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You stupid delinquent! Are you messing with me!? How many times do I have to teach you this before you learn?! You just said six times five was thirty, so why the hell is your answer even less?! You... SHIT-FOR-BRAINS!! (このチンピラが オレをナメてんのかッ!何回教えりゃあ理解出来んだコラァ!ろくご30ってやっておきながらなで30より減るんだ この……クサレ脳ミソがァーーッ, Kono chinpira ga! Ore o nameten no ka! Nankai oshieryā rikai dekin da koraa! Roku go sanjūtte yatte okinagara nade sanjū yori herun da! Kono... kusare nō miso gaaa)
—Pannacotta Fugo to Narancia Ghirga, Chapter 456: 5 Plus 1
SPOILER WARNING: Part 5 spoiler details may follow.

Pannacotta Fugo (パンナコッタ・フーゴ, Pannakotta Fūgo) is a primary ally featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo. He is also the main protagonist of the light novel Purple Haze Feedback.

A young and quick-tempered strategist, Fugo is a member of Bucciarati's team and, by extension, Passione. He follows Giorno and Bucciarati in their mission to protect Trish Una.

Fugo is a Stand user, possessing the extremely toxic Purple Haze.



Pannacotta Fugo is a young man of slim to average build with spiky hair. He has large bangs going down the right side of his face, the quantity of which varies throughout his appearances.

Fugo wears a two-piece suit filled with holes on the sleeves and legs. Originally his jacket had a hole on the chest as well, but past chapter 469 it is portrayed as a one-button suit jacket. He also wears a belt to support his pants and a tie with a strawberry pattern. His shoes have the same strawberry pattern on the front of them. In his earliest appearances, he had earrings with wishing lamp symbols on them. In the anime, he has a pair of two studs.

In the past, he wore a collared shirt underneath his jacket and kept his hair shorter.

According to Araki, Fugo actually wears a thong under his suit.[4]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Red suit with a gold button, black tie with purple strawberries, and red/green shoes.)
Hair(Strawberry blond)
(Green suit, blue tie with pink/mint-green strawberries, blue/pink shoes, and a pair of two sky blue studs.)
Hair(Light beige)
Eyes(Dark cyan)
(Khaki suit, black tie with purple strawberries, and light brown shoes.)
(Lime green suit, black tie with pink/turquoise strawberries, and lime green shoes.)
(Orange suit, black tie with purple/green strawberries, and orange shoes.)


You aren't facing the facts. Nobody can survive in this world on ideals alone. We can't live without the gang.
—Fugo to Bucciarati, Chapter 523: The Mystery of King Crimson, Part 6

Pannacotta Fugo is a serious and caring but easily enraged teenager, ultimately being a restrained individual.[5]

Fugo has a very caring personality, as shown in his past when he brings a young Narancia, who was suffering from hunger and from an eye disease, into a restaurant and asks Bucciarati to give him food.[6] He even continues to greatly care for Narancia, tutoring him[7] and acting protective of him at times. Fugo is usually a friendly member of the group, easily mingling with the turbulent Mista and Narancia,[8] being the first to greet Trish Una,[9] and openly acknowledging Giorno's ability and greatly praising him after their fight together.[10]

Fugo is extremely violent when he snaps

However, once upset Fugo is quite hotheaded and violent. It is stated that he dropped out of school because he bashed his teacher with an encyclopedia.[11] He was also shown to violently stab Narancia with a fork and slam his head over a table when the latter made a basic mistake[7] and jabbing him in the stomach with keys when he repeatedly restated orders incorrectly.[12] His Stand, when shown to be belligerent, is said to reflect this aspect of his personality.[13] The anime adaptation expands upon this, showing that Fugo was mentally unstable because of the pressure of his parents to achieve the highest academic grades, containing violent or even murderous impulses during his entire youth. Fugo only became openly angry at a lecherous teacher and has never since tried to solve his anger issues.[14]

Fugo is also a very intelligent and serious member. Though he did indeed drop out of school in the end, it still stands that his academic ability allowed him to enter university level at the age of only 13.[11] During Team Bucciarati's bodyguarding mission, he was one of the most cautious and would frequently advise for the safer option. When presented with the choice to stay with Bucciarati's group and betray the Boss or leave and seek safety, Fugo deserted the group, having resigned to the logical reasoning of the group inevitably having to battle the Boss.[15]



Purple Haze

Main article: Purple Haze

Fugo's Stand Purple Haze releases a deadly flesh-eating virus via capsules on his hand, killing any nearby life form in 30 seconds.

Purple Haze (パープル・ヘイズ)Link to this section

Purple Haze Distortion

Main article: Purple Haze Distortion
The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.

In the light novel Purple Haze Feedback, Fugo's Stand evolves into Purple Haze Distortion. Its viruses improve, now capable of eating other viruses, allowing Fugo to treat himself and his allies for viral infections.

Purple Haze Distortion (パープル・ヘイズ・ディストーション)Link to this section



A younger Fugo bashing a professor's head with a book

Fugo was born into a wealthy family in Naples. He performed extremely well in his studies, having boasted an IQ of 152. At the age of 13, Fugo had already entered a university to study law, although he had a poor relationship with his professors. At some point, he beat one of the professors with an encyclopedia. From that point onward, Fugo's life grew worse and worse until he joined Bruno Bucciarati's gang.

Fugo requests food for Narancia at a restaurant

One day, Fugo came across a hungry and diseased boy named Narancia Ghirga digging through trashcans for food. While Narancia didn't expect much from the stranger, Fugo would bring him to a restaurant in order to be fed, much to the gratitude of the older boy. However, Fugo did not know that this action would lead Narancia to try to join his gang as a result of the encounter. Eventually, the two end up on the same team, and Fugo becomes a teacher figure to Narancia, while at the same time being trusted as Bucciarati's second-in-command.

The team was eventually visited by a florist, whom Fugo presented to Bucciarati after performing a background check. The florist proceeded to claim that his daughter was killed by her boyfriend, the sculptor Scolippi, and asked for revenge. On another note, the team was also requested to investigate the recent attack on "Leaky-Eye" Leaky-Eye Luca. Fugo subsequently drove Mista to Scolippi's apartment so that he would investigate the matter. However, Bucciarati worried about Mista who was acting paranoid all the way and decided to follow him, tasking Fugo with investigating Luca's case instead. Fugo left but returned because Mista had forgotten his tape recorder and Mista suddenly landed on the car's roof. Fugo was wounded and confused about the situation with Scolippi, and Bucciarati was finally the one to go investigate the attack on Luca.

The information below derives from the Golden Wind TV anime which was not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

Fugo as a child, studying while his parents loom over him

The anime adaptation expands on Fugo's background. Due to his high intellect, his parents put a large amount of pressure on him to excel in his studies, the stress of which caused Fugo to develop his violent temper. At one point he almost attempted to stab his own father in the back, before stopping himself.

Later in his life, during his time in university, Fugo was looking for study materials in the school library. One of his professors approached him and attempted to seduce him. Despite Fugo asking that he ceased, the professor continued to urge him, even offering to reveal the questions to his next test. Having finally been pushed past his breaking point, Fugo flies into a rage and relentlessly beats the man with an encyclopedia. Fugo was arrested for the assault and became the target of gossip among the other students. Although his parents kept him from going to prison, they disowned him and left him on his own.

Fugo is offered to join Passione by Bucciarati

Fugo began living on the streets, committing petty crimes such as shoplifting and pick-pocketing to survive. Ironically, this lifestyle allowed him to make full use of his genius, and he utilized his knowledge of the law to keep himself out of trouble. One day, when Fugo was caught attempting to dine and dash, he caught the eye of the gangster Bruno Bucciarati who was impressed by his knowledge of the law. After Fugo relays his life's events to Bucciarati, he is offered a position in Bucciarati's gang, as a member of a team he planned on building. Fugo initially declined, feeling that his temper would be too volatile to work with anyone, even going so far as to claim he could kill Bucciarati himself. However, he was ultimately convinced by Bucciarati's promise to find a use for his temper. After taking Polpo's test and developing Purple Haze, Fugo formally joined Bucciarati's team.

Concludes non-canon section.

Vento Aureo

Meeting Giorno Giovanna

Fugo stabs Narancia with a fork

Fugo was initially introduced helping Narancia with basic arithmetic. This turns violent after Narancia gets the answer wrong, which then Fugo strikes him with a fork. Narancia almost retaliates with a knife before Bucciarati introduces Giorno into the gang. Fugo witnesses Leone Abbacchio's attempt at hazing Giorno, who shockingly swallows the cup of piss Abbacchio has served him, without revealing his ability. Fugo is mildly impressed at the new guy's act.

Polpo's Treasure

Later, Bucciarati brings his team toward Capri so that they can seize a treasure Polpo had told Bucciarati to hide. With that treasure, Bucciarati would be promoted to the rank of capo as soon as he got it and gave it to the organization. The team was attacked by Mario Zucchero and Fugo was the third to be incapacitated. Thankfully, Bucciarati and Abbacchio were able to find out Zucchero and defeat him. Mista tries to interrogate and torture Zucchero about any ally. When Mista and Narancia begin dancing as the sun threatens to burn Zucchero's eye, Fugo tags along and performs a choreography with them. Abbacchio finds out that Zucchero has called his ally, who is sure to have arrived in Capri by now since Bucciarati took a detour to erase his traces. Giorno and Mista are sent to Capri at Giorno's suggestion, and Mista is able to defeat Sale.

In a public bathroom, Fugo gives Mista first aid and is forced to staple his bullet wounds himself because Mista refuses to go to the hospital and miss the treasure. The capo Pericolo appears with a companion. Bucciarati then reveals that the treasure was behind a urinal. After a quick check, Pericolo takes the treasure and makes Bucciarati a capo. However, he also immediately gives him a mission: to bodyguard the Boss's daughter, Trish Una, against a team of assassins gone rogue. Trish is revealed to be Pericolo's companion. When Fugo tries to greet her, she asks him to take off his jacket and then wipes her hands on it. The team leaves Capri.

Protecting Trish Una

Fugo gives instructions to Narancia

The party hides Trish Una in a house in a vineyard out of town. Narancia is then chosen to buy supplies for the time being. Fugo instructs Narancia to get groceries and other supplies while making sure their location is not found by making several U-turns, driving in circles and switching cars. When Narancia repeats the directions incorrectly, Fugo keys him in the stomach repeatedly until he decides to simply make a map for Narancia to use. While out, Narancia would have a close encounter with Formaggio, a member of the traitorous group La Squadra Esecuzioni, and would accidentally let the map slip into his hands. After Narancia returns, the gang is ordered by the Boss to retrieve a key that would help them get to the Boss's location safely and undetected.

Battle Against Illuso
Man in the Mirror attacks

Fugo goes with Giorno and Leone Abbacchio to Pompeii for the key, and while walking among the ruins, spots an enemy Stand user in a mirror behind a column. He warns the other two of their stalker, though the both of them agree that there's nobody behind said pillar. Looking back and seeing nobody as well, Fugo looks into the mirror and sees their enemy approaching. He warns Giorno and Abbacchio, only for the two to be left even more confused. With his allies on the verge of being attacked, Fugo is left with no choice but to push them out of the way of the mirror, before hitting the ground and noticing they've disappeared. He gets up to search for them and is immediately attacked by the enemy Stand user and sent into a trash can with a punch. Fugo demands where Giorno and Abbacchio are, but notices that his watch had moved from his left hand to his right and that the numbers have been flipped backwards.

Fugo vs Illuso

The enemy Stand user reveals himself as Illuso, and his Stand Man in the Mirror is able to access a mirror world. Fugo attempts to summon his own Stand, but seemingly to no avail. On the other side, Giorno prepares to attack a Stand that appeared without a user before Abbacchio nervously orders him to get away from it. Purple Haze, Fugo's Stand, was left by Illuso in the real world, and Fugo himself is stuck in the mirror world and defenseless.

Abbacchio describes Purple Haze as a Stand that reflects Fugo's violent side, and a bird drops out of the sky and melts. Purple Haze's ability is revealed to unleash a deadly flesh-melting virus, though in the presence of Illuso and his ability to separate Stand and user, Fugo is quickly beaten and left with serious injuries. The majority of the battle afterward is left up to Giorno and Abbacchio. After beating Abbacchio, Illuso attacks Giorno when he sees him with the key, seemingly just staring at it without running away. This turns out to be part of Giorno's plan, as he infected himself with Purple Haze's virus and spreads it to Illuso easily. When Illuso severs his hand and escapes, Giorno also reveals that he's created a snake that follows him, allowing Fugo to control Purple Haze on the other side without needing to see Illuso. Purple Haze catches and brutally kills him.

Fugo declares his respect and praise for Giorno

Though Fugo is saved, he becomes deeply concerned for Giorno, who is doomed to die within the next minute due to the virus. Giorno then reveals that the snake that tracked Illuso also has an anti-venom for Purple Haze's virus due to it being created where the virus was still present and injects himself with its blood using Gold Experience. Astonished, Fugo watches Giorno writhe in pain from the virus being forcefully purged from his body, and he begins to ponder at the calculated risks that Giorno takes, despite not completely understanding what he could be thinking. He then openly salutes Giorno for risking his life in order to beat their enemy while keeping everyone alive. Giorno, on the other hand, tells him to salute Abbacchio, who also risked his life.

Express Train to Florence
Prosciutto & Pesci attack the team

On the key are further instructions to take the next train to Florence then Venice. On the way there, Fugo looks at Trish and internally sympathizes with her as being a target because of an estranged father is certainly traumatizing. However, Mista interprets this as Fugo trying to peek at her breasts, before Trish adjusting herself in her seat allows them to briefly view her nipple, stupefying the two. The car suddenly brakes, and Fugo is thrown into Trish's chest. Already embarrassed, Mista makes the situation worse for Fugo when he begs for mercy and makes it sound like Fugo was trying to grope her.

The team retrieves the turtle Coco Jumbo, whose power Mr.President allows the team to hide inside of a room in the turtle's shell. During the ride, the assassins Prosciutto and Pesci attack the train. Prosciutto makes everyone in the train age at a dramatic rate, and Fugo is among the most severely hits and spends the fight knocked out by old age. Thankfully, Bucciarati and Mista manage to defeat the enemy duo. However, the train is stopped during the fight.

To escape their enemies, the team tries to hitch a ride on a truck, hidden in Coco Jumbo, but the truck is stopped because Mista has to knock out the driver. Spending some time on the Via Appia, the team eventually reach a parking lot and try to steal a car. Unbeknownst to the rest of the team, Bucciarati and Trish are attacked by an enemy Stand named Baby Face but Giorno manages to get rid of it and its user. The team manage to lose the trail of the hitmen and arrive safely in Venice.

Leaving the Team

The team then reach the island of San Giorgio Maggiore where Bucciarati escorts Trish to the church where he is supposed to deliver her to the Boss. Meanwhile, the gang waits on the boat for Bucciarati to return. Fugo asks Giorno for a bottle of water, and proceeds to drink, although he does not remember ever being handed it or thanking Giorno. This, among other sudden and strange happenings, leaves Giorno suspicious at what might be happening within the church. Giorno runs towards the church and the rest of the team follow him.

Fugo's last appearance

In the church, the team is shocked to find a wounded Bucciarati, still with Trish. After they get out of the church, he informs the group of his defection from the gang, revealing the Boss's intention to kill Trish. Fugo is the first to speak up, claiming the idea of going against the Boss and Passione is merely suicide. What more, this act is done all in the name of a girl they barely know. He then witnesses first-hand all of his teammates choosing to follow Bucciarati. To his shock, even Narancia decides to jump in the water and swim for the boat. As the only one not to betray Passione, Fugo is left all by himself, standing at the docks of the San Giorgio Maggiore church.

In the anime, after Narancia dies, Fugo is seen one last time walking in the streets of Naples realizing that something has gone wrong.


Golden Heart, Golden Ring

(The information below derives from a Light Novel not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.)
After leaving the group, Fugo receives new orders to work under Sogliola Lopez and along with Rigatoni to wipe out the now traitorous Team Bucciarati. Fugo is tasked with stalking Coniglio and regularly unleash Purple Haze around her to cause a maximum of casualties. This way, The Cure will absorb the pain and suffering and grow in size to the point of going berserk. Disgusted by this plan, Fugo decides to obey the orders but also set things up so that Team Bucciarati wins anyway. Fugo is seen three times by Coniglio. First at the hotel where she works and where Fugo uses Purple Haze; a second time when she's brought to the hospital and he uses Purple Haze on the patients at night. However, the third time, Fugo confronts Coniglio and tells her that she is able to heal everyone.

Fugo joins Lopez, observing Lopez's operation of eliminating the traitors. The Cure and Coniglio eventually appear to fight Team Bucciarati but Coniglio wakes up. Remembering Fugo's words, Coniglio manages to tame The Cure. Meanwhile, Lopez decides to retreat and Fugo leaves him. Fugo is last seen by Team Bucciarati swimming away on a boat into the sea.

Purple Haze Feedback

(The information below derives from a Light Novel not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.) 

His name is Pannacotta Fugo. Branded as a traitor, shamed for his shamelessness. Where will his fate take him? Only he can determine his own path.
—Purple Haze Feedback

The light novel reveals a version of Fugo's past. Fugo was an intelligent child who didn't get along with either his wealthy family who pushed him to academic excellence, nor his peers who looked down on him because of his lineage. The only person he loved was his grandmother, but unable to attend to her funeral because of his studies, he bashed a teacher in the head with a dictionary who taunted him about his grandmother and was thrown out of the university for it. Meeting Bruno Bucciarati in prison, they sympathized and Fugo joined Passione. Fugo bonded with his team, especially Narancia whom he introduced to Bucciarati. At the same time Fugo had been carrying out multiple assassinations, missions he kept secret from Bruno, knowing he wouldn't condone such actions. Fugo found himself conflicted between the moral wrongness of his world and his incapacity in changing it.

After Diavolo's defeat and Giorno Giovanna takes over as the new Boss of Passione, Fugo goes into hiding for six months but is found and summoned to Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan. There, he meets his old ally Guido Mista. Mista orders Fugo to assassinate Massimo Volpe and the rest of Passione's narcotic team to prove his loyalty. He also assigns Sheila E to accompany Fugo to help him. Fugo and Sheila meet Cannolo Murolo in a hotel and exchange information on the narcotic team; Passione had apparently used Volpe's Manic Depression to synthesize high-quality drugs for free, leading to Passione's quick ascension in the drug business. Fugo reveals that Volpe was once his classmate, albeit they weren't familiar with each other. Sheila also reveals that she joined Passione to kill Illuso, an assassin responsible for killing Sheila's sister; and felt grateful to Giorno Giovanna for avenging her. Murolo's stand All Along Watchtower divines the location of the narcotic team in Taormina, Sicily. They decide to investigate the island.

In Sicily, Fugo wonders why Giorno specifically handpicked him to assassinate Volpe. Sheila is lured away from her team by Mario Zucchero, who, after a brief fight, is revealed to be a bait. Meanwhile, Vladimir Kocaqi goes on to meet Fugo and Murolo in the Teatro Greco and both are trapped by his stand, Rainy Day Dream Away. Sheila finally meets Kocaqi, who reveals his tragic past during World War II and defeats her as well. Fugo then throws himself into the sky and exploits Kocaqi's stand to hit him fatally with Purple Haze. Fugo, Sheila, and Murolo track them up to Ortygia, Syracuse. On the way, their helicopter is attacked by Angelica Attanasio's Nightbird Flying, which incapacitates the pilot, Murolo, Sheila, and Fugo, sending their helicopter into the sea. Fugo wakes Sheila up accidentally, who saves them both, leaving Murolo's fate unknown. They decide to steal a car. The local population then controlled by Angelica goes on to attack Fugo and Sheila but they escape with the car. Fugo is then thrown out of the car by Voodoo Child as Sheila wanted the team to split up. Assailed by a mob, Fugo almost succumbs to them when Angelica expires, freeing Fugo again. Sheila, having been defeated, is held hostage at the Temple of Apollo.

Fugo finally confronts Volpe, and having finally found a common point with Sheila, understands the empathy his old companions felt for each other. His newfound resolution upgrades Purple Haze in time before Volpe can make a fatal blow, Fugo, having kept a virus capsule in his mouth, breaks it and sprays the virus into Volpe's face, who dies horribly. Fugo then breaks another capsule to counter the previous virus and manages to survive. Hospitalized, Fugo nevertheless notices that his Stand isn't the same as before.

A week later, Fugo meets Giorno in a restaurant and, after a brief chat, Giorno tells Fugo that he always thought differently from his peers, and this difference unconsciously infuriated Fugo, leading to his short temper and that the assassination's true purpose was to make Fugo overcome his own demons. Given a photo of his old team, Fugo finally swears loyalty to Giorno.

Eyes of Heaven

The information below derives from Eyes of Heaven which was not written and only supervised by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.

When Heaven-Attained DIO starts to rewrite reality, Fugo is among the people who are turned into DIO's servants. Fugo and a similarly brainwashed Narancia thus attack Giorno at the Colosseum. However, Jotaro Kujo from 1989 has travelled to this era and helps defeating them. Though Fugo disappears, Jotaro is able to restore Narancia to his right mind using the Saint's Corpse's part he has got.

During the ending credits, a photo shows the entirety of Team Bucciarati plus Trish at the Colosseum.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • Is this your idea of a joke, you little punk?! How many times do I have to teach you before you finally learn?! You said that 6 times 5 is 30, so why the hell would your answer be less than 30!? You shit-brained idiot!
    —Pannacotta Fugo, Chapter 456: 5 Plus 1
  • I'd like to order this man some spaghetti, if you don't mind!
    —Pannacotta Fugo, Chapter 472: Narancia's Aerosmith, Part 3
  • You'll be the one dying... once you've witnessed my Stand!
    —Pannacotta Fugo, Chapter 479: Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze, Part 1
  • I'm sorry, but none of us will board that boat. You aren't facing the facts. Nobody can survive in this world on ideals alone. We can't live without the gang.
    —Pannacotta Fugo, Chapter 523: The Mystery of King Crimson, Part 6
  • This is madness! What are they thinking!? All for a girl we met two days ago! A girl we've never even really talked to! She's nobody to us! We don't even know what kind of music Trish likes!
    —Pannacotta Fugo seething, Chapter 523: The Mystery of King Crimson, Part 6

Quote.png Quotes
  • As long as I live, I serve your dream. Please accept my body, my heart and my soul. That is my hope, and that is my future. I am yours. Our GioGio...
    —Pannacotta Fugo, Purple Haze Feedback

Creation and Development

So you're after us now? No matter. This sort of thing happens to us all the time...
Bruno Bucciarati being betrayed by Fugo, All-Star Battle

While writing Part 5, Araki originally planned on having one of the members of the group, out of Fugo, Mista, Narancia, and Abbacchio, be an undercover spy secretly working for the Boss.[17] This spy would then at some point betray Giorno and Bucciarati, similar to the story of Judas in the Bible.[17][18] Araki initially settled on making Fugo the traitor, however, decided against it as he couldn't bare how Bucciarati would've felt being betrayed by a dear friend.[17]

In the end, it possibly would've been up to Giorno to dispatch of Fugo, although Araki thought this would make the story too dark and would leave a bad impression on his younger readers. Because of this, Fugo suddenly leaves the group after a disagreement in Venice. Araki later asked author Miya Shotaro to write a novel about Fugo, titled Golden Heart, Golden Ring, that takes place right after he leaves the group and depicts how he would've continued to help his companions from inside the organization.[17][18]

During the Weekly Shonen Jump publication of Part 5, Araki mentioned that if Fugo and Bucciarati were to fight, Bucciarati would win due to his Stand being fast enough to easily unzip Purple Haze's arms and neutralize its deadly virus attacks. In All-Star Battle, the game includes hypothetical pre-fight dialogue portraying Fugo as a traitor when he is pitted against Giorno, Bucciarati, Mista, or Diavolo.

For the anime, several unique changes were made to the story, most notably the addition of Fugo's past in GW Episode 12. During production, the anime team asked Araki if they could base his backstory on the one written for the novel Purple Haze Feedback, or if it was better to write a new backstory from scratch. Since the team thought it was very important to include Fugo's past in this version of the story, they worked very hard on it.[19] According to producers Hiroyuki Omori and Takamitsu Sueyoshi, creating Fugo's backstory was "one of the big challenges we knew we had to tackle", and that they had to talk at length with the scenario writer to make it faithful to the intent of the original work.[19]




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