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That's highly classified information... Well, that's what I'd generally say, but I'm actually here as a private citizen today. I'm off duty.

Bobby Jean (ボビー・ジーン, Bobī Jīn) is an antagonist featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

He is an agent affiliated with HOWLER who does investigations. He looks into the three people who entered the Hawaii State Land Registry Office and asked to see the original paper copies of HOWLER's land deeds.


Bobby Jean is a man with an average height and build. He has sharp facial features with thick, arched eyebrows, thin cheeks, and a mustache. He wears a bucket hat patterned with crosshair symbols all around it. He also has thick, long sideburns and a ponytail.

Bobby's outfit is a suit with big collars and rectangular buttons. The back of his suit has a graphic of a flower. He also wears shorts, thigh-high socks, and shoes.


Bribing a guard

Bobby Jean is a respected individual working for HOWLER. He is shown to be somewhat private, sly, and blunt. He is not above bribery, as shown with him offering the Land Registry Office guard money in return for a "Hula NYAN Dancer" figure, and pressures him when rejected.

Despite his authority above others, Bobby Jean is bossed around by Bags Groove's user and at times pushed to doing her bidding.[1]



Bobby is implied to be a Stand user, as the user of Bags Groove talks to him about her Stand and informs him about Team Jodio being Stand users as well.[1]


The JOJOLands

Bobby Jean checking surveillance footage

Inside the Hawaii State Land Registry Office, Bobby Jean reviews security footage with Bags Groove's user, which shows a disguised Charming Man, Usagi, and Dragona entering the building. Bobby questions a security guard, who confirms they didn't take photos of the land deeds and just looked at them. The guard explains they were likely students on a tour, possibly studying history. He speculates that Bobby's investigation might be linked to HOWLER's alleged land frauds, suspecting the company is involved in illegal activities despite their claims of nature conservation. Bobby dismisses the guard's suspicions as highly classified information, mentioning he's off duty and just stopped by to check the security footage, curious about the unusual request to see original deeds.

Bags Groove's user notices a "Hula NYAN Dancer" figure on a shelf and begs Bobby to buy it for her. The guard explains it's a souvenir from over ten years ago, now rare and not for sale. The girl dismisses his explanation, continuing to pester Bobby. Bobby reveals he's just babysitting her and offers money for the figure. The guard, uncomfortable with accepting money, offers it for free, but Bobby insists by slipping money into his pocket.

Suddenly, the girl gets a nosebleed and points out there's no footage of the three "students" leaving the building. She highlights a van behind an ambulance in the footage, but Bobby notes the group arrived in a pickup truck. She then identifies Dragona, Usagi, and Charming Man near the van. Bobby dismisses them as unrelated, but the guard recognizes Usagi as a boy who spilled cup ramen earlier inside the building. The girl insists Usagi looks ill and is being carried by the others. Bobby doubts the footage could be faked. Unconcerned, the girl declares that those looking at the deeds or being followed will die from accidents or illness. Realizing they're dealing with Stand users, she orders Bobby to check the traffic cameras.


  • Bags Groove's User: Bobby and the user of Bags Groove are partners who work together when investigating the group who wanted to see he original paper copies of HOWLER's land deeds. Bobby claims to be her babysitter, but she actually bosses Bobby around.[1]


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