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SPOILER WARNING: Part 7-8 spoiler details may follow.
If you're going to plan a race, it should be across the entire American continent! And the winnings should be huge! Like, $50,000,000! Real dreams should be that big!

Lucy Steel (ルーシー・スティール, Rūshī Sutīru), née Pendleton (ペンドルトン, Pendoruton), is a primary ally featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run. She is also a tertiary character in the eighth part, JoJolion.

Lucy is the wife of the Steel Ball Run race promoter, Steven Steel. She eventually discovers Funny Valentine's plan for the race and, fearing for her husband's safety, decides to cooperate with the duo, Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli.


Lucy is a fourteen-year-old girl of average height and build. She has light, medium-length hair and an outfit generally consisting of a dress and striped tights. She also wears arm warmers and tall boots, both adorned with circular decorations.

Later, after she is kidnapped by Funny Valentine, her outfit is simplified to only a dress and pair of pumps, and her hair is slightly longer than before. During her final appearance, Lucy is seen wearing a hood, while also regaining her arm warmers and boots but without any tights underneath.


Much later, after the events of Steel Ball Run, Lucy is older and working with the Speedwagon Foundation. She dons a black suit with light colored lapels. She carries a suitcase with the Speedwagon Foundation logo on it.

Many decades after that event, Lucy is an elderly woman in her sixties. She now has medium-length hair. She wears a form-fitting sleeveless dress under another sleeveless dress with a short cape with serrated edges attached at the neckline, and a puffy short over tights decorated with a star motif. Lucy wears a multilayered cloche hat, long gloves and a pearl necklace. She has become nearsighted and needs eyeglasses to observe things in details.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, pink lipstick.)
(Pink dress with red roses, darker pink arm warmers and boots coated in golden-yellow studs, purple leggings.)
Skin(Fair, orange lipstick.)
Hair(Aqua Blue)
Outfit(Beige dress with an aqua blue bow.)

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, pink lipstick.)
(Pink cloche hat, salmon pink stripe with golden star pattern.)
Upper Outfit
(Pink sleeveless dress, pearl necklace, and milky white gloves.)
Lower Outfit
(Peach shorts, salmon pink tights with golden star pattern, gold and dark gray shoes.)


Lucy and Steven are extremely loyal to each other

Lucy is an intelligent, gentle and courageous girl despite facing many dangerous situations.

Already apparent in her childhood, Lucy's kindness pushed her to talk to a then derelict Steven Steel, being the first person to support him in his idea of organizing a horserace and also suggesting that it had an enormous scale by making it go across the United States and having a prize in the millions.[7] When Steven repaid her kindness by preventing the mafia from taking her away, Lucy was deeply grateful to Steven, developing a deep relationship with him although it would remain platonic despite everyone else's bias.[8]

Lucy isn't shown interacting much with other people, usually being rather withdrawn compared to Steven's bombastic public persona. However, she is the only one who knows about his moments of doubt and sadness and during them encourages her husband.[9] When interacting with other people, Lucy usually acts polite and rather meek.

Without a Stand and despite being afraid, Lucy still tries to fight

As Steven's wife, Lucy is extremely loyal to him and her every action during the course of the Steel Ball Run is performed in order to protect him from danger. As such, despite being a frail and Stand-less person, Lucy constantly throws herself into dangerous actions without hesitation. Not only does she infiltrate several well-protected facilities in order to undermine Funny Valentine,[10][11] she also has several perilous encounters against Stand users such as Blackmore,[12] Mike O.[13] or even Diego Brando,[14] all of whom try to kill her. She also plainly rejects Mountain Tim's advances, stating her pride in being Steven's wife.[15]

Although she is prone to nervousness, Lucy is also an extremely resourceful girl, being adept at tricking people or performing other tricks to escape notice. She knows lip-reading[16] and is a competent actor, which in conjunction with her status as the main promoter's wife, allows her to access several usually secure places. Even on the brink of capture or worse, Lucy can think of ways to escape using all available tools and allies. Lucy is ultimately the one who defeats Diego Brando by bringing his alternate self's head to him, killing him in spite of his formidable Stand.[17] Despite her gentle nature, Lucy also doesn't hesitate to fire at Blackmore[18] or stab Valentine,[19] showing a hidden ruthless side to her.

Much later in her life, Lucy gained a spot in the Speedwagon Foundation as a botanist and geomorphologist. She is an accomplished scientist, able to use her knowledge out in the field while investigating the Locacaca. Lucy is still kind and courageous, offering Joseph Joestar a job and investigating an ominous guard-rail. With age, she developed a philosophy around the idea of a purpose, or mission, chosen by a greater force that one latches onto to complete.[20]



Main article: Ticket to Ride

Funny Valentine identifies Lucy as compatible with the Saint's Corpse and catalyzes a fusion and metamorphosis between the two. A temporary Stand is created after the corpse fuses itself with Lucy, gathering inside her and taking over her bodily functions. While enacted, the Stand provides divine protection, which Funny uses to his advantage during his fight with the protagonists.

Ticket to Ride (涙の乗車券(チケット・ゥ・ライド))Link to this section
Divine Protection


Lucy is a lip reader, enabling her to spy on people and determine what they are saying purely through lip movement. It allowed her to know about the secret message Ringo Roadagain sent to Valentine and intercept it before the President.[21]



Lucy lived in a family of six siblings and was the second eldest of the bunch. Her father, Adam Pendleton, was a farmer who owned a small land in Oklahoma. At one point, Lucy met Steven Steel on the streets when he was penniless and drunk, listening to him mumbling about his plan of promoting a great horserace. Lucy encouraged him to run it and make as grandiose as could be with a continent-spanning route and a prize in the millions of dollars. Steven scoffed at the girl's ridiculous suggestions and left to drink.

Lucy's mother, Alice, died at age thirty-seven when Lucy was only twelve, after which the family fell into misfortune. Lucy's father would later contract debt from the mafia and, being unable to bear having his land or eldest son taken from him, offered Lucy to them instead.[1]

After their phony marriage, Steven & Lucy develop a strong friendship

Then, Steven Steel manifested himself two years after meeting Lucy and ironically was on the verge of accomplishing what Lucy suggested then. Grateful for the girl who gave him a chance to bounce back, Steven went to the Pendleton house to pay back the girl and her father, only to be informed about the Pendleton's situation. It was then that Steven stepped in to repay the favor he owed Lucy. To save Lucy from working as a prostitute for the mafia, Steven told Lucy's father to tell the mafia that Lucy was previously defiled by him. Such a lie was easily believed by the gangsters, who accepted to have Steel repay the debt and Lucy married Steven to complete the lie.

Indebted to the man, twelve year old Lucy Pendleton tells Steven that she "doesn't mind", and could be his "real wife" someday. Steven denies this firmly, and reassures the young girl that he won't ever lay a hand on her—asking only that she spare him the trouble of "her future boyfriend" being a mafia member. Moved, Lucy develops an intense and platonic bond of trust with Steven in the years leading up to the Steel Ball Run.

Steel Ball Run

Following the Steel Ball Run race

At first, Lucy only supports Steven behind the scene

As Steven Steel's wife, Lucy doesn't involve herself in the race, but nonetheless accompanies her husband to provide him moral support. In San Diego Beach, Lucy accompanies Steven while he oversees the preparation of the race. In private, she is here to reassure him whenever the pressure gets to him and he cries. During the press conference, a journalist tries to inquire about her and the Steels quickly go away.

She accompanies Steven on the VIP train to follow the racers during the first stage. After the first stage, the Steels are brought to a crime scene where three racers were gruesomely disemboweled. Steven prevents her from seeing this however. It is there that she meets the cowboy Mountain Tim, who gives her flowers and expresses disappointment in her being taken.

The true goal of the SBR

During the 2nd STAGE, Lucy formally meets President Funny Valentine when she brings coffee to a meeting between Steven and Valentine. A guard blocks her path, making the coffee pot fall but the coffee pot then mysteriously disappears along with the coffee only to fall from the ceiling thanks to an agent posted on the roof of the train. During the third stage, Lucy then eavesdrops on Valentine talking about the Saint's Corpse. Seeing a Heart merged in the President's chest, Lucy learns that the real goal of the race is to gather eight other such Corpse Parts to complete a corpse. She is almost seen by Valentine when he checks outside of his wagon but manages to hide in another wagon.[22] From there on, Lucy stealthily keeps an eye on Valentine.

Lucy steals a critical message and narrowly escapes

In Kansas City, she observes the government building where Valentine and Steven are working from across the street and spies on the President with binoculars and lip-reading. Lucy takes note of an incoming message and eventually sees Valentine raising the possibility of killing Steven. Fearful for her husband, Lucy decides to work to help the President's enemies. Pretending to deliver a forgotten lunch box, Lucy infiltrates the government building, reaches the rooftop and the aviary where messenger pigeons arrive and intercepts a message from Ringo Roadagain. However, Valentine and one of Valentine's Subordinates, Blackmore arrive. Lucy hastily hides under the aviary and is almost caught, but thankfully the pigeon flies away, distracting the two while she goes down the stairs. However, Blackmore and Valentine realize someone has just stolen the message and raise the alarm. Lucy is soon cornered in an office, with officers banging at the door while Blackmore approaches from the outside, hopping on raindrops. She has no choice but to call Mountain Tim, who immediately comes to her aid. Stuck in the toilet, Lucy is saved from being discovered by Mountain Tim who sneaks through the ventilation system and also enables to fit through there with his Stand, Oh! Lonesome Me. Lucy and Tim take refuge in a hangar. Mountain Tim tries to woo her but she reaffirms her loyalty to Steven. Disappointed, Mountain Tim suggests that she contacts Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli. Lucy deciphers Ringo's message, Lucy reaches the location of the Corpse Part and digs up the Spine, but Blackmore soon catches up with her.[23] 

Lucy presents the Spine to Johnny & Gyro

Blackmore takes the Spine from Lucy, who seems powerless as she doesn't have a Stand, and tries to call the President. However, a spatial anomaly transports them elsewhere, cutting off the telephone line. At this point, a manifestation of the Corpse's power appears to Blackmore, allowing Lucy to shoot Blackmore and escape toward Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar. She meets them with the Spine, explains how she discovered Valentine's schemes and begs them to help her husband Steven. When Blackmore comes, Lucy is almost killed by having water blades driven into her but Gyro manages to defeat Blackmore, who dies from his wounds. Lucy then reveals what she knows about the President's plot and explains that Valentine has the Heart, making him a Stand user. Gyro shoves Lucy on Johnny's horse and lets loose Lucy's horse to erase any trace of her presence. Gyro enlists her in a plan to steal the Heart from the President and though Lucy wanted to ask for their protection, Gyro tells her that she wouldn't want to live her whole life in fear of reprisal. To protect her husband, Lucy will have to go out to steal the Corpse Part. To help her, Gyro gives her the Right Eye since he still has his Spin mastery. Lucy reluctantly agrees and rejoins her husband without raising attention.[24]

Lucy's Mission

Lucy is able to approach Scarlet Valentine and infiltrate the presidential residence

In Chicago, the investigation on the traitor who interfered in Kansas City closes in on Lucy. Nervous, Lucy enacts her plan. Following Scarlet Valentine, the President's wife, she notices her unique tastes in literature and decides to seduce her. Moreover, Lucy meets Hot Pants, who has guessed that she is the traitor. Hot Pants also helps her, using Cream Starter to give Lucy two doses of an instantaneous sleeping agent as well as a ready-to-use disguise on her face. Lucy thus ostentatiously reads a book that Scarlet has read, enabling her to engage a conversation and seduce the First Lady.

As the mission goes wrong, Lucy is forced to pose as Scarlet

In the presidential compound, Lucy shares a moment with Scarlet and puts her to sleep before heading for Valentine's room, where the President supposedly takes his naps. When she reaches the bedroom, Valentine wakes up and the balloon guard dogs created by Tubular Bells are roused by her scent. Lucy disguises herself as Scarlet and manages to put him to sleep. However, Lucy discovers that the President now has many more Corpse Parts than the Heart and the dogs begin to attack, turning back into nails in her body. Worse, Scarlet has come to the bedroom and surprises her. Scarlet draws a gun and shoots Lucy, who tackles the First Lady into the bathroom. Scarlet manages to pin Lucy as the guard dogs approach, but Lucy then sheds her fake skin, misleading the dogs into killing Scarlet. The head of security Mike O. and Hot Pants arrive at the same time and a fight ensues between them. Mike O. is eventually killed by Hot Pants. However, Lucy cannot escape and is forced to disguise herself as Scarlet again.[25]

Valentine eventually realizes that his wife is not herself. In Philadelphia in Independence Hall, the two participate in a music session. He takes the occasion to confront his "wife", knowing that she is an impostor, and confesses that she is strangely charming. The Right Eye falls out of Lucy's pocket and rolls towards the Corpse' hiding spot in an adjacent room. Valentine notices her interest in the room and in return, she asks him the reason of his interest in the race to change the subject of the conversation. Valentine thus explains himself, his philosophy and how obtaining the Corpse will allow America to stand atop the world.

Lucy is pregnant with the Corpse

Excited by his speech, Valentine tries to force himself on "Scarlet", who draws a knife and tries to stab him. Valentine grabs her wrist at first but Lucy surprises him by shedding her disguise. Valentine is shocked to see her and is stabbed in the throat, but surprisingly disappears under a chair only to return, seemingly unscathed. Lucy tries to trick Valentine into following a false trail by dispersing her clothes in the corridor but keeps hiding in the room and sneaks where the Corpse is stored. Lucy tries to seek a way to escape but only finds the Saint's Corpse. It is revealed that Lucy is the host of the Head, pregnant with the Corpse.

Transported to another room, Lucy regains consciousness when she hears a voice and overhears the presidential aides letting Steven Steel die from his wounds. A voice tells her to "cut" while she tries to escape and is noticed by the aides. Manhandled by the aides who try to inject a sedative in her, Lucy tries to use her tears as a knife, it doesn't accomplish anything directly, but a series of incredible events manage to save her and kill the aides. Lucy transports Steven to a coach and forces the driver to bring them out of the compound, still guided by the voice. To her horror, Lucy eventually arrives to the USS Blue Hawaii, Valentine's ship. The President has been guiding her to him.

The End of the Race

Lucy turns into a goddess

Lucy is brought to Valentine's ship and tries to leave a message for her allies but Valentine sees it. Lucy expects his fury but Valentine surprisingly swears not to kill Steven. They subsequently depart for New Jersey, eventually taking a train.

Having absorbed the entire Saint's Corpse, Lucy begins to experience drastic changes and supernatural phenomenons. Her skins sheds as she becomes the Corpse itself and spatial anomalies occur near her. Eventually, Lucy loses consciousness and becomes the Corpse, granting Valentine the ability D4C Love Train. During Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar's battle against Valentine, Steven manages to lift her out of the train and put her in Gyro's care, inadvertently saving Johnny. Johnny eventually defeats Valentine and the Saint's Corpse separates itself from Lucy.

Lucy's woes have ended

After Funny Valentine is defeated at the hands of Johnny and the completed Corpse removed itself from her body, she is reunited with Steven. However, Johnny notices that the Corpse had just been taken by someone working with Funny Valentine and chases after him to reclaim it. Lucy notices that the horse tracks start from the hole Funny Valentine left in his wake and puts together that the thief is in fact Diego Brando from an alternate dimension, whom she plans to confront at the shelter that was made to house the Corpse should Johnny fail to retrieve it first. Lucy finds the alternate Diego in the vault beneath Trinity Church. The World pins Lucy against the wall and Diego checks that no one else is around. Confronting the girl, Diego asks why Lucy is here to which she answers that she crossed the continent for happiness. Diego says that he plans to kill Steven Steel because he knows too much, but lusts after Lucy and plans on making her his woman. However, Lucy give him the severed head of Diego. Realizing the danger, Diego stops time and tries to flee, but his missing leg prevents him from doing that. Furious, Diego tries to kill Lucy instead but the head of the original Diego Brando flies towards him. Diego's head explodes and is disintegrated, killing the jockey. Satisfied, Lucy leaves the vault, her heart at peace.


Lucy in 1901 at Morioh

At some point after the Steel Ball Run race, Lucy joins the Speedwagon Foundation, an organization dedicated to the progression of science, specializing in botany and geomorphology.[6] In 1901, the Saint's Corpse goes missing from its safe as it was stolen by Johnny Joestar. In 1911, Lucy visits the location Johnny had originally hidden the corpse in. After noting the changes of the grounds of Morioh, she returns to America carrying a suitcase with the logo of the Speedwagon Foundation.[3]

Some time in 1941, a widowed Lucy arrives in S-City to investigate the place of the twin pines in Morioh. She has heard about a "Radio Gaga incident" in which a young woman has disappeared in mysterious circumstances near the place. Already in the know about the existences of plots of lands which, like the Devil's Palm, have supernatural properties, and suspecting that the Locacaca might be growing here, Lucy decides to investigate. When she arrives at the train station, her luggage containing a camera equipment is stolen, but local boy named Fumi manages to knock down the thief, forcing him to abandon the luggage before he flees. Though she offers him 20,000 yen to tour her in the city, the boy politely declines the offer as he is supposed to meet his girlfriend. He notices her holding a photograph of an orchard to which he calls the place of "The Radio Gaga Incident", a place of bad luck with numerous deaths in the past. With his wallet suddenly stolen, he then takes her offer. Fumi wonders if Lucy was going to the orchard because of the local legend, in which a woman had followed a strange voice near a guard rail and begun to strip herself. She later disappeared after a farmer's truck passes by, leaving only a piece of her bloodied foot behind. Lucy only says that she was investigating the site as her "mission", as if it was a command from heaven.[6]

Lucy's clothes dragged into Radio Gaga

Fumi and Lucy are driven to Morioh's hunting grounds near the orchard owned by the Higashikata family. As she uses her spyglass to observe the Higashikata house, Fumi finds the remains of a bird under his foot. He freaks out after Lucy's driver appears behind him, seemingly entranced by a voice only he can hear. He begins to strip down naked, just like the victims in the local legend. Panicking, Fumi calls Lucy's attention before a truck passes on the road and the driver disappears. Fumi inspects the remaining clothes but only finds a severed hand. Lucy explains why she came to Morioh. Suddenly, Lucy hears strange voices and is sucked into a gap between the guard rails.

Realizing the situation, Fumi drags Lucy away from the guard rail. Lucy profusely apologizes for involving him in her mission to find a plant and explains that the guard rail, Radio Gaga, must be a new type of creature protecting something. She suddenly coughs up blood, prompting Fumi to drag her towards the car before the bloodied remains of the driver pulls them back, seemingly controlled by Radio Gaga. With no other choice, Fumi exchanges position with Lucy and lets himself be dragged by the driver. Lucy spots a distinct birthmark on the back of his shoulder and realizes that he is a Joestar, connecting them in her mission. She tells him to start the car engine, knowing that he has his own Stand. Fumi, revealed to be Joseph Joestar, unleashes his vine-like Stand to drag the car and throw it towards Radio Gaga. He tells his story to her while carrying Lucy on his back. At the same time, Lucy sees a man in the distance planting a Locacaca on a pot.

Later on, Joseph accompanies Lucy to her hometown in America, becoming her assistant in the process. Three years later, at the age of 68, she passes away from a lung disease.


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Quote.png Quotes
  • He's going to be killed... My husband was just being used... When they don't need him anymore... they're going to dispose of him.
    —Lucy Steel, Steel Ball Run Chapter 36: The Green Tomb, Part 1
  • Mountain Tim. Maybe I've led you on... but the only person that could help me there... was you.
    —Lucy Steel, Steel Ball Run Chapter 37: The Green Tomb, Part 2
  • My name is Lucy Steel... The only man I love... is my husband. I am who I am, only because of my name, Steel.
    —Lucy Steel, Steel Ball Run Chapter 37: The Green Tomb, Part 2
  • Please help me! You're the only ones who can! Please help my husband!
  • If they know, I'm finished...! If the president found out, then my husband will already be dead by now! But that's just a matter of time, too... Oh... They'll find out about me sooner or later...!
    —Lucy Steel, Steel Ball Run Chapter 40: Silent Way, Part 1
  • I'll do it... I... I'll do it... I'll do it... If that's the only way... I'll do as you say...
    —Lucy Steel, Steel Ball Run Chapter 40: Silent Way, Part 1
  • He's the devil... The devil's on his side... No matter who it is, I doubt that they'll be able to stop the president.
    —Lucy Steel, Steel Ball Run Chapter 62: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Please, God, protect him... Please keep him safe...! For that, I... To protect him, I... I'll give up anything...!
    —Lucy Steel, Steel Ball Run Chapter 62: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • I was covered in light... and it talked... The light talked... He said that I would bear it... Not by you... Not by the president... It told me that this was inevitable...
    —Lucy Steel, Steel Ball Run Chapter 62: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Be careful with that shotgun... or I'll cut you.
    —Lucy Steel, Steel Ball Run Chapter 72: Ticket to Ride, Part 2
  • What I used my tear cutter on... wasn't the president... It was my skirt... Just who is the one that's just...? If I'm to surrender myself to a flow... That is a flow too...
    —Lucy Steel, Steel Ball Run Chapter 73: D4C, Part 6
  • My body is being replaced with something else... Th... The Corpse... Am... Am I going to turn into the Corpse?
    —Lucy Steel, Steel Ball Run Chapter 74: D4C, Part 7
  • For happiness... It was for happiness that I crossed this continent... and came here.
  • If the same two things meet, they'll be annihilated. I heard the president say that when I was on the train. Something that came from the another world and something in this world.

Quote.png Quotes
  • My name is Lucy Steel. I work for a group dedicated to the progress of science called the Speedwagon Foundation. I specialize in botany and geomorphology... I'm here to investigate that land. Also, it's not madame, I'm single. Though I have been married once.
    —Lucy Steel, JoJolion Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident (1941)
  • As you live, you find something called a mission. Moreso than a job or something you chose, something that was chosen by some great flow. Like a command from Heaven. Something you do for the world at large or for the sake of one particular person.
    —Lucy Steel, JoJolion Chapter 109: The Radio Gaga Incident (1941)
  • I received information that recently that a fruit discovered in the New Guinea Highlands was being imported by Japanese fruit traders... But deep within this beautiful countryside, there's a darkness...!! This guard rail... It's a new type of creature and most likely an animal! Something like a snake or a guard dog...!
    —Lucy Steel, JoJolion Chapter 110: Higashikata Fruit Parlor
  • I know it... That star-shaped birthmark on your shoulder... And I know... that we're connected by a mission. And while I can't see it with my eyes... I know that you have that power of the heart, a Stand!!
    —Lucy Steel to Joseph Joestar, JoJolion Chapter 110: Higashikata Fruit Parlor

Video Games

All-Star Battle (PS3)

Lucy Steel appears as a stage hazard on the Philadelphia Coastline stage. Her Ticket to Ride grants players who touch the column of light a stock of Heart Heat Gauge, only recurring if the light fades before anyone touches it.

All-Star Battle R (Various)


An ally from Part 7: Steel Ball Run. She is Steven's wife, despite being only 14. She joins the pursuit for the Saint's Corpse in order to protect her husband. After Valentine's death, fearing that Dio might defeat Johnny, she ambushes him with the head of the original Dio's corpse, annihilating him.

Steven's fourteen year old wife who joins in the "Corpse Parts" race to protect her husband. After Valentine's death, she fears the implications of Dio beating Johnny, and ambushes the parallel Dio with the head of his corpse from this world.


Lucy Steel appears in the Stage Gimmick (ステージギミック, Sutēji Gimikku) for the Along the Philadelphia Coastline (フィラデルフィアの海岸沿い, Firaderufia no Kaigan-zoi) stage, allowing D4C Love Train to function with her Ticket to Ride.


Dio thanks Lucy
The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

Lucy is a minor character in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. Dio's Beyond causes her womb to miraculously hold a supplemental head for the Saint's Corpse. Shortly after the death of the Parallel World Diego Brando, the head of the original universe Dio Brando suddenly appears by Lucy at Trinity Church. Dio plans to reclaim his body, as his body parts scattered in this universe after his battle with Kars and became what was known as the "Saint's Corpse" in the Steel Ball Run race. Dio thanks Lucy because her giving birth to the supplemental head allowed Dio to reach this spot where all his body parts were gathered without Funny Valentine or anyone in the race suspecting the truth of where the corpse's head had gone.

After the battle with Dio is over, Lucy stares at Erina. They mention how their maiden names are both Pendleton and discuss how it is important to keep faith. The two are glad they could meet each other and tears run down Lucy's cheeks, although she doesn't know why.[26]



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