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Yasuho... Why are you talking like that...? At least play one game... That sarcastic tone makes you sound just like your father!
—Suzuyo Hirose, JoJolion Chapter 24: Paper Moon Deception, Part 2

Suzuyo Hirose (広瀬 鈴世, Hirose Suzuyo) is a tertiary character featured in the eighth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJolion.

She is the single mother of Yasuho Hirose, and was often the cause of her emotional troubles as a child. She appears often briefly, and tries to be friendly with her daughter.


Suzuyo initially has long dark hair tied into several pigtails with spherical hair clips, just like her daughter. She wears a plain sleeveless U-neck dress, a belt with two roses attached to it, and high heels.

Later, she is seen with a braided ponytail and a dress embroidered with multiple circular patterns.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, red lipstick)
Hair(Black with blue highlights)
Eyes(Dark Green)
First Dress
(Blue dress, black belt with a golden buckle and pink flowers attached to the belt.)
Second Dress
(Black dress, with a light purple circular pattern and magenta highlights.)


Suzuyo comforting her daughter

Suzuyo is an irresponsible and carefree woman. Though she wishes to mend things with Yasuho, their relationship is often strained because of her. She enjoys a profligate lifestyle doing things such as playing video games and drinking alcohol often. On one occasion, Yasuho discovers Suzuyo drunk and asleep on the floor of her house with a hickey on her chest.[2] Moreover, it is shown that she once left Yasuho at a summer camp in order to have a vacation in Okinawa.[3]

Suzuyo is quite immature for her age, and this attitude strains her relationship with her daughter. Though they both seek to mend things, Suzuyo's personality and Yasuho's growing apathy towards her mother repeatedly tarnish things. Yasuho is often disappointed by her mother, and Suzuyo herself is cruel at times. She teases Yasuho about whether she has a boyfriend, warning her not to get taken in by the "crazy naked guy" she found crawling near the Wall Eyes, and then condescendingly laughing.[4]

Despite her challenged relationship with her daughter, Suzuyo still cares for Yasuho by offering to cook and often wonders where she goes when she leaves the house.[4][5] Even when Yasuho was a young girl did Suzuyo never mean to hurt her, but her often cold, apathetic attitude towards Yasuho crippled her trust.[6]

Yasuho predicts that she and her father shared a loving bond at some point. However, Suzuyo never spoke about him after their divorce.[6]



Despaired at the sight of Yasuho's suicide attempt

Suzuyo Hirose married an unnamed man, and later had their only daughter, Yasuho Hirose. However, when Yasuho was 10 years old, Suzuyo and her husband divorced.

Ten years before the events of JoJolion, Suzuyo brought a young Yasuho to a summer camp but only so she could have a summer vacation away from her responsibilities. Using her Stand, Yasuho hacks into her mother's phone and discovers that she was searching flights to Okinawa and thus asks with whom she is going to Okinawa, which leaves Suzuyo speechless.

During Yasuho's first year in middle school, Yasuho buys a hair clip and shows it to Suzuyo. Suzuyo was only interested at how much Yasuho spent on it, considering how little money they had, but lets Yasuho keep it anyway.

Yasuho coincidentally loses the new hair clip the same day she was supposed to visit her father. She blames her mother for throwing it away in the trash can, accusing Suzuyo of being jealous towards her father, and that she didn't want her to show it to him. When Yasuho runs out to the trash can, she is knocked unconscious by the hair clip, in reality a Rock Animal. Suzuyo is heartbroken by her daughter's accusation, breaking out into tears during their argument.

Suzuyo calls an ambulance, but finds Yasuho missing; she is shocked and despaired to find her daughter on the bathroom sink with a razor and a slit wrist.[6]


California King Bed

Suzyuo passed out

After a drunken night out, Suzuyo kicks off her high heels at the entrance of her house and drinks some more liquor. She leaves the bottles and glasses scattered around the living room table and carpet before passing out. When Yasuho returns home in the morning, she finds her mother asleep on the floor and notices a hickey on her chest. Yasuho disgusted and disappointed, begins to shed tears and runs off upstairs.[2]

Paper Moon Deception


While playing on her PlayStation, Suzuyo notices Yasuho return home and offers to cook for her. Yasuho declines and says she's just going to go out again anyway. Annoyed, Suzuyo asks why Yasuho is talking sarcastically like her father and asks her to play at least one game with her. When Yasuho remarks that she's in a rush and to not lecture her, Suzuyo yells back asking if Yasuho thinks she isn't motherly.

Just as Yasuho looks at her mother's face, she is shocked to see her mom has the same face as a man she saw earlier. Unaware of what Yasuho was talking about, Suzuyo asks whether she's heading out to see a man. She scolds Yasuho not to fall for the crazy naked guy she found crawling near the Wall Eyes and then uncontrollably laughs, causing Yasuho to cry and run away from the house.[7]

Later, Suzuyo apologizes when she sees Yasuho in a panic and says they should go eat dinner. Yasuho doesn't say anything and Suzuyo wonders if something happened.

Dolomite's Blue Lagoon

Later, Suzuyo sees Yasuho heading out of the house and asks where she's going off to.[5]


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