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My plans are on a level beyond your comprehension. Just you wait, in the end, it will all go according to my plan.
—Keicho Nijimura, Chapter 280: The Nijimura Brothers, Part 7

Keicho Nijimura (虹村 形兆, Nijimura Keichō) is a secondary antagonist featured in the fourth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Diamond is Unbreakable, specifically in the "The Nijimura Brothers" story arc.

Keicho is Okuyasu's older brother. He is the first in Morioh to possess the Bow and Arrow and liberally creates Stand users in hopes one of them can kill his monstrous father. Keicho himself is a Stand user and his Stand is the miniature army, Bad Company.


Keicho Render.png

Keicho is a young man of average to above-average height and medium build. With light eyes with multiple irides with a ripple-pattern and sharp features, his brow rests in a serious, directed expression.

He has long, light hair, of a curl at his forehead and a length or ponytail at the back; also folded onto itself above his head in the sculpture of a flat-top. He wears earrings shaped as downward arrows.

He wears a double-breasted school uniform, the collar of which appears to read "BADC.O". His right shoulder is the Japanese kanji 兆, meaning "trillion", and his left reads "TRILLION" between his shoulder and elbow. He also wears two sagging belts over wide-legged pants.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Black uniform with light gray piping and white lettering, gold accessories. Blue belts and shoes.)
(with light gray piping and white lettering, gold accessories. magenta belts and maroon shoes.)


Compared to his brother Okuyasu, Keicho is more rational and calm. Both admit that Keicho's ability to think far outclasses Okuyasu's. He is merciless, even shooting his own brother when trying to aim for Josuke and not being apologetic, saying it was Okuyasu's fault for being incompetent. He states that people who don't grow don't deserve to live, showing what appears to be a social Darwinist view. He feels no remorse for injuring people with the Bow and Arrow or the consequences using the Bow and Arrow could have, such as with Angelo. He was also not above using a dying Koichi as a hostage to bring Josuke in. He is also a rather methodical person, doing things in a certain mannerly order such as bringing Koichi in to retrieve the Arrow and not wanting anyone to see a dying Koichi since it would draw unwanted attention. In addition, he disliked that Josuke killed a few of his soldiers since it meant they weren't perfectly in line. He describes people who don't know how to use Stand as being similar to riding a bike, in that if the person doesn't know what they are doing they will maneuver badly no matter how powerful the Stand is.

Keicho tends to look down on his brother for his lack of ability to think. When he was younger, he was shown to be very protective of his younger brother while holding his abusive father in contempt. However, he still held some love for his father, but this love was misguided: Keicho wanted to euthanize him to end his heavily deformed existence. Additionally, while he was harsh and even brutal to Okuyasu (claiming he would kill him if he tried to take the Bow and Arrow), he sacrifices himself to save his brother from Red Hot Chili Pepper's attack, implying he truly cared for his brother all along, an act that Okuyasu and Josuke acknowledge as a sign of his care.



Main article: Bad Company

Keicho's Stand is Bad Company, consisting of a miniature army, including infantry, some as paratroopers, tanks with explosive shells and helicopters with missiles.

Bad Company (バッド・カンパニー (極悪中隊))Link to this section



The once happy Nijimura family

Around 1987, Keicho and Okuyasu's mother died, leaving their father in depression. On top of that, Japan had been going through a tough time economically and his family soon fell into poverty. Due to this, Keicho and Okuyasu were abused constantly.

However, two years later, his father began to receive letters with money and jewels. Much later in his life, Keicho would realize his father had sold his soul and heart to DIO, who, at that time, was scouring the globe to seek out Stand users.

DIO, however, distrusted Keicho's father and implanted a seed of his undead body within him. When Jotaro defeated DIO, the seed burst, causing their father to slowly mutate into a monstrous form, and later lost the ability to speak. In this form, Keicho's father would automatically and quickly heal any wounds inflicted upon him.

For many years afterward, Keicho searched for someone capable of killing his father - he had used his father's Bow and Arrow to shoot random people throughout Morioh in order to find someone with a Stand powerful enough to put his father out of his misery.

Among the people he shot are Yukako Yamagishi, Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri, Rohan Kishibe, Tamami Kobayashi, Toshikazu Hazamada, and Akira Otoishi.

Diamond is Unbreakable

The Nijimura Brothers

Koichi hit by an Arrow

Soon after Anjuro Katagiri is defeated, Josuke and Koichi pass near his house. When his brother Okuyasu antagonizes the pair as he slams his house's gate shut on Koichi, Keicho, hiding inside, uses the occasion to shoot Koichi with the Arrow. Okuyasu summons The Hand to attack Josuke but his Crazy Diamond manages to land a punch, causing Keicho to chastise his brother on his stupidity and tell him to fight seriously. While Josuke and Okuyasu fight, Keicho drags Koichi inside to retrieve his Arrow. Josuke, who's stunned Okuyasu, enters the house and meets Keicho face-to-face. When Keicho pulls the Arrow out of Koichi's throat, the act angers Josuke who is baited further inside the house. Keicho has deployed his Bad Company to attack from the dark, but Okuyasu barges in and unwittingly warns Josuke about the incoming attack. Josuke thus evades Bad Company's first shots while Okuyasu is hit. Keicho attacks again, forcing Josuke to retreat out of the house with Okuyasu.

Keicho uses the reprieve to drag Koichi into a room on the second floor to act as bait. However, Josuke has healed Okuyasu and to repay his debt, Okuyasu teleports Koichi near him so that he's safely retrieved. Using a lighter to see clearly, Josuke discovers Bad Company. Keicho uses his infantry to drive Josuke and Koichi into a room where his helicopters and tanks lie in ambush but Josuke is saved from being hurt by a shell when Koichi warns him about the tank. Keicho surrounds Josuke and Koichi with his Bad Company. When Josuke sends a couple of nails at him, Bad Company effortlessly shoots down the projectiles. Since Koichi has become a Stand user, Keicho is now interested in his ability tells him to summon his Stand. When Koichi takes too long, Keicho sends a green beret to stab Koichi in the neck. Panicking, Koichi summons an egg. The egg is underwhelming but Keicho's interest is piqued enough. He thus decides to finish off Josuke.

Keicho fights Josuke

Bad Company fires at Josuke who is pushed through a wall and into another room. Confident, Keicho thus announces his meticulous plan to disable Josuke's legs and then arms to make him unable to protect himself. Koichi wishes to intervene, but Keicho knocks him away. This spurs Josuke into action and Keicho unleashed an onslaught of bullets, shells and missiles at Josuke. Josuke slowly advances towards Keicho but steps on a strategically placed mine, taking out his leg. Keicho orders his helicopters to fire at Josuke and Crazy Diamond only manages to deflect some of them. Josuke is on the ground and immobilized. Keicho surrounds Josuke and fires in unison to finish off Josuke, but Josuke then reveals his plan: he's used Crazy Diamond on a pair of missiles to repair them and send them at Keicho, who's unable to defend himself because Bad Company is busy attacking Josuke. Keicho is hit by the missiles and is defeated.

Keicho is killed by Red Hot Chili Pepper

When Josuke and Koichi discover Keicho's father in the attic, he comes in and tearfully explains everything to them. When his father plays with chest again, Keicho kicks him in anger but Josuke uses Crazy Diamond on the chest, revealing that a family photo was torn down inside of it. The sight of the former Nijimura Family makes the father cry and everyone realizes that deep down, Keicho's father is still there. Josuke asks Keicho to relinquish the Arrow; Okuyasu also comes in to plead in favor of seeking a way to cure their father instead of trying to kill him. However, Keicho considers that they've gone too far to stop, and disowns his brother. However, the Stand Red Hot Chili Pepper appears from an electrical outlet. Keicho punches his brother aside, leaving himself vulnerable to Red Hot Chili Pepper who punches through his chest, takes the Bow and Arrow, and drags Keicho into an electrical outlet. As his last words, Keicho chastises Okuyasu again. Keicho dies, and his corpse is last seen resting on power lines.

Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable

Keicho's spirit talks to Okuyasu

During the final battle with Yoshikage Kira, Keicho appears as a ghost to the near-death Okuyasu. Keicho helps guide Okuyasu's spirit back to Morioh by asking him where he wants to go and thus, poising Okuyasu to chose to return.


Diamond is Unbreakable (film)

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Keicho's role in the movie is similar to his role in the manga, but his death is different. As Akira is absent from the film, Keicho is suddenly killed by Yoshikage Kira after stopping Okuyasu from being blown up by Sheer Heart Attack.

Crazy Heartbreakers

At some point in March 1999, Keicho traveled to Cairo, Egypt, and stole the parrot Pet Sounds. After returning to Morioh, the bird ended up in the possession of a police officer named Kazuki Karaiya.[6] It is unknown whether Keicho willingly gave the bird to Karaiya or if the officer confiscated it.[7]

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Quote.png Quotes
  • Using a Stand is like driving a car. No matter how fast the car is, one can only drive as fast as one is capable.
    —Keicho Nijimura, Chapter 275: The Nijimura Brothers, Part 2
  • Okuyasu, how many times have I told you? If you don't train your mind, your life will be worthless.
    —Keicho Nijimura, Chapter 272: Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo, Part 4
  • Everyone! Get in position! JoJo! Say hello to my Stand "Bad Company", the invincible army!
    —Keicho Nijimura, Chapter 278: The Nijimura Brothers, Part 5
  • My army is like a steel wall protecting me, anything that tries to attack me, they will destroy. Heh, no matter how much you want to beat me, you can't. Your "Crazy Diamond" couldn't even tough my hair.
    —Keicho Nijimura, Chapter 279: The Nijimura Brothers, Part 6
  • My plans are on a level beyond your comprehension. Just you wait, in the end, it will all go according to my plan.
    —Keicho Nijimura, Chapter 280: The Nijimura Brothers, Part 7
  • My only wish is for my father to die like a normal human being. When I was a child, I swore that I would end his misery, and because of that, I have to protect this Bow and Arrow.
    —Keicho Nijimura, Chapter 281: The Nijimura Brothers, Part 8



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