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Members of the Joestar and Zeppeli families
Will, Jonathan, Giorno, Jotaro, Joseph, Jolyne, Johnny, Josuke, Gyro
Families, usually represented by central characters descended from a specific few, are a significant element of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Hirohiko Araki has emphasized the importance of family to his characters,[1] as well as several characters within the text of the manga.

List of Families

SPOILER WARNING: Part 1-8 spoiler details may follow.

Original Continuity

Main article: Joestar Family

DannyAv.png DannyAvAnime.png


ErinaAv.png ErinaAvAnim1.png


DioBrandoAv.png DioAvAnim1.png


LisaLisaAv.png LisaAvAnim2.png


GiornoAv.png GiornoAvAnim.png

(DIO's son)

DonatelloAv.png DonatelloAvAnim.png

(DIO's son)

RikielAv.png RikielAvAnim.png

(DIO's son)

UngaloAv.png UngaloAvAnim.png

(DIO's son)

SuziQAv.png SuziAvAnim2.png


ShizukaAv.png ShizukaAvAnim.png

Sadao Kujo

Jolyne Mom Av.png JolyneMomAvAnim.png


Second Continuity

Main article: Higashikata Family (Second Continuity)

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