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Mikey the Micman (マイキー・ザ・マイクマン, Maikī za Maikuman) is a character created by Hirohiko Araki for Nikuman (肉萬), a mook released on August 29, 2008 for the 29th anniversary of the manga series Kinnikuman.[1]

He is a Japanese Chojin[a] from Osaka who works as a wrestling announcer.


Mikey the Micman is a tiny humanoid creature small enough to be held in one hand, with his head being only 5 centimeters wide. The shape of his slim and elongated body resembles a microphone. From his torso extends a long cord that is almost 25 meters long.

Mikey's head features a checkered pattern resembling a microphone grille. He has a pair of eye stalks and a wide mouth with a set of sharp teeth.


Mikey the Micman sometimes bites when being held. He feels jealous of wireless microphones. He is friends with Terryman.


Chojin Powers

Being a Chojin[a], Mikey the Micman possesses some superhuman abilities.

He has a 25 meter long cord extending from his torso which he uses to hang from the stage lights above the wrestling ring.

Mikey seems to have a very loud voice as he is able to be heard in a stadium without the use of a microphone. His voice is similar to that of the musician Sting.


Mikey the Micman was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1905. He works as a wrestling announcer. Before matches, he lowers himself from the stage lights into the hands of the promoter using his cord and introduces the participating wrestlers.



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