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It's futile to resist... Which will it be, True Despair or losing your mind![1]

Scatola (スカートラ Sukātora) is the main antagonist featured exclusively in the Escape From JoJo's Bizarre Museum game attraction.



Scatola is a bald, slim, semi-toned man. He has yellow eyes and a scar running down his right eye.

His attire is comprised of a red, single buttoned tailcoat suit with a light orange collar and no undershirt. His suit displays a continuous orange-yellow pattern of a key with a cube attached to its top. The suit is also adorned with diamond buttons under the collar and on the cuff links, which are colored green, yellow, blue, and purple. He wears two dark blue pointed shoes with light blue translucent heels, as well as two blue earrings.

He can also be seen wearing a curved white and gold venetian mask with a tear drop design on his right eye. There is a second belt strapped around his left thigh.

Accessories that he carries are a magnifying glass and a chained multi lens monocle that he keeps in his left breast pocket.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Hair(Dark Gray Eyebrow)
Mask(White mask, golden trim, blue jewel)
(Bordeaux outfit, salmon pink lapel, yellow motif.)
Jewels(Blue, purple, yellow and green jewels)
Other clothes
(Black belts and shoes, yellow buckles, light blue glasses)


Scatola has an unusual obsession with trying to break those who are emotionally strong. In particular, he takes pleasure in watching their faces at the exact moment they fall into despair.[1] This goes hand-in-hand with his Stand as he's able to force despair out of his victims when they turn into statues. He describes these statues as being "beautiful" or "magnificent".[1]



Main article: The Shelter

Hidden inside the Trappola Museum, Scatola's Stand allows him to completely encapsulate others inside transparent boxes. Those who are still trapped in the boxes after 60 minutes turn into statues and essentially become art showcases. Scatola uses this ability to capture Team Bucciarati.

The Shelter (ザ・シェルター)Link to this section


During the events of Vento Aureo, sometime after Team Bucciarati defects from Passione (before Abbacchio's death, but after Trish awakened Spice Girl), they awaken to find themselves trapped inside the Trappola Museum by Scatola. Using his Stand, The Shelter, Scatola is able to capture the group's Stands and store each one of them in a transparent display case. Hidden somewhere inside the mansion, he explains to the group that they have 60 minutes to figure out how to free their Stands from the boxes lest they all turn into statues.[1]



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