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Nonetheless, if we can freely use this life form, we would have a dominant position in the world, both medically and militarily.
—Dr. Kasuminome, Baoh the Visitor Chapter 3: Baoh, the Invincible Body

Dr. Kasuminome (霞の目博士, Kasuminome-hakase) is the main antagonist of Baoh the Visitor.

He is an unscrupulous scientist who infects the teenager Ikuro Hashizawa with a Baoh parasite, but later tries to assassinate the boy before he grows too powerful.


Kasuminome is a mature man with a medium constitution. He has a long head, a wrinkled face, and puffy eyes. He is bald but has a mustache. He wears large round glasses.

His attire depends on the situation. In his first appearance, he wears a suit. At his secret laboratory disguised as a temple, he wears a dark kimono. He is also seen with a lab coat.

Color Schemes

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Hair(Black moustache)
(Brown jacket, black collar and sleeves, dark brown pants, white shirt, red tie, gray glasses)


Kasuminome is an unethical weapon developer for the Dress Organization.

He is a brilliant yet ruthless scientist. He has developed powerful biological weapons through cruel experiments on animals, something he never shows regret for. He even used Ikuro Hashizawa as a guinea pig and ordered that his parents be killed so that no one would seek him. The weapon "Baoh" is so powerful even he fears about it running amok and deploys many men to kill Ikuro before he becomes uncontrollable. When Dordo disobeys orders and tries to assassinate Ikuro on his own, Kasuminome has him killed by Walken. To catch Baoh, Kasuminome readily tortures Sumire and sacrifices his own men.

Despite his fear of Baoh, Kasuminome shows a degree of admiration for Baoh's sheer might.

Otherwise, Kasuminome is a cold and professional man, who is never seen doing anything but his job. When he's forced to trigger the self-destruction sequence of his laboratory, he does warn all present personnel to flee.



Kasuminome is a brilliant scientist who specializes in developing biological weapons. He is responsible for creating mutated versions of wild animal for combat purposes. His masterpiece is "Baoh", a parasitic worm that grants the host superhuman powers.


Dr. Kasuminome is a scientist who works for the Dress Organization. He has conducted cruel experiments on animals, using a serum of his creation that facilitated mutation. He subjected animals to grueling environmental conditions, forcing them to adapt. The few survivors bred and had monstrous children born for combat.[5] Six months before the events of Baoh, Dr. Kasuminome asked his contacts in the hospitals of Japan to bring him young boys as guinea pigs. One doctor brought him to the Hashizawa Family, who had barely survived a car accident. He took the son, Ikuro Hashizawa but ordered his parents to be killed. He experimented on Ikuro and inserted the "Baoh" parasite in him.[6]

However, Ikuro awakens in the middle of a transit operation and manages to escape. Fearful about the potential of his creation, Kasuminome immediately dispatches assassins to kill the boy because he could run wild and fully develop his powers. While his assassins try to kill Ikuro, Kasuminome reports to three higher-ups of the Dress organization. He shows them the potential of Baoh when a dog with the parasite in it killed a tiger, and is given free reign to dispose of Ikuro.[4]

Eventually, Dordo comes back to his laboratory with Sumire and Kasuminome decides to use her as bait. He places her in a room with loudspeakers set at maximum volume to torture her with the noise, hoping that Baoh would sense her and come to the laboratory. In here, Baoh kills all his assassins and weapons. Kasuminome has no choice but to set off the self-destruct sequence of the laboratory to kill Baoh. He tries to use an escape pod, but the battle between Baoh and Walken, who had gone berserk, creates a sink hole and everyone falls into a cavern under the laboratory. Kasuminome is killed when Ikuro used a laser to kill Walken, the beam cutting a stalactite that pierces Kasuminome. The scientist spends his last moments laughing that with his death and the death of Baoh, Dress's research is finished.[7]


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Quote.png Quotes
  • What the hell have we done...?! We've awakened Baoh! Baoh is the most formidable biological weapon that our organization has created! It would advance our military and medical sector, making us superior in the world...! Awakening Baoh is equivalent to setting off a nuclear explosion!
    —Dr. Kasuminome, Baoh the Visitor Chapter 1: Baoh, the Ultimate Weapon
  • Listen! The girl's foresight ability is both weak and ambiguous, so don't mind killing her if she gets in your way! The problem is that boy! If you've found him, keep on tailing him! Cooperate with the other agents to eliminate him within the next 3 hours! Destroy him before "Baoh's first Armed Phenomenon" appears! Don't forget! His corpse must indisputably be incinerated! Burn it with gasoline until it becomes ashes! Obliterate him!
    —Dr. Kasuminome to 22nd Man, Baoh the Visitor Chapter 2: The Extermination Order!
  • I created Baoh by accelerating evolution under certain conditions. However, it's still in the experimental stage. There are many things that I don't understand... The power that Baoh wields is still beyond my control.
    —Dr. Kasuminome, Baoh the Visitor Chapter 3: Baoh, the Invincible Body
  • Ikuro Hashizawa is the first human host for the parasite, so no other experimental data exists. Baoh has the potential to learn new things like a baby. It is completely unpredictable!
    —Dr. Kasuminome, Baoh the Visitor Chapter 7: Come Out, Baoh
  • Orders from above. Lieutenant Colonel Dordo, you are to be executed.
    —Dr. Kasuminome, Baoh the Visitor Chapter 9: Demon Walken
  • Baoh, my creation... it's too late now... the explosion is about to come here... Hehehehehe... If you and I die... it's the end of Dress's research... Heheheh... This mysterious cavern will be a suitable grave for us!! Farewell, Baoh! Farewell, young boy!
    —Dr. Kasuminome's last words, Baoh the Visitor Chapter 9: Demon Walken



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