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I don't believe this! It must be some sort of mistake! How dare you make such judgements about a child? I demand a refund!
—Barbara Ann Joestar, The JOJOLands Chapter 2: South King Street

Barbara Ann Joestar (バーバラ・アン・ジョースター, Bābara An Jōsutā) is a tertiary character featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands.

She is one of Joseph Joestar and Suzi Q's daughters and the mother of Jodio and Dragona Joestar.


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Barbara is a thin woman of average height with short dark hair. She wears different outfits in flashbacks; at home, she wears a headband and a T-shirt that says "Aloha"; while going to work, she wears a plain sunhat with a striped ribbon and a polka dot dress.

In the present, Barbara wears a polka dot sun hat, a long sleeveless vest with a polka dot pattern over a sleeveless top, and pants cropped above her ankles.


Barbara is a diligent individual and a loving mother who looks out for her children. Her day begins with a strict routine: waking up at 6:45 in the morning, starting the washing machine, then getting dressed in the bathroom. She prepares a nutritious breakfast that includes toast, fruit, ham, and eggs—fried or boiled for seven minutes—along with fried broccoli. Afterward, she wakes up her children with a good-morning kiss and hangs the laundry out to dry before catching the bus to go to work at 8:06 A.M.[1] She staunchly refuses to accept a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder for her son Jodio, even chiding the doctor for suggesting it.[3] Barbara is also concerned about the company her children keep, particularly wary of influences like Paco Laburantes.[4]

Due to her children discretely working to maintain her well-being, everyone in the neighborhood respects and loves Barbara, providing her with assistance whenever she needs it. For instance, a neighborhood boy brings Barbara her bag if she forgets it, or another person may bring her an umbrella if it's raining while she's at the bus stop.[1]



Barbara demanding a refund for Jodio's screening

Barbara and her husband moved to Honolulu, Hawaii from Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, due to unknown reasons, they separated and Barbara raises their two children on her own. She works at a duty-free shop in the airport.[1]

One day, her son Jodio Joestar took a psychological test at his school, and the results stated that Jodio might have antisocial personality disorder. Barbara refused to believe it, and demanded a refund.[3]

The JOJOLands

While on a bus, Barbara tries calling Dragona on the phone, but Dragona doesn't answer. She calls Jodio instead, to ask where they are. Jodio explains that they're just hanging out on the island of Hawaii and that Dragona's cellphone must be on airplane mode. Barbara hopes that they aren't hanging out with Paco Laburantes, since she heard rumors that he was in jail for about a year. She changes the subject to asking what they should have for dinner, but ends up choosing chicken burritos herself when Jodio says to pick anything. Before hanging up, she asks him to let Dragona know.[4]



  • Husband: Barbara has a strained relationship with her husband and is raising their children alone for unknown reasons.
  • Jodio and Dragona Joestar: Her children whom she raises alone. They all love each other and ensure Barbara's social safety by helping her behind the scenes with their gang work. Barbara always gives them a good-morning kiss.[1]


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