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Let's go! Our family will be first in the race!
—Andre Boomboom, Steel Ball Run Chapter 16: The Desert Born Outlaws, Part 2

Andre Boomboom (アンドレ・ブンブーン, Andore Bunbūn) is a tertiary antagonist featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run, introduced in the "The Desert Born Outlaws" story arc.

Andre is one of the competitors of the Steel Ball Run race. Alongside the rest of the Boomboom family, he tries to eliminate other jockeys to get ahead in the race and attacks Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar.

Andre is a Stand user wielding Tomb of the Boom 2.


Andre appears as a young man of average height, notably having aligned columns of freckles that cover his face. Andre has shoulder-length hair which peeks out from under a cap. Andre wears a long-sleeved spotted shirt with a target imprinted on the chest. He also wears spotted pants, a plain vest, a spotted cap with four blue ribbons attached to it, a pair of cargo shorts, and possibly wears a belt.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Green-gray with blue ribbons and a gray brim.)
(Olive-brown vest over a green-gray shirt with aqua blue polka dots and a yellow, aqua blue, and black target, green-gray pants, Olive-yellow shorts, Golden shoe soles)


Andre declares his family will claim the SBR's prize

Just like the other members of the family, Andre is a murderous and greedy man who murders the competition for the prize money. Andre practices erotic asphyxiation, mentioning that he always lets girls strangle him. He has his own method of anesthesia that he claims to have invented himself, which consists of tying his belt around his neck and to a tree branch, letting it strangle him while he cuts off the poisoned part of his skin.[3]

Andre is prideful and brags about what he can do to his brother. He's confident in his abilities, exclaiming that Gyro's steel balls will never reach him.[4]


Benjamin states that Andre is the most talented in the family.[4]


Main article: Tomb of the Boom 2

Tomb of the Boom grants every member of the Boomboom family the ability to manipulate iron through the power of magnetism. Andre uses it to magnetize anyone his blood touches.

Tomb of the Boom 2 (トゥーム・オブ・ザ・ブーム ツー)Link to this section

Horseback Riding

Foxy Lady (フォクシーレディ)Link to this section
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3-year-old Quarter Horse

Personal Skills

Andre can somehow close his nostrils without touching them. He can also stuff his ears into the ear holes, like Giorno Giovanna.



Not much is known about the Boomboom Family's life before the Steel Ball Run. Benjamin mentions that Andre and L.A.'s mother left their home and became a whore.

The Boomboom Family went looking for mines in the cursed mountains in the desert despised by the local Native Americans. They stumbled on a Devil's Palm and collectively acquired their Tomb of the Boom 1 2 3.

Steel Ball Run

The Boomboom Family participates in the Steel Ball Run, aiming to be at the first, second and third place to maximize their gains. Lost in the mass of the racers during the first stage, the Boomboom Family assassinates three other competitors named Max Becker, David Hagen and Paul Lukather by using Tomb of the Boom 1 2 3 to magnetize them and make them collide.

Andre shows his infected wound to make the duo drop their guard

During the second stage, the Boomboom Family follows Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli in the desert because of Oyecomova, who has put a bounty on Gyro. Andre is sent to trick them. He lets himself be bitten by a spotted salamander and approaches the duo at sunset, pretending to merely be a hurt competitor. He begs for some fire and Gyro reluctantly throws a burning log at him. To sedate himself, Andre uses his belt to strangle himself and cuts off the poison before seemingly losing consciousness, all to trick Gyro into approaching him. Soon enough, Gyro kicks Andre's knife aside, magnetizing his leg. The rest of the family then arrives.

Gyro shoots a hole in Andre's abdomen, who eventually succumbs

Gyro's feet is invaded by steel and the duo realizes that they are dealing with enemies that are assassinating the competition. They realize that the Boomboom's ability is a magnetic power when Johnny's pistol is disassembled and the pieces are attracted to Gyro's feet. Benjamin Boomboom, the patriarch, destroys an incoming Steel Ball aimed at him with his magnetism. Andre's knife flies towards Gyro's neck but he blocks it. Furious at Gyro for almost letting him die, Andre is the first to charge closer to Gyro. Gyro throws his remaining ball at a rock, making a piece of rock shoot through Andre. Seeing the Boomboom Family circle around them, Gyro understands that the magnetism is tied to his proximity to them and thus, the duo flees. As they move away from the Boomboom, the magnetism weakens but Benjamin shoots through the hole in Andre, splashing some of Andre's blood on Johnny.

Benjamin, knowing he's followed by the cowboy Mountain Tim, manipulates pieces of metal into his face to make himself look like Johnny. Mountain Tim reveals his ability Oh! Lonesome Me, allowing the cowboy to disassemble his body along his rope, and tries to grab Benjamin. However, Benjamin cuts the rope and escapes in the briar patches. Meanwhile, Andre doesn't immediately die from his injury, but he mentions going unconscious from the blood loss and is never seen afterward. Just as the family prepare their final assault on Gyro, Johnny and Tim, Andre leaves him behind. After their father's death, it is unknown what happened to him and his brother.



Quote.png Quotes
  • D... Don't shoot! I mean no harm! I came here because I saw the fire!
    —Andre Boomboom, Steel Ball Run Chapter 15: The Desert Born Outlaws, Part 1
  • It's... It's anesthesia. Anesthesia. Since I'm gonna cut off the poisoned part of the skinnn... I'd need a painkiller. I invented this way myself... It's out of this world. Don't ever try this. I always let the girls strangle me.
    —Andre Boomboom, Steel Ball Run Chapter 15: The Desert Born Outlaws, Part 1
  • Hey yo, L.A.! Can you do this? Nostrils both flat! Nostrils both flat! [...] My ears can go into my earhole, too! Ears all flat, too! You can't do this!
    —Andre Boomboom, Steel Ball Run Chapter 16: The Desert Born Outlaws, Part 2
  • Those guys didn't give me some fire right away! I was this close from letting that lizard venom run through my whole body! I'm gonna get my revenge!
    —Andre Boomboom, Steel Ball Run Chapter 16: The Desert Born Outlaws, Part 2
  • Let's go! Our family will be first in the race!
    —Andre Boomboom, Steel Ball Run Chapter 16: The Desert Born Outlaws, Part 2
  • It won't reach me, you dumbass! I'll charge in and rip your guts out!
    —Andre Boomboom to Gyro Zeppeli, Steel Ball Run Chapter 16: The Desert Born Outlaws, Part 2
  • I... I think I might die, Dad! That bastard, I'll make him pay! I'll get my revenge!
    —Andre Boomboom, Steel Ball Run Chapter 17: The Desert Born Outlaws, Part 3
  • A-ha! Now I understand what Dad's thinking! That's definitely a surefire way!
    —Andre Boomboom, Steel Ball Run Chapter 17: The Desert Born Outlaws, Part 3
  • Uhm... Dad? I'm kinda getting chills and everything's blurry. I don't think I'm all right.
    —Andre Boomboom, Steel Ball Run Chapter 18: The Devil's Palm, Part 1



  • Andre's belt spells his family name as "Bom Boom".[5]


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