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"JoJo 25th Anniversary" Memorial Card (「ジョジョ25周年」メモリアルカード, "JoJo 25-Shūnen" Memoriaru Kādo) is a series of collectible cards released by Ezaki Glico on June 13, 2012 for the 25th Anniversary of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.


The cards could be received by buying Ezaki Glico products in any of the convenience store chains featured in the campaign, one card per two products purchased. There were 42 cards in total with some being given out in different stores. Each card represented a character with the back featuring a short description of the character or the character's Stand.[1]

Each card came with a ticket that would allow one to participate in a lottery, the number of tickets sent would increase the chance of winning. There were two prizes: "Memorial Card Complete Set" and "Memorial Card Album", each could be won by 250 participants.[2]

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