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This is a list of unnamed characters found in miscellaneous works authored or licensed by Hirohiko Araki. These characters played minor but varying roles throughout the storyline.


Lawman (Poker Under Arms)Link to this section
Poker Under Arms narrator.jpg
Manga Debut: Poker Under Arms
This old and well-dressed man is the narrator of the story. Appearing as a bum during the game of poker between Don Peckinpah and Mike Harper, he points out that both players have a four of a kind in queens. As the two outlaws draw their guns on each other, he uses the distraction to throw a Molotov cocktail, killing them both. His girlfriend reveals that he is a sheriff at the end of the story.
Gap-Toothed ManLink to this section
Gap toothed Boy.jpg
Manga Debut: Outlaw Man
An associate of the Pinkerton Detectives. He was hired to get ahead of the Outlaw Man and signal his position, but instead he tries to ambush the outlaw by faking having been hung. However, the outlaw sees that there are too few footprints on the ground for the hanging to have been genuine. His ambush fails, and he is later berated by the Detectives. When one detective spits on him, he draws his gun in anger, giving the detectives legal justification to fatally stab him in the chest.
Pinkerton DetectivesLink to this section
Pinkerton Detectives.jpg
Manga Debut: Outlaw Man
A trio of detectives from the Pinkerton National Agency. They are expert trackers who hunt the Outlaw Man. They relentlessly pursue him and grievously wound him, but the outlaw manages to kill two and injure the last one by ricocheting his bullets.
Masago's FriendLink to this section
Young Woman.PNG
A beautiful young woman whom Masago Ayashi agreed to bring to his yacht on a boating trip. She is only seen in her swimsuit. She dies when the yacht crashes onto a rock. Masago mentions once that he purposely drowned the woman to eat her corpse later.

Dolce stands on her corpse in the beginning of the manga, but is disturbed by the flies buzzing around her. Masago claims to himself that it wasn't his fault that the woman drowned and blames her for making him crash his yacht by taking off her clothes and distracting him. He uses her purse to make an outfit for Dolce. Later, a cannibalistic Masago plans to eat her corpse but realizes there are sharks lurking nearby when he sees only her foot on deck.

Cool Shock B.T.

Koichi Mugikari's UncleLink to this section
BT Koichis Uncle.jpg
Manga Debut: Cool Shock B.T. Chapter 0: B.T. "The Wicked Boy"
Koichi's uncle. He is a reporter working on the case of the murdered reporter and explains what has happened to B.T. and his nephew Koichi. He helps arresting the fat policeman when he listens to the latter's engineered confession.
Fat PolicemanLink to this section
BT Fat Policeman.jpg
Manga Debut: Cool Shock B.T. Chapter 0: B.T. "The Wicked Boy"
A fat policeman who was among the first to discover the corpse of the reporter with Fuyuko unconscious nearby. However, it is discovered that he is corrupt cop working with the mafia and that the dead reporter had an incriminating photography of him. The fat policeman murdered the reporter by pushing the scissors further into the reporter's back and used Fuyuko as a scapegoat. However, B.T. forces him to reveal his true colors and he's arrested.
ReporterLink to this section
BT reporter.jpg
Manga Debut: Cool Shock B.T. Chapter 0: B.T. "The Wicked Boy"
A reporter who has just been assassinated. Fuyuko claims that he tried to rape her and that she tried to defend herself, accidentally stabbing him in the back. It is discovered that the reporter had incriminating photographs of the fat policeman, who then killed him. Koichi also discovers that the reporter had a photo of Fuyuko shoplifting, which may mean that she had tried to kill him.
B.T.'s GrandmotherLink to this section
BT Grandma Manga Infobox.jpeg
Manga Debut: Cool Shock B.T. Chapter 1: B.T. Appears!!
B.T.'s grandmother takes care of her grandson while B.T.'s parents are away. She seems to work as a detective as she is shown having investigated a corrupt museum director, and is adept at manipulation as she manipulated B.T. into creating a good diversion for her collaborator.
POW Camp CommanderLink to this section
BT Leader.jpeg
The POW Camp Commander (強制捕虜収容所所長, Kyōsei Horyo Shūyōjo Shochō) is a violent lunatic living in the countryside. He disguises himself as some sort of military leader and director of a camp, donning an SS outfit, a fake mustache reminiscent of Adolf Hitler, and a military cap with a Totenkopf symbol, not unlike the one used by the Nazis. He kills small animals for kicks and attempts to play sick games with B.T. and Koichi. Thankfully, B.T. manages to defeat him.
Sergeant MajorLink to this section
BT Major.jpeg
The Sergeant Major (曹長, Sōchō) is a violent brute who acts as the POW Camp Commander's henchman, disguised as a SS footsoldier. B.T. gets rid of him by attaching his tooth to a car, forcing him to run away.
Grandmother's CollaboratorLink to this section
BT Grandma collaborator.jpeg
A young pretty girl who visits B.T.'s grandma for unknown reasons. It is revealed that she works as a burglar for B.T.'s grandma and helped investigate a corrupt museum director's crimes.
Koichi Mugikari's ParentsLink to this section
Koichi Mugikari's Parents.jpeg
Koichi Mugikari's parents. Manabu easily fools them and invites himself into their home after he's seemingly bumped, but the father is too afraid to call the police because he fears he'll be arrested. When the rest of the boy's family invades their home, they are completely helpless.
Manabu's FamilyLink to this section
Freckled Boy's Family.jpeg

Manabu's family. They typically try to make it look like their victim is hurting them, using their guilt to invade their home, steal their possessions and prevent the victims from calling the police. Eventually, they'll steal everything from the victims. Their latest victims were the Mugikari family but B.T. got rid of them by poisoning them with cyanamide, a chemical that gives stomach cramps when mixed with alcohol. By making them believe they just ate sashimi made out of the poisonous fugu fish, B.T. forces them to get carried to the hospital.

Cool Shock Old B.T.

Koichi Mugikari's WifeLink to this section
The wife of Koichi Mugikari. She passed away at some point before Koichi turned 72. The Outlaw Guys robs Koichi of her inheritance. The back of her head during her wedding with Koichi is shown when B.T. and Koichi recall their memories together when they're 90.
Koichi Mugikari's SonLink to this section
Koichi Mugikari's son is married with kids. Around 2029, 13 years prior to Koichi's house getting stolen by the Outlaw Guys, Koichi's son leaves to live in the city. After Koichi contacts him to let them know that he was scammed, his son and his son's family are so dumbfounded that they stop contacting him. He is shown as a baby when B.T. and Koichi recall their memories together when they're 90, where Koichi was happily placing him in B.T.'s arms.
B.T.'s WifeLink to this section
BT Wife Infobox.jpg
B.T.'s unseen wife, which is mentioned in passing. She is the CEO of a trading company and lives in England. She and B.T. used to work together until B.T. retired.
Outlaw Guys EmployeesLink to this section
Outlaw Guys Infobox.jpg
Six young men and women working for the Outlaw Guys company. Their job is to contact and scam old people into investing their savings in various business ventures or properties that are all set up to fail so that the victims lose their money and any possession they've used as collateral. They even use fake houses to trick their victims into buying a property. They disdain the old people they scam, but are deathly afraid of their own boss.

Cool Shock B.T. (Reboot)

Extortionist StudentsLink to this section
Extortionist Students Infobox.png
Two senior students who attempt to extort money from Koichi Mugikari. One of them asks Koichi for directions. When Koichi takes out his phone to show the map, the other student bumps into Koichi from behind, deliberately falling down. The man accuses Koichi of being the one to bump into him, causing his smartphone to break. He asserts that Koichi was distracted on his phone while walking. The other student agrees with him, making it both of their words against his. They threaten to call the police, but B.T. intervenes, fooling them by making them think he recorded the whole incident. B.T. taunts them, saying he'll submit the video as evidence to the police, but will let them off the hook if they leave and never show themselves again to him or Koichi. Thus, they run away, leaving the two alone.
ArsonistLink to this section
Arsonist Infobox.png
A man obsessed with burning down houses and buildings for fame. He burns down six houses in a month, including Koichi Mugikari's new house. A random onlooker uploads a video of Koichi's house burning online, which goes viral and gets over 10,000 likes. Wanting to go viral again, the man chooses his next target to be the under-construction amusement park, JPP Land. He pretends to be the police and calls the phones of his victims, including Koichi's father's. When Koichi answers the phone for his dad, the man claims that the arsonist has been caught, but they need him to verify if he recognizes the suspect in a URL that they have sent to his phone. Koichi opens the link, but it is just the man's livestream.

He ignites a bottle to start a blaze in the construction site, taunting his victims who fell for his fake livestream link, and delighting in their imagined despair. However, his triumph is short-lived when the fire mysteriously extinguishes. B.T. confronts the arsonist, having tracked him by hacking police data and surveillance systems. The man scoffs at the idea of a kid hacking, but B.T. reveals that his stream is the evidence, since it shows B.T. with a mask and altered voice. The arsonist attempts to grab him but is stabbed by hidden razors. Enraged, he chases B.T. with a pole but falls into a trap where he's bitten by a venomous snake.

The arsonist desperately offers B.T. 2 million yen if he can call the ambulance, but B.T. declines. After learning his motive for his crimes, B.T. cunningly plants Koichi's smartphone into the pocket of the arsonist's jacket and then tosses the jacket into the pitfall. The arsonist believes that it is his victory as he has a bottle of Spirytus hidden in his jacket, planning to kill B.T. with it by using it as a molotov cocktail. However, the bottle is cracked and leaks on his jacket, igniting the old smartphone. The ensuing blaze engulfs him as B.T. watches, deeming it a fitting retribution. He is arrested by the police later.

Baoh the Visitor

Masked MenLink to this section
Baoh Masked Men.jpeg
Baoh Masked Men OVA.png
Three masked men among the higher ranking members of the Dress Organization and who act as Dr. Kasuminome's supervisors. Their identity is top secret so not even Kasuminome is allowed to see their faces or know their names. Kasuminome explains to them the mechanisms of the biological weapon "Baoh" and they seem truly impressed by the weapon.
Baoh DogLink to this section
Baoh Dog.png
Baoh Dog OVA.png

A test subject dog who becomes the first organism to have Baoh implanted within, to demonstrate Baoh's power to Dr. Kasuminome's supervisors. Kasuminome keeps the dog in a water tank to ensure Baoh goes into a state of apparent death via asphyxiation. When going against a tiger in an experiment, the dog starts cowering around. The tiger rips off the dog's eye, seemingly killing the latter. However, the dog stands up, transforms, and swiftly kills the tiger, melting its corpse afterwards. Then the dog tries going for Kasuminome and his men, charging at and cracking the containment glass, and prompting Kasuminome to order the dog to be shot at with lasers. The dog eventually dies after being shot in the eye, and its Baoh parasite comes out of it. Kasuminome then orders the dog's corpse to be incinerated.

The dog dies in a different way in the OVA, where it is shot in the brain by Dordo after attempting to attack the latter.

Dress SoldiersLink to this section
Baoh Soldiers.jpeg
Baoh Soldiers OVA.png
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 3: Baoh, the Invincible Body
Anime Debut: Baoh the Visitor (OVA)
Voice Actor: Cesare Rasini (Italian Dub)
A squad of soldiers sent by the Dress Organization to assassinate Ikuro Hashizawa. During their attack, Ikuro transforms into Baoh and decimates the entire squad.
Tobacco VendorLink to this section
Baoh Tobacco Vendor.jpeg
An ordinary tobacco vendor. She's asked by one of the Dress Soldiers if she's seen Ikuro Hashizawa and says no, not bothering to look up. In response, the soldier slams her head against the desk, ordering her to look at a picture of Ikuro. She gives the soldier the information he needs.
Martin's MasterLink to this section
Baoh Martin master.jpeg

Martin's master. He is a cruel beastmaster and agent of the Dress Organization. He's sent after Ikuro Hashizawa and uses his mutated mandrill Martin to fight him. Martin's master himself wields a whip to command Martin and he also uses it to whip Sumire. This angers Baoh who shoots his flaming hair at the beastmaster. Martin's master thus dies a painful death.

Martin's VictimsLink to this section
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 4: Evil Beast Martin
A mother and her son coming back from a supermarket. By taking a shortcut to their home they stumble upon the fight between Martin and Ikuro Hashizawa. Noticing their presence, Martin's master orders Martin to kill the witnesses. The mandrill jumps up to them and smashes their heads together.
MountaineersLink to this section
Baoh Mountaineers.jpeg
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 5: Grandpa Rokusuke
A trio of girls hiking on the mountains. When they see Ikuro, they admire his good looks, but also mock Sumire.
Ikuro's ParentsLink to this section
Baoh Ikuro Parents.jpeg
Happy Ikuro.png
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 5: Grandpa Rokusuke
Anime Debut: Baoh the Visitor (OVA)
Ikuro's Parents. The Hashizawa family's car crashed against a cliff when they had to swerve around two speeding cars. Although The mother and father could have survived their injuries, Dr. Kasuminome had them injected with poison so that no one would search for Ikuro, whom he wanted as a guinea pig.
Dress DoctorLink to this section
Baoh Doctor.jpeg
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 5: Grandpa Rokusuke
A doctor and a low-ranking member of the Dress Organization. When the Hashizawas are brought to him, he contacts Dr. Kasuminome, informing him that a guinea pig (the young Ikuro) is available. Despite his protests and the assurance that he could save all three, Kasuminome has the parents killed and the doctor is cowed into staying silent.
Rokusuke's WifeLink to this section
Baoh Old Woman.jpeg
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 5: Grandpa Rokusuke
Rokusuke's withdrawn wife. She discovers Ikuro Hashizawa and Sumire taking shelter in their cabin and she accepts to shelter them for a time. Later, she adopts Sumire.
Rokusuke's SonsLink to this section
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 5: Grandpa Rokusuke (Photo only)
Three sons of Rokusuke and his wife that don't keep contact with their parents. Ikuro reminds the old couple of one of them, who left the house 13 years earlier. The third son owned a motorcycle, later given to Ikuro.
Aroma BatsLink to this section
Aroma Bats.png
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 6: Aroma Bat
Aroma Bats (芳香蝙蝠(アロマ・バット), Aroma Batto) are special bats created by Dr. Kasuminome. They can be controlled by ultrasonic waves, which Dordo utilizes. The special aroma emanated by these bats can paralyze the Baoh parasite's Tactile Sensor. Rokusuke shoots all of them down.
FishermenLink to this section
Baoh Fishermen.jpeg
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 6: Aroma Bat
A pair of fishermen fishing near Dress's secret laboratory. A pair of guards destroy their camera to erase any chance of being spied on.
Dress GuardsLink to this section
Baoh Guards.jpeg
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 6: Aroma Bat
Some guards patrolling around the Dress Organization's secret laboratory. They break a fisherman's camera to prevent Dress from being spied on and throw some money as compensation.
Sap SpidersLink to this section
Sap Spider.jpeg
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 9: Demon Walken
Sap Spiders (液クモ, Eki Kumo) are species of mutated giant spiders that Dr. Kasuminome sics on Ikuro Hashizawa. They are bigger than a grown man and can resist the digestive enzymes that are used to flood one corridor. They can deploy a sharp tongue from their mouths to suck the liquefied bodies of their victims.
Skookum TribeLink to this section
Manga Debut: Baoh the Visitor Chapter 9: Demon Walken (Mentioned only)
OVA Debut: Baoh the Visitor (OVA) (Mentioned only)
Namesake: Skookum: Chinook Jargon for "strong" or "monstrous"
The Skookum Tribe (スクークム族, Sukūkumu-zoku) is a fictional, non-perished tribe of Native Americans. Its last known member is Walken. One of their traditions is carving a symbol of blood as mannerisms of respect through death to a true warrior.

Gorgeous Irene

Irene's ButlerLink to this section
Irene Butler.jpg
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene Chapter 1: Lauper's Palace
Irene's butler. He served her family and took care of her after the death of Irene's parents. He warns the tailor's son about Irene and to never lie to her, otherwise the butler will kill him. He seems to have some combat abilities too as he's able to split a flying fly in two. He was later killed by an assassin sent to kill Irene. Before dying, he tells a squirrel to tell Irene about his death and the assassin coming for her.
Irene's FatherLink to this section
Irene Father.jpg
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene Chapter 1: Lauper's Palace
Irene Rapona's late father. He was an assassin in the mafia. His boss, his wife and himself were killed but his daughter Irene survived. It is said that Irene inherited her hypnosis abilities from him.
Tailor's SonLink to this section
Irene Tailor's Son.jpg
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene Chapter 1: Lauper's Palace
This unnamed young boy seeks Irene Rapona to ask her to kill Lauper to avenge his deceased father. Lauper later captures him, and he witnesses how Irene kills Lauper.
TailorLink to this section
Irene Tailor.jpg
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene Chapter 1: Lauper's Palace
A tailor who had the bad luck to attract the crime lord Lauper's eye. She ordered him to make her a dress in a night but he needed to order more material. Lauper got offended and beat him, but he showed defiance and was killed for it.
Lauper's HenchwomenLink to this section
Lauper henchmen death.jpg
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene Chapter 1: Lauper's Palace
A group of henchwomen working for Lauper, seen accompany their boss around and carrying out torture. Irene quickly disposes of them by piercing their vitals with her fake nails.
Irene's SquirrelLink to this section
Irene squirrel.jpg
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene Chapter 2: The Girl in the Slums
A squirrel that Irene's Butler was carrying with him at the moment of his death. The butler tells it to go and warn Irene to flee, which it seemingly does offscreen. It then tags along Irene and is often seen on her shoulder.
New York Drug DealerLink to this section
Irene drug dealer.jpg
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene Chapter 2: The Girl in the Slums
A drug dealer whom Irene meets in a bar. He has a distinctive appearance with his large flattop and his heart-shaped eyepatch. He offers her a bag of drug, and gets angry when she takes it without paying. When she says she has no money, the dealer offers her to become a "movie star"; Irene accepts without thinking but Michael intervenes and elbows him in the face. Later, he helps a Tattooed Assassin finding Irene by identifying the girl on a photo.
Tattooed AssassinLink to this section
Irene Tattooed Assassin.jpg
Manga Debut: Gorgeous Irene Chapter 2: The Girl in the Slums
A female assassin sent by the enemies of Irene Rapona to kill her. She kills Irene's butler and later finds Irene. However, she is swiftly killed by Irene. She has a special tattoo from which a spectral arm armed with a knife can appear, and she also commands some deadly ants to attack her foes.

The Lives of Eccentrics

Tesla's BulliesLink to this section
Tesla's Bullies.png
A group of five boys who bully a young Nikola Tesla. One time, as Niko shows them his inventions, one of the boys breaks one of them. When Tesla complains, the bullies, knowing about his phobia of round shiny objects, force him to look at an egg, making Tesla throw up. Later, when one of the bullies tries to use an outhouse, Tesla rolls a snowball down a hill toward the outhouse. On the way down, the snowball gains mass before it crashes into the outhouse, burying the boy in the snow.
Tesla's PigeonLink to this section
Tesla's Pigeon.png
A female pigeon. She is found by Nikola Tesla with an injured wing and nursed back to health by him. The two became extremely attached to each other, with Tesla even stating that he loves the pigeon like a man loves a woman. One night, she arrives to his house unusually late. Tesla notices her crying and realizes that she knows she will die soon, and that she came to say goodbye to him. Shortly afterward, the pigeon passes away.
Boston Red Sox BasemanLink to this section
Boston Red Sox Baseman.png
A second baseman who plays in Major League Baseball for the Boston Red Sox. In 1908, the Boston Red Sox play the Detroit Tigers at Boston's Huntington Avenue Grounds stadium. Stepping up to bat, Ty Cobb openly declares his intent to steal second base during the next pitch. As the pitcher moves to throw toward second base, Cobb rushes toward the base, somehow slicing the baseman's arm in the process. Ty Cobb is declared safe, despite the baseman's accusations that he had sharpened his cleats and used them as weapons. Undeterred, Ty Cobb announced his intent to steal third base next, which he does.
Cobb's FatherLink to this section
Cobb's Father.png
The father of Ty Cobb. He is a state senator and a school administrator. He opposes Ty’s interest in baseball, deeming it vulgar and low-paying. He considers sending his son to military school.

In 1905, Cobb’s father is killed by his wife. According to official records, she mistakes him for a thief and accidentally shot him. There also exists a rumor that he pretended to leave the house to see if his wife was faithful to him, and upon discovering his wife with her secret lover, he was killed by her.

It can be inferred he is most likely William Herschel Cobb, the father of the real-life Ty Cobb, who also died to a gunshot in 1905.

Cobb's MotherLink to this section
The mother of Ty Cobb. She is said to be the most beautiful woman in the state.

In 1905, she kills her husband. According to official records, she mistook him for a thief and accidentally shot him. There also exists a rumor that states that her husband pretended to leave the house to see if she was faithful to him, and upon discovering his wife with her secret lover, he was killed by her.

It can be inferred that she is most likely Amanda Chitwood Cobb, the mother of the real-life Ty Cobb, who killed her husband in what was claimed to be an accident in 1905.

Paraplegic SpectatorLink to this section
Paraplegic Spectator.png
A paraplegic spectator who shouts insults at Ty Cobb during a baseball game and is physically assaulted by the player. After the incident, Ty Cobb is suspended from baseball indefinitely. The suspension is called off the next day, however, due to his teammates going on strike.
Cobb's DoctorLink to this section
Cobb's Doctor.png
A doctor who takes care of Ty Cobb when he is hospitalized with cancer. With Ty Cobb lying in his hospital bed hiding a gun under the blanket, the doctor asks him to hand it over. Cobb, while reaching for the gun, suggests the doctor take it himself and see who's faster. After the doctor promptly exits the room, Ty Cobb calls him a coward.
Collyer ParentsLink to this section
The mother and father of Homer and Langley Collyer. The father is an obstetrician and gynecologist; the mother, who can speak Greek, is very particular about her dignity and pedigree. In 1909, the mother finds her husband groping one of his patients, causing the marriage to fall apart and the father to leave the family. The separation permanently scars their two sons and causes them to retreat from society; when their mother later passes away, the Collyer brothers become completely isolated from the world.
Kou's BulliesLink to this section
Kou's Bullies.png
A group of kids who attempt to bully Yoshio Kou for being half-Chinese. When one of them shouts a slur at him, Kou shoves his elbow into the kid's face and badmouths him.
Kou's ParentsLink to this section
Kou's Parents.png
Yoshio Kou's mother is Japanese, and his father is Chinese. During World War II, they have completely opposing views on the fate of Japan in the war. The mother holds the popular belief that Japan was a country that had been protected by gods for generations, and that despite anything said on the news, it will win the war. The father, who has been to the Japanese embassy, believes that Japan is making too many mistakes, and it is sure to lose.
Korean YakuzaLink to this section
Korean Yakuza.png
A group of Korean yakuza that control Shinjuku. In 1955, Yoshio Kou is confronted by them. They demand Kou and his friend pay a fee to use the road. Instead of running away like his friend did, Kou strikes a deal with them to collect the fees himself and give the yakuza a third of the profits in exchange for leaving him and his friend be. He later manages their finances and sets up a food delivery business to local Chinese people.
Karate MasterLink to this section
Karate Master.png
A Japanese karate master who, in 1977, agrees to a fight with a bengal tiger organized by Yoshio Kou in Haiti. He is said to have been stronger than even the famous Masutatsu Oyama in his prime. He is brimming with confidence, but right before the fight, he remembers Oyama's advice about the ferocity of tigers and begins to panic. The show is cancelled at the last minute after Brigitte Bardot and animal rights groups contact President Carter. The news shocks Kou, not only due to its suddenness, but also due to their concern being greater for the tiger than for the man who would have fought it.
Bengal TigerLink to this section
Bengal Tiger.png
A tiger sent in 1977 to Haiti to fight a Japanese karate master in a show organized by Yoshio Kou. Although the karate master was brimming with confidence, when the fight begins and the tiger is let out of its cage, he begins to panic. The show is cancelled at the last minute after Brigitte Bardot and animal rights groups contact President Carter. The news shocks Kou, not only due to its suddenness, but also due to their concern being greater for the tiger than for the man who would have fought it.
Mate's ParentsLink to this section
Parents of a woman who volunteers to be Oliver's mate. When asked if her parents know about the job, she says that she doesn't care if her father, who abandoned her mother, is watching.
Mystery House WorkersLink to this section
Mystery House Workers.png
A group of contractors hired to build a wine cellar for Sarah Winchester's mansion. A handprint is found on the side of one of the shelves, forcing James to summon the group and demand an explanation. When Sarah herself appears to examine the situation, James immediately fires the group and orders them to leave, suspecting that they have seen her face. Before they can do so, however, they are tasked with destroying the cellar due to Sarah's superstitions. One of the workers moves closer to the handprint to examine it, but is attacked by a swarm of flies that cause the shelf to fall on top of him, lethally crushing and puncturing him.
Mary's FamilyLink to this section
Mary's Family.png
Mary Mallon's family, with whom she lives as a child. They are a poor family of immigrants who really enjoy Mary's cooking.
Mary's MotherLink to this section
Mary's Mother.png
The mother of Mary Mallon. She tells her daughter that, for a woman, the foundation of happiness is cooking. Mary takes the lesson to heart and later becomes a cook.
New York OfficersLink to this section
New York Officers.png
A group of New York policemen who, with the help of a sanitation engineer Dr. Soper, go after Mary Mallon. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to incarcerate her, they detain Mary in 1915 and put her in a permanent quarantine.
Old Blind ManLink to this section
Old Blind Man.png
An old blind man for whom Mary Mallon cooks when she is discovered by the New York police in 1915. Before dinner he is reading a newspaper which Mary takes away from him, questioning his ability to read it without glasses. He mistakes her for his son, Johnny, and tells her about his love for Christmas turkey. While Mary is preparing the milk for the baby, the old man seemingly attempts to kiss her, startling Mary and causing her to spill the milk all over the dinner table. The baby, wanting to get the milk bottle, crawls onto the table and falls into the old man's plate. Mistaking it for a Christmas turkey, the old man attempts to eat the baby before Mary takes it away at the last moment. Right after that Dr. Soper and the New York policemen barge into the room. Mary Mallon escapes through the window leaving the old man and the baby. The baby's diaper was left on his plate. Mistaking it for food, the old man takes a bite of its contents.
Old Man's BabyLink to this section
Old Man's Baby.png
A baby who Mary Mallon takes care of when she is discovered by the New York police in 1915. While Mary is preparing the milk for the baby, the old man living with the baby attempts to kiss her, startling Mary and causing her to spill the milk all over the dinner table. The baby, wanting to get the milk bottle, crawls onto the table and falls into the old man's plate. Mistaking it for a Christmas turkey, the old man attempts to eat the baby before Mary takes it away at the last moment. Right after that Dr. Soper and the New York policemen barge into the room. Mary Mallon escapes through the window leaving the old man and the baby. Soper picks up the baby, saying that it was a miracle that they came before she served them food.


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