All-Star Battle's Guidebook (August 2013)

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Published August 29, 2013
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All-Star Battle's Guidebook (August 2013)
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Interview with Hirohiko Araki in the guidebook for All-Star Battle, released on August 29, 2013. There is also an interview with Hiroshi Matsuyama.


I don't play fighting games myself, so I can't comment on that aspect, but I think it's amazing how perfectly they were able to recreate everything. It's beautiful. Whenever people try and adapt JoJo they always want to use a bunch of different colors. But this game actually suppresses the colors and makes them refined/quiet. I think this is good, because it will keep players' eyes from getting tired. I think the more colors on the screen increases the exhaustion in one's eyes. I also think the cutting-edge CG technology they used did a great job of capturing the atmosphere.

The characters have been recreated so well, they may look cooler than they are in the manga. (Laugh) There's a psychological level to the battles here. I like how they've made it something more than just a fighting game.

The town of Morioh appears in Parts 4 and 8, but they're in parallel worlds, so they aren't linked in time or space. The two Josukes would never meet each other normally. With this game, though, it becomes possible. At first I was bit taken aback. But then the bizarre nature to it all really got me interested. It's very entertaining. I would never allow something like this in the manga, but since this is a game, it's cool. Same thing with Jotaro fighting Dio Brando. The way the characters look is so different over the parts, though, that normally if you lined them all up they'd look very out of place with each other. But this game fixes all that, and I think that's one of its strengths.

Personally, I play a lot of horror action/adventure games. I like exploring a lot, not just fighting. I like puzzle games too. And I like sports and racing games too, as you might have figured from my inclusions of F-MEGA and Oh! That's A Baseball! in Part 3. Lately games have been getting really "real." I still like cheap-looking games like F-MEGA.

Lately, though, I haven't really played any fighting games or shooting games. When I get excited during battles, my Adrenalin pumps up. I want games to heal me. That's why I play horror games. Horror heals me. (Laugh) Even in this game, the punch animations are just too fast for me. I'd rather watch them in slow motion.

I wish I had a technique that girls liked. (Laugh) Or, I wish I could appear as a side character, who says "Do your best!" and offers up an energy drink or something.

People who started reading JoJo when they were young have now become adults and are contributing to this project. I'm really amazed. And moved that we can work together to let the next generation read JoJo. I was so surprised when I heard they were going to make an anime. For 20 years, I've thought about how unsuited JoJo was for TV. (Laugh) It ended up being a lot bigger than I imagined it would. I'm so glad the fans enjoyed it.

People say my gallery showing in Florence was a success, but I don't have any strong feelings about that personally. But one thing I did notice is that whenever I go to Italy, I always hear people talking about Japanese manga. Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Yu Gi Oh are all very popular. And whenever people talk about Japanese manga they always talk about Japanese soccer. I suppose Captain Tsubasa has had a lot of influence over there. Whenever you mention Japan in Italy, it's either Naruto or Nagamoto (soccer player).

I listen to country and Western music a lot. It's like American "enka" music. I like the pure, "human" sound of the vocals.

As for movies, I mainly watch suspense and horror. Recently I saw "Life of Pi" and "Gangster Squad." They were very good. There look to be a lot of good horror movies coming out in 2013, including the Evil Dead remake, so I'm excited.

From here on out, in JoJolion, I plan to focus on the Higashikata family in more detail. But it won't be linked to Part 4 in any way. People keep asking me when Rohan Kishibe will appear, so let me answer that question: he won't. (Laugh) That is absolutely set in stone. Another weird manga artist might appear, though.

Q. What is manga to you?

A. Like how food is a blessing from the sky and earth, I think manga is a blessing from society. I'm receiving ideas and inspiration from Japan.

Q. Who do you respect?

A. Many people... Shirato Sanpei and Fujiko Fujio I've respected since long ago. Recently, I've really thought about how amazing pro manga artist who came before me are. Like how they've polished themselves so much, how much work they were able to handle... it'd be impossible in the present day. They were always so pure about how they faced their work. They weren't drawing manga because they wanted to become someone great. they just wanted to draw. That's what's so amazing.

Q. What's the most important thing in the world to you?

A. A lot is important to me... hmm. The most important thing would be my breathing technique, I suppose. (LOL) If my breathing gets bad, my stomach starts to hurt. So every morning, I use a special breathing technique. I store up breath around my ribs. It trains my inner muscles and connects me with the universe. It's pretty deep.

[Translated by molokidan][1]



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