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The Student Council President (生徒会長 Seito kaichō) is an unnamed character featured in JOJOmenon.

She appears along with an unnamed Sports Club Captain as part of a painting by Japanese modern artist, Akira Yamaguchi, titled Campus Bizarre Adventure, Conquest in School (学園奇妙な冒険、お嬢校内征伐 Gakuen Kimyō na Bōken, o jō kōnai Seibatsu). The painting was done in preparation for Yamaguchi's formal dialogue with Hirohiko Araki.


She is a tall, skinny girl with short brown hair. She wears glasses and a white Japanese school uniform.



Main article: Berry Berry Skull

The Student Council President has a short-range Stand called Berry Berry Skull, which has the abilities and dexterity of a samurai.

Berry Berry Skull can also mount on Assy the Horse, increasing its range and allowing it to be very far from its user. This makes it useful when the student council president needs to discipline students while in class.[1]

Berry Berry Skull (ベリーベリー・スカル)Link to this section
Samurai Abilities and Increased Range (With Assy the Horse)



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