become a strong Stand user.[2][3]

His Stand powers attracted DIO, and they met one year before the events of Stardust Crusaders. During their meeting, DIO used Jonathan Joestar's stand to show Polnareff a vision of Sherry's murderer through a crystal ball and persuaded Polnareff to join him. DIO also implanted one of his flesh buds in Polnareff, turning him into one of his servants.

Stardust Crusaders (1988)

Hong Kong

Polnareff, user of the Chariot Stand, confronts the heroes.

Polnareff first appears in Hong Kong. Approaching the Joestar Group in a restaurant posing as a tourist, he soon reveals his plans to attack the Joestars, summons his Stand, Silver Chariot, and challenges Muhammad Avdol as his first victim. Polnareff reveals who he is and shows off Silver Chariot's great fencing skill by skewering five coins thrown the air and five flames in one thrust. Avdol answers in kind by remotely commanding the flames to disintegrate a table. Polnareff invites the group to go to the Tiger Balm Garden, one of Hong Kong's famous landmarks where the open space will allow Magician's Red to fight at its full potential and make Polnareff's victory all the more honorable.

Silver Chariot vs. Magician's Red

Polnareff and Avdol start their battle. Sure of his victory, Polnareff sculpts a statue of Magician's Red while deflecting its flames into a rock. Avdol uses a special technique: the Cross Fire Hurricane. Magician's Red shoots a giant ankh of flames which Polnareff easily deflects back at the Stand and cuts it in two. However, Avdol has tricked Polnareff with the statue the Frenchman made earlier and shoots a second Cross Fire Hurricane. Polnareff is nonetheless unharmed as Silver Chariot's armor has protected the Stand.

Shedding out the armor, Silver Chariot is now so fast it can leave afterimages. Magician's Red attacks again but only succeeds in hitting the ground. Avdol thus decides to use another technique: the Cross Fire Hurricane Special with Magician's Red shooting 6 fire ankhs. Silver Chariot is ready to guard against the attack but is taken out by Avdol's real attack, the flame Avdol has shot into the ground has persisted and dug its way through the ground to hit Polnareff from below. Polnareff is defeated and covered in flames, and Avdol tosses him a dagger so that he can kill himself instead of suffering. Surprisingly, Polnareff doesn't try to attack Avdol with the dagger. Impressed, Avdol cancels the flames and the Joestar Group decides to save him. Jotaro then discovers the flesh bud on his forehead and extracts it.

South China Sea & Singapore

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Polnareff reveals that he's seeking the man who murdered his sister and decides to accompany the Joestar Group for the time being. The group decides to take the sea route and use a ship crewed by men from the Speedwagon Foundation. The crew discovers a stowaway child who dives into a shark-infested sea by mistake and must be saved by Jotaro. However, an enemy Stand appears from the depths to attack Jotaro and the teenager is only saved thanks to Hierophant Green. The group wonder if the little girl Jotaro saved is an enemy, but Jotaro unmask Captain Tennille as an imposter. Jotaro is dragged underwater and Polnareff is stuck witnessing Jotaro's fight against the Imposter Captain Tennille and Dark Blue Moon. Although the enemy is defeated, the Fake Captain has sabotaged the boat and everyone must evacuate.

Strength appears

Stranded on a life boat, the group, the stowaway girl and the boat crew soon cross path with a mysterious freighter. The freighter is nearly empty save for an orangutan. The ape reveals itself to be a Stand user whose Stand is the freighter itself, Strength. Polnareff is bound as the boat's every components come to life and attack the group but Jotaro manages to defeat the enemy. The Joestar Group and the stowaway girl are the only survivors.

The Joestar Group is finally rescued and reach Singapore. Soon after they arrive, Polnareff has a run-in with a policeman who mistakes his bag for garbage and tries to fine him. Out of sympathy, the group also invites the girl to stay in the hotel until her father supposedly arrives to pick her up. The group check in at a hotel and Polnareff gets a single room. As soon as he arrives he spots bottles laid out on the ground and tells his assailant to come out of the fridge. The new enemy presents himself as Devo the Cursed and summons his Ebony Devil, but Polnareff's Silver Chariot takes a few good stabs at Devo, forcing the enemy Stand user to flee while cursing the Frenchman.

Polnareff fighting Ebony Devil's doll.

At this moment, Ebony Devil's true power activates. Something slashes Polnareff's ankle. Polnareff calls Avdol's room to tell him what has happened and then calls room service for a first aid kit. After he replaces a creepy doll that must have fallen to the ground during the fight, Polnareff notices that he's bandaged himself with a dirty underwear. Polnareff looks for his keys and strangely finds them under the bed. Crawling under it to take the keys, Polnareff hears suspicious noises. Suddenly, his hands are feet are tied to the bed, shampoo is thrown in his eyes and the legs of the bed are sawed off, trapping him. It is revealed that Ebony Devil, fueled by Devo's newfound hatred for Polnareff, has possessed a doll strategically placed in the bed room.

Blinded, Polnareff's Silver Chariot cannot fight the doll. The doll bites off a chunk of his neck and in the confusion, Silver Chariot breaks a mirror. The doll doses the underside of the bed in alcohol and prepares to toss a malfunctioning hair dryer into the puddle to electrocute Polnareff to death but Polnareff stabs it in the head, having broken the mirror to see above the bed with the shards. Polnareff shreds the doll, killing Devo the Cursed at the same time. Ironically, an exhausted Polnareff joins with the rest of the group, who chastise him for being late to their discussion about how to defeat Devo.

Later, Jotaro learns from Rubber Soul that the man who has murdered Polnareff's sister is near and that his ability involves mirrors.

India & Pakistan

Hanged Man reveals itself to Polnareff.

As the group arrives in Calcutta, Polnareff is one of the most affected by the culture shock. At a restaurant, he notably discovers with horror a pig sticking out of a toilet bowl he was about to use. Soon after, Polnareff is attacked by a Stand coming from the mirror: Hanged Man. He breaks the mirror and informs his companions of the enemy, but decides to leave the group and seek his enemy alone. A dispute ensues with Avdol who advises against remaining alone, but Polnareff calls him a coward and leaves nonetheless.

Polnareff asks the locals about a man with two right hands but meets with another enemy instead. Hol Horse, a gun for hire, unveils his gun Stand Emperor and shoots Polnareff. Emperor allows Hol Horse to control the bullets and Polnareff is almost shot in the head, but Avdol suddenly appears to push him out of the trajectory of the bullet. Avdol reprimands Polnareff again but Hanged Man and Hol Horse use a combination attack to kill Avdol with a shot to the head. Polnareff is devastated.

Polnareff gets revenge on J. Geil

Noriaki Kakyoin has arrived to witness Avdol's death. Taunted by Hanged Man, Polnareff attacks without success and Hol Horse shoots another bullet for him. However, Kakyoin saves him and the duo drive away in a truck, followed by Hanged Man. In there, Polnareff apologizes for his behavior and Kakyoin elbows him in the face as a token of his forgiveness. The enemy Stand forces the truck they're driving to crash but Polnareff discovers its secret: Hanged Man is Stand of light that hides onto reflective surfaces, traveling between reflective surfaces at the speed of light. When a boy arrives and asks if the two are alright, and Hanged Man is about to attack from the boy's eye. However, Polnareff has the presence of mind to kick sand in the boy's eyes, forcing them to shut and Hanged Man to travel into his own eye. Moreover, Silver Chariot manages to slash Hanged Man while it traveled in the air, wounding J. Geil. Polnareff and Kakyoin hear a cry of pain and run toward the source, sure to find the enemy. However, J. Geil ambushes them with a decoy and attracts a crowd of beggars, allowing himself several points from which Hanged Man can attack. Kakyoin returns the situation by tossing one coin high while Polnareff kicks sand in the eye of the beggars, forcing Hanged Man to jump toward the coin. Silver Chariot slashes it a second time and J. Geil is defeated. As revenge, Polnareff stabs him multiple time and sends him flying into a fence, leaving him hanging upside down.

Nena tricks Polnareff in Benares

Polnareff and Kakyoin are soon confronted by Hol Horse and they inform him that J. Geil has died. The gunman quickly understands that he must run and although Jotaro and Joseph arrive, a young girl named Nena who is in love with Hol Horse tackles Joseph and allows Hol Horse to flee.

The group travels up to Benares with Nena tagging along. In reality, Nena is also an enemy Stand user. While Joseph is attacked by Empress, Polnareff is kept distracted by Nena who fakes falling in love with him. When Joseph finally defeats Empress, Nena reveals her true form as an ugly woman who was wearing a young girl's skin, shocking Polnareff.

The Joestar Group flees Benares and make its way toward Pakistan on a car. On the road, they pick up the same runaway girl who was with them at sea. Soon, the group crosses path with another car with an unseen and aggressive driver. Because of it, they almost crash into a truck, only for Star Platinum to throw the car above it. The group decides to follow the enemy. In a roadside cafe name Cafe Marhaba, the group sees that the enemy car is parked nearby. Jotaro, Joseph and Polnareff decide to rough up the clients to discover the enemy, but they have already left with the car. The group is lured toward a cliff with the enemy car appearing from behind and pushing the heroes to their death. Polnareff notably tells the group to leave the car but releases the brakes, allowing their car to be pushed down. Thankfully, Jotaro and Kakyoin combine their abilities to save the group. However, it is revealed that the car is the Stand Wheel of Fortune, which comes back from the bottom of the cliff to attack. Wheel of Fortune uses an invisible attack that wounds Jotaro and the group decides to retreat further up. It is revealed that the car is shooting drops of gas at high pressure the driver lights the gas, setting Jotaro on fire. However, Jotaro digs a tunnel to fake his death and flanks the car. He swiftly defeats the enemy Stand user. The heroes leave ZZ, the driver, tied up.

Polnareff tries to converse with Enya the Hag.

After leaving the runaway girl on a plane back to Hong Kong, the group travels to Pakistan. They enter a foggy village, in which Polnareff, along with his companions, are unnerved by the strange inhabitants. They decide to rest there for the night and an amiable old woman invites them to her hotel. The woman is in reality Enya the Hag, one of DIO's followers. While the group rests in their room, Polnareff goes to the hall and almost surprises Enya trying to kill Hol Horse. Polnareff starts a conversation with Enya and soon infuriates her as he keeps mentioning her family, unaware that he just killed her son J. Geil.

When Hol Horse crawls out from under a couch and warns Polnareff, Enya reveals her true color and also the army of zombies she's gathered from the inhabitants. Terrified, Polnareff runs to safety and locks himself in the bathrooms, expecting the horde of zombies to eventually attack him. Polnareff cannot resist peeking through the keyhole and at this moment, a zombie's tongue lashes out of the hole and wounds his tongue. He's thus controlled by Justice through his tongue. As a first spiteful humiliation, Enya forces Polnareff to clean the bathroom with his tongue. Thankfully, Jotaro arrives and defeats Enya in short order. Hol Horse flees again and Enya is taken prisoner.

In Karachi, Kakyoin & Polnareff send their Stands inside Joseph's brain to fight Lovers

In Karachi, Steely Dan confronts the group and assassinates Enya. Worse, he sends his Lovers inside of Joseph's brain with some of DIO's cells to make them grow. While Jotaro is forced to stay with Steely Dan, Polnareff, Kakyoin and Joseph retreat. Joseph uses Hermit Purple on a TV set to look inside his brain. Thanks to that, Polnareff and Kakyoin can guide their Silver Chariot and Hierophant Green inside Joseph to reach Lovers. Silver Chariot is technically stronger than Lovers but the enemy Stand uses the cells in the brain to create duplicates of himself. Thankfully, Hierophant Green deploys its tentacles to secretly check every fake and wounds the real Lovers, driving it away. It is Jotaro who finishes off Lovers and defeats Steely Dan.

Arabia & the Red Sea

The group encounters Sun

The Joestar Group reaches Abu Dhabi. Joseph decides to buy camels to cross the desert toward the village of Yarpline, but as they cross the desert, the group notices that the Sun is still up. It reveals itself as a powerful enemy Stand that bombards the heroes with lasers and they must hide under a rock with the scorching heat getting at them. Polnareff is the third to notice the enemy's hiding spot laughs alongside Kakyoin and Jotaro. Jotaro has Star Platinum throw a rock at the enemy and Sun is defeated.

Polnareff attacked by Death Thirteen

In Yarpline, Kakyoin is attacked by Death Thirteen in his sleep but Polnareff fortunately wakes him before he dies. Kakyoin has forgotten his dream but is clearly nervous. Meanwhile, Joseph has bought a Cessna and accepts to have a sick baby tag along with the group to be delivered to a hospital. In reality, the baby is Mannish Boy, Death Thirteen's user who plans to kill the group in their sleep. Polnareff and Kakyoin sleep again and find themselves in Death Thirteen's nightmare world. In here, Polnareff also learns about the Stand and is almost killed but is woken up to change the baby's diapers. Kakyoin is stuck in the nightmare but struggles so much he disturbs Joseph and causes a crash.

The group has to make camp for the night while rescue arrives. Kakyoin is still affected by his nightmares and suspects that the baby is the enemy. However, Mannish Boy manages to hide his true nature and the group thinks that Kakyoin is having a nervous breakdown. When Kakyoin summons Hierophant Green to attack the baby, Polnareff knocks him out. The whole group falls asleep and is victimized by Death Thirteen. However, Kakyoin reappears with his Stand, as being rendered unconscious with one's Stand out allows one to keep them while dreaming. Kakyoin defeats Death Thirteen and the whole group is saved.

Judgement appears before Polnareff.

The group reaches the Red Sea but they first stop by an island where Muhammad Avdol's father lives. Painfully reminded of Avdol's death, Polnareff walks alone on the beach and finds an oil lamp. He rubs it and discovers "Cameo" a genie who will grant him three wishes. Skeptical, Polnareff tells Cameo to make him rich and the Frenchman suddenly discovers a treasure. He is won over and hurriedly tells Cameo to bring back his sister Sherry. The wish turns against him as Sherry reveals herself as a flesh eating zombie. Moreover, Cameo reveals itself as Judgement and also "grants" Polnareff's wish of bringing back Avdol. The two keep attacking Polnareff who cannot bring himself to hurt them.

Suddenly, a second Avdol appears, summons Magician's Red, and defeats the zombie. Avdol reveals that Emperor's bullet merely grazed his skull and that he faked his death in Calcutta to recover in tranquility. Avdol easily defeats Judgement then the pair discover Cameo's hiding spot. They humiliate him and then quickly defeat him.

Polnareff attacked by High Priestess

Polnareff happily presents Avdol to the Joestar Group and is dismayed to learn that everyone already knew about his survival and kept Polnareff out of the secret for fear that he'd inadvertently reveal it. Avdol also reveals a submarine he's bought which will allow the group to reach Egypt undetected. However, in the middle of the underwater journey, the group is attacked by High Priestess. The enemy Stand is extremely nimble and deadly, and it sabotages the submarine, forcing the heroes to evacuate their vessel. High Priestess disguises itself as a regulator and enters Polnareff's mouth but thankfully, Hierophant Green and Hermit Purple pull it out of the Frenchman. The group successfully exits the submarine but High Priestess fuses with the seabed and turns into a giant head that swallows the heroes. Thankfully, Jotaro smashes High Priestess's rock teeth, taking out the user.

When the group reaches the surface, Polnareff goes to check on the enemy user but sees her ravaged face and tells the group to not bother. The heroes have reached Egypt.

Arrival to Egypt (1989)

The Nile River, Egypt

Polnareff and Iggy meet.

The group meets with a helicopter envoy from the Speedwagon Foundation. The crew delivers some supplies but more importantly, bring Iggy, a dog Stand user. The dog jumps on Polnareff's head, tear his hair, and then farts on his face. Enraged, Polnareff sends out Silver Chariot but Iggy also summons his sand Stand, The Fool. The Fool is made of sand and easily neutralizes Silver Chariot. Unbeknownst to them, the group is targeted by N'Doul, another one of DIO's henchmen.

The group finds the Speedwagon helicopter crashed in the desert. Soon N'Doul attacks the heroes with his remote controlled water Stand, Geb. Crouched together, Kakyoin tells Polnareff to attack the canteen from which Geb came out, which offends Polnareff since Kakyoin could do the attacking himself. Geb then suddenly comes from the sand and slashes Kakyoin's eyes. Polnareff is targeted as well, but thankfully, one of the dead pilots' wristwatch rings, distracting Geb which attacks the watch. Carrying his friend Kakyoin, Polnareff is pursued by the enemy Stand which slashes his leg. However, Joseph manages to catch him and Kakyoin with Hermit Purple. Helpless against Geb, Polnareff lets Jotaro and Iggy defeat N'Doul.

Polnareff unaware that "Jotaro" is an enemy

In Aswan, Polnareff plays a large role during Oingo and Boingo's attempt on the group's lives. He fatefully chooses the café in which he, Joseph and Jotaro will sit while Kakyoin and Avdol are treated by tossing his cigarette on the ground and choose wherever the cigarette points. Polnareff then unintentionally helps Oingo and Boingo as his cigarette starts a fire near another café, dissuading the suspicious group from leaving. While Polnareff, Joseph and Jotaro end up sipping poisoned tea, Iggy causes a scene, making the trio spit everything out and run after him.

Later, Jotaro splits from the group. Joseph and Polnareff surprise Oingo trying to break into their car but Oingo disguises himself as Jotaro, fooling the pair. Polnareff forces Oingo into the car and go to the hospital, cornering Oingo with Jotaro's face and a nearby bomb in an orange peel threatening to explode. On their way to the hospital, Polnareff keeps prying "Jotaro" about his new clothes and unusual behaviour, and Oingo ultimately manages to escape the car. Polnareff performs a trick when he manages to flip a lit cigarette into his mouth and then tells "Jotaro" to repeat his cigarette trick with five cigarettes. Ultimately, Oingo finds an excuse to get out of the car and runs toward a rock to change back. Polnareff then tosses the bomb out of the car, having been persuaded that it wasn't edible by Oingo. The bomb then lands near Oingo and explodes, taking out the assassin.

Polnareff encounters Chaka

The Joestar Group go up the Nile via boat, unaware that the sword Stand Anubis prepares its attack and possesses an innocent farmer named Chaka. The group stops at the temple of Kom Ombo. Polnareff is accosted by a local who tries to sell him a papyrus but Polnareff tears it apart, aware that papyrus is a stronger material. Polnareff is separated from the group and walks toward the temple of Kom Ombo, followed by Chaka. In the temple itself, the two formally present themselves and begin to fight. The Anubis sword can shift through matter and injures Polnareff, forcing Polnareff to retreat a bit. Chaka hides momentarily only to make a pillar fall on Polnareff while he's perched behind it, ready to strike. Polnareff uses his secret technique: he can shoot Silver Chariot's sword blade from its handle and manages to hit Chaka in the neck, defeating him. Polnareff decides to take the sword and is almost possessed, but the group calls him out, breaking the spell for the time being.

Controlled by Anubis, Polnareff becomes evil.

In Edfu, Polnareff and Jotaro go to a barber's shop. The barber, Khan, is also possessed while Polnareff gets ready to be shaved. Polnareff fights him again but discovers with horror that the sword gets stronger and faster the more it fights someone and that it knows how to counter his secret technique. Jotaro must intervene and defeats Chaka with difficulty. Polnareff tries to sheathe the sword but a policeman tries to confiscate it and Polnareff accidentally grabs the sword and is fully possessed by Anubis. Combining Silver Chariot with Anubis, Polnareff easily gets the better of Star Platinum but Jotaro has baited Anubis into stabbing his stomach. Anubis is immobilized and Jotaro reduces the sword to pieces. One of the bigger shards attempts a last assassination by possessing a nearby child but Iggy accidentally makes the boy trip, sending the sword into the Nile.

In Luxor, while Joseph and Avdol are attacked and isolated by Mariah, Polnareff and Jotaro decide to go look for them. The pair is followed by Alessi, another one of DIO's assassins. Polnareff sees Alessi and confronts him alone, testing whether he's a Stand user or not. Alessi sends his shadow Stand, Sethan, towards Polnareff who briefly touches it, but then the assassin runs away.

Reduced to a child, Polnareff is at Alessi's mercy.

Polnareff pursues Alessi but soon notices that he's de-aged into a small boy whom even Jotaro doesn't recognize. Alessi corners Polnareff in an alley but thankfully he was born as a Stand user and thus had Silver Chariot as a child already. Silver Chariot is overpowered by Sethan but the latter breaks Chariot's rapier and accidentally sends the blade into Alessi's shoulder, driving him away. Polnareff then meets a kind woman who mistakes him for a lost child and takes him to her home. Polnareff and the woman go into the bathroom to get cleaned but Alessi reappears and makes the woman disappear.

Polnareff leaves Malèna

Alessi almost drowns Polnareff but the small boy kicks his feces into Alessi's face, making him drop Polnareff in disgust. Polnareff discovers with horror that the woman has been turned into a fetus that will die soon and Alessi comes forward to attack again. The boy takes the fetus and runs away, cornering himself in a small closet. Polnareff cannot escape but engineers his own hiding spot by hiding his head inside a balloon and his body behind a mirror plunged in an aquarium. When Alessi breaks in, Polnareff ambushes him and stabs his nose, making the assassin run and jump down a window; causing Alessi to meet Jotaro.

Jotaro is unaware of Alessi's true nature and despite Polnareff's warnings, is de-aged as well. However, Jotaro pummels Alessi with his own hands. Sethan's power is cancelled, Polnareff and Jotaro are free to summon their respective Stands at full power to finish off Alessi. Afterwards, Polnareff crosses path with the woman again. She senses some familiarity with Polnareff but the Frenchman reluctantly denies knowing her to prevent her from becoming a target. Guessing the situation, Jotaro takes the time to comfort Polnareff.

Cairo, Egypt

The Joestar Group arrives in Cairo and begins the search for DIO's Mansion. In a cafe of Cairo's outskirts, the group meets a peculiar card sharp man named Daniel J. D'Arby who claims to know about the mansion and asks the group to bet and win it. Frustrated by D'Arby, Polnareff angrily accepts to bet on which of two pieces of dried fish a nearby cat will catch first. Just before the cat sees the fish, D'Arby asks Polnareff to bet his soul and the Frenchman accepts, thinking D'Arby to be mad. Polnareff bets on the bigger piece of fish but he loses. At that moment, D'Arby's Stand, Osiris, appears to steal Polnareff's soul and effectively kills him. Polnareff stays dead until Jotaro manages to defeat D'Arby.

During an assassination attempt, Hol Horse puts his fingers in Polnareff's nose.

In the streets of Cairo, Polnareff senses someone trailing the group and confronts the enemy alone. He discovers Hol Horse and quickly dominates him then asks the gunman where is his partner, as Hol Horse wouldn't dare to fight the group alone. Polnareff notices Boingo's presence but is distracted, allowing Hol Horse to put his fingers in Polnareff's nose, confusing the gunman. Unfortunately for Hol Horse, the rest of the heroes come back toward Polnareff.

Hol Horse hides in a corner behind Polnareff and forces him to act as if nothing's wrong. Polnareff tries to signal the enemy with his tongue, unsuccessfully. Hol Horse discovers the ploy and almost kills Polnareff but the Frenchman sneezes, his nose having been irritated by Hol Horse earlier. Hol Horse is discovered and surrounded but a truck fortunately crashes into the group, taking most of them out. Hol Horse and Boingo hide again and see that Tohth predicts that Jotaro's face will be riddled with bullet at noon. Hol Horse hurriedly shoots into a network of pipes to shoot Jotaro from an unexpected angle, but as Jotaro tries to help Polnareff, the latter sneezes again. Jotaro backs away in disgust and evades the bullets, confusing Hol Horse. At the end, Hol Horse receives his own bullets in the face and is taken out while Iggy angrily defeats Boingo after the boy accidentally kicks a crate into him.

In the streets of Cairo, Polnareff clashes with a beggar because he is unknowingly taking his spot. Avdol intervenes on the beggar's behalf and explains how the beggar community is organized. The group decides to ask the beggar to find DIO's Mansion and the latter accepts. Humourously, the beggar reveals he's wearing a suit and has a luxurious car. While the group awaits, Iggy is fighting Pet Shop, the falcon guardian of the mansion.

After Iggy defeats Pet Shop and is saved, the Joestar Group reunites with the dog and Kakyoin. Iggy leads the group directly to DIO's Mansion and they begin their assault on the place. However, they are nearly immediately greeted by Telence T. D'Arby, the butler of the mansion and Daniel J. D'Arby's little brother. D'Arby reveals his Stand, Atum, and demonstrates his prowess by predicting and evading one of Jotaro's attacks. D'Arby then forcibly drags Jotaro, Joseph and Kakyoin into a hole that then disappears, splitting the group in two.

Battle in DIO's Mansion

Polnareff encounters Vanilla Ice's Cream.

Polnareff, Avdol and Iggy wait a few minutes before deciding to enter the mansion. Discovering an impossible labyrinth, Avdol deploys a fire radar to detect a hidden enemy and Iggy swiftly defeats him. The illusion is dispelled, but then Vanilla Ice, one of DIO's most devout followers, ambushes the group. His Stand, Cream, can devour and send anything into a void dimension. Plus, Vanilla Ice can hide inside Cream's mouth and Cream can swallow itself to become an invisible void sphere, making the enemy nearly invincible. Vanilla Ice kills Avdol, who shoves his allies aside, and continues his assault.

Polnareff and Iggy are forced to retreat but are determined to fight, and thus run up to the first floor. Polnareff and Iggy try to trick Vanilla Ice with a DIO made of sand but he sees through the ploy and mortally wounds Iggy. Polnareff retaliates and Vanilla Ice hides in Cream's mouth again, but the Frenchman has the idea of scattering sand around the room to see the foe's position. He manages to ambush Ice and drives Silver Chariot's rapier in his mouth. However, Vanilla Ice refuses to die and threatens to break Silver Chariot's arm. Polnareff must push Ice away and is gravely crippled in the counterattack. He sends Silver Chariot to bring Iggy back to him, but he then notices that Ice is circling around him, shrinking the circle and slowly converging on Polnareff's position. Despite his best efforts, Polnareff is unable to avoid the incoming void sphere and says his goodbye to Iggy.

However, Polnareff is actually saved by Iggy, who uses the last of his strength to lift Polnareff to the ceiling with The Fool. Iggy dies but gives Polnareff the opening to fatally wound Vanilla Ice. Ice stands back up but Polnareff has guessed that he's become a Vampire and thus exposes him to the sun to finish him off. Polnareff then briefly sees the spirit of Avdol and Iggy saluting him one last time before ascending to the heavens.

The Final Battle, DIO's World

Polnareff once again crosses paths with DIO

On the staircase leading up to the third floor, DIO confronts Polnareff. DIO tries to persuade Polnareff to join his side but Polnareff refuses. As he goes up the stairs to fight DIO, Polnareff suddenly finds himself at the bottom to which an amused DIO suggests that he subconsciously stepped back in fear. Nervous, Polnareff realizes that he's experiencing a glimpse of DIO's power and summons Silver Chariot to attack. In turn, DIO summons his Stand, The World. However, the clash is interrupted as the Joestar Group appears after destroying a wall, letting the sunlight in and making DIO retreat to the shadows.

Polnareff uses the respite to explain what he's experienced to the group. The group then follows Nukesaku up to the top of one of the tower in an empty chamber with a coffin at its center. The heroes force Nukesaku to open the coffin to attack but the Vampire suddenly finds himself in the same coffin, shredded to pieces. Sensing an incoming attack, the group jumps out of the window. As the sun sets, Polnareff disagrees with Joseph's decision to flee DIO until dawn as he wants to avenge Avdol and Iggy. While he leaves alone, Jotaro soon joins him.[4] Polnareff and Jotaro hijack a motorcycle and follow DIO as the Vampire pursues Joseph and Kakyoin.

Jotaro and Polnareff split and the Frenchman lies in ambush. Jotaro and DIO fight, but Jotaro finds himself on the ground, gravely injured and trying play dead. As DIO approaches Jotaro to finish him off, Polnareff jumps down from one of the roofs and Silver Chariot stabs DIO in the head. Unfortunately, the blow lacks the force and precision to hit the brain stem and DIO stops time. DIO then punches Polnareff into a wall and almost finishes him off, forcing Jotaro to nearly ruin his cover in order to save Polnareff.

Polnareff leaves after the journey is complete

After DIO is killed, Polnareff parts with Jotaro and Joseph, refusing Joseph's offer to go to the US and instead going back to his motherland, France. The trio hugs a last time, exchanging banters until they go on their separate ways without looking back.

Vento Aureo (2001)

Polnareff cornered by Diavolo.

Before the events of Vento Aureo, Jotaro and Polnareff learned of the Arrows and began to investigate them. Polnareff eventually went on his own in Italy but his investigations caught the attention of Diavolo.

Polnareff eventually learned about Diavolo but the Boss confronted him and easily defeated him thanks to King Crimson's ability. He was tossed off a cliff and sustained critical injuries, including the loss of one of his eyes and the use of his lower legs.[5] Although he survived, Polnareff was crippled and had no way of contacting his allies, due to Passione controlling communications in Italy. Hiding in a local farmhouse afterward, one day Polnareff dropped the Arrow into a small crack. When he uses Silver Chariot to attempt to retrieve it, he learns firsthand of a power that surpasses Stands when the Stand touched the Arrow: everything in a large radius around him began to fall asleep. Before he could lose control of Chariot, Polnareff steals the Arrow from it and reverts it back to its original form.[6]

Pronto! On the Phone

Polnareff notices Team Bucciarati's efforts.

While watching over police databases, Polnareff notices Team Bucciarati's efforts to discover who Diavolo is. He immediately contacts them and manages to convince them that he's an ally. Telling them to go to Rome and meet at the Colosseum, Polnareff takes the time to explain the origin of the Bow and Arrow and presents them their true potential, holding the exact nature of this potential secret until they meet. Polnareff hides in the Colosseum and awaits Bucciarati's team.

Polnareff is present in Rome while Team Bucciarati fight Cioccolata and Secco. Polnareff is shown to observe the fight between Bucciarati and Secco, pondering on the irony of these misfits trying to save the world from Diavolo.

A Little Story from the Past

After Bruno Bucciarati defeats Secco, his bizarre condition allows Doppio to pass off as Trish and the two enter the Colosseum unnoticed by the rest of the group. Polnareff calls out the pair from the second floor and wants to check whether they are trustworthy, cornering Doppio when he asks to see "Trish"'s Stand. Diavolo acts.

His Name Is Diavolo

Polnareff notices that time has skipped and realizes that Diavolo is nearby. The Boss of Passione confronts his foe. Despite having devised a way to detect King Crimson's power by biting his finger and observe the blood drops, Diavolo is careful enough to avoid Polnareff's counterattack. As a last resort, Polnareff stabs Silver Chariot with the Arrow, hoping that it will be kept safe from Diavolo.

What Lies Beyond the Arrow

Polnareff impaled by King Crimson.

Diavolo punches through Polnareff's chest and the Frenchman dies, reminiscing his adventure in Egypt. Meanwhile, Chariot Requiem fully manifests itself and puts everyone in Rome to sleep.

The Requiem Quietly Plays

Thanks to Chariot Requiem's ability to switch souls, Polnareff's soul is transported in Coco Jumbo's body. He contacts Team Bucciarati and explains them everything about the Arrow and Requiem Stands. He also warns them about Diavolo working with someone else. However, it is only when Narancia Ghirga dies that he realizes that Diavolo may have a split personality disorder, meaning that the Boss shares his body with another soul.

Accompanying the group, Polnareff tries to grab the Arrow from a dismembered Chariot Requiem, hoping that his Stand-less state will allow him to touch it. Instead, Chariot Requiem begins to chase Polnareff in order to touch him. Although the Stand leave him be, Polnareff discovers that his body is morphing into a monster.

When Giorno claims that Diavolo may be possessing someone in the group, Polnareff agrees with the theory and tells Giorno how to make himself bleed to watch the dripping blood and detect whenever time is skipped. Diavolo eventually manifest himself and everyone runs after Chariot Requiem, leaving the turtle behind.
Polnareff's soul lingers in Coco Jumbo's room.

Sleeping Slaves

After all souls were put in the proper body, Polnareff maintains his grip on the world of the living by staying inside of Mr.President's room. After Giorno collects the Arrow, Polnareff tells him to put it inside of the turtle, accepting the duty to guard this Arrow.

It is presumed that Polnareff spends his days in Passione as a companion of the new boss Giorno Giovanna.

The Genesis of Universe

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

The Train from the Desert to Hell City

Oil tanker flying over the Joestar Group

After the fight with N'Doul, the Joestar Group is forced to traverse the desert on foot with little remaining water, while being assaulted by the scorching heat and the blinding sunlight. Polnareff pompously proclaims his envy over his lack of melanin, which protects some of his allies from the sun. He also laments losing his beautiful voice due to the lack of hydration; according to him, many women have cried at his chansons back in Paris. Joseph shuts down his chatter and tells him not to waste his energy. Jotaro, although annoyed, sympathizes with Polnareff; in such a desperate situation, it was crucial to keep the mind active. Kakyoin, who has been carried by Avdol for the past three days, suddenly moans out in pain. While Joseph treats Kakyoin’s wounds with whiskey, Jotaro tosses Polnareff his uniform and tells him to put it on, to which Polnareff reluctantly agrees. As the group rests, they pass around the remaining flask of water, emptying it completely.

On the horizon, they see a city, one of the numerous mirages they've seen in the past three days. They get up and continue walking. From the mirage, a black oil tanker begins moving through the sky towards them. It passes over them and disappears on the opposite side of the horizon. Polnareff begins to doubt his sanity, but Joseph points out that the water that has fallen from the ship is real. The group comes to the conclusion that they are being attacked by a Stand. On the same day, a fuel tank truck and a medieval European castle fly over them.

At night, the group is besieged by a sandstorm. Polnareff, after failing to make Iggy stop the storm with his Stand, attempts to kick him but ends up falling face-first into the sand. As they continue walking, the wind becomes weaker, as if it's being blocked by a large object. To their surprise, that object turns out to be a working diesel locomotive. Avdol suggests boarding it, but Polnareff insists that this is a mirage. Avdol responds that, at night and during a sandstorm, the Stand could not create mirages. Joseph convinces his allies that they have no other choice. Jotaro steps into the locomotive. The LED message panel lights up, saying that at the last stop, Hell City, they will be connected to an express train to Aswan, their destination. The rest of the group board the train.

The Joestar group encountering Satanic Coupler

As the train is leaving, Polnareff and Joseph are complaining about the stale air and shaking. Before even finishing their sentences, they feel the air becoming fresher and the shaking being stopped. The train's driver, Absalom, introduces himself and his train, Satanic Coupler, through the speakers. The sandstorm stops an hour before arriving at their destination and is immediately replaced by a mirage, which manifests itself as countless pieces of the United States. The group's attempts to stop or escape the train prove to be in vain, as the train is in Absalom's full control. The Joestar group unleashes their Stands and begins pummeling the insides of the train. It was, however, to no success as the train morphed and expanded to cushion the blows. Kakyoin loses his patience and unleashes his Emerald Splash in spite of his teammates' protests. The emeralds bounce off the walls and hit Kakyoin and his allies, covering the floor with their blood. From Satanic Coupler emerge numerous tentacles, wrapping around the group and releasing a paralizing liquid. The walls of the train become transparent to reveal a nightmarish mirage of a city. Absalom, with uncharacteristic aggression, declares his desire to cruelly punish the civilized men before they die.

Satanic Coupler has already been moving through the city for several hours. After another announcement from Absalom, the tentacles, wrapped around the Joestar group, begin pumping out their blood, extracting information from their brains. The train begins to transform, becoming more modern. On top of that, Iggy’s perception of locomotives as monsters causes the train to grow horns and quills all over its surface. Jotaro and Polnareff coincidentally come up with the same plan; they begin pumping the Stand with advantageous information. The tentacles retract, and the fixed windows change into manual opening windows. Jotaro and Polnareff escape successfully with Iggy, but Joseph, Avdol, and Kakyoin react too late, and the windows become fixed again. The three land safely on the pavement, using their Stands to cushion the fall. Satanic Coupler abruptly stops and begins moving towards them. They turn left into a narrow alley, followed by the train, smashing through the walls. They run into a dead end, so Jotaro tells Iggy to call out his Stand. He grabs The Fool as it extends its huge wings and steers it towards Satanic Coupler's cabin. The Fool crashes into the windshield, terrifying Michal, accompanying Absalom, into recalling her Stand. Jotaro and Polnareff, now surrounded by a desert, use their Stands to create a wave of sand, which briefly engulfs the train. Absalom regains vision after two or three seconds, but the three are now out of his sight. He assumes that they went flying into the air with The Fool. Satanic Coupler vanishes beyond the line of the horizon in search of the three. Jotaro, Polnareff, and Iggy emerge from the sand, covered by Jotaro's uniform.

The three wander the desert until the sun sets. They arrive at the foot of a dune before collapsing from exhaustion. They are found by a young nomad. He notifies his village, and the men and the dog are brought there. They are offerred water and food and quickly regained their physical and mental vigor. With the village elder's request, the newcomers join him by the campfire. Jotaro tells him that they were looking for their friend, Absalom. The elder tells them that he lives on an oasis with his sister and mentions an accident that happened in Cairo. Suspecting DIO's involvement, Jotaro asks for more information. The old man tells about Absalom's past and his meeting with DIO. Later, before bed, Jotaro and Polnareff discuss their plans and the story they heard from the elder. Polnareff complains about not being able to find his passcase, where he keeps girls’ phone numbers.

Jotaro, Polnareff, and Iggy receive some water and food from the old man and depart before sunrise. They see Satanic Coupler advancing towards them at full speed. They manage to dodge by a hair but are flung into the air by the shock wave. When they recover, Jotaro hears a terrified scream coming from Polnareff. He turns to see the boy from earlier blocking the way of the train. With a loud thud, the boy is flung into the air before Absalom stops the train. A black object is dropped by the boy, which Polnareff identifies as his passcase. Enraged, he declares his desire to avenge him, but he is stopped by Jotaro, who tells him to bring the boy to the village while he fights Absalom. Polnareff agrees; he picks up the boy and heads towards the village.

Polnareff in Michal's trap

Heading back to the battlefield, less than a kilometer away, Polnareff notices the newly formed mirage-city. He rushes in without hesitation. While calling out for his comrades in the strangely silent city, he notices a trail of blood leading towards the entrance of the gatehouse. He follows it to the entrance of the gatehouse, where it stops. After realizing that it was actually paint, countless petroleum cisterns begin materializing and flying into the hall. They explode, spreading fire everywhere. As Polnareff attempts to escape, he becomes drenched in fuel and is subsequently set ablaze. Polnareff musters up enough energy to summon Silver Chariot to remove the flames engulfing him. While fending off the cisterns with his Stand, he thinks of a location from where Michal could be watching him. He then notices that one of the curtains doesn't flutter, so he rushes towards it and pulls out his sword. Polnareff strikes Michal, which causes the mirage to dissolve completely. At the same time, Jotaro completely destroys Satanic Coupler.

Michal is unconscious, while Absalom is spitting out blood, telling the Joestar group that he’ll give up only when he dies. Polnareff says that he can help him with that, but notices something coming from Absalom to Avdol. Absalom explains that he has sent a microscopic version of his Stand inside Avdol's body, if his psychic link with it ends, the boiler will explode. Jotaro shrinks his Stand and uses Star Finger to destroy the boiler. Suddenly the villagers appear, and, after witnessing the scene, the elder decides that the Joestar group are the subjects of a devil called Ababasubombo. He says that Absalom and Michal are very precious to them, so he and the other villagers drive them off.

On the evening of the fifth day, the Joestar group put an end to their battle. They continue their journey, heading to a city at the base of the mountains, ten kilometers away.

The Gravestone of Hot Sand

Searching through Al-Darb al-Ahmar

Polnareff, bruised and exhausted, inspects the north area of Al-Darb al-Ahmar in search of the Stand user who summoned the monsters attacking him. In spite of his vertigo, Polnareff musters all of his fighting spirit, preparing for another assault. He suddenly hears the sound of horses approaching, and is attacked by a Roman chariot. He acts too late, and his leg gets run over. Before even coming to his senses, the chariot knocks him out. Polnareff is approached by a mummy-like figure who delights in taking out one of the members of the Joestar group and disappears in the Cairo bustle.

Attacked by the statue of Pinedjem

Joseph and Avdol are in the midst of a battle against The Scribe Ani. The rubble begins falling off everywhere, accumulating in the ground. From the rubble, emerges a statue of the high priest Pinedjem. It swings its fist at Joseph. He dodges it but loses his balance and trips, as another fist approaches him. Suddenly Polnareff shows up and shoves Joseph out of the way. The statue leaps at them. Polnareff prepares to strike it, but the statue turns back to rubble before Silver Chariot reaches it, burying him. When Avdol tries to help him, he gets stabbed in the chest by a Roman soldier and collapses to the ground. Joseph and Polnareff split and run towards Ani, aiming to strike him at the same time. They, however, only manage to graze his Stand, as, behind him, emerges a Roman army, raining arrows on the two. As they futilely try to avoid them, they bump into an unseen wall and lose consciousness.

Escaping from the Roman army

The Scribe Ani is browsing The Genesis of Universe to find the right way to finish off Joseph, Polnareff, and Avdol. He then hears Jotaro's micking voice behind him. Unbeknownst to him, he had already summoned the beast-goddess Ammit under the road. Jotaro stumbles in the middle of a punch as the ground erupts beneath his feet, revealing the collosal demon Ammit. Star Platinum unleashes a barrage of fists on her, which proves to be completely ineffective; she doesn't budge even a little. But, while chasing Jotaro, Ammit disappears in a cloud of smoke, as the book was damaged by Joseph and Polnareff's earlier attack. Ani, again, searches for the right passage while he's out of Jotaro’s range. Star Platinum acts quickly and throws a bottle of perfume at the old man, blinding him and giving Jotaro a chance to get close. Ani drops his Stand and starts rubbing his eyes. He tries to locate it on the ground, but it is already in Jotaro's hands. Under Star Platinum's flurry of punches, the old man and his Stand crumble into dust.

After being treated for their injuries, the Joestar group meets in a cafe. To Jotaro's great annoyance, Joseph brags to him about saving his life, with Polnareff chiming in to also take the credit. Avdol wonders about the identity of The Scribe Ani. After a long pause, Jotaro responds that it doesn't matter; he is now just sand in the desert.


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