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This is a list of minor characters featured in one-shots related to the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, such as Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan.

Most characters in this section have very little information to warrant a character page, usually due to lack of relevance or backstory.


Mr. OLink to this section
Mr. O is Boingo's editor for his book Oingo Boingo Brothers Adventure. He fears that the book will run out of pages after numerous predictions. It is possible that Mr. O is actually Oingo using an alias, though it is not outright stated.
Hosho OsatoLink to this section
Mr Osato One-shot.jpeg
Mr Osato OVA.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Debut: Mutsu-kabe Hill (TV Drama)
Voice Actor: Shinnosuke Ogami (拝真之介) (Japanese), Zeke Alton (English)
Jérémie Bédrune (French dub)
Pino Pirovano (Italian Dub)
Live Action Actor: Hajime Inoue
Hosho Osato (大郷宝生 Ōsato Hōshō) is the head of the Osato family. He and his wife doted on their daughter Naoko, to the point they refused to let her live alone in S-City and would rather have her go to school by private car. He settled on Shuichi as a suitable spouse for her and brought Shuichi to meet Osato one day, unaware that she just murdered the gardener, Gunpei Kamafusa. Noticing that Naoko is in the guest house, he knocks at the door and almost opens the door with a spare key, but when Naoko says she's changing clothes, Mr. Osato prefers to leave.

He was only named in the TV drama adaptation.

ShuichiLink to this section
Shuichi OVA.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Debut: Mutsu-kabe Hill (TV Drama)
Voice Actor: Takeaki Masuyama (Japanese), Mark Whitten (English)
Constantin Pappas (French dub)
Roberto Palermo (Italian Dub)
Live Action Actor: Ayumu Nakajima

Shuichi (修一 Shūichi) is the fiancé of Naoko Osato, set to be married after her graduation. The marriage was arranged by their respective families. One day, Shuichi comes to visit Naoko at her home and suspects she was with another guy. She was actually with her secret boyfriend Gunpei Kamafusa but just murdered him a few moments earlier in an accident. She manages to hide his corpse before Shuichi sees her in the kitchen and he apologizes for getting the wrong idea.

After their marriage, he seems to care about her, but she continues to love Gunpei even as a corpse. Their life together was happy, and even though they didn't burn with passion for each other, they were blessed with two kids (actually Gunpei's children, but Shuichi didn't know this).

Shuichi is given the family name Takamado (高窓) in the TV drama adaptation.

Kiriko OsatoLink to this section
Naokos Daughter Infobox Oneshot.png
Naokos Daughter Infobox OVA.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 2 (OVA): Mutsu-kabe Hill
Debut: Mutsu-kabe Hill (TV Drama)
Voice Actor: Yūki Takada (Japanese), Faye Mata (English)
Caroline Combes (French dub)
Ludovica De Caro (Italian dub)
Live Action Actor: Tamaki Shiratori

Kiriko Osato (大郷桐子 Ōsato Kiriko) is the daughter of Naoko Osato. She surprised Rohan Kishibe in the woods investigating her house and runs away. Rohan tries to grab her but accidentally makes her trip, nearly killing her. It is revealed that she is possessed by the Mutsu-kabe Hill Yokai but Rohan wards it off by making the girl unable to notice Rohan's presence. She peacefully returns to her mother afterward.

She was only named in the TV drama adaptation.

Kai OsatoLink to this section
Kai Osato Manga.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Debut: Mutsu-kabe Hill (TV Drama)
Live Action Actor: Sousuke Yoshida

Kai Osato (大郷櫂 Ōsato Kai) is the son of Naoko Osato. He wears a shirt with "SBR" on it, and declares that he will become a gardener when he grows up, both alluding to his real father being Gunpei Kamafusa.

He was omitted in the OVA adaptation and was only named in the TV drama adaptation.

The Gods of the MountainLink to this section
Gods of the mountain.png
TSKR5 Gods of the Mountain.png
The Gods of the Mountain (山の神 Yama no Kami) are the entities that put the Village of Millionaires under a curse. The residents (or those who want to be one of them) of the village who show good manners gain something, usually money, while those who don't lose things, mostly the life of a friend. The village had 11 residents, all at the age of 25, that became rich from one day to another after living in there. Kyoka Izumi, who wanted to buy a house in there, went to the village with Rohan Kishibe and was greeted by the gods' butler, Ikkyu. Izumi failed at her test and lost the lives of her mother and fiancee. The gods can give as many chances as they want, but one by one things will be lost if the person keeps failing. After realizing the identity of Ikkyu's master to be the Gods of the Mountain through Heaven's Door, Rohan decides to leave the place with Izumi and never go back. Later, in Drip Painting Style, Rohan wonders whether the gas-powered car he uses to stop the eco-terrorist is a gift from the gods.
VirginaLink to this section
Virgina (ヴェルジーナ Verujīna) is Tonio Trussardi's girlfriend who lives in his hometown, Amalfi, Italy. She has a large brain tumor that even Pearl Jam couldn't heal and could no longer walk or stand. Rohan discovers that Tonio brought her to Morioh in hopes of Morioh's disk abalone cooked together with Pearl Jam having a possibility of healing her.

Some time after Rohan successfully poaches some abalone, he is glad to see Virgina together with Tonio in the kitchen, with her no longer in a wheelchair.

Frida GianniniLink to this section
Frida Giannini.png
Manga Debut: Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci
Namesake: Frida Giannini (Italian fashion designer)
Frida Giannini (フリーダ・ジャンニーニ Furīda Jannīni) is the creative director of the Gucci brand. Gucci's philosophy is revering tradition, seeking the greatest quality, and innovating. An artisan describes how Giannini is the pinnacle of the brand, as she has respect for all of the iconic products Gucci designed throughout the years. Moreover, they were able to create new revolutionary designs through her talent. Gucci's artisans are considered Giannini's right-hand men because they give life to her designs by making them into physical objects. The brand's trusted reputation all over the world is thanks to the techniques handed down to the artisans over many generations combined with Giannini's designs.
Noboru MochizukiLink to this section
Noboru Mochizuki.jpg
Noboru Mochizuki (望月 昇 Mochizuki Noboru), aged 50, is the husband of Haruko and the father of Aki and Takeru. He is an office worker and the current head of the Mochizuki family. He values the family tradition of viewing the moon on the day of the Harvest Moon since he is passionate and protective of his family. Due to how relatives who didn't view the moon on that day had their lives cut short, including his father and his younger brother, who died when Noboru was 22. In contrast, he also knows of his grandparents and ancestors who lived long lives due to understanding the importance of viewing the moon as a family. He keeps this same belief firmly to stop anyone else from dying. For this reason, he forcibly cancels any plans the family may have had to watch the moon together in their backyard.
Haruko MochizukiLink to this section
Haruko Mochizuki.jpg
Haruko Mochizuki (望月 晴瑠子 Mochizuki Haruko), aged 46, is the wife of Noboru Mochizuki and mother of Aki and Takeru. She is a full-time housewife, and it's revealed that she has cervical cancer, as shown by a positive test result she had received. Noboru reassures her that if she lives past midnight on their moon viewing, her medical treatment will go well, and her health is guaranteed to recover.
Takeru MochizukiLink to this section
Takeru Mochizuki.jpg
Takeru Mochizuki (望月 猛 Mochizuki Takeru), aged 15, is the son of Noboru Mochizuki and younger brother of Aki. He is a middle school student and baseball club member who plans to attend college with a baseball scholarship. He has an important baseball game on the day of the Harvest Moon, but his father forbids him from attending to stay for the moon viewing. Once the moon viewing started, he showed a complete turnaround and enjoyed himself while playing with a toy helicopter. He also saved his grandmother from choking when he accidentally hit her with his toy helicopter.
Mitsu MochizukiLink to this section
Mitsu Mochizuki.jpg
Mitsu Mochizuki (望月 ミツ Mochizuki Mitsu), aged 78, is the wife of Sakuzo Mochizuki and mother of Noboru, Mamoru, and Akiko. She is also the grandmother of Aki and Takeru. As the family goes out to the backyard during the Harvest Moon, a chain reaction of events causes a goldfish to be flung into Mitsu's mouth, almost choking her to death. However, Takeru's toy helicopter lands on her throat, making her spit it out. She places the fish back in its bowl afterwards.
Sakuzo MochizukiLink to this section
Sakuzo Mochizuki (望月 作蔵 Mochizuki Sakuzō) is the first son of Seizo Mochizuki and the brother to Yamato, Miwa, and at least one other sibling. He married Mitsu and fathered Noboru, Mamoru, and Akiko. He is also the grandfather of Aki and Takeru. He died at the age of 46 after being stung by a giant hornet, as it turned out he was allergic.
Mamoru MochizukiLink to this section
Mamoru Mochizuki (望月 護 Mochizuki Mamoru) is the second son of Sakuzo Mochizuki. He is the brother to Akiko and Noboru and the uncle of Aki and Takeru. 28 years prior to the story, when he was coming home from school during the afternoon at 17, he saw one of the neighbors' kids were drowning in a river. He tried to save them but in the process, he himself died by drowning.
Seizo and Sae MochizukiLink to this section
Seizo and Sae Mochizuki.jpg
Seizo Mochizuki (望月 政蔵 Mochizuki Seizō) and his wife Sae Mochizuki (望月 サエ Mochizuki Sae) are the parents of Miwa, Yamato, and Sakuzo, and at least one other child. The two of them put great importance on the moon viewing, with their family celebrating it together every year as told to Noboru. This allowed them to live long lives as Seizo died at 101 and Sae at 103 with both of them remaining in good health even past their 100th year.
Kentaro MochizukiLink to this section
Kentaro Mochizuki (望月 健太郎 Mochizuki Kentarō),[Note 1] deceased at age 85, is a brother of Tsukiji and two other siblings. He married Kayo and fathered Yoshigoro, Seizo, and at least one other child.
Kayo MochizukiLink to this section
Kayo Mochizuki (望月 カヨ Mochizuki Kayo), deceased at age 92, is the wife of Kentaro Mochizuki and mother of Yoshigoro, Seizo, and at least one other child.
Tsukiji MochizukiLink to this section
Tsukiji Mochizuki (望月 月治 Mochizuki Tsukiji), deceased at age 53, is a brother of Kentaro and two other siblings.
Yoshigoro MochizukiLink to this section
Yoshigoro Mochizuki (望月 良吾郎 Mochizuki Yoshigorō), deceased at age 87, is a son of Kentaro Mochizuki and brother of Seizo and at least one other sibling.
Yamato MochizukiLink to this section
Yamato Mochizuki (望月 大和 Mochizuki Yamato), deceased at age 78, is a son of Seizo Mochizuki and brother of Sakuzo, Miwa, and at least one other sibling.
Miwa MochizukiLink to this section
Miwa Mochizuki (望月 美和 Mochizuki Miwa), deceased at age 28, is a daughter of Seizo Mochizuki and sister of Sakuzo, Yamato, and at least one other sibling.
Akiko MochizukiLink to this section
Akiko Mochizuki (望月 秋子 Mochizuki Akiko) is the daughter of Sakuzo Mochizuki. She is the sister to Mamoru and Noboru and the aunt of Aki and Takeru.
Akira KatahiraLink to this section
Akira Katahira Infobox One-shot.png

Akira Katahira (片平 央 Katahira Akira) is Mai Katahira's deceased husband. He passed his bar exam to become a lawyer. However, he died in a tragic car accident, and died while reassuring Mai that she would be ultimately fine. He has the habit of scratching his head with his pinky finger while sticking his tongue out to hide a failure. He also like canned coffee and used to open it with his pinky. He is named in the TV Drama adaptation of "D.N.A.".

TomoyaLink to this section
Tomoya (友弥) is the son of Obanazawa. He has a very minor role in the story and is introduced as one of Mao Katahira's playmates.
SawakiLink to this section
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 9: The Run
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 9 (OVA): The Run

Sawaki (沢木) is a deliveryman who frequently delivered packages to Mika's apartment.

On November 4, after disturbing Yoma's strict sleep schedule, Sawaki was pulled into Mika's apartment and brutally murdered. Yoma killed Sawaki by severing the carotid arteries in his neck. His body was hidden in the apartment block's underground parking lot, encased in cement.

In the TV drama adaptation, Sawaki's equivalent is an unnamed deliveryman.

HermesLink to this section
Yoma ability.png
Manga Debut: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 9: The Run
OVA Debut: TSKR Episode 9 (OVA): The Run
Hermes (ヘルメス神 Herumesu-shin, lit. "God Hermes"), also represented by many other names, is the god of muscle. Rohan Kishibe believes that Hermes possessed Yoma Hashimoto after seeing wing-like symbols form on Yoma's muscles. After defeating Yoma, Rohan decides to make a run for it, hoping that he hasn't invoked Hermes's wrath.
MuLink to this section
Mu-chan TSKR Episode 10.png

Mu (ムッ Mu—) is Eve's pet crocodile, affectionally called "Mu-chan". It is harmless, having a muzzle keeping its mouth shut. It is attacked and eviscerated by Bakin, but thankfully Rohan manages to undo this. Rohan gives Mu to the Yabubako-Hoshi version of Eve.

In the TV drama adaptation, Mu is replaced with a bearded dragon and snake instead.

EmmaLink to this section
Emma (恵菜(エマ) Ema) is Mitsuki Murase's daughter who attends kindergarten. One day, Emma is left crying alone after kindergarten, and it's up to Mitsuki to pick her up, as the latter is driving the family's only car. Eventually, Emma's father decides to walk over to pick Emma up himself.

Short Story/OVA/TV Drama

BatsuderaLink to this section
Anime Debut: TSKR Episode 2: Mutsu-kabe Hill
Voice Actor: Frank Todaro (English)
Frédéric Souterelle (French dub)
Claudio Colombo (Italian Dub)
Batsudera is a real estate agent who appears only in the OVA adaptation of Mutsu-kabe Hill. He is introduced following Rohan in the mountains and nagging him to convince him to sell his lands, which Rohan refuses. He almost surprises Rohan in the compromising situation of looking like he's killed a little girl.
MaronLink to this section
Maron Infobox Drama.png
Maron (マロン) is Kyoka Izumi's 2-year-old[1] female dog. She appears similarly to a Parson Russell Terrier. Kyoka puts her in Taro Hirai's care before she tries to buy a luxurious villa. The gods of the mountain curse Kyoka and it seems that Maron may die, but Rohan manages to make it so the dog is revived.
Ryutaro TodoLink to this section
Ryutaro Todo Infobox Drama.png
Debut: Kushagara (TV Drama)
Live Action Actor: Mutsumi Sasaki
Ryutaro Todo (藤堂隆太郎 Tōdō Ryūtarō) is a 62-year-old archaeologist and university professor at Tsutsujigaoka University. Affected by the word "kushagara", the professor frantically searches through his books for the word "kushagara" and its meaning. He actually secludes himself in his university office and cuts ties with his family for a month. He dies from nutritional deficiency. Rohan wishes that he could have read the man's life.


  1. First kanji in their name is assumed due to it only being partially shown.


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