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Don't you see it? You lost to your own "fate". Walking the "path of Justice" is true "Fate" ! (わからないのか?おまえは「運命」に負けたんだ!「正義の道」を歩む事こそ「運命」なんだ!!Wakaranai no ka? Omae wa `unmei' ni maketan da! `Seigi no michi' o ayumu koto koso `unmei' nan da!!)
—Emporio, SO Chapter 158: What a Wonderful World

Emporio Alnino (エンポリオ・アルニーニョ Enporio Arunīnyo) is a primary ally featured in the sixth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean.

Emporio is a young Stand User, born and living secretly in Green Dolphin Street Prison. He sympathizes with Jolyne and becomes one of her primary allies. Emporio's Stand Burning Down the House grants him the ability to use "ghost objects".



Emporio is a presumably 11-year-old boy of average build. He has light, curly hair, and light, yellow-brown eyes. He tends to be characterized as shorter than he truly is and owns a golden colored baseball glove.

Emporio is almost always seen wearing a striped baseball uniform (which appears to be the type worn by the Chicago Cubs), including a cap.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(Blue-brimmed white cap, red trimmed white uniform with red and blue emblems, black belt.)

Eyes(Light Brown)
(Blue-brimmed white cap, red-trimmed white uniform.)

(Blue-brimmed white cap, red-trimmed white uniform with red and blue emblems, white belt, blue shoes.)


SPOILER WARNING: Part 6 spoiler details may follow.
Emporio carries Jolyne and Weather's will

Emporio is first shown as a timid, awkward boy, rather unwilling to fight.

However, as he continues to help the heroes, he is slowly dragged into the fight himself. He seems to be trustworthy as Jolyne trusted him with her father's disc. He proves to be helpful by using his computer to gain information regarding the villains' powers, and in helping Jolyne out of several tight spots by hiding her in his "ghost room."

When caught in a conflict, he is not usually able to fight back due to the non-offensive nature of his Stand. The main exception to this is his final confrontation with Pucci when he is helped by Weather Report's Stand. He is also knowledgeable, as he is capable of driving a car and piloting a helicopter at the age of 11.



Main article: Burning Down the House

Emporio's Stand Burning Down the House grants him the ability to use what he refers to as "ghost objects", referring to anything that has been destroyed at a location in the past. He primarily uses his ability to manifest a secret music room in Green Dolphin Street Prison that contains various imperishable objects, such as a harmless gun, a computer, and a chocolate bar which may be tasted but not eaten. Emporio may grant entry into the room to other people.

Burning Down the House (バーニング・ダウン・ザ・ハウス)Link to this section

Emporio is a timid fighter but proves able to follow the directions given to him by the group.

Emporio temporarily borrows the Stand Weather Report at the end of Stone Ocean.


Emporio is shown to be able to pilot a helicopter and drive a car. He is also shown to be relatively knowledgeable.



Emporio was born to an unnamed prisoner in Green Dolphin Street Prison. Since then, he has lived there in secret with the help of his Stand, Burning Down the House, by using it to hide within a "ghost room" on the premises. His mother was killed by Enrico Pucci, who took her Memory Disc and/or Stand Disc, causing her to slowly rot away.[5] The boy kept a bone from her mother's body as a keepsake and a precaution against Whitesnake. However, Pucci was originally unaware of Emporio's existence. At one point, Emporio also meets Weather Report and Narciso Anasui, trusting them enough to let them dwell in his ghost room.

Stone Ocean

The Visitor

Emporio warns Jolyne

One day, Emporio learns that Jotaro Kujo is coming to visit Jolyne Cujoh. He confronts her and warns her not to see him or suffer a pain worse than death, omitting his name by the way. Emporio then disappears. The next day as Jolyne is summoned to the visit room, Emporio reappears again hidden in a trash bin and warns her. Wanting to save Jolyne from the evil that lurks within the walls of the prison, Emporio tells her not to go but Jolyne refuses as she believes her mother is here. Resigned, Emporio hands Jolyne his mother's bone.

Despite Jotaro's efforts to get Jolyne out of prison, the duo of Johngalli A. and the mysterious Stand Whitesnake manage to perform a pincer attack and steal Jotaro's memories and Stand. Jolyne brings Jotaro to a submarine from the Speedwagon Foundation so that he can be brought to somewhere safe but stays in prison to retrieve Jotaro's memory and Stand DISCS. Emporio communicates with Jolyne with a string and is dismayed that she wants to challenge Whitesnake. Jolyne and Emporio decide to cooperate to find Jotaro's DISCS and Whitesnake's user.

Ermes' Sticker

Ermes meets Emporio, Weather & Anasui

Emporio is told to keep and eye on Ermes Costello and he confronts her on the staircase two days later. He drags her to the ghost music room so they can talk in private, although Weather Report and Narciso Anasui are present too. Emporio presents his ability to Ermes and how the ghost room works. Emporio then explains what is happening with Jolyne and asks him what she's learned from the janitor. Ermes shows him McQueen's disc but their conversation is interrupted when Ermes feels a shock on her arm. McQueen is trying to electrocute himself. To help Ermes, Emporio explains that McQueen will probably look for saline water so that he can properly kill himself. Emporio prefers not to involve himself since he would be seen and Ermes leaves and eventually manages to defeat McQueen.

Operation Savage Garden

After Jolyne calls the Speedwagon Foundation to agree on a delivery point for Jotaro Kujo's Stand DISC, Emporio calls her for a meeting in the music room, alongside Weather Report. Emporio shows Jolyne a map of the prison and explains that the way to the courtyard is blocked by heavy doors that need a card to be opened and also advises Jolyne to take Weather with her. Weather sees an enemy and the group runs back to the corridor, seemingly evading him by hiding in a jacket. Emporio counsels Jolyne to bribe her way to the factory but steps down afterwards as he's of no use.

The Punishment Ward & The Evasion

After Ermes defeats Sports Maxx, the heroes examine his memory DISC and learn of DIO's Bone, an important item that is now in the Ultra Security House Unit. Jolyne lets herself be brought there to find it. Foo Fighters is worried about Jolyne and asks Emporio to help it reach the punishment ward but Emporio says that it is impossible for him to safely go to it. Surprisingly, Narciso Anasui accepts to help F.F. reach the ward. However, the operation turns sour. After a long series of battles, Enrico Pucci manages to acquire The Green Baby and fuse with it. Foo Fighters dies and Anasui barely clings to life, Jolyne and Anasui are recaptured by the guards.

Emporio & Jolyne beat Miu Miu, which allows them to escape

Days later, Emporio visits Jolyne in her temporary confinement cell and tries to dissuade her to escape and follow Pucci, knowing about the terrible guardian who is preventing all the Stand Users from escaping. The woman Miuccia Miuller appears and warns Jolyne not to escape. However, Jolyne attacks her and Miu Miu activates her Jail House Lock. Unbeknownst to her, Emporio is affected by the power but the boy, trapped in his music room, nonetheless manages to find Miu Miu's real identity as the head warden of the visiting room. When Jolyne eventually joins him in his room, their memory loss prevents them from coordinating. Miu Miu follows Jolyne, sees the computer screen on which her picture is displayed and declares that the both of them are trying to escape prison. Taking out her gun, Miu Miu manages to shoot Emporio and destroys the screen, but Jolyne wards her off the room and tells Emporio to print the image. Emporio prints the image in binary, allowing Jolyne to weave Miu Miu's portrait and defeat her. Thanks to Miu Miu's ability, Jolyne, Emporio and Ermes easily escape.

Emporio and the others must defeat Rikiel

Visiting Romeo Jisso's house, the trio acquire a helicopter and Romeo leads the police off their trail. In the helicopter, Jolyne feels Pucci's presence and asks Emporio to head West toward Orlando. Ermes notices that one of the windows is open and closes it, but feels something passing close to her hand. Suddenly Emporio's eyelids fall down and he is blinded. As Ermes' eyelids close too, she can see that everyone's eyes are now forcefully shut and Jolyne is bleeding. Emporio is unable to find the autopilot button and the enemy remains unseen and undetectable. Jolyne decides to use extreme ways and makes everyone jump out of the helicopter. The falling speed allows Ermes to spot a skyfish Kiss crushes, but many skyfishes follow. Having attached herself to the helicopter, Jolyne manages to soften their fall and all crash into the water but are confronted by Rikiel.

Victim of his ability, Emporio sees that the area of skin under Jotaro Kujo's memory disc has become pale blue. From that he deduces that the skyfishes are able to suck off body heat, causing illnesses and controlling the muscles from the outside that way. This warning allows Jolyne to defeat Rikiel.

In Orlando

Emporio finds himself in the middle of a snail invasion

In Orlando, Emporio is given Jotaro Kujo's memory disc by Jolyne. In the hospital, Jolyne and Ermes fight Donatello Versus and are trapped in the memory of a plane bound to crash. Using his computer, Emporio manages to find information on the crash and gives Jolyne and Ermes the positions of two seat whose passengers survived. It allows them to survive the crash as well. However, Donatello returns Weather Report's memories to him and the Stand Heavy Weather wreaks havoc on Orlando as people turn into snails.

Emporio is singled out by Donatello who aims to steal Jotaro's DISC, but Jolyne catches up to him and turns him into a snail as well. Donatello is forced to drive for the group but they crash into Weather and Pucci in the middle of a fight. The distraction allows the priest to kill his brother and escape. Jolyne tries to attack Pucci but it is revealed that it was Versus turned into an illusion. Versus is dead, and so is Weather Report. Thankfully, they acquire his mighty Stand Weather Report, in the form of a DISC. They also manage to give Jotaro's memory DISC back to the Speedwagon Foundation.

In Cape Canaveral

Emporio witnesses Jolyne's fight against C-Moon

As they approach the Kennedy Space Center, the group try to plan their approach. However, the group then falls victim of a gravitational anomaly pushing them sideways. The ground can now be considered as an enormous cliff with the sideways gravity keeping them away from the space center. The group must escape the falling car but Ermes fails to catch Jolyne as a debris knocks her out and Ermes is pushed away. With no dedicated fighting Stand, Emporio can only witness Jolyne's fight against C-Moon. Shocked when Jolyne is punched in the chest by C-Moon, Emporio believes Jolyne to be dead but receives a message from Jotaro Kujo confirming that she's alive. The heroes eventually gather and surround Pucci, but the priest realizes that he can induce the perfect conditions sooner and thus unlocks the Stand Made in Heaven. A light engulfs the center.

Made in Heaven

Main article: Made in Heaven (story arc)
The heroes see that time is accelerating

Some time later, the group wakes up unharmed while approaching helicopters confirm that gravity has returned to normal. Somehow, everyone was moved 200 meters from the shuttle, and the priest has disappeared. Jotaro can still sense Pucci though, and Ermes claims that Pucci is hiding, entering a building to protect herself from an incoming rain. However, everyone finds themselves soaked, and the rain has already stopped. Suddenly, the automatic door of the building closes itself at a tremendous speed on Ermes. Dumbfounded, Ermes escapes with some difficulties due to the speed of the door. Jotaro now notices that he's dried off, and Anasui, trying to stop an unbalanced rock from falling on Ermes, realizes that it's already fallen. Jolyne, looking at the already setting sun, realizes that things are going way more rapidly than usual.

Emporio witnesses Jolyne's death

The group must not stay in the open climb a building. Jotaro stops time and sees Pucci and his Stand Made in Heaven bending a palm tree to use it as a catapult, eventually thrown to the roof faster than Jotaro can react. Due to his overwhelming speed advantage, Pucci mortally wounds Jotaro but Diver Down absorbs the damage. The roof is unsafe now and thus the heroes ties themselves together. Shooting a bullet while holding a replica of the bullet from Kiss, they are able to "fly" around but Pucci still pursues them. It is here that Anasui dooms the group and tells Emporio to shoot towards the sea where Pucci has supposedly nowhere to hide. During the flight, Anasui formulates his plan. With the heroes so close together, Diver Down can protect them all and shield them. The moment Pucci attacks, Jotaro will have an opportunity to retaliate. In the water, the group realizes their mistake. The accelerating time causes a heavy tide and the waves block the view. Pucci manipulates Stone Free to kill Anasui and throws knives at Jolyne. Time resumes before Jotaro can properly attack and Jotaro's head is split in two by Made in Heaven. Similarly, Ermes' arms are cut off. For her part, Jolyne is still heavily wounded by a knife in her stomach. Pucci confronts Emporio and dares him to shoot. Emporio tries to kill Pucci but the priest is too fast. Thankfully for Emporio, Jolyne attacks from below the water with Stone Free. Evading the attack, Pucci is taken by surprise as a thrown knife cuts his right eye. Pucci dives underwater in anger.

Emporio finds himself suddenly back in Green Dolphin Street Prison, with his clothes laid besides him, and everyone else also naked and wondering how they got here. He realizes that he is in the hallway of the visiting room and hears Jolyne's voice. Hopeful, he peeks inside the visitor's room, but only sees pale copies of the Joestar. Suddenly, Pucci opens the door, glaring at Emporio. The priest then ominously announces that the universe has completed a full circle and that a new age for humanity has begun. Pushing aside the alternate Jolyne and Jotaro, Pucci then declares that he cannot bring past interferences with him, and since everyone has already died and cannot return, Emporio is the only one left to eliminate. Emporio tries to flee from Pucci, still weeping out of terror and sadness. However, the priest follows him and explains in detail that everything he'll be doing is predicted, noting that he'll try to seek refuge in his music room. Despite his best efforts to flee, Emporio is forced towards the room. Trying to stop himself from going right since his room is a known hiding spot, Emporio runs to the left, despairing that his gun was left at the bottom of the ocean. In his desperation, Emporio trips on a mop and falls down the stairs. Pucci, declaring that only he can escape his Fate, is bound to fight Emporio in the future if he lets him be. He explains this is why he stopped the acceleration of time at the prison in order to know where Emporio would be, and asks the boy to accept his death. Made in Heaven then attacks Emporio as the child tries to slip into the ghost room. Pucci also follows Emporio into the crack, but suddenly realizes that Emporio has Weather Report's disc in his head. Moreover, Emporio now has a defiant look in his eyes.

Emporio finally kills Pucci

Now in the ghost room, Emporio explains that he purposefully entered the crack to make a blind spot and use Made in Heaven to change his fate and allow him to acquire Weather Report. As the boy declares that this is thanks to Jolyne and Weather, Pucci, distraught, attacks Emporio, and Weather Report comes forward to defend its new user. Speeding up time, Pucci dashes behind Emporio and prepares to deal the final blow, but the priest suddenly collapses into the piano as Weather Report uses its ability to manipulate the atmosphere. He creates a 100% oxygen concentration in his closed room. Since Pucci is affected by the accelerated time, he was poisoned at a much faster rate than Emporio. At that point, Weather Report embeds his fist into Pucci's temple and begins to crush his head.

The priest begs for his life, stating that Pucci's actions and DIO's legacy will be for naught if he dies since humanity will no longer be able to attain heaven and witness their true fates. A defiant Emporio puts down his entire argument in one short sentence, stating that "walking the path of justice is true Fate". Enraged, Pucci tries to reach Emporio with his arm, but Weather Report rips out Pucci's face and pummels the hapless priest into oblivion. This causes the universe to return to its previous state, this time without Pucci.

What a Wonderful World

Main article: SO Chapter 158
"My name is Emporio!"

In this alternate timeline, Emporio finds himself right outside Green Dolphin Street and witnesses an unnamed woman, the alternate Ermes, being kicked from the bus for attempting to pay with a fifty-dollar bill. Nearby, Anakiss, the alternate Anasui, invites the unnamed woman to ride in their car in exchange for the money she can use to pay for gas. Ultimately, Emporio decides to join after meeting Irene, the alternate Jolyne, who invites the two to ride. Irene also possesses a Joestar birthmark, indicating that the Joestar family continues to live on. Deeply touched by the survival of his friends, Emporio gives his name when Irene asks for it. Later, the group picks up a hitchhiker, shown to be an alternate Weather Report.

Major Battles


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Tomorrow at noon, someone's going to come to see you. But you can't. You can't go see him... you can't, no matter what!
    —Emporio Alnino warning Jolyne, SO Chapter 10: Green Dolphin Street Prison
  • In this world, there exist things worse than death, and one of them is happening in this prison right now.
    —Emporio Alnino, SO Chapter 11: The Visitor, Part 1
  • Ever since one of the prisoners gave birth to me, I've been secretly living in this prison.
    —Emporio Alnino, SO Chapter 24: Ermes' Sticker, Part 4
  • Ever since I was born, I've had the ability to use ghost objects.
    —Emporio Alnino, SO Chapter 24: Ermes' Sticker, Part 4
  • H-Help me... Ahh... Help me, oh God... M-My urine... It's bloody! My urine is bloody! (た⋯⋯助けて⋯ああ⋯助けて神様⋯お⋯オシッコ⋯⋯⋯血だらけよォォォォォォ 血尿がァあTa... Tasukete... aa... Tasukete Kami-sama... O... Oshikko... Chidara ke yo! Ketsunyō ga)
    —Emporio Alnino, SO Chapter 114: Sky High, Part 3
  • All I can say is, the priest's actions are manipulating and sacrificing the lives of others... and that's definitely evil... just as he tried to seal away Jolyne's father, we have to seal and destroy the priest...
    —Emporio Alnino, SO Chapter 117: Sky High, Part 6
  • Destiny is predetermined and can't be changed... if that's so, then I could just make you change it for me...
    —Emporio Alnino to Pucci, SO Chapter 157: Made in Heaven, Part 9
  • Don't you understand? You lost to fate! Walking the path of justice is true fate!
    —Emporio Alnino, SO Chapter 158: What a Wonderful World
  • I'm Emporio...Emporio. My name... my name is Emporio. (エンポリオです⋯⋯エンポリオ ぼくの名前は⋯⋯⋯ぼくの名前はエンポリオですEnporio desu... Enporio. Boku no namae wa... Boku no namae wa Enporio desu)
    —Emporio Alnino, SO Chapter 158: What a Wonderful World

Video Games

All Star Battle (PS3)

Emporio makes his first video game appearance as an explanatory character for Gallery Mode, alongside Telence T. D'Arby, Leone Abbacchio, Oingo, Boingo, Ghiaccio and Wang Chan. He is also part of the stage hazard on the Kennedy Space Center stage (screaming "Watch out!" when the objects start falling on the stage). His voice is also heard in the ending text in Part 6's story-mode segment.

Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

Emporio briefly appears as an NPC in the sixth chapter: Stone Ocean. After bearing witness to a fight against Anasui and Ermes, Emporio is brought inside Coco Jumbo for his safety. Out of the gameplay, voicelines are available for listening.




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