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We're going home together, Sandman!
—Sandman's Sister, SBR Chapter 1

Sandman's Sister (サンドマンのお姉ちゃん, Sandoman no Onēchan) is an unnamed tertiary character featured in the seventh part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run.

She is the older sister of Sandman, who hopes that by winning the Steel Ball Run race, he'll earn the money to buy back their ancestor's land.


She's a young woman of average height and build. She has dark, long hair with two light bangs hanging in front of her face. Her clothes are made of natural Native American materials, such as wooden bangles and necklaces.[1]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Slightly Tan)
(Black with pale green highlights and bangs)
(Aqua blue hat, top, wristbands and pants, tan feather, violet necklace, brown skirt and boots.)


Sandman's sister is a traditionalist who strongly adheres to her tribe's values and beliefs. She disapproves of Sandman's interest in the white man's books and culture, seeing it as a betrayal of their tribe. She is strict and protective of her younger brother, scolding him and severely beating him for going against the tribe's customs.[2]

Sandman's sister is skeptical of the white man and is quick to assume the worst when discovering an outsiders tracks near the village.[2] Much like other members of her tribe, she also shares a narrow-minded perspective on the tribe's way of life and is resistant to change. Having grown up with Sandman, she wishes nothing more than for the two of them to peacefully return to the village; however, when Sandman reveals his plan to leave the village and win the Steel Ball Run race, she's taken aback. Nonetheless, she offers Sandman a keepsake from their parents to help him enter the race.[3]

It's implied that, unlike her brother, Sandman's sister is illiterate and unable to read.[2]


SPOILER WARNING: Part 7 spoiler details may follow.


Sandman's sister offers him a family heirloom so he can buy into the race

As a Native American, Sandman's sister lived with her younger brother in the Arizona Desert. Although Sandman's sister is never given a name, in her tribe's language, she is known as "she who dances with the leaves" (木の葉と踊る女, Konoha to Odoru Onna).[1]

Steel Ball Run

When the tribe discovers books in her brother's teepee, they hunt him down to scalp him. Sandman escapes using his Stand and is found by his sister, who scolds him for reading the white man's books and demands he apologize to the chief. She then proceeds to beat him for his actions but does not try to kill him like the warriors that chased him. Sandman tells her that understanding the enemy's culture is necessary for their survival and shows her strange holes in the wasteland, which he suspects were made by the white man. Sandman tells her tells that he plans to leave the tribe and participate in the Steel Ball Run race to win enough money to buy their ancestors' land.[2] However, like the rest of the tribe, she does not understand, or at least is not willing to understand, that the tribe needs to adapt to the changing times to survive. Before Sandman entering the race, Sandman's sister offers him an emerald belonging to their parents so that he can afford to pay the entry fee.[3]


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