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What are you barking at, Rocky? What's wrong with the wall?

Rocky (ロッキー Rokkī) is a minor character featured in the one-shot Deadman's Questions.

The dog attacks Yoshikage Kira when he senses the ghost's presence in his apartment.


Rocky is a small dog with spots on his skin. He wears a collar.


Not much is known about Rocky's personality, but he is capable of sensing the ghost of Yoshikage Kira. Upon sensing him, he immediately becomes hostile and attempts to bite off his limbs.


Deadman's Questions

Rocky is a dog living with Yamaoka and a wanted criminal. Rocky sensed Yoshikage Kira's presence and attacked him, which left his master worried that somebody was inside the house. Kira tries to pick up a knife while avoiding Rocky, but ends up stumbling on the dog's master, and temporarily loses his limbs.

Rocky jumps at Kira, but Kira passes through a wall at the last moment, making the dog hit the wall head-on. Rocky is last seen with Yamaoka, who worries that the criminal she was living with was injured by somebody.[1]



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