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Moooom, buy me ice cream. I'm thirsty. I want ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! Buy me ice cream!
—Yoshiki, Deadman's Questions Chapter 2

Yoshiki (ヨシキ, Yoshiki) is a character featured in the one-shot Deadman's Questions.

He is a spoiled boy who begs his mom for ice cream until Yoshikage Kira has enough of his whining.


Yoshiki is a small boy with short dark hair. He wears a t-shirt with a line pattern and the number "33" printed on one sleeve. He also wears shorts and sneakers.


Yoshiki is spoiled and always gets anything he wants. He is humorously capable of screaming non-stop at his mother until she does as he wanted without consideration about how rude he is being and the embarrassing situation he put his mother into.


Deadman's Questions

Yoshiki is a young child who, along with his mother, takes the same train as Yoshikage Kira. Kira rented two seats to be left alone. As there was too much sunlight shining on Yoshiki's seat, his mother moves him to the seat beside Kira, as there was no one sitting there even though they were reserved. Yoshiki starts to scream about how he wants ice cream because he is thirsty, even though he is already eating dango. His excessive whining annoys Kira to the point of getting him to shut up by shoving his shoe up his mouth along with his dango. His mother rushes to help, but is knocked out by Kira, leaving a scared Yoshiki worried about her.[1]



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