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Once you enter this tower, unless someone takes your place, you're stuck here forever! And should you try to leave... Then you become part of the tower itself! That's the power of my Stand, Super Fly!

Super Fly (スーパーフライ Sūpāfurai) is the Stand of Toyohiro Kanedaichi featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable.

Bound to a transmission tower, Super Fly acts automatically to trap one person inside of the tower and reflects attacks back to any aggressor.


Super Fly is a Stand automatically bound to a huge transmission tower, so it can be viewed by non-Stand users. Super Fly is completely autonomous, since its user doesn't have any control over it. The tower itself is setup by Toyohiro to fit his hermit life-style.

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Tower body(Silver)

Tower body(Silver)


Super Fly is an automatic Stand that imprisons its user, Toyohiro, inside it, making it a nuisance. Its power of damage reflection means that it is powerful and invulnerable, but anyone is free to exploit the tower when fighting inside it. Toyohiro noted that even if he died, the Stand would continue to exist, similar to Notorious B.I.G or Anubis.

Occupant Restraint

Super Fly preventing Josuke from leaving by turning him into metal.

Super Fly's defining ability is that it imprisons one occupant inside it.[2] It is mentioned that the energy of the sole prisoner is how it sustains itself.[3]

Toyohiro is the first prisoner of the tower and cannot leave until someone else steps in it. If that happens, the first of the two to exit the tower is free to leave while the other one must stay inside. Leaving the tower only requires not standing inside the structure, thus Toyohiro could hang on the side of Super Fly while Josuke was trapped.[2]

If the victim attempts to escape it, he or she will be covered in steel to restrict his or her movements. It is possible the victim could be perpetually covered if they do not pull themselves back in time and Toyohiro claims that any would-be escapee will be absorbed into the tower.[2]

Damage Reflection

To protect itself, Super Fly also absorbs and reflects any damage done to its structure.[4]

Super Fly reflects the damage done by Josuke and Okuyasu

If attacked anywhere, be it one of the pillars or a cable belonging to it,[3] the tower absorbs and redirects the energy of the aggression back to the direction it came from. A Stand's punch can be reflected in the form of a metal copy of the Stand bursting out of the damaged zone and retaliating against the aggressor, but generally, the damage is reflected in the form of energy blasts.[4] Any foreign object inserted inside the tower is also violently ejected.[3] Furthermore, if the energy blasts touch the tower again, they simply rebound against it until it hits someone or the energy escapes.[5]

Toyohiro takes advantage of this ability offensively: by damaging the tower at specific angles, he can direct the repelled force toward an enemy as a ricocheted attack. Through this method, he was able to pin Mikitaka Hazekura to a beam by hammering in screws, which were then repelled back out and into Mikitaka,[3] or make scratches on the structure which fired back toward Josuke and hit him after several rebounds.[5]

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