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I've taken a liking to those sticky fingers of yours... (気に入ったよ…… この手クセの悪さを……)
Enrico Pucci, Stone Ocean Wafer Set 1

Debt Collector Marilyn Manson (取り立て人マリリン・マンソン, Toritatenin Maririn Manson)[2] is the ninth episode of Stone Ocean and the one-hundred-sixty-first episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. The episode covers Chapter 34 to Chapter 39 of the original manga.

Whitesnake's user, Enrico Pucci, makes his entrance. A baseball game in the courtyard heats up when F.F. and Stone Free get involved.


Father Pucci decides to use Miraschon to recover Star Platinum's DISC

During a confession, a prisoner named Miraschon confesses her mischievous habits to Father Pucci, who seems to be unperturbed by her words. When she asks her assistance for her parole, Pucci asks her the difference between a man and an animal, then shows her a cherry stem with its pits still connected. However, Miraschon continues to press about her parole. Pucci says there might be a way through a recommendation, but before she can thank him, he slams her face into the table. Admitting that he quite likes her habit of theft, Pucci inserts a Stand DISC into the incapacitated Miraschon.

At the prison courtyard, Ermes questions Jolyne's trust in F.F. for letting her hide Jotaro's Stand DISC herself. Jolyne responds that she trusts F.F., and that Whitesnake knows nothing of her betrayal. F.F., preoccupied in a game of baseball, invites them to play with her until a bully prisoner threatens to drink from her cup. F.F. responds to the situation by shooting a black substance into the prisoner's mouth, forcing her to her to vomit even more water into the cup. The game of catch resumes.

Jolyne accepts Miraschon's catch-based bet

Later, F.F. informs Jolyne that they have tossed the ball 86 times without dropping. Miraschon overhears them from nearby, introducing herself as prisoner FE26789, and bets 100 dollars that they will not be able to reach 100 tosses. F.F. is confident that they can reach it with only 13 throws left, but Jolyne says that she does not have 100 dollars to wager. However, Ermes tells her to accept the bet, knowing that Miraschon is a petty thief. Suspecting that the wager is Whitesnake's trap, Jolyne nonetheless accepts under the condition that Miraschon cannot raise her voice nor approach them. For their part, Jolyne and F.F. must stay at least three meters away from each other, and are only given ten seconds to throw the ball.

Marilyn Manson collects Ermes's liver for its black market value

At the 89th throw, Miraschon distracts F.F. by sitting near her water cup. Although Ermes holds her cup for her, they narrowly reach the 100th throw at the last second. Winning the bet, they ask Miraschon to hand over 200 dollars - after betting from both Ermes and F.F. - but she wagers a thousand dollars if the group can reach 100 more throws. Jolyne refuses to play due to her gut feeling, but Ermes accepts the challenge in her stead. As the sun sets during the 32nd toss, a guard warns them to stop playing. Ermes slips in 100 dollars to let them continue playing for three more minutes, but the guard insists that 100 dollars can only pay for the ball and takes away the glove. In the commotion to catch the ball, Ermes accidentally violates the rules, causing the debt collecting Marilyn Manson to appear. Marilyn Manson grabs Ermes, takes the money sewed in her breast, and - with 590 dollars left to collect - extracts Ermes's liver with plans to sell it on the black market.

F.F. shoots Miraschon in the dark

Realizing that Miraschon and Marilyn Manson intend to lure her into wagering her father's Stand DISC, Jolyne makes another bet with Miraschon: if she can reach 1000 tosses, Miraschon must return everything she took from Ermes. Unable to remain in the courtyard after sundown, Jolyne and F.F. toss the ball while running inside the prison, planning to chase Miraschon and put her out of commission. The two chase Miraschon to one of the prison's bathrooms, where she turns off the lights just as Jolyne throws the ball to F.F. Fortunately, she catches it in time with her plankton, and shoots in the direction of Miraschon's voice to injure her arm and turn on the lights. Jolyne finally corners Miraschon in an elevator with Stone Free. Jolyne takes the opportunity to ask her about Whitesnake, but Miraschon pleads that she only wanted her parole before quickly pressing one of the elevator's buttons, causing the elevator to close its doors and ascend. F.F. forces the doors open with her plankton and tosses the ball to Jolyne, who prepares to throw the ball back on the second floor. However, as she does so, the guard from the courtyard catches the ball, revealing that Miraschon herself asked him to do so. Having seemingly failed, Jolyne is immobilized by Marilyn Manson as it takes both her most expensive organ and her father's DISC.

Miraschon lies defeated as the group obtains their reward

Suddenly, Jolyne reveals the baseball in her hand, having unwrapped and retrieved the baseball with Stone Free's strings. As Jolyne's partner was never explicitly stated, Marilyn Manson returns what it has taken and vanishes. Unsure of how many throws she has remaining, Jolyne delivers a thousand back-and-forth blows to Miraschon, putting her out of commission and allowing Jolyne, Ermes, and F.F. to collect the money she owes them. As Miraschon's memory and Stand DISCs eject from her head, Jolyne repeats her determination to obtain both of Jotaro's DISCs and save her father.


(1st appearance) (Retired)
Jotaro Kujo
(Mentioned only)


Script (脚本)
Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Yasuko Kobayashi
ふでやす かずゆき
小林 靖子
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
Satoshi Osedo
大脊戸 聡
Episode Director (演出)
Satoshi Osedo
大脊戸 聡
Animation Director (作画監督)
Naoki Hitatsune
Eri Kojima
Nana Yamazaki
Haruki Miura
Kazunori Shibata
Takashi Muratani
Masashi Nomura
Satoru Kobayashi
Yoshihiro Yoshioka
久恒 直樹
小島 えり
山崎 菜奈
三浦 春樹
柴田 和紀
村谷 貴志
野村 雅史
小林 理
吉岡 佳宏
Assistant Animation Director (作画監督補)
Ryo Kobayashi
Nozomi Ushijima
Tomoyuki Makabe
Kentaro Ishikawa
小林 亮
牛島 希
眞壁 智之
石川 健太郎
Key Animation (原画)
Kazuhiro Miwa
Yasuhiro Saiki
Yukitoshi Houtani
Yuu Fukuoka
Sachiko Mori
Takanori Yamamoto
Hiroaki Shimizu
Miho Ogawa
Tomokazu Gunji
Masahiro Sasaki
Misaki Imanishi
Ayumi Namiki
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Nobuo Takahashi
Atsushi Itou
Masato Nishikawa
Ayako Ishihara
Manabu Imura
Tomomi Sugiyama
三輪 和宏
才木 康弘
宝谷 幸稔
福岡 ゆう
森 幸子
山本 貴則
清水 博明
小川 未帆
郡司 智一
佐々木 正広
今西 美沙希
並木 あゆみ
小原 木一郎
河原 久美子
高橋 伸郎
伊藤 篤志
西川 真人
石原 彩子
井村 学
杉山 友美
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
David Production
Rie Ishiwatari
Eri Kamata
Daiki Ito
Satsuki Mizoguchi
Yukiho Yajima
石渡 理衣
鎌田 英理
伊東 大輝
溝口 さつき
矢島 ゆきほ

Eita Toyoshima
Eiichi Morita
Miyuki Kawano
Kazumi Nakatsu
Tae Inotsume
Midori Matsumoto
Tomomi Murayami
Yuka Sato
Yota Narumi
Atori Ozawa
Kotaro Okazaki
Jang Heera
Rina Miura
Hiroko Morikawa
Mahmoud Moftah
Kushagra Kushwaha
Huang Xianglin
Taku Sasanoma
豊島 英太
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中津 和美
猪爪 多恵
松本 緑
村山 友良
佐藤 夕香
鳴海 陽太
尾沢 あとり
岡崎 耕太郎
Jang Heera
三浦 里菜
森川 寛子
Mahmoud Moftah
黄 翔麟
Kampon of Kadiliman
Jhun Zulueta
Jhun Zulueta
Manop Jangsataen
Kitipong Udompituk
Manop Jangsataen
Kitipong Udompituk

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One Order
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伊東 大輝
Inspection Assistance
Satsuki Mizoguchi
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溝口 さつき
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In-between Animation (動画)
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山田 可奈子


Stone Ocean Episode 9: Debt Collector Marilyn Manson
Start End Title OST Description

Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Miraschon's meeting with Pucci
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
F.F. has hidden the DISC somewhere/F.F. wants to play catch/A prisoner takes F.F.'s water
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
F.F. wants her water back
Oh My God!
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Playing catch
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Miraschon makes a bet
Tense Air
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Jolyne accepts the bet/F.F. is distracted by Miraschon
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Miraschon makes a second bet
Green Dolphin Street Prison
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
The exercise period is over
Hurry Up!
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Almost failing to catch the ball/Marilyn Manson appears
Creep on
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Marilyn Manson's power explained/Jolyne makes a third bet
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Jolyne & F.F. pursuing Miraschon/Miraschon turns off the lights
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Throwing in the dark/Cornering Miraschon
From Darkness
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Jolyne interrogates Miraschon/Miraschon activates the elevator
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Miraschon wins the bet
Theme of Stone Ocean
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Jolyne defeats Miraschon
Distant Dreamer
Distant Dreamer

Manga/Anime Differences

  • The line where F.F. is compared to a "gay person" for being unable to throw the ball has been removed.
  • The end of the fight has been drastically changed, starting from F.F.'s throw through the elevator shaft.
    • In the manga, Jolyne unravels the ball to pass it through the elevator grate, rather than simply catching it outside the grate as she does in the anime.
    • Jolyne then threatens Miraschon into returning Ermes's liver in the manga before the elevator stops in front of the courtyard guard; in the anime, Jolyne instead prepares to throw the ball at F.F. as the latter moves to the second floor, only for the throw to be intercepted by the guard.
    • The guard tosses the ball onto the floor in the manga, invalidating the game and triggering Marilyn Manson's appearance. This is changed in the anime so that the guard simply puts the ball in his back pocket, allowing Jolyne to retrieve it without invalidating the game.
    • Jolyne is forced to pummel Miraschon with the ball to undo Manson's thefts in the manga, as the Stand does not disappear upon her retrieving the ball. In the anime, Manson returns its stolen items and vanishes when Jolyne retrieves the ball, allowing Jolyne to pummel Miraschon with it and ultimately win the bet.

In Other Languages

Language Title Translation
Japan Japanese 取り立て人マリリン・マンソン Debt Collector Marilyn Manson
United States of America English Debt Collector Mary Lynn Manson
Israel Hebrew גובה החובות מרילין מנסון The Debt Collector Marilyn Manson
Poland Polish Windykatorka Mary Lynn Manson Debt Collector Mary Lynn Manson



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