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It can be said that humans live by destroying. In the midst of that, your power is kinder than anything else.

Crazy Diamond (クレイジー・ダイヤモンド, Kureijī Daiyamondo) is the Stand of Josuke Higashikata, featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable.

A powerful Stand with strength comparable to Star Platinum, it possesses the ability to heal or repair objects and/or people.


Crazy Diamond A-GO!GO! cropped.png

Crazy Diamond is a humanoid Stand with a muscular build and tall stature, usually standing at around Josuke's height or taller.

It is clad in circular, oval, cylindrical, and heart-shaped armor plates that cover most of its body. On its head is a tall helmet shaped like a heart from the top, that occasionally resembles a Corinthian helmet. Cables join the back of its head to its upper back. It bears a heart motif between the top of its helm, its chin, shoulders, upper abdomen, belt, and knees. Short spikes protrude from its shoulders, ankles and head. Towards the end of the Part 4 manga, Crazy Diamond is depicted in some panels with a small nose visible underneath its helmet.

It was designed to contrast with Star Platinum's blackish color scheme.[5]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Hot Pink)
(Baby Blue helmet and armor plating, silver spikes and cables)
Eyes(Deep Blue)
(Baby Blue helmet and armor plating, black spikes and cables)
Skin(Dark Salmon)
(Light Blue helmet and armor plating, gray spikes and cables)
Skin(Bubblegum Pink)
(Light Baby Blue Helmet and armor plating, gray spikes and cables)
(Steel Blue Helmet and armor plating, silver spikes and cables)


Crazy Diamond has no distinct personality, usually with an angry or blank expression during fights and shouting its Stand Cry "DORARARA!"; similar yet uniquely distinct from that of Stands belonging to other Joestars. In a very small handful of scenes, Crazy Diamond has shown emotion through facial expressions, such as fear during the fight with Bug-Eaten.

Crazy Diamond was named by Jotaro Kujo.[6]


Crazy Diamond is a Close-Range Stand, which like Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum, is characterized by its physical might and speed at the cost of a short range of 2 meters. Its basic characteristics are:

  • Super Strength: Crazy Diamond possesses immense physical strength, having been able to easily punch through the abdomens of two people at once. Its strength matches that of a Star Platinum weakened by 10 years of being unused, having once successfully broken its defense and prompting Jotaro to remark that Star Platinum in its unused state would have difficulties against Crazy Diamond in a contest of strength.[7]
  • Super Speed: Not only is it capable of surprising an on-guard and fully charged Red Hot Chili Pepper, but Crazy Diamond can also outpace other Stands such as Highway Star in close combat. Josuke estimates that its strikes exceed 300[8] km/h (190 mph), though this is likely an understatement as his speed is comparable to Star Platinum, which moves faster than the speed of light.[9] It was also able to catch a bullet fired in close proximity to Josuke.[10]
  • Precision: According to Jotaro, it can effectively fire off a rifle bullet from its fingers up to 50 to 70 meters when Josuke concentrates.[11]

Thus, Crazy Diamond is a powerful Stand in close-quarter combat whose capabilities are enhanced by its unconventional power of repairing broken items, making it a redoubtable and unpredictable Stand in a fight, but also an invaluable fighting partner as it can effectively heal any wound.


Crazy Diamond's unique ability is to restore or revert objects or organisms to a previous state in their history through touch.

Crazy Diamond can fix objects and people

It can repair damage, heal injuries, revert chemical changes and complex structures to their raw components (e.g. a table into its constituent timber). It may also fuse objects, for example, a person with a rock (as with villain Anjuro Katagiri).[6] When restoring a divided object, the user is able to control which part acts as the starting points for the rest to gather towards.[12] Feats of this nature include trapping an enemy by restoring pieces of a broken crate around him; exposing a Stand formerly bound to an object;[13] and tracking by restoring a severed hand, forcing it to seek out and reattach itself to the body from which it was cut off.[14]

If this ability is used while Josuke is in a foul mood, its target may become warped as a result of improper restoration.[15] Crazy Diamond's ability cannot heal its user,[16] cure illnesses (as victims are not considered damaged),[12] retrieve things erased by The Hand,[17] or restore life to a dead organism.[18]

Josuke frequently uses this ability to heal his allies, pull himself or objects into an advantageous position, or trap enemies by repairing a whole object around them. He can also use outside-the-box stratagems that take advantage of the properties of an object's former state.

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Video Games

Puzzle & Dragons (Android/iOS)

Crazy Diamond was obtainable for a limited time as an Assist Evolution in the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons.

PAD Crazy Diamond Assist.png
Crazy Diamond
Attributes: LightIcon2.png
Rarity: 8★ (Assist Evolution)
No. 9557
4,999 (Lvl.99)
4,506 (Lvl.99)
901 (Lvl.99)
Active Skill: "Fix objects or Stands that are broken."
3x RCV & Orb move time for 1 turn; fully recovers HP, bind (incl. Awoken) & unmatchable Orb status
Leader Skill: "N/A"



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