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Police, hurry up and catch her! The infected woman has escaped!! That disgusting little woman is getting away!!

Dr. Soper (Dr. ソーパー, Dr. Sōpā) is the main antagonist of The Ultimate Choice That Actually Existed: Typhoid Mary, the sixth and final episode of The Lives of Eccentrics.

He is a sanitation engineer who works with the New York police to catch Mary Mallon.


Dr. Soper is a man of average height and build. He has short blonde hair and vertical cat-like pupils.

He wears a suit with a vest, tie, and fedora.


Dr. Soper appears to be a man who can mask his emotions very effectively to appear calm and approachable; when Mary Mallon leaves the room through the window during her interrogation, Soper immediately dropped his affable persona and, in a fit of rage, called her a "disgusting little woman". Soper seems to despise Mary Mallon for refusing to cooperate and continuing to cook infected food.


The Ultimate Choice That Actually Existed: Typhoid Mary

Following the incident of summer, 1906, where many of the attendants of a party in Oyster Bay were hospitalized after eating Mary Mallon's food, Mary is interrogated by Dr. Soper. Despite her cheerful demeanor, the mention of the ill guests provokes her into defending her cooking. Soper explains that the guests have fallen ill with typhoid fever, a potentially-lethal disease with a mortality rate five to seven times higher for elderly people and infants. Soper raises the possibility of Mary being a healthy carrier whose gallbladder has been infected, and proposes taking her to a doctor. Upon hearing this, Mary seemingly jumps out a nearby window and runs, forcing Soper to send the police after the "disgusting little woman." Suddenly, Mary reappears and, enraged by Soper's comment and defensive about her health, spits on the police officers before making her escape.

In 1915, Mary reappears at the home of an old blind man and his infant child. After drinking a bit of the baby's milk, Mary prepares to give it to the baby, certain that her cooking makes people too happy for them to be suffering from it. Fortunately, a series of coincidences barely keeps the baby away from the bottle of milk long enough for Soper and the police to arrive. Mary, cornered, attempts to flee through a window once more, only to be arrested again. Since her release, she had resumed cooking under a false name, and had infected an additional 25 people.


Quote.png Quotes
  • Now, listen to me well... All the guests have fallen ill to something known as typhoid fever. Out of the 10 people who became sick, one person has died so far. It's a serious desease that is 5 to 7 times more fatal for elderly and infants. Ms. Mallon, I have a suspicion that you might be the carrier for the typhoid bacteria.
  • This is not a joke, ma'am... You probably suspected that something was wrong as well. People around you always fell ill... And so you couldn't even get married... That's why you kept constantly moving. Please, won't you let me take you to a doctor?
  • Shit, she's trying to escape through the window again!! Catch her, don't let her get away this time!
  • It's a miracle that we managed to get here before she served her food! Make sure you properly disinfect the kitchen and all other kitchenware!


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